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Marie Osmond Is A Little Bit Prejudice And A Little Bit Close-Minded

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Apparently, devout Mormon Marie Osmond has been keeping a little secret - here oldest daughter, Jessica, is a lesbian!

And she's been living in SIN with her girlfriend in Los Angeles!

Oh, the horror!

An insider tells the Globe that it's Marie's "biggest heartache" because Marie always dreamed of a daughter active in the Mormon community and popping out grandchildren.

Jessica and her partner, who have been happily together for 3 years, consider themselves married even though it's not official.

Too bad Marie's got that Mormon hang up, because no one said that her daughter can't have grandchildren - it just requires a little more effort, which in the end produces a kid that someone actually wants to have in the world.

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201 comments to “Marie Osmond Is A Little Bit Prejudice And A Little Bit Close-Minded”

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  1. 101

    I know what you mean about gay people having to try different methods to have a child of their own, but that doesn't mean even kids who were "unintentionally produced" aren't wanted by people to have in the world. They're wanted by the people who take care of them, they are wanted by the people who meet them and form relationships with them, and they are wanted by themselves. I don't think that was the best way to state your point, by trying to support one group of people you really put down another group of people who aren't involved at all.

  2. 102

    This is a travesty!

  3. zalie says – reply to this


    I don't care who Marie Osmond or her daughter sleeps with.
    Why, Mario, why?
    Why must you HATE on anyone who doesn't jump wholeheartedly on your political bandwagon?
    Perhaps your personal feelings of loss about Prop 8 have sent you completely around the bend. This used to be such a fun site. Now every other post is calling this person or that a homophobe (or worse) simply because they do crazy things like have kids and attend church, or because they're gay and not sufficiently activist (in your opinion).
    You seem more crabby, mean and unhappy with each passing day. Many of us go through entire days without making snotty, intrusive comments about who someone else sleeps with or sideswiping them about their kids.
    If you want to get married, then please, find a nice husband, go to Massachusetts, get married, and get back to doing what you do best: fun celebrity gossip.
    Will the fun ever START?

  4. 104

    Religion is the worst thing, but faith is everything!

  5. 105

    Hell, Perez, if lil' Jessica Osmond had become a devout Mormon, like mama Marie wanted, she'd be even MORE of a lesbian…how else ya think 4 women can stay "happily" married all to the same damn 1 man???

  6. 106

    well this happens when you think you are better than everyone else… god hands you a precious little gift to cut you down to size!

    she is prob one of those people that thinks she can be cured of being gay!

  7. 107

    I guess that song A Little Bit Country finally got to her daughter's head cause she now wears flannel, enjoys finishing, and is a whiz at fixing pick up trucks!

  8. 108

    PHew - You're a Vindictive Bully.

  9. 109

    I am part of the gay community and very much not Mormon, but it is totally wrong to assume that she is embarrassed and doesn't accept her daughter because she's a Mormon. Not all mormons are hateful, just as not all muslims are terrorists - far from it, actually. I'm so tired of the media promoting hate and people thinking that those in the gay community are shunning groups of people. I'm certainly not. Not to mention, since when is GLOBE a worthy news source???

  10. 110

    Just like Cher's daughter she probably felt she couldn't complete with her mom's looks so turned the opposite direction.

  11. 111

    What a whore!!!!

  12. 112

    Re: Mangina – #108.

  13. 113

    Whatever. Marie's been divorced twice, I guess that's okay though.

  14. 114

    watch this

  15. 115

    I'm just waiting to find out which Duggar kid is gay….or better yet, Childfree like me - I think both would send Jim Bob over the edge.

    I always thought Marie was a little bit more open minded, but I guess not, but then again, not even CHER could accept her daughter's coming out for a time being…go figure!

  16. 116

    There are plenty of heterosexual people who want (and even purposefully had) their kids, asshole. Me being one of them.

  17. fiona says – reply to this


    As a mother, I would also be shocked, then sad, then accept. So you all, get past it. Do not lock it into the same cell as the debate on race. There is no debt, the new generation has a clean slate to build the world for a future founded on value, common experience, and a vision for the future. We all need to let go of negative past experiences, and grow up. Quit thinking of yourselves, it is poison dispersed to unspoiled minds and unrealized potentials.

  18. 118

    Re: martinimambo – Not me..I am on Perez`s side. U piss off as we willnot miss you.

