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We Love The Garden State!

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A new poll shows that the majority of New Jersey residents are in favor of gay marriage and granting them the same rights, privileges, protections and responsibilities that come with civil marriage.

Woo hoo!

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179 comments to “We Love The Garden State!”

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  2. 2

    Is this a gay rights and Gaga site? What the fuck happened? You won't like NJ if they don't do what you want you little baby?

  3. 3

    jerzzzz 4lyfe!

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  6. 6

    Ya' know Perez ~ I really used to enjoy your site but to be honest I am getting really sick of all this gay marriage crap. There are so many other things going on in our country right now that are much more important than whether or not gay people can marry that our governments should be concentrating on. You have civil unions ~ same thing ~ so shut the hell up about this will ya'!

  7. 7

    i'm so proud of my home state! we're a pretty liberal state (socially at least cause a lot of people here have money lol).

  8. 8

    Are you censoring comments now?

  9. 9

    Way to go Jersey!

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  13. 13

    WOO jersey ;]] we love you perez! equality for all xoxo

  14. 14

    NOW YOU LOVE JERSEY? I remember you bitching when oprah gave some money to programs in jersey you bitches and said " why jersey" well we are an awesome state even though we pay a lot more taxes and rent than any other state…lol…but we love our gay and lesbian community and respect them! so please now that you know that people from jersey favor gay marrige stop talking smack about us!

  15. buck says – reply to this


    alright Perez, you've worn us down…go get married.

  16. 16

    YAY NJ :) My state loves me

  17. 17

    Stop cramming gay marriage down everyone throats, yes everyone should have the ability to join that awful intitution of marriage, although whoe would want to . .. .

    Your not political your a gossip blogger that is it.


  18. 18

    new jersey sucks my ass!!

  19. 19

    HOLLA im from NJ Rumson…. yay for gay marraige,its about fucking time

  20. 20

    New Jersey is America's armpit…figures.

  21. 21

    still trying to figure out actually WHERE in NJ people are liberal enough to vote like that? not North Jersey right? If so, I don't see it!

  22. 22

    Jersey 4 life all the way.

  23. 23

    But of course — I smell another dead horse…

  24. 24

    Hello from New Jersey… Who did they poll? I don't know anyone who is pro gay marriage!

  25. 25

    PLEASE GET ANOTHER SITE FOR YOUR POLITICO GAY CRAPOLA — read the postings here, people are TIRED of the constant battering with a single PET subject.

  26. SoCal says – reply to this


    Dream on, fag-boy:

    The campaign to secure a legislative redefinition of marriage seems to be most active in New Hampshire at this point. There, the House approved a same-sex marriage bill (HB 436) March 26 (the vote was 186-179). Yesterday, however, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted 3-2 that the bill was “inexpedient to legislate.” This does not prevent a vote by the entire Senate, but is a negative recommendation. This is good news for the bill’s opponents, who believe the bill can be defeated in the Senate. Cornerstone Policy Research is a local organization opposing the bill.

    Another target is Maine, where a joint legislative Judiciary committee held public hearings earlier this week. The same-sex marriage bill there is LD1020. Redefinition advocates think they can succeed in Maine, but the Maine Marriage Initiative and Marriage Facts Maine are working hard to rally the pro-family effort there.

    Finally, news reports are suggesting significant bipartisan pushback in the State Senate to Governor Paterson’s desire that New York redefine marriage.

  27. 27

    Is this a gay gossip site?

  28. 28

    I'm a New Jersey resident and all i have to say is yesss!!!!

  29. Wrenn says – reply to this


    NJ is like the sewer of the US…so that doesn't surprise me.

  30. 30

    Please help 179 homeless kittens in NJ. Check the details of this worthwhile cause on nozycat. Just google it. Please

  31. 31

    hell yeah! all people equal i love bein a jersey girllllllllllllllll

  32. 32

    You're pathetic perez. You're going to milk this for weeks to come, aren't you?

