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She Be Lie-Telling!

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Now, we're not saying we're experts, but we're pretty sure the Bible says something about not lying!

Our state's Champion of God, Miss California, Carrie Prejean, said during Sunday services at her church in San Diego this weekend that the producers of the state pageant instructed her to apologize to the gay community and refrain from mentioning religion her appearance last week on the Today show.

However, a publicist for the California pageant is saying that Carrie is lying. Rep Roger Neal claims that Prejean was told only to take the opportunity to reiterate that she meant no offense and "to heal some wounds."

Neal said, "She chose to stand up in church and in front of the media and say something that was a lie. No one ever said, 'You must apologize to the gay community,' and no one ever said, 'Don't talk about your faith or your religion.' Those two things never came out of anybody's mouth."

Miss California pageant runner and civil rights activist Keith Lewis issued a statement expressing concern over Prejean's damaged image and ability to finish out her rein, saying, "Given the fact that Carrie Prejean's first act upon returning to California was to headline five services at a church that promotes homosexuality as both unnatural and abnormal, we stand by our concern for her individual image and look forward to a time in the near future when she can put down her personal agenda."

Do U think the divisive and lying Carrie Prejean should step down as Miss California????

[Image via WENN.]

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407 comments to “She Be Lie-Telling!”

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  1. 1


  2. 2

    Yes, she should definitely step down. She's scum.

  3. 3

    Absolutely. She likely has no idea why she even holds these "beliefs." She's a loser!

  4. 4

    She sucks balls (literally and figuratively, of course). And I am pretty sure, I could be mistaken, that the bible says something about not being a dumb whore.. Again I'm not sure, but that's how I interpreted it.

  5. 5


  6. 6

    who gives a f*ck she'll destroy herself :P

  7. 7

    Hate has no place representing a state.

  8. 8

    FREEDOM OF SPEECH….She is awesome!

  9. 9

    I think she should pick up where Anita Bryant left off.

  10. 10


  11. 11

    Yes I do. It is clear she has a personal agenda,

  12. 12

    Hell Yes!
    She Is Not Prepare To Be Miss California!
    And She Is Stupid!!!!
    And A Liar!
    How Can Someone Go To Church And Lie?!
    There's Something Called Hell….. And She's Going There!!!!

  13. 13

    I know perez…you've never told a single white lie in your life…….hmmmm, i wonder how long mario lied to himself about being a fudge packer…….

  14. 14


  15. 15


  16. 16

    …..thiz iz goin to b the end of u….

  17. 17


  18. 18

    First! And Perez, I totally agree that Miss California is a freaking nutjob and seriously needs to apologize and leave religion out of this, but it's getting SOOOO old. Please move on. PLEASE.

  19. 19

    Well that's typical, that's what people like her do. They want to impose their personal agenda towards people and lie about it.

  20. 20


  21. 21

    over it.I'm for gay rights and free speech.

  22. 22

    She's only trying to represent the majority of Californians…the majority that passed prop 8…haha…suck it mario.

  23. 23

    Yes she should step down. She does not represent Califonia. She represents
    Christian FundaMENTAList . I hope her hairdresser is gay & takes his clippers to her!
    XOO California Native

  24. RUu says – reply to this


    Who cares… Stop obsessing..

  25. 25

    just b/c she disagrees with your agenda Perez, doesn't make her a bad person. She represents a ton of Christian people that live in the United States AND California. Remember prop 8 passed with a 54%.
    As a Christian you have to say what you believe when promoted reguardless of what the "pc" thing to say it. I think she's a great role model for young girls to look up. Even if you disagree with what she says, she wasn't personally attacking you OR the gay community.

  26. 26

    Hahahaha AMAZING! This girl got ALL the press on her feet… anyone remembers the name of Miss America??? Mmmm don't think so!
    Hope Carrie gets into a VH1 reality show, it just seems perfect for her!

  27. 27

    I think you need to get over it, PEREZ!

  28. 28

    She doesn't know we to SHUT UP and she keeps on sinking herself in the same shit!

  29. 29

    Cripes you already bashed and smashed her and kept her from getting the crown. Why are you still on her case? Let it go and you will be a happier man. Some issues are better left to time hon.

  30. 30

    She won't step down, nor will she be asked. Doesn't mean I don't wish she would!

  31. 31

    I think you and everyone else needs to get over it, you guys act as if what she said is the end of the world.

  32. 32

    She's such a moron, why does she even continue to speak? She should absolutely step down.

  33. 33

    Divisive? Whew — big words for such a small man.

  34. 34

    stop stressing Mario
    get over her , if she dosen't accept gays; then she dosen't .who cares?

  35. 35

    She does not exemplify anything she should. She has alienated herself from a large population in California and the United States. She not only offended many Americans, but now she's lying about the people she works for.