  19. 119

    Re: Miss California 2009 – fuck off dumb bitch..i am sure you are far to busy trashing our human rights to care abyway!!!!!!!!

  20. 120

    As half of a lesbian couple in Canada and dealing with those irate parental problems, I hope that the daughter is doing well and creates a wonderful ,loving family in her future. Her mother should not be ashamed or upset; and does not have any reason to shun her. Her beliefs shouldn't be forced on anybody.
    Thank you Perez for including an article for the gay and lesbian community, because it should be publicized. It is obviously ridiculous. Your children should be loved uncondtionally, despite any difference in their lifestyle choices.

    - from a 19 year old female
    toronto, ontario
    University of Toronto
    class of 2013

  21. 121

    Leave Marie alone. She is a wonderful human being, and it is her decision when and if she wants the public to know about her daughter. You people are so awful!

  22. 122

    Re: DikinCider – Anger management….works wonders.

  23. 123

    WHAT'S THIS? A story about fags?? Here??? Mario, do us a favor; give this self serving nonsense a rest…or hang yourself. Either way, we're better off. *martinimambo*: If I can find an alternative to this site, I'm gone too.

  24. 124

    poor marie that must be soooo embarassing to have a gy in the family, almost like having a robber, rapist, murderer or bank robber in the family

  25. 125

    you know what i don't normally get upset with things. to sugest that she does not love her child , no matter if she is gay or not, goes beyound the pail. so big deal if Marie is Mormon, and to say that ALL Mormons HATE gays is a crock of SHIT. you do not practice what you preach. Can we please have some unity and tolerance in this world and not divsion

  26. 126

    Re: knowitall – Just because you don't understand a religion, be it Mormon or what not ,does not give you the right to bash it

  27. 127

    Hey asswhipe where's the proof she's both closed minded and prejudice? Go directly to the source herself mother fucker and have the balls to ask her before you go quoting the god damn Globe that posts bullshit like "My neighbor gave birth to bunny rabbits over easter"

  28. 128

    Re: kissmyassobama
    "I can totally relate Marie! Being gay IS an embarassment to straight families! Disown the douchebag muff diver! Serves her right for being a crotch licker. "

    I think you're an embarassment to your family with bigoted views like yours. If you had a gay family member, who was a really lovely person, would you still hate them? If your answer is yes then you need to take a look at yourself.

    Oh, and I'm a 'crotch licker' too (hence the name), so what's your problem with us lesbians? Are you jealous? Jealous of the fact that I've had more girl action than you? Jealous of the fact that I could make your girlfriend (if you have one!) cum quicker and harder than you can ? Must be intimidating to know this!

    That's the reason some men don't like lesbians, because they're jealous, intimidated and a little insulted that we would NEVER be interested in them or their willy!

    As for the people moaning about the amount of gay stuff on here…..well OK I can see your point, but on the other hand every 'gay gay gay' post Perez does is either celebrity-related or a current affair. Plus it's his site, and he's gay, and unlike me (I'm British) he lives in a country where his human rights are ignored so ofcourse he's going to be passionate!

    Gay people are just that- PEOPLE, with their own thoughts and feelings just like you.

  29. DaLa says – reply to this


    Yes, Perez, we straight people hate our children.

  30. 130

    "…which in the end produces a kid that someone actually wants to have in the world."

    Um…that sounds really prejudice to me. WTF?

  31. 131

    Congratulations to Marie's Daughter for being herself!

  32. 132

    Religious people scare me.

  33. 133

    I call bullsh*t. Marie is a fag hag. I doubt she gives a sh*t if her daughter is a lezzie.

  34. 134

    TEE HEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET OVER IT, MARIE!

  35. 135

    Marie's "biggest heartache" should be her two divorces and her suicide attempt.

  36. 136

    why are all somewhat fug and fat broads lesbians?

  37. 137

    " - it just requires a little more effort, which in the end produces a kid that someone actually wants to have in the world."

    Perez, you are losing your mind, dear. You like to tell everyone else when they are losing theirs but you are turning into everything you find wrong with others. You are coming across as very bitter … and that is just sad. I hope you see what you're becoming before it's too late.

  38. 138


  39. 139

    Re: martinimambo

    I do not think Perez is alienating most of his audience, well maybe the State of California. He is opening our eyes to the prejudice out there and why not? It is not isolated incidents.

