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Robert Pattinson Was Robbed!

| Filed under: Christina Applegate


She seems like a nice lady and all, but….


Come on!

Christina Applegate graces the cover of People magazine's "Beautiful People" issue.

What genius was responsible for that decision???

They should be fired!

We can pretty much guarantee this will not be on of their best-selling "Beautiful People" issues.

She's not even on a hit show!

And poor R-Patz. All he gets is a little pic on the cover.


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267 comments to “Robert Pattinson Was Robbed!”

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  1. 101

    If she wants to be taken seriously as a cancer survivor, she should stop smoking!!!!!!!

  2. 102

    They're probably saving him for "sexiest man alive".
    Or at least they'd BETTER be!!!

  3. Paty says – reply to this


    It´s all about politics baby.
    They are trying to make her feel good because she had breast cancer. I think that is nice actually.

    And R-Patz got the 10th place.
    Zac Efron is number 5.
    And Chat something is number 8.

    So R-Patz was even MORE robbed inside the magazine.
    That Tatum guy is not hot AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 104

    Robert is a fugly fuck!

  5. Bytch says – reply to this


    Wow Perez, you're fucking lame. Hopefully you don't have to go through cancer one day and have someone slam you after you have overcome it.

  6. 106

    Many forget that her on-again off-again boyfriend who was one of her closest friends was found dead less than a month before the cancer diagnosis was confirmed to the public. She has endured a lot, and always with grace and simple dignity, a standard many in Hollywood could surely not uphold. That's all, I will step down off my soapbox now.

  7. kobes says – reply to this


    Perez you are a deck….You are just pissed because it wasn't your nast ass on there….I love you but come on!! You are so damn rude!

  8. Wrenn says – reply to this


    She's beautiful. R-Patz looks like Chuck Bass except with bouffant hair and druggie eyes.

  9. 109

    Perez how fucking old are you? Robert whaever his name is is geared towards tweens! He doesnt belong on the cover for most beautiful. I like that they chose Christina, it's nice to see they dont follow all the other mags and she DESERVED it!

  10. 110

    Are we sure that her being on the cover has anything to do with the 100 Most Beautiful People? It seems as though her story and the other are separate. Without knowing I think it is quite insensitive since she just overcame a battle with cancer and has raised a lot of awareness towards breast cancer. I would much rather see her face on the cover of the magazine and read about her inspiring battle than see some dirty asshat. She IS a beautiful woman and she is getting her story out there to inform people…I think that is more important than someone who doesn't shower and has done shit all.

  11. 111

    Youre a pig Hilton. Heres hoping you get testicular cancer. Maybe then you will have a little sympathy for someone who fought and won breast cancer.

  12. 112

    You're right, Perez. Rob sells mags and is just too hot for words. I agree that he would probably HATE being called one of the most beautiful, though. He's defintely top 5, not 100.

  13. 113

    Re: Shakermaker – Fuck you too……….. HOMO……..
    remember i'm getting paid!!!!!!!!!!! so STFU……….. :o )

  14. 114

    Since it says "Special Double Issue" I am thinking that her story may not even have any ties to the most beautiful people.

    ….and since when do you have to be on a hit show, or anything else that is a "hit" to be beautiful?

  15. 115

    Robert who?

  16. 116

    aw come on now … everyone needs their minute to shine … regardless of how much of a hit they are ……. i think shes pretty … would kill to look like her :(

  17. 117

    Shut up Perez, with the year she's been through, she deserves to be on the cover. Cut her some slack. And I happen to like her show, so screw you.

  18. 118

    she is on the cover because people know who she is…besides teenage girls and Perez, no one gives a shit about R-Patz….

  19. Token says – reply to this


    Perez, I love the hell out of you. SERIOUSLY. But maybe she's on the front for inspiration to those with breast cancer. I love her for this. I lost my own mother to breast cancer when I was just 16 years old.. It's a hard thing to have, and a hard decision to make to get a mastectomy. I've already decided that if I am cursed with what seems to BE a curse with the women in my family, I too, will get a mastectomy. I applaud her decision to get it done and publicly say *hey, they didn't define me*.

  20. 120

    perez, for the first time i really do disagree with you… Chrstina Applegate is a girl who survived breast cancer in her 30s and resulted in having to have a double masectomy! I know its kind of hard for a guy to understand but thats a huge deal and the fact that she can still grace a cover after such a horrible thing happen to her is beautiful.

  21. 121

    PEOPLE probably decided a larger photo of R-Patz would show too much dirty fingernail

  22. 122

    Perez you asshat, she is telling her cancer survivor story. Let her tell it. I am sure it will fall on others ears and give them strength. Not everything is about scandle or cute boy toys.