  36. 36

    No,She shouldn't. This is a quite good gossip site,but you are making this too PRO-GAY. I don't mind these people. All I say is that:

    Since when TRADITIANAL VIEWS become inappropriate? It is ehr opinion and mine as well.

    So what,now we will allow everyhing? In Holand they have phedophile's political party, does that eman this is liberal and CORRECT? No,it doesn't. Same as fucking gays thinking they are the center of the world. Nom,they are not.

    We can tolerate them as long as they KNOW THEIR PLACE and do not put people down ebcause of their TRADITIONAL VIEWS,ok? Mr. Super-gay.

  37. Niloo says – reply to this


    A lot of the time as American history has shown us that those who are strong advocates of anti-homosexuality and go out of their way to forcefully make such hateful statements in the media have been gay themselves and its a way of masking their own sexuality in the media.

  38. 38

    It sounds like people are talking in generalities. It sounds like their "denial" is only a "denial" of her exact quote. She probably didn't say she was quoting them and she was talking in generalities. They sound like they're only denying that exact quote. What do you so famously call those non-denials. Looks like they're sweating and like I said there's EXTREME hatred and oppression of faith filled people. Looks like they're afraid to support her. How sad.

  39. 39

    Re: nurseontherunn – I agree with you! You appear to have sense unlike these other morons!!!

  40. 40

    no because that's why she's miss CALIFORNIA

  41. 41

    Time to leave this ignorant woman alone….. How somoene who lives in a state like California with so much diversity from Blacks, Asians, Gay, Straight, your name it can be that dumb!

  42. 42

    She should drop out of the human race.

  43. 43

    Look at their denial of her exact words. Suspicious. I wonder what church Barrack attends and what their beliefs are? Hmm.

  44. 44

    Callate Perez!!!!

  45. 45

    Is not the Swine Flu is the Perezhilton Flu

  46. 46

    as i have mentioned before, why do we still have a "miss" anything where anyone parades women around 1/2 dressed with their breasts pushed up and out and scores them on it? wt hell ya'll

  47. 47

    fuck no. she stated her opinion, which she is entitled to have. who are you to challenge it??????

  48. 48

    Who cares!

  49. 49

    miss california belongs in texarse .

    he is a disgrace to california living .
    banish her from the media NOW .

  50. 50

    I can't believe that there are still beauty pagents.

  51. 51

    so you're saying she's lying based on what someone else said?…ummm ok..and what she said is basically what they APPARENTLY told her to say

  52. 52

    No. I think it's ridiculous. Those are her own moral beliefs. Don't get me wrong-I'm all about gay marriage. Allllll about it!!!! However, we can't keep attacking this person for expressing her personal morals and beliefs. Discrimination has got to go, but it's not like this chick is the president and saying-All homosexuals must go to the moon to marry and stay there. It's not like this chick is in charge. There are going to be people against it and it's wrong. People are still against integration and are still racist. It will never go away! But should we bash someone for their religious beliefs? It's not right. Gay bashing is not right either, but this country was founded on the idea that people's personal moral beliefs, their values and their religious beliefs should be freely expressed.

    There are many people out there like her and it's unfortunate that they can't see that people are being discriminated against, but I'm glad that Perez is taking a stand somehow for gay rights. I'm just not sure this is the most correct way way. It's been effective thus far, though, so power to the gay community! But I think it's not right to have her step down. It's a bit ridiculous.

  53. 53

    They should screen these pagents if they don't want people who attend church or who are willing to exercise free speech. This may not be the same pagent, but, one of these threw out Vanessa Williams for lesbian photos. They need to make it clear what they'r willing to accept. It would seem at one point they were opposed to Vanessa, how can they now be opposed to this. What about drinking problems?

  54. 54

    Absolutely not. I can't stand when people say stuff like, you're Christian, but you still do this, this and this. No one is perfect, the only person who is perfect was Jesus. We all strive to be good people but who can say that they haven't lied? I'm sure none of you can. You don't even know if this is true and I'm sure this woman has been a much better and nicer person throughout her life than most of you guys who come on here and constantly bash celebrities like Perez, calling them fat, calling them names and everything else.

  55. 55

    I think its hilarious that the "producers of the state pageant" are concerned about Miss California's personal agenda. She's brought more attention to the tiny, pathetic segment of population to the forefront. It's like making fun of costume wearing Star Wars geeks who sleep in line for tickets. Is it really gonna ruin their image when Jay Leno makes fun of them?

    Life is full of people who live outside the norm…even Perez lives out there on the edge of a standard deviation. Or is his a standard deviance. LOL.

  56. 56

    no way, go her! she told the truth about her beliefs in the first place, she could have lied then and said she was for gay marriage - that would have pleased everyone but she stood up for honesty! also….i distinctly remember her saying…'no offence'
    y are u ridiculing a personal opinion, she's entitled to one!