  40. 140

    you will pick on anyone who doesnt agree with you.
    You will belittle those personal beleifs that dont correspond with yours.
    You will pick on those who you feel deserve it.

    If you are an example of the "equality" that you seem to be demanding, then I want no part of it.

  41. 141

    Re: petiteCobaye – and i thought you rode the short bus… but its nice to see the hate towards lg…

  42. 142

    So now children of gay people are better than children of straight people. "it just requires a little more effort, which in the end produces a kid that someone actually wants to have in the world" You are such an incredible ass.

  43. Pike says – reply to this


    You FAGS keep saying Chruchs have hang ups about queers. Name one Chruch that believes in sucking cock.

  44. 144

    Love it, love it, LOVE IT!! See, this is a prime example of Chris Rock's Rules of Life. Take that homophobic garbage to St. Elsewhere ’cause as soon as you take that stance, one of "them" will eventually end up being a member of your family!!!! We accepted her chunky beaver teeth for decades; I'm not sure why it's so difficult for her to accept her own ADULT child's life!!?

  45. 145

    And you know my mother never introduces me to people as hey this is Jennifer and she is straight. Yep I'm so proud she loves the peen.

    SO again you don't know how Marie Osmond feels about her daughter. She's got a lot of kids should she go down the list, My daughter Jessica is gay I'm fine with that, my son ___ is straight, I'm fine with that, my daughter ___ is straight, I'm fine with that.

  46. 146

    Re: Pike – How about a Church too?

  47. 147

    That's right, it makes her close minded and prejudice because she is religious and has morals? Sounds like YOU are closed minded P.

    Perez was refered to as a "whacko activist" on talk radio this morning…sounds like a pretty accurate discription.

  48. 148

    Who cares as long as she's happy? Honestly, be more open minded Marie!

  49. 149

    Sadly, MOST homosexuals are a product of child abuse. That being said, it is not a good enough excuse to live one's life in debotchery.

    Marie Osmond is a self-absorbed old hag with lots of money and face lifts. I don't believe for one second that she actually practices mormonism. Money, fame, etc., unfortunately, usually, trumps one's beliefs. Thus, they no longer have beliefs, except, that is, in themselves. While believing in onesself is a good thing, worshipping onesself is not. And the latter is the usual outcome.

  50. 150

    Re: Pike – Your question is too crassly asked to dignified with an answer.

  51. 151


  52. 152

    Re: Marmoseta – "Religious" people scare me, too, but sodomites and licker cabinits scare me FAR MORE! They are far more intolerant and hate-filled than "religious" people, as evidenced at the Miss USA pageant and on this blog site!! Very scary indeed.

  53. 29 says – reply to this


    since when is having your own beliefs and certain NORMAL plans for your child considered prejudice? you are the one who is prejudice perez. you prove that more and more every single day. you have become nothing more than a bigot who lives on the other side of the issue. why don't you try seeing things from a perspective other than your own for a change?

  54. 154

    Mario….please. Quit the gossip and go into politics. You can be the next Milk. Your politics don't belong here, and just because Marie didn't talk about it, doesn't mean shes not accepting. IT'S NONE OF YOUR FUCKIN BUSINESS what people do in their personal lives. She's not a celebrity so don't make her one. Oh, and Yeah….the Globe??? About as reputable as you are.

  55. 155

    Re: A Voice of Sanity
    "Sadly, MOST homosexuals are a product of child abuse. That being said, it is not a good enough excuse to live one's life in debotchery.
    Marie Osmond is a self-absorbed old hag with lots of money and face lifts. I don't believe for one second that she actually practices mormonism. Money, fame, etc., unfortunately, usually, trumps one's beliefs. Thus, they no longer have beliefs, except, that is, in themselves. While believing in onesself is a good thing, worshipping onesself is not. And the latter is the usual outcome. "

    If you're not religious then who the fuck are you to say what 'debauchery' is (which, by the way, you couldn't spell)????

    And just how many psychological studies have you conducted, on 'MOST' of the homosexuals in this world to come to the conclusion that 'MOST' are victims of child abuse???? Tell me, how many studies?

    You're extremely ignorant and not educated enough in the subject to comment.

  56. 156

    Wow..I hope that Marie's attitude isn't true…that would be a shame. I don't have kids yet, but I had a daughter that was a lesbian I would tell her "you know, you can still give me a daughter-in-law and grandkids." You should love your family!

