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Robert Pattinson Was Robbed!

| Filed under: Christina Applegate


She seems like a nice lady and all, but….


Come on!

Christina Applegate graces the cover of People magazine's "Beautiful People" issue.

What genius was responsible for that decision???

They should be fired!

We can pretty much guarantee this will not be on of their best-selling "Beautiful People" issues.

She's not even on a hit show!

And poor R-Patz. All he gets is a little pic on the cover.


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267 comments to “Robert Pattinson Was Robbed!”

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  1. 201

    Yeah, there's no way she'd be on the cover if it wasn't for her cancer business. Quite frankly, she looks like she's had a bad face lift. And how is she a role model? There are a TON of women who have gone through cancer - including celebrities - who haven't splashed it everywhere looking for sympathy. She sounds codependent and a bit insecure.

  2. 202

    this is blasphemy……… this is madness

  3. 203

    The only reason this wench made the cover was cause of all that breast cancer shit she was going through. If it hadn't been for that then her sorry talent less ass wouldn't have been on the cover. And who cares if Robert Pattinson only got a small picture on the cover.

  4. 204

    Seriously? Who cares about Robert Pattinson. He is ugly and too skinny. I personally have a thing for the healthy look, not the undead.

  5. 205

    wow perez, your such a dick
    shes beautiful on the INSIDE and out, and she just survived cancer.

    robert has no hygiene, hes not that good looking, and he smokes

    PLUS her show is a hit

  6. 206

    Seriously…if Rpatz was on the cover I wouldv'e wasted $5

  7. 207

    I think that she IS beautiful.
    And "R-Patz" is gross. I was sick of him a while ago, especially the way you keep craming him down our throats.

  8. 208

    Um. Perez cut her a break…she just survived breast cancer and she is a pretty girl… I think they put her on the cover because it's a beautiful thing that she survived breast cancer and did it gracefully…come on now 'P' not cool at all I know you gotta make drama, but that's kind of mean =(

  9. 209

    I still can't believe you posted that, it's so mean what you said, you really should apologize….unbelievable

  10. 210


  11. 211

    I think they have extended the word Beautiful to mean on the inside as well as the outside. She is an amazing person that went a double mastectomy, and is a wonderful spokeswoman for all women. And she is beautiful on the outside too….maybe not the most beautiful…but still I think she deserved it.

  12. 212

    I think she's gorgeous. Perhaps, if R-Pats took a shower once in a while.

  13. 213

    getting cancer doesn't make you anything special. lots of people get cancer. it's not an action, it's an event. I had it. it doesn't define me and it sure as hell didn't make me more beautiful. if you saw her with her clothes off you'd know.

    as for Cindy without makeup, LOL! she's the Botox queen!!!!

    how many people are "brave enough" to have double mastectomies? uh?! Hundreds….thousands. people get cancer all the time. it sucks. being brave (even if she was) doesn't make her beautiful or important. I hate all this celebration of Swayze and Fawcett and celebs who have cancer. it's a garden variety disease. what would have been BRAVE would have been doing NOTHING, just letting cancer run its course, eh? you do what you have to. I had 5 surgeries after my BC diagnosis but I would never pose on a magazine cover about it.

  14. 214


    Did you ever stop to consider the fact that they chose her due to the fact that she has had both breasts removed, and is still stunning as ever? Think about that for a minute, would cha?

  15. 215

    I agree with Perez…..I know who Christina Applegate is, but who care about her…..Robert Pattinson would have been on the cover instead of Christian….

  16. 216

    Perez nuttin nuh wrong wid har. Just because someone is prettier than u, that makes u jealous. Stop whining like a little bitch. oh please. Shut yuh bloodclaat

  17. 217

    Maybe they have rules about people that shower and wash their hair being the cover?

  18. 218

    okay, no offense or anything to anyone, but when is someone going to realize that Rob is not that hot.

    i mean, come on!

    yeah, he's cute, but he's not drop dead gorgeous

  19. 219

    You're such a bitch. it makes me sick. I wish I could quit your website though LOL!
    There's so much good stuff but man are you a bitch of a fag!