  57. 57

    Of course she should step down! she has no idea what she is doing….and she looks like a man.

  58. 58


  59. 59

    Just give it up, she isn't miss USA because of you so be thrilled and happy and just leave it be, you're really dragging this on…way more than it really needs to be. I believe you need to grow up and move on. This girl said something millions of other people believe and it bugged you, boohoo, how many other people, including myself and other people that most comments say something that may "offend" you…do you go on posting stuff about those comments? No, so stop it alright, its really annoying and just..over. The fact you keep dragging this on shows how immature you are.

  60. 60

    well…i respect that she stands up for what she believes..but what she did was wrong..
    she said that we live in a free country..but at the same time she contradicts herself by saying that a marriage should be between a man and a woman…….i just believe that everyone has the right to get married…if not by church..at least by the law.. :D ..

  61. 61

    The majority California vote seems to have been of the same opinion as these 5 churches. No? The president agrees. No? The churches Barrack attends agree. No?

  62. 62

    it is YOU Perez that needs to shut up.
    As a gay person, I highly resent you thinking you are our spokesperson.

  63. 63

    Okay first of all she didn't really lie, she just sayed it more bluntly then they did. I still don't understand why your opinion is more important then hers. She got up on stage and said her opinion, while that may not be your opinion. You have no right to disrespect her the way you are. I am sure she has no issues with the gay community, and her opinion is not what stopping the law from going through. She grew up in a christian home, and while many christians have stuck up for you, most christians believe the way Miss Cali does. What you are doing is directly against everything that both heidi and Miley said. She was not trying to disrespect you. You took offense and decided that you would talk crap. You are one of the faces of the gay community. But your opinion is getting obnoxious. And maybe just maybe, you should look at the speck in your own eye.

  64. 64

    She has had her say. She needs to STFU! Would not hurt to step down and let this die down. Something tells me she will surface again. Shizzle!

  65. 65


  66. 66

    I do not understand why should she apolgize to anyone??? She said NO OFFENSE in her answer, so there you go, NO OFFENSE to anyone! Oh Gos Perez, you are making yourself less and less likeable. I bet they DID tell her to applogize. You should apologize for discusting comments like "I thought your tits were the only fake things on you" or something in that contest. You made MISS USA look like a strip bar contest! Another thing, time is changing as we can see. Gay people WILL be able to get married pretty soon, I am sure, and that if fine, but then you should accept the fact that MISS USA is chaning and they do not have to be 'perfect', they just have to be Themselves :) If people say that SHE is representing USA, then we can easily say that YOU are representing the whole GAY COMMUNITY…get over ouself, and stop putting your opinion on other people. I think this site should be forbidden for your people, below 21.

  67. 67

    YES! She lacks many brain cells to have such a title …this doesnt have anything to do with not accepting gays & lesbiens - which I think everything has been about, Its about been a total brainless, small minded person which in no way deserves such a title!

    Step it a notch and leave it a girl that has truely worked hard to understand this world and represent us all!

  68. 68

    why is this still news, who cares what she thinks or feels. other beauty slut have done porn and playboi. get over it

  69. 69


    Geeeeeeeeez I'm baptist & bisexual (hahaaa honest) and I'm getting sick of seeing this whiney shit 24/7. She doesn't agree with you? WHO CARES!!!!!!!

    Get the fuck over it Babe!

  70. 70

    It's basically ok to say what ever you want until it offends poor baby perez's/mario's feelings then he'll drag it out wanting people to care but nobody does because its over and done and now its just annoying. You can say w/e you want in hollywood unless you're conservative. Its funny how all the liberals there talk about freedom of speech and yet if you say something like she did you'll get lynched.

  71. 71

    Its funny how all the liberals there talk about freedom of speech and yet if you say something like she did you'll get lynched…

  72. 72

    ummm no i dont think she should step down, i think YOU SHOULD GET OVER IT! You are beating a dead horse, Perez!! I really don't think he reads any of these comments that his FANS write, because if he did, he would know that WE ARE SICK OF THIS SUBJECT. Join an CPA (carrie prejean anonymous) group and give us ENTERTAINING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. 73

    How sad the oppression expressed at the fact these people have "separation of church and state" and the people at the church have every right to their "belief."

  74. 74

    im sure there'll be some lesbian romp vid of hers out on youtube shortly… she's gotta be in the closet y'all

  75. 75

    Re: miss.independent
    Hate to break it to you but there are a lot of Christians like her in the States, so she represents quite a few people.

  76. 76

    Leave the poor girl alone and get over it. She should not step down just because you don't like her opinion. Geez.