  33. 33

    Well I'm a Jersey girl and I find it exciting. I read every post on here so far… I just have to say that there are a lot of issues going on, however, the right to equality should always be a priority!

  34. 34

    We Love You Too!!!!

  35. 35

    DUH! I live in NJ gay marriage isn't a big issue here…I know tons of gay people and even republicans here usually are like "whatever" about the issue…more states should follow…

  36. 36

    Perez, with all due respect… ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  37. 37

    i love nj and i love perez

  38. 38

    not if i can help it. marriage is meant for procreation. two men/two women cannot procreate.

  39. 39

    This Jersey girl is completely in favor of gay marriage!

    And not every place in Jersey is a crap hole or a gumba mafia den. Talk about stereotypes! Sheesh, people!

  40. 40

    AHA!! Now THATS the reason why they call it the trashiest state. It all makes sense now. They love fudgepackers.

  41. 41

    Re: improbablyprocrastinating – News flash: Liberals are poor and conservatives are rich..thats why liberals want to take their money. You have it backwards sweetie pie.

  42. 42

    Re: dyerwlf – so very true

  43. 43

    New Jersey Represent!

  44. 44

    Happy to be living in Jersey City! Perez, i think what you're doing is great… keep it up. (i know you give a what what about the haters) If you ever want some kind of NYC/NJ street team let me know… i'm totally in and would love to help. And i work right in Chelsea too! Anyways… have a fab weekend Perez and Yay Jersey!

  45. 45

    NJ's actually good for something?
    ha, wow, GO US =D

  46. 46

    I'm not opposed to gay marriage, but shoving opinions down everyone's throat is very off-putting. Bullying people into saying what's politically correct won't work either. They will say what you want to hear, but it's not going to change their views.

    NEWSFLASH:: There WILL ALWAYS be differences of opinion and nobody will ever agree 100% with gay marriage or any other political issue for that matter.

  47. 47

    Re: Orly05 – to bad Jersey isnt all that trashy dumba$$.
    everybody deserves to be happy. sorry if NJ cares about other people, and we think everyone no matter what sex deserves love =)

  48. 48

    I'm from Jersey City and I second that Whoo Hoo! lolz

    Just wanted to say that me and my boyfriend were discussing this issue and he does not like to be associated with ANYTHING seemingly "gay" but he himself said that he may not like it but said that they should have rights like any other couple. He said he may not like seeing two guys kissing but if they're happy then thats all that matters. I was so touched by that =*]

    I am an atheist for this reason. People have used the bible for personal needs, wants and gains. Even if you are an avid believer of the bible then you should kno to not take it so seriously and only look at it as guide lines for how to live life and treat your neighbor. We should only be focusing on the positive instead of the negative n e way. EQUALITY FOR EVERYONE!! LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE!!!!!!!

    and to those god-crazed people… ur fucking retarded. Y go on a GAY man's site, take the time to make an account just to leave stupid comments bashing gays? U see something u dont like? Keep it moving.

  49. 49

    I'm from Jersey and I am PRO Gay Marriage so yay! But Perez you gotta stop putting this stuff on your site it's ridiculous even for the some of us who are for it. Anyway YAY NEW JERSEY!

  50. 50

    I hate to tell you- you would hate living in NJ. I live here and everyone I know who also lives here wants to be somewhere else. We have the highest tax rates, most corrupt government, and highest cost of living than any other state in the union. Yeah for gay rights- get married here then move somewhere nice. You should do some research into our Gov. Corzine….. it would keep you up at night!

  51. 51

    Not only is NJ the most expensive state to live in, but there are really two NJs. North Jersey is more like NYC and South Jersey is like Philly. I wonder which voted pro gay?

  52. 52

    YAY New Jersey. My fiance and I are residents and are very pleased to here this! :)

  53. 53

    YAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!! I'm so proud of my state! But I'm sorta surprised cause where I live in NJ everyone's a bunch of back-woods hick who are super religous and hunt and all that other crap. Not to mention my town is hardcore drugs to. Nice to see not all the state is screwed up =]

  54. 54


  55. 55

    nobody's perfect

  56. 56

    No one cares. WHo cares about this. Ms California's answer was perfectly legit but you cannot believe that someone doesn't share the same view. get over yourself.