  20. 220

    ewww she's pretty but not like beautiful….you're righ tR-Patz ahould of been on the cover or someone else hot like Zac Efron, Megan Fox, Anne Hathaway? but her it's probably casue she has cancer.

  21. 221

    haha true! rob shud b on the front

  22. 222


  23. 223

    Although we might not all agree as to who is beautiful and who isn't, this was uncalled for. Beauty is not only on the outside but also within. This woman has overcome breast cancer and had to have a double masectomy and faced all of this in the public eye. She has overcome so much that I could never even begin to imagine to be faced with. No, she's not the most beautiful person in this world but wow she is strong and that makes her beautiful. I do believe that the night of the Emmys you thought she looked 'beautious' - so why not now?

  24. 224

    Fuck Rob Pattinson or whatever, with his wild ass hair, pale, corpsey skin, and snaggly teeth.

  25. 225


  26. 226

    Re: contrarianchick – agreed. SHE'S A FUCKING SMOKER, PEOPLE! she's nothing to praised or highlighted, she just bitch slapped everyone in the face with this shit

  27. 227

    its a sympathy vote

  28. 228

    is this a joke? nothing beautiful? this woman has survived and fought through cancer(one of the most horrifying experiences) which takes so much strength and endurance. good for her. beautiful inside and out

  29. 229

    Her surviving breast cancer is more relevent to me than his nasty, needs to bathe ass ever could be. I am so sick of hearing about Robert Pattinson and Zac Efron.

  30. 230

    Perez, after all she's been through… you're such an asshole.

  31. 231

    Their so-called "Beautiful People" issue has always been such a joke! I wouldn't waste money buying it and certainly wouldn't waste time bothering to look at it. It's only ever filled with people who are currently popular, almost like the magazine is actually just having their own personal ass-kissing contest. They always thrown in a few ugly ordinary people for good measure and I find that even more offensive.

  32. 232

    WHAAAAAAAAAAAT!! how is she "beautiful"? It should have been given to Anne Hathaway or Kate Winslet!

  33. 233

    This list is so played. Just whack. Recycling the same tired ass faces! Perez ….u and me we are >here

  34. 234

    You still owe Christina an apology for posting in your blog that she USED her BREAST CANCER to attract more ppl to her show!!!! Idiot dumbass!

  35. 235

    i like Christina but this list is ABSURD! I mean…they rehash the same stars and ocassionally put in some new faces. All of you saying she survived breast cancer thats great but honestly who cover would sell more her's or the vampire's? Just the way it is. And that's what Perez is pointing out.

  36. Dione says – reply to this


    she is great, perez does all this hating effect your karma at all?

  37. 237

    Compare Christina Applegate to Perez's favs Brittney Spears, Kathy Griffin, Lady Gaga, etc. Christina is far above those bimbos in looks and MORE. She has been hot since she was a teen and nothing has changed since. Boooo Perez!

  38. 238


  39. 239

    i think that she is physically beautiful. She's almost 40 for crying out loud! She's really really aging beautifully!

  40. 240

    even that little tiny pic in the corner is good enough for me. yummola. ;]

  41. 241

    Ok I do think Applegate is beautiful and she has been through a lot but I think there are more beautiful people out there….like R-Patz

  42. 242

    ok perez.. this post was just mean. she is very deserving. and she IS on a hit show right now. ass.

  43. 243

    Although she may not be the obvious choice for People's Most Beautiful magazine, I applaud the magazine for choosing Christina Appelgate. Cancer is a very ugly and painful disease and Christina so courageously chose to take a proactive approach to her diagnosis. I am sure it was not an easy choice to have BOTH of her boobies removed. She is deserved for the cover for her courage and grace in how she handled the situation both during and after. Kind of disappointed in you Perez … but I still love you. Congrats Christina!!

  44. 244

    Shut the fuck up perez what do you know

  45. 245

    Re: savage72 – What does her smoking have to do with her being considered beautiful, You Moron You!!!