  77. 77

    She has the right to voice her opinions, no matter how dumb they may be. Also, people have the right to like or dislike homosexuality as long as they do not harm the subjects who identify as homosexual in any way. We tend to become bigots in both extremes of the spectrum. I understand Perez feels the need of validation because he himself has felt inferior his entire life. But, he shouldn´t impose his views. People will be ready when they are ready, that´s how we evolve.

  78. 78

    WAY TO STAND UP FOR YOUR BELIEFS GIRL!!! Dont ever be ashamed to stand up for what is right!!…and marrige is between a MAN and a WOMAN.

  79. 79

    Yes, she's a disgusting narrow-minded pig.
    No one at a pageant should reveal their beliefs like that for their own sake and for their careers. If she was stupid enough to reveal that she is a homophobic idiot then she doesn't deserve a place in the public eye, to influence other young girls-and to make them think being anti-gay is okay.
    She's an idiot and she should be working at burger king, she doesn't deserve to be treated as a celebrity.

  80. 80

    Separation of church and state is easily seperation of church and "beauty pageants". Next time they need to let the candidates know ahead of time what they're allowed to "believe" in order to participate. Whatever they can believe they definitly have a right to speak about. Both inalienable rights.

  81. 81

    God you are an idiot Perez. Shanna Moakler and her partner told her that! They work with the pageant and are in charge of Miss California.

  82. 82

    Perez, move on. Hate begets hate and you're getting to be just as bad as her by harping on this.

  83. essie says – reply to this


    perez, stop with this ffs

  84. 84

    I live on the opposite coast from California and I can still smell her shit-talking breath. She shouldn't step down, they should boot her and let you rip the Miss California sash off of her silicone chest.

  85. 85

    You are making yourself look like a complete dickhead..more of a dickhead than usual..let it go…let it go…

  86. 86

    Obama doesnt believe in gay marriage either Perez. What do you think his answer would have been if you asked Obama that? I think his answer would be very similar. I dont see you getting up in his shit for his anti-gay feelings. You will be able to find a direct qoute from Obama stating he does not believe in gay marriage, yet you still voted for him to represent our country and our people? But you dont want Miss CA to represent the US? Thanks for voting for an idiot who has no values. Hypocrite, all I can say is you are a hypocrite and I was a huge fan until this

  87. 87

    I think that at every public appearence there should be a vocal group of gay people and there supporters exercising there freedom of speech very very loudly. Give the ignorant dumb bith whore enough rope then pull on it. PEREZ FOR PREZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. 88

    Why would you want to quote the bible when you disagree with it? Pick a stance, when you're all over the place you lose credibility. You can't simultaneously slame the bible and use it to your advantage can you? They want her to put down her personal agenda? Since when? Look at that exact denial again, don't you want to quetion that?

  89. 89

    Enough of the he-said, she-said bullshit. This is a crap story. You were not in the room for the conversation and have no idea what was truly said in that room. For all you know, Roger Neal could have been lying.

    This is such a non-story only to further your agenda. Please stick to celebrity news.

  90. 90

    i think you should drop it. no one cares

  91. 91

    If I tell YOU to reiterate that you meant no offense and that you should heal some wounds, what would you think I meant? I think Perez should reiterate that he means no offense and that he needs to heal wounds. What does Perez think I'm talking about if I say that to him? Hmmm.

  92. 92

    SHES SCUM. MUST STEP DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. buck says – reply to this


    I love Miss California…I'm so proud of her and the state.

  94. 94

    Over it

  95. 95

    I thought Americans love being the land of "freedom of speech". Fucking bullshit.
    She has an opinion and she truthfully expressed it even though she knew it was going to cost her the pageant title. I don't neccessarily agree with her but…


  96. 96

    Right. Lmao abnormal and unnatural coming from "my bible study barbie". Only thing unnatural and abnormal is her melted plastic face. Seriously, isn't California overrun with gays? I'm gay and I'd fricking mob her ass. How is she even still a Miss? More like meduse….

  97. 97

    please perez, her 15 minutes of fame are over.. we're all getting sick of hearing about this

  98. 98

    No she should not step down. First of all she was being honest, would you rather her lie about her beliefs just to win a crown? She has freedom of speech like the rest of us and I'm glad she was honest. We don't have to agree with her, that's what's great about this country. I think this whole thing has been blown way out of proportion. I know she wasn't asked to state her opinion on the topic but she was obviously nervous answering the question and rambled a little bit. I think it's sad that's she's being attacked for her beliefs and honesty just like I think it's sad that people are attacked for their sexual orientation, race, etc. Point is…you don't have to like her or what she stands for but she doesn't deserve this kind of treatment.

  99. buck says – reply to this


    Perez, maybe you should ask for over 70% of the American population to step down because thats the percentage of people that agree with her.

  100. 100

    …and just so you all know I totally support gay marriage and equal rights for EVERYONE!

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