  57. 57

    i loveeee jersey :)

  58. 58

    who cares.

  59. 59

    i agree with some of these comments. i'm from jersey, and everyone i know is against it.

  60. 60

    yay my home state

  61. 61

    thats why I moved to Cali, gays are taking over Jersey and building gay utopias in the ghetto.

  62. 62

    yay perez, yes New Jersey is the best place to be!

  63. 63

    Re: miette – 24 meetRe: mzacche9788 – 28


    I can see New Jersey from my office window and the Garden State will be an even more beautiful place with civil marriage rights, privileges, protections and responsibilities in place!

  64. 64

    The amount of homeless people in the United States is beyond unbelievable and yet you spend so much of your time and energy blabbing about gay marriage. How about talking about something thats affecting your country on a much larger scale.

  65. 65

    Make sure the activists stay kind. California had a lot of activism and voted in Barrack and still didn't pass it. Don't hurt yourselves by being negative, you don't need to be to get what you want. You don't have to be poor sports because it's only a setback. Help keep this positve not negative.

  66. 66

    Chilltown nj forever 201

  67. 67

    wowwww. why is everyone so freaking ignorant? if you've got a problem w/ perez leaving this updates then DON'T READ THEM…idiots.

    I THINK THIS IS AWESOME NEWS!!! i feel like i'm hearing the news from harvey milk's time. he would be soo happy and totally rallying for this.

    everyone should have equality!!!

  68. 68

    It's sad that the only thing that will sway your opinion about a state is whether or not it is in favour of gay marriage. There are far more important things to be posting on a website that is visited by millions about wonderful causes than this. You need a hobby, a therapist and to leave your ego behind. You aren't an actual celebrity, some prominent gay activist groups don't even like you and you are a bully. If you want people to take you more seriously stop shoving your opinion down peoples throats and realise that since you push this whole freedom of speech and equality business that other people are never going to agree with you. It doesn't mean they're haters or terrible people that have hate on their minds everyday, it just means they have different beliefs and opinions.
    Gay marriage is the least of our worlds worries. There are woman in the world who get beaten, whipped, stoned and killed because they looked at another man. There are refugess who haven't ever had a home because they were born in refugee camps.
    People get killed everyday because of their religion but do you care about that? Most likely not because it involves religion, which is incredibly sad on your part.
    There are things that go on in the world everyday that are much more upsetting than two gay men or women who are mad because they can't get legally married and have the same rights as straight married couples.

  69. 69

    Maybe you should just go back to one of your old jobs at a gay oriented magazine or something because people come on here to just read about celebrity gossip not to visit a gay rights site.

  70. 70

    Go EQUALITY! New Jersey is actually in the process of LEGALIZING gay marriage! YAY!

  71. 71

    The only thing Jersey is good for is getting gas and beer on your way to a titty bar in NYC!

  72. 72

    just because a majority in a state says that Gay Marriage is "ok" and would vote for it does not change the fact that it is wrong… I keep hearing Jesus would not discriminate and such yes he would still love you but he would tell you to go and sin no more… not condone it and mock the sanctity of marriage. So Yes Jesus loves you but he does not believe in Gay Marriage.. doesn't anyone remember when he got mad at the people selling things on the Sabbath at the Temple… there are somethings that are wrong no matter what. Jesus didn't hate those people but he was not afraid to tell them what they were doing was wrong. So goes it with Gay Marriage.. you don't have to hate a Gay person but Gay Marriage is wrong.

  73. 73

    Jersey sucks, it really is the asshole of the U.S.
    I only live here because my husband is stationed here for CG.
    I hate it, and can't wait to be back in Texas!

  74. 74


  75. 75

    It's a good start, New Jersey. Now get your state legislators to move forward..

  76. 76

    Well, not everyone supports this, and it'll never pass into law.