  23. 123

    I would've rather had had Salma & husband on the big pic.

  24. 124

    PPL! its not because that she had a mastectomy at all!! FUCK
    Perez is just saying that it is very surprising that she is on the beautiful ppl's list?!
    I agree… beautiful? Sure, but not in the Top X list!

    If you don't have anything nice to say about the Prez then get the fuck out! Why post?

  25. 125

    She is beautiful……and most people like her….

  26. 126

    I think you missed the point on this one, Perez!. I love R-Pattz and would love to have him on the cover but….I think the story is about her battling breast cancer and being beautiful inside and out. (although I wish I didn't see her smoking so soon after having her cancer treatment) Christina has been acting a long time and if her story helps other cancers survivors …way to go….Let R-Pattz have the Sexiest Man Alive issue….let Christina have this one……she has been thru alot and deserves it…….

  27. 127

    I belive in were a lil bit stupid on that one.
    She was in the cover not fot the Most Beautiful People, but fot her interview on My Story. It was the headline.
    You should read first and do the nasty coments later.
    And by the way she is gorgeous.

  28. 128

    hey! dOnt h8 On christ!na applegate!! she's beyOnd beaut!ful.

  29. 129

    I had to sign up for this crap just to call you a loser!
    Is Robert a butt boy friend of yours. She had CANCER jerk.
    She should be on there. Sissy.

  30. 130

    Rob is hawt.. ♥

  31. 131

    "r-patz" has been in like 1 famous movie. which was warmly received by girls. ok. i don't find him handsome or masculine. so why should he at all be anywhere in that magazine. also , whats the gossip about him? his beard grew 1 inch longer wooow. astonishing

  32. 132

    Perez your attitude towards women bothers me - Christina's had a tough year, and is still very attractive. I think she deserves it. Although looking at the cover I have to say I'm not sure if she is up for the 100 most beautiful people; it looks more like she's talking about her surgery …etc. As for RPattz, I do find him very attractive (and I'm def not a tween), but - unlike you apparently Perez - I can live without him on the cover of pretty much every magazine, and he seems like the type who would prefer it that way.

  33. 133

    Um.. Samantha Who won a bunch of awards including Emmy's, Peoples Choice Awards and nominated for a Golden Globe! Do your research!

  34. 134

    umm.. hello? Samantha Who? is one of my favorite shows.. she totally deserves to be on the cover!

  35. 135

    there is supposedly a .PDF file of Perez' AZT prescription floating around on the internet. I didn't believe it until I saw it. It's posted on WWW.PEREZISANASSPIRATEWHOHASNOSOCIALVALUE.COM

  36. 136

    If the woman ain't Latina, Perez will crucify her on his little bloggy blog.

  37. 137

    Ur such an ass perez!

  38. 138

    Personally I think Bea Arthur was robbed. I understand the theme of the magazine, but she was a major influence on women's roles in television. Christina Applegate should be thanking her.

  39. 139

    Umm….ok, but didn't Chritstina Applegate go through breast cancer this last year and had to get one or both of her breasts removed? If so, I TOTALLY understand why she was the biggest star on the cover! The magazine people probably featured her because it's a sob story and the women and gay men who read people LOVE that!

  40. 140

    Whatever! LOSER!

  41. Shark says – reply to this


    I think they judge people based on beauty inside and out…mario..not just looks…so she fights off cancer and she shows some pride …i think she is a great hot woman.

    I guess you are superficial

  42. 142

    Actually, she is on a hit show, and maybe they feel she deserves it because she handled her cancer beautifully…duh.

  43. 143

    Perez, you're an idiot. Christina is not only beautiful, she is successful, courageous and an inspiration to every woman in the world!

  44. 144

    First, Christina Applegate IS beautiful, you need to stop spreading the hate. Second, she is on a great show Samantha Who. Third, she battled breast cancer and is a SURVIVOR. I 100% agree w/ their decision. Quite being a d-bag Perez . . .

  45. 145

    People magazine are a shrewd bunch who are not going to put some desperately untalented flavor of the month on the cover of their biggest issue f the year.

    Plus, filthy, greasy hair, nails, teeth and overwhelming body odor are generally considered unaatractive qualities, except maybe in England. The collective British stench held off the Nazi's once, I guess they need to honour that fact to this day by bathing as infrequently as possible.

  46. 146

    robert pattinson really????? that would be like putting new kids on the block on the cover in 1987!!!!! nobody is going to give a damn in 5 years because he cant act and he is horrible looking…..that sh*t isnt going to age well all of you preteens who think he's the next big thing….gross!!!! now should christina applegate have been on the cover?? probably not…….i think there are some great young and old actors out there who are not getting what they deserve and 'r-patz?' isnt one of them!!!!!!

