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Warning! "Cousin" Alli Sims Drops Shiteous New Single

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Oh great, as if the world wasn't polluted enough with crappy music, now Britney's backstabbing friend/former assistant, Alli Sims, is belching up a single called Driving Blind.

If you're feeling particularly self-loathing, you can listen to a 60 second sneak peek below.

Even 60 seconds is too much!

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117 comments to “Warning! "Cousin" Alli Sims Drops Shiteous New Single”

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  1. 101

    Alli is Britney's cousin. No "" needed. She's a really sweet and genuine person and I like the song. I don't understand what she did to cause you to speak of her so meanly.

  2. 102

    That was pretty bad. Still, I hear worse shit make the top of the charts every week.

  3. 103



    THANK YOU Alli "Gutterslut" Sims for ruining a perfectly amazing song by a Canadian Idol. -puke-

  4. 104

    It's not that bad. She won't go anywhere because of her negative associations with Brit.

  5. 105

    melissa o'neil from Canadian Idol has definitely the better version of that song.
    the song is one of my favorite pulls from Melissa's album.

  6. 106

    She has a nice voice but she will never make it she should have never opened her stupid ass mouth and talk shit about britney, because of that she won't get anywhere the only people who may have supported her were Britney Fans (like myself) and now they def. won't she fucked up BIG TIME!

  7. 107

    idk…i kind of liked it

  8. 108

    I kinda like it,
    its obvious she sings better than Britney.

  9. 109

    She's not that bad Perez. It's your personal issue with her that makes you write how awful she is. She's much, much better than Heidi Montag! That's for sure!!

  10. 110

    its WAY better than the Heidi Montag crap you put on here.

  11. 111

    She couldn't even be orginal! This was orginally done by an amazing canadian artist Melissa O'Neil who can sing it much better

  12. 112

    that was a bad version of Melissa O'Neil's song.

  13. 113

    Poor poor girl.

  14. 114

    I thought it was really bad the first time I heard it. I said it was crap and Alli read that I said it. That made me feel bad, So, I listened to it again. Its isnt THAT bad. There are some people who should be locked up for singing, she isnt one of them. lol Give her a break and just try listening to it more then once. It kinda grows on you.

    Oh! Couponita, you did NOT just say that about Britney!

  15. 115

    Uh Perez, I hate to break it to you but her voice and the song sound good! Just because you speculate about a person doesn't mean you have to say they are "shiteous" when they are not.

  16. 116

    It was better than anything I've heard Heidi Montag come out with. Sorry Heidi.

  17. 117

    A Canadian guy by the name of Chris Perry co-wrote this song. Good song. Shitty artist. He should write with Britney himself that would be a burn to her loser "cousin".

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