  77. 77


    nj loves you perezzzzzz

  78. 78

    Don't get too excited Mario. I live in NJ and no one asked me my opinion on this. Where did they get this data?

  79. 79

    YAYYYY NJ! :)

  80. 80

    Oh yuchhhhhhh. That's the way New Yorkers feel about New Jersey. Besides, #28 lives/works there — and it's the birthplace of Kelly Rippa — so please no more plaudits for that toxic state.

  81. 81

    Re: Novel1 – Then don't come back ASSHOLE, it's not YOUR site!

  82. 82

    Re: cocoacooks – You and jeez-ass can suck my snatch! What a load of B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T you spew! Parading that phony holy crap as if were real. Grow up and think for yourself bimbo.

  83. 83

    I know i am from NJ and I fab…i am happy to see my home state is so progressive

  84. 84

    I've been asking YOU to come to Asbury Park for FOREVER!!!!!!!! COME ON!!!! COME SEE COME SEE COME SEE!!!!!!

  85. 85

    okay i live in newjeresey and im againsy gay marriage!

  86. 86

    face it PiERdEZ, you are too fat and to fugly for a bride dress.

  87. 87

    hurray for….NEW GAYSEY

  88. 88

    You know why us 'New Jerseyians' are in favor of gay marriage? Bc we don't friggen care. Now stfu and stop caring about this shit bc nobody wants to hear it anymore! You should be more like NJ and STOP CARING!!

  89. 89

    Could you please go back to being a pretty good gossip site instead of all this gay stuff? I don't care how you live your life, frankly, but why don't you have a site for the gay talk and anyone who wants to go there will be able to and have a site for people who want the gossip? Honest to God, I promise, you are hurting your cause in California, BIG TIME! So, please, PLEASE? Just be a gay acting gay guy and leave it at that. PLEASE?

  90. 90

    I think that is nice that someone can be open to new ideas… While I agree that gay couples who have a commitment ceremony should have the same rights as straight couples who get married, they should not call it marriage. Marriage is defined as being between a man and a women. Again, I am not anti-gay. I just think it is crazy to change the definition of something to better suit someones ideals. Marriage has and always will be between a man and a women. If you want to have something else for a gay couples who choose to take vows and to create a union, I am all for that. Give gay couples the same rights, every single right that a married straight couple has I am all for that. But when a man and a man unite for life it will never actually be called marriage, just like a dog will never ever be a called a cat.

  91. 91

    PEREZ! NY IS IN THE MAJORITY TOO! which is wayyyyyyyy better than the dirtay jerzzzz :)

  92. 92

    the temptation of uniforms-UNIFORMAMTE.COM-bring together single members of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, Police Force, and Firefighters, as well as civilians, veterans for friendship, love, romance, marriage and even more.

  93. 93

    hmm thats funny.. i'm from nj and i dont believe that gays should be able to get married. just my opinion though..i was raised to believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. btw, all the sudden your going to love nj because some stupid "poll" shows that we support gays? yet not too long ago you were bashing nj when oprah gave money to a school here. funny how hypocritical you are perez.

  94. 94


  95. 95

    Re: funkiest – SHUT UP!

  96. 96

    Awesome!!!! I am from Jersey and now i live in Australia… that is so nice to hear give me your number we can share hair tips lol!

  97. 97

    one more reason why I love my home state.

  98. 98

    Yay NJ! Everyone who is saying that New Jersey is the armpit of the world obviously don't have enough sense to go to the nice parts… Princeton, anyone? And, someone said New Jersey isn't liberal… whattt? There are plenty of place (somerset country, for instance…) that are conservative, but as a whole it is INSANELY liberal.

  99. 99

    PEREZ! I thought that prop. 8 lied about gay issues in our schools…..Well I guess they were right,and gays were wrong…Look whats happening in Orange County in California.

    Controversy surrounds opening night at a local high school production. Students are doing a stage production of "Rent," on Friday.
    There is big protest against this.

  100. 100

    Re: Orly05 – you are an asshole. People like you are embarrasing to this country. A- right jackass

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