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Sean Preston gives a fierce pose at the Candie's VIP Lounge, backstage at Momma Britney's concert.

Cute kids!

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170 comments to “Work!”

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  1. 101

    Re: Kate27 – shut the fuck up.shitney is crap.she is terrible.people hate her.even kylie minogue sell out her tickets and shitney doesnt

  2. 102

    Re: madonna rocks – Stupid wetback read your facts straight! Britney's tour sold out completely in a record time and is the number 1 tour in America at this time so stop spreading lies and being an annoying fatfuck! Go back to your meds and leave US alone idiotic moron!

  3. 103

    Re: FrankieV – gay.so gay.get a life.she is nothing now

  4. 104

    That is too cute!!!!!! They all look beautiful!

  5. 105

    Britney looks amaaaazing !!! Seriously i hope i look like that after kids, she is such a milf !
    and her boys are soo adorablee!!

  6. 106

    die woman

  7. 107

    Re: UrMajestyMsG


    you forgot to add:

    …with a twist!


  8. 108

    Re: hotmilfchocolate – HAHA, SORRY…AND A SHIMMY…LOL

  9. 109

    Britney looks amazing! I'm so proud of her

  10. 110

    She's looking good - glad to see it!

  11. 111

    britney looks so thin :D

  12. 112

    her kids are adorable and she looks great!!! i hope she continues this path to become completely healthy again

  13. 113

    theyre getting cuter as they get older! brit looks great.

  14. 114

    ATTENTION EVERYONE comment # 4 makes a spot on point… still love britney though

  15. 115

    Work it, bro!

  16. 116

    Re: Kate27 – WTF??!?!! are you putting this shit in a website of a son of inmmigrant cubans!?!?! girl youre wrong hunney. Im MEXICAN and me, the best spring break parties that your country loves and my flu loves this page, so shut your fingers when youre goin' to write that class of shit .. be tolerant hunney… yeah .. madonna rock had a problem with her life but… why am i hurt with your republican comments? think before speak..

  17. 117

    This picture shows that everything should be okay with Britney. She is so happy and her sons look very happy also. I love this picture!

  18. 118

    what the heck is up with this photo? are you sure these aren't wax statues of them?

  19. 119

    Makes perfect sense that Britney would have a gay son. That is one GAAAAAY little boy. Reminds me of me at that age.

  20. 120

    Ok you're an idiot. I saw this on a site like a week ago. Also, the photo is from a different picture cropped into the candie's background. Look at the top of brit's left arm (looking at the picture). It's cropped horribly

  21. 121

    Britney and her 2 kids looks adorable

    but um….the kid holding her hand looks gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

    but, at least Brit loves the gays

  22. 122

    She looks great! The boys look like her sooo cute damn sean is giving a fierce pose lol

  23. 123

    they're gonna be hellraisers.

  24. 124

    this is ADORABLE!!!!

  25. 125

    Britney's publicist - "You should bring your kids to that candie's bullshit tonight, it'll be good PR"

    Britney - "What kids? Oh….oh yeah. I have to go to the bathroom again" (Britney rubs nose furiously)

  26. 126

    thats april 17 one day after i saw u perez at britneys concert in LA, so the pic is OLD! haha anyways britney is looking awesome and the kids adorable haaha he is fierce!!! by the way, to madonna rock: go and fuck urself fucking bitchhhhhhhhhh

  27. 127

    Re: madonna rocks – hahahaha i cant believe it STUPIDITY should be PAINFUL and u should be in an hospital dyingggggggg hahahahhaa u love britney so much that u just cant stop talking about her, fuckerrrrrrrrr

  28. 128

    She's looking really great these days. :D

  29. 129

    her kids got cuter… :) i love you brit!

  30. 130

    Re: MsstensH – Well I'm glad you are mexican and I'm glad that God is finally doing some control population over there please do us a favor and stay in Mexico catch the flu and leave america the fuck alone!
    Do you think I care about mexican wetbacks??? Lol you are the crap of the world!

  31. 131


    these kids are so CUTE :)

  32. 132

    aww sean is soooooo adorable!!!!!!

  33. 133

    Re: madonna fucking rocks
    This u fuckin dumbshit
    shut ur fuckin mouth, do u have a fuckin life bitch? what the hell is ur problem .. ur going on about britney blah blah when u barely no how to spell english u hick

    1) britney ? fat?

    listen bitch after having to kids i would shut ur mouth .. ur clearly jelous of her hot body

    2) no one cares about her anymore?

    well listen then bitch im pretty sure her new album circus wouldnt have reached 1 on the billboard 100 in its first week, stay in the top 10 for 9 weeksm and sell 3 million copies worldwide in 2 months.

    3) her tour hasnt sold out and kylies has?

    listen up bitch in 8 shows she made over 23 million dollars.. and having 40 + SOLDOUT! shows im pretty sure people care about her

    4) britney is an icon bitch, the princess of pop, maddonna can go get fuckin hand treatment to fix those zombie hands, get botox, get rid of her white hair, and go adopt more children, and eating a burger wouldnt kill her —

    5) britney has sold over 82 million albums worldwide, has won 212 awards in the las couple of years, won a grammy and is on top of this world


  34. 134

    Re: madonna rock


  35. 135

    aawww, cute! bet he learned that from mommy

  36. 136


  37. 137

    i think he may be gay!! just sayin'

  38. 138

    LOL CUTE PIC!!!!! LOVES IT!!!!