  57. 157

    Mormon hang up? You'd be surprised at the open mindedness of Mormons as individuals- it's their faith that isn't lenient. I know, I am one.

  58. 158

    How old is Jessica? Is she adopted? If you're having trouble loving gay people you just need one in your family!

  59. @v@ says – reply to this


    She may not have a hang up with the gayness. She may have a hang up with worrying about her daughter, and the public's perception of her, (55% of Americans STILL disapprove), plus could be trying to deal with her own disappointment that her daughter may possibly not enjoy/experience motherhood and it's rewards. Women enjoy being grandmothers. Marie probably only has traditional knowledge of how to be a mom and future grandma, but no straight person is taught how this works. Marie's a loving person, and like Cher will learn how going through life as a gay works and will back her daughter, which she probably is doing regardless. She may get a grandchild, too.

  60. 160

    Perez Hilton YOU are such a LOSER!!!! How dare YOU… I personally know that Marie is NOT ashamed of her daughter and her choices! She may not think it's the best choice but she knows her daughter is an adult and can choose her own path in life. She loves Jessica unconditionally and wants nothing more than her personal happiness. Perez, Ask yourself this- Have You talked to Marie to get her thoughts? NO!!!! P.S. I am going to have your family members names put on the MORMON temples list so they can be baptized for the dead, Probably already been done anyway… Pay back is a BITCH!

  61. 161

    Isn't this old news? It was reported in 2006. Hello? There are just so many things that are more important than three year old news regurgitated once again. The only horror, here is bad writing. Sensationalism just for the sake of it. Trying to stir up a pot that has already boiled over. Whatever.

  62. 162

    "Too bad Marie's got that Mormon hang up, because no one said that her daughter can't have grandchildren".

    Too bad you have your "personal" hang up that you want to blame her personal opinions on her religion. There are lot's of people out there who are of different faiths who would be crushed if their children were gay. But lets make sure to point out what religion she is and blame that. Also I love the double standard you have perez. You praise those who love the gay community because they are "expressing their opinions" but those who don't agree with your views are "haters". How about realizing that as a person they will have opinions which are PERSONAL.

  63. 163

    Re: Alexa12 – AMEN!!!!!!

  64. 164

    Haha.. Mario, you don't know when to attack, or shut your giant uninformed mouth, huh…? You are just making Marie's point, that her fugly lesbionic daughter is an outcast 'BECAUSE' she's a homo - what is 'YOUR' point in brigning the story 'out' further into the open - Don't you realize that this is a 'BAD' thing for gays in mainstream.. and that there is a very large majority of people who DO NOT think Gays should EVER have rights (or, 'more' rights) than the rest of us..?

    Get a job Mario..

  65. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: jacktodd – I didn't think being gay was a choice.

  66. @v@ says – reply to this


    Maybe NEITHER of them have any shame about this. Are you projecting, and adding to the misperception, Perez? Have you spoken with Marie personally?

  67. 167

    Places her religion above her kid, nice.
    And she should place her daughter on Jenny Craig or whatever diet Marie was on.
    I've just lost what little respect I've had for Marie.

  68. Lucas says – reply to this


    I never could understand why lesbians look like men. So from what I can see, there's the ugly one who looks like the man, then the pretty female lesbian (ala Ellen and Portia). Do many lesbians want to be men? IMHO - No. This kid looks more transgender to me, with no fem quality whatsover. She certainly is no tia-tequila (who's bi). Lord, I can't keep up with all the transgender//bi/lez/homo stuff.

  69. Laxer says – reply to this


    Marie Osmond is a total wingnut…..

  70. 170

    busting on marie osmond is almost like busting on dolly parton. shouldn't be done. she is a good person. if this "insider's" comment is true, it's still none of our business and not something marie should have to answer to. maybe the daughter feels unwelcome in the church and has fled… what's wrong with marie being disappointed that her daughter doesn't want to be a part of the community that marie was raised in… okay, if it were the kkk she were fleeing from, that's one thing— but if you've ever known mormons, you know they are about the kindest good people you're ever going to meet. that marie is a part of that and might feel remorse b/c her daughter is not, hardly makes her a bad person. she just needs to find a way to make it all work. i am sure she accepts her daughter 100% for what she is, and is just sad that the daughter doesn't want to be a part of the community marie knows best. it's not our business, and shouldn't be a bad reflection on marie. i would never doubt that woman's love for any member of her family, especially her own daughter.