  47. 147

    Perez! Have you lost your mind? C.A. is a classic beauty! R.P. looks like a junkie…seriously, he looks dirty all the time. I think they made the right decision!

  48. 148

    Christina Applegate is an extremely beautiful woman and deserves this honor. Despite her show not being a huge hit. Its very obvious the reason her show isn't a huge success is due to lack of advertisement by ABC as the show itself is extremely intelligent and funny.

  49. Wingy says – reply to this


    Everyone with the tit cancer gets undeserved extra attention, didnt you know that?

  50. 150

    another white woman on the cover of a magazine, nothing new.

  51. 151

    wow really perez? she's a beautiful talented actress, as well as a strong motherfucking woman for beating breast cancer. i love rob, but a strong cancer survivor is much more beautiful to me than some heartthrob.

  52. 152

    Rob P. gives me tingly feelings. He is the sexiest thing to come along in years.

  53. 153

    She IS beautiful…and she has been an inspiration for those who have and do deal with breast cancer… :)

  54. 154

    Because Paris Hilton has ever been on/had a hit anything? Yet you still talk about her incessantly and would probably jizz yourself if she made the cover of this mag. Christina Applegate has been on TV for 20 years, is a beautiful woman and has a meaningful story to tell. Get a grip.

  55. 155

    Perez you truly are a fuck nut, Twilight nobody has been around for what 6 seconds and the remaining 11 of his 15 are sure to run out soon!!! Miss Applegate has weather'd alot in her time in hollywood and is certainly more deserving of such award, especially given her last few years and battle with Cancer. More notebly your a fuck nut with no class and try to knock people down ( whom ever you don't find attractive ) Grow up get a real job and disapear into obscurity. I'd say die but that would only help your cause.

  56. 156

    Mr. Hilton,

    I've never been compelled to leave a comment before, and many of your outrageously shallow perceptions have warranted attention. If only because you seem to not recognize your responsibility in cultivating the taste and outlook of young minds.

    I merely want to state that you should be ashamed to posses a more profound superficial discernment and viewpoint than that of People magazine. Miss Applegate is exquisite in more ways than one.

    Ron Pederson

  57. 157

    She got the cover because she had a double mastectomy last year. Obviously they want to show that a woman can still be beautiful. I generally love your blog, but this is somewhat insensitive. And seriously, don't you think showering, shampooing and deodorant are necessary for being beautiful?

  58. kal49 says – reply to this


    wow.. ur such a dick sometimes

  59. 159

    She's beautiful and a survivor!

  60. 160

    the reason this story is focked is b/c perez didn't write it. his ghost-writer did.

  61. 161

    maybe if he'd wash his fucking hair once in a while–yuck

  62. 162

    Shes on "Samantha who?" everyone should watch it!! its effing amazing and shes beautiful perez!!

  63. 163

    i think they made a good choice but that picture of her seems weird to me. and as far as rob goes he made the list so don't get you panties in a knot. they probably only put rob's picture on the cover to try to sell copies to young girls who normally don't read people. as much as i like rob he still has a while to go before he makes a cover like this or the sexiest man alive cover.

  64. 164

    Mario - you are a complete and total moron. That is all. (p.s.: no one but the tweens and queers give a rat's ass about Robert Pattison…get over it.)

  65. 165

    well Perez, I hope one day you won't be washed out and media start making fun or degrade on who you are.
    I think Christina Applegate is grown to be a beautiful woman. I hope you can go through a few decade like her in the show business and still be around. Shame on you Perez!

  66. 166

    Who the F' is R-Patterson? Kelly is way hotter. F' People Magazine,but it makes sense that Christina Applegate is on the cover because as it is a womens magazine, not a teen pop magazine.

  67. 167

    Travesty is right!!!

  68. 168

    Perez - tisk tisk you're such a fucktard. Robbed? Who the fuck is fuckwad Patterson, some 17 year old kid you get wet dreams over? That's the only reason you're all sooo hard for him.
    Who is CA? Well she's a whole lot better than your wet dream and has more talent in her pinky than the entire Perez 500lb bod does. Now go jack off and get this fucking over with.

  69. 169

    Are you retarded? She's on the cover because of her story, which it says so right to the right of her pic… not because of the 100 beautiful people. I think her story is 100x more important then 100 beautiful stars. How shallow.

  70. 170

    I don't agree with that. Christina Applegate is a beautiful woman. She's smart, funny and strong. I love her. I'm glad she's on the cover. RPatz is nice, but he's just a fad.

  71. 171

    I love Kelly Bundy to death. BUT R-Patz should have been on the cover!