  39. 139

    Love brit as a mom and her sons are as cute as can be!

  40. 140

    LOL that pose is kinda gay

  41. u says – reply to this


    That kid is gay for sure!!! i mean kids dont do that pose!!! well just perez when he was a kid… and now

  42. 142

    I like Brit, she is cute and insane and stupid, god help those poor babies

  43. 143

    Aww they look like her mini-mes LOL.

  44. Dione says – reply to this


    Sorry, but she doens't look great, she looks like any other average teenage mom… not even better. She definately looked hotter. I just wish she can be happy with her live and with her kids, but i doubt it. There is so much pressure to get her carrere back on track, something is going to go wrong soon.. oh, aren't you all just waiting for it?

  45. 145

    lol hes so cute

  46. 146

    brit looks incredible and so happy and her boys are just friggin' adores!!!

  47. 147

    Re: Kate27 – wow .. this web stinks for all your intolerant shit .. and Im proud of you … almost obtein a little smart ass response.. pero no, tu estupidez es tan grande that really i doubt that you have a a few of neuronas to translate what i wrote … poor stupid brainless… i bet that discuss with a stone is more challenging than speak with you …

    PUTA!! jajajaa

  48. 148


  49. 149

  50. 150

    I bet you the one on the left turn out to be GAY

  51. 151

    So adorable!
    Sean Preston is sooo destined to be gay though! Haha.

  52. 152

    She looks fabulous, God bless her soul.

  53. JCPR says – reply to this


    this kid is gonna be soooooo gay!!!

  54. 154

    She looks GREAT.. I love Britney:)

  55. 155

    They are very cute.
    Brittany looks pretty to :) )

  56. 156

    Wow she looks amazing!!

  57. 157

    OMG! that kid will be gay in the future! SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! and hey! they are cute, because their parents are fucking ugly! :D

  58. 158

    Oh, How friggin adorable is that!?!?!? They look so cute! Britney looks amazing! My goal is to have her body! heh

  59. 159

    Maybe that came out wrong. haha I want to look like Britney, I dont WANT her body.

  60. 160

    What do you mean kids dont do that pose? I have worked with kids for the past 5 years and you will be suprised how many kids do that pose.

  61. 161

    Its nice to see her dressed decent, smiling and seemingly happy with her kids! Huge difference from the psychotic, shaved junky, no panties version! Way to go! :)

  62. 162

    Re: madonna rock – It seems like u dont understand that the purpose of a forum is to share opinions… not everyone shares ur narrow Madonna is the SHIT views! SO u dont need to waste people's time by correcting all the posts u dont agree with and therefore could get more free time to.. i dont know lets see.. GET A LIFE!

  63. 163

    WOW, Britney Haters are ridiculous! Jealous Much?!? Seriously, get a fucking life! Of course shes professional, shes on a world tour bitch! So what if some shit went wrong in her life and everyone got to know about it because shes famous, shes only a human, shes not perfect! What the fuck do you bitches do for a living? Britney is the Best, no one could replace her shes a goddess.

  64. 164

    I bet your ugly! "I AM PERFECT" so then why do you have a crown as your pic?

  65. 165

    Yea Im sure kfed is as good of a father as he is a rapper.

  66. 166

    what is your fucking beef? Seriously, your just dumb bitch

  67. 167

    Re: I am Perfect!! – why is it sad if he's gay or not? o_O you must be a republican christian and voted for Bush both times.

    Re: madonna rocks – for the record, I love Madonna and I love Britney, but if you take a look back at Madonna's prime years and even now, she is definitely a bigger slut than Britney. she has a boyfriend half her age and you feel as if you can judge Britney for having a rough time in her life, yet you cannot admit to yourself that Madonna has had an equally fucked up life. If you're going to talk shit, fine. do so in a respectful manner and don't wish death upon anyone. you're clearly a psychopath to want someone to die. you're pathetic and a sad human being. you have nothing better to do with your time but insult those who are better than you because you have nothing going for you in life. it's alright though, maybe "I Am Perfect!!" can pray for you because obviously she's just as delusional as you are.

  68. 168

    Re: Kate27 – You're just as delusional as the other two. I'm not Mexican but I am Hispanic and the fact that you have the audacity to insult anyone's race proves that you are a close minded idiot. I don't know if you know this, maybe you missed it in U.S. History but this country is made of a majority immigrant population - European, Asian, etc. The only thing I agree about your post is that you speak positively about Britney.

    Anyway, Britney looks great and the kids look great too. I think having her kids with her is what really makes her happy. I suggest watching Britney: For the Record for those who have doubts about her. She's going through a lot and people should support her instead of putting her down. If she had to choose between her family and her career, she would surely choose her kids. She might not be mom of the year, but she's trying and she deserves a little more credit than people give her.

  69. 169

    Re: madonna rock

    That's why there are tons of people posting that they lover her you dumbass.

  70. 170

    awwwww how cute but i think that sean preston might be gaay haha who cares hes still cute and she looks good

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