  46. 246

    Wow. You're a dick.

  47. 247

    wow perez..i cant beleive i used to like you so much. ur an asshole for this

  48. 248

    who's robert pattinson? a greasy haired wannabe johnny depp who can careless about his fans. christina applegate has been entertaining for years now, and just survived breast cancer. give her more credit than a dweeb who you think is "hot". stop being gay perez and open your eyes

  49. 249

    I can't believe you take issue with this decision.
    What has R-Patz done? His career is just beginning! He has time, chill out.
    Applegate has had a long career and just had a double mastectomy. People made a sensitive choice, and Applegate deserves it. I'm disappointed that you can't see that and be more sensitive. What if YOU had cancer and won an award but someone else may have deserved it more (which r-Patz does not, btw) wouldn't you appreciate that you were being recognized for your struggle and the inspiration that it was giving others?
    And lets face it, because of your blog (which I love) there are other bloggers who put more into their craft and have better writing skills and deserve more accolades, but you seem to get them instead. So, have some grace.

  50. 250

    Seriously, Perez. That was a dick move on your part. She has battled cancer recently and all fucking Pattinson has done is NOT BATHE. You have really saddened me with your stupid comment here.

  51. 251

    maybe it has something to do with the fact that she gracefully battled breast cancer. What did Robert do

  52. 252

    While I do agree that Robert is a gorgeous man, and in person moreso because I've actually graced his presence, I don't think he's the hottest man in the universe…and you should be damned happy that your little one incher can get off to anything anymore. Really Perez…buck up.

  53. 253

    She had a double mastectomy. R-Patz was just in an extremely overrated movie.

  54. 254

    Hey LizardKing, Rob is not loved by only 15 yr olds, thank you very much. And it's not just because he plays Edward. We adults love him for who he is, NOT who he portrays. maybe you should think about what you say before you say it.. just a suggestion..

  55. 255

    But I do think she is gorgeous and a decent human being. She's been through a lot and always handles it with grace. i love Rob, and he deserves to be ranked a little higher than 10, but Christina is where she deserves as well.

  56. 256

    she is not so pretty but is better than u perez! hahahahahahaha and that R-Patz is not that hot anyway!! I find some homeless sexier than him :D the people likes him because still can't forget his "important" vampire performance ;) hehe

  57. 257

    Re: grlinthmoon – agree!

  58. 258

    I love Christina , but…i know wshe survuved cancer..but so has many others!!
    Why have they never made the cover?? Perez is right about this one, and i rarely agree with him….but lets face it, RPATTZ IS THE HOTTEST THING AROUND AND EVERYONE WANTS SOME OF THAT!! HE 'S SO HOT RIGHT NOW, ON EVERY MAG COVER ALL THE NEWS IN ENTERAINMENT, WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?????? I'M REALLY CONFUSED ABOUT THIS ONE.

  59. 259

    I don't think Christina Applegate is all that attractive, but there s more than one way to define beauty.

    And Robert Pattinson fits NONE of the definitions.

  60. 260

    it is sad but probably true. when you think about picking up a magazine during your check out at the grocery store, most people will grab one of some dreamy guy with big star appeal. not to say that people do know that christina applegate is on the cover. i dont know, frankly, i dont understand the most beautiful people thing….i never buy people magazine….who knows

  61. 261

    Actually, Perez, a genius who has much better taste than yours, I'm afraid.

  62. 262

    F**K YOUR an A**!

  63. 263

    who is she? shes not anything special

  64. 264

    ughhh rob shoulda been on the cover.

  65. 265

    wtf?? and rob, u should be on the cover!!!

  66. 266


  67. 267

    So it's about choosing someone you find visually appealing.

    You may not care about Christina Applegate, but she went through a double mastectomy to beat cancer and ewnt right back to work to show that cancer doesnt have to be the end of your life.

    It's not insanely inspiring, but it's more than a pretty face. No need to say bad shit about her.

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