  72. 172

    Perez, love your site but you really have to stop forming your opinions based on whose BALLS you want bouncing off of your chin!

  73. 173

    I dont get the whole Rob Patterson and Zac Efron craze. They both look like tweekers to me. They look dirty and hungry….I dont get it….

  74. 174


  75. 175

    R-Patz is NOT cute! Drop it like it's hot Perez. He needs to take a bath and comb his hair.
    C Applegate was a good choice.

  76. 176


  77. 177

    she may not the most beautiful person physically, but she is beautiful inside.

  78. 178

    She deserved the cover you arrogant fuck. If you had been on the "Most Beautiful People" cover then I would bitch.

  79. 179

    WTF!?! Couldn't agree more!

  80. 180

    Excellent choice - she has beauty and GRACE. She has shown the world that one of the most devestating things that can happen to a woman, a mastectomy, does not have to ruin your life. Beauty is about more than just the external. The way she has handled herself through cancer and other things in the last months is amazing. That makes her truly beautiful.

  81. 181

    she should have had a bigger picture over any of those people.

  82. 182

    In total agreement. More Rpatz is needed. His beauty is what the world needs more of…that and less kristin stewart and her babbling ways.

  83. 183

    who cares about her.
    poor rob was robbed!

  84. 184

    Perez, you are being a dumb insensitive clueless idiot as usual.
    And I'm not even sure Christina is on the cover because she's one of the "100 Most Beautiful People".
    It says "Exclusive : My story" right next to her picture, so maybe she is on the cover because of an exclusive interview Christina gave to People magazine, not because she is one of "100 Most Beautiful People". Christina is a cancer survivor, you idiot.

  85. mben says – reply to this


    I think it has something to do with the fact that she had breast cancer this year… and how she handled it and the media with grace.

  86. 186

    Yay Mario you did it again you shit. Christina is a cancer survivor and yes she was caught smoke, but I can tell you from FACT it's the hardest habit to break and I wish her the best of luck. What you do want? Pretty boys like Zack, which by the way you will never have because he is STRAIGHT. Or Robert Patterson who is fucking ugly. Get real and get in the real world Mario and get out of la la land.

  87. maf says – reply to this


    Ummm…breast cancer survivor…That's why she's a beautyful person & why she made the cover. Sometimes…..I swear.

  88. 188

    Yes, she is on a hit show, Perez. Don't be mad because their cover celeb isn't your choice.

  89. 189

    The fact that you don't even know she is on a hit show proves how out of touch you are regarding anything that is not Britney or Zac Efron.

  90. 190

    That does seem like an odd choice. Don't get me wrong, Christina is very pretty–but I'm sure Pattinson would have sold a lot more magazines. Maybe he wouldn't give them an interview?

  91. 191

    you insencitive asshole she had breast cancer and that is why Samantha Who was put off for a while! HELLO she survived and that makes her all the more beautiful

  92. cakes says – reply to this


    ugh perez
    wtf did you even read the cover
    or just see rpatz ugly ass grease head
    in a little square & go into a bitchfit?
    it says "my story"
    poor woman almost lost her life
    youre a douche.

  93. 193

    RPattz? Hellll yeah!

  94. cakes says – reply to this


    ugh perez
    wtf did you even read the cover
    or just see rpatz ugly ass grease head
    in a little square & go into a bitchfit?
    it says "my story"
    poor woman almost lost her life
    youre a douche.
    so stop being so fucking ignorant
    & making out with mediocre musicians
    & get a real job bitch!

  95. 195

    people! she did not survive cancer, she had her tittays chopped off because she didn't want to get it…quit acting like she went through loads of chemo and survived hanging by a thread!! that said, I don't see why she's on the cover either, since she was recently caught SMOKING which is a huge fucking slap in the face to true cancer victims out there!!

  96. 196

    Thank Goodness it's only a small pic of him. He looks like a homeless man on drugs.

  97. 197

    Re: Wingy – LMAO!!!

  98. 198

    PEREZ?! Go to fucking hell you idiot!
    Christina Applegate is the most STUNNING woman alive!
    Such a wonderful person who has been through so much and it's great she's speaking out for herself.
    You admire people like Katy Perry, Lady gag gag, Leah Miller.. and then you're a douche about her?! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?! like seriously, what the hell is actually wrong with you?

  99. 199

    First of all he way she handled breast cancer was beautiful and lets face it, she is gorgeous!!! I am so sick of you all talking about women who are ugly just because you are all jealous!!! She is gorgeous and defiantly deserves it.

  100. 200

    Sure she has had the year from hell last year, but they should have gone with Rob on the cover ! Just for the $$$$$$$$$$$ you think they would have gone with Rob.

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