  71. 171

    the more i read this, the more angry i get at you and your posse perez. anybody that is religious is a bad person in your book. you are spewing more hate than the average citizen, religious or not. you need to come to terms with things inside of you- b/c clearly you have not if you're misdirecting all this rage and name-calling at good people. i mean, you're trying to tarnish marie's reputation based solely on the fact that she is a mormon with a gay daughter— wtf. was she supposed to take out an ad in a newspaper saying, 'hi everyone, my daughter is gay'— not everyone has to make a f'ing proclamation about their sexuality, and certainly not everyone has to make a f'ing proclamation about THEIR CHILD'S sexuality. wtf is the matter with you? to be gay, or a family member of a gay person, do we have to wear a f'ing tshirt saying it's so? not everyone wants their life or personal things splashed in the public- i know that's something totally incomprehensible to you, but do us all a favor— keep the hating on non-gays to yourself. you are the biggest bigot of them all. if you want to support gays, do it by showcasing the good, not smearing anything that you even SUSPECT might be contrary to your opinion. ugh. now i see why i stopped coming to this gd site, b/c you're a hating pig.

  72. 172

    btw, it's "prejudiced" not "prejudice"— why don't you make a tshirt for yourself that says that on it. that's what you need to come out of the closet about.

  73. 173

    Re: @v@
    THANK YOU! unless you're a straight person who has had a close person come out to you, you can't understand that being upset/worried is not about shame- it's about the worry of what the person you love is going to have to go through b/c all of the world does not accept gays. being upset doesn't make you a bigot against gays! i don't understand why perez and his posse are so dense to this fact.

  74. 174

    Wow her daughter looks like Jimmy Osmond (which would be her uncle) hehe

  75. 175

    She looks hotter than her daughter! hehe I believe that she become lesbian because none guy wish to fuck her (Obviously)
    Die gays and lesbians!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. 176

    Re: eternalcanadian – Hey dummy, if parents have a 50/50 chance of having a homosexual kid then how come 50% of the population is not homosexual? Most homosexuals are victims of sexual abuse. The rest are victims of gender confusion due to family issues.

  77. 177

    Re: Susan2
    wow, you're a real genius… lol… where on earth did you get that sexual abuse and family issues thing… lol… how could you possibly say that "most" homosexuality is caused by that! lol… apparently you know something that the rest of us don't, including sociologists, therapists, doctors… lol… wow, perez, you get some smart ones on here.

  78. 178

    Re: Nicole_d
    lol… omg… i love the part about perez having swine flu b/c he looks like a pig! lol… i'm not commenting on anything but that… priceless… lol…

  79. 179

    Perez Hilton is a lot prejudiced and a great deal close minded.

  80. 180

    She sux

  81. 181

    oh, heres a thought! what if your globe source is wrong and marie is proud of her daughter and wishes her the best? And serioulsy, what mother doesnt want to be a grandmother? perez youre a gossipy old woman who doesnt have her facts straight. what gives you the right to pick on marie osmond of all people?

  82. 182

    Secret? That's no secret, her fans have known about it for several years. She never hid it. And she still loves her daughter like any other mother would. Perhaps you should get your info from more relaible sources than the Globe.

  83. 183

    Perez, you're such a pro-fag idiot. These gossip columns are so pointless and I think it's ridiculous that many people review this. I found this on google and quite frankly feel that YOU and every other commenter on here regarding mormons obviously know NOTHING of them and their beliefs. Just because it isn't what you believe doesn't mean that they are terrible people. Hate to say it, mormons made up 1-2% on prop 8 that were against it…the other majority were catholic. So for all of you out there that believe they were the reason why it was so highly protested against, think again and get your nose out of these gossip blogs. Perez makes millions off of this crap and all of you seem to float with the rest of the world and media and believe what you are told. Search out and don't be naive idiots. Perez, get your head out of your ass even though you're enjoying it and get a real job that requires education and real work. Blogging is a hobby, it does nothing for the world and all you seem to do is continue to bring in more smut and less truth to what our country really needs…who cares about the celebrities…they are only what you make them!

  84. 184

    I'd be pissed if my daughter wasa gay too! I don't blame her. Listen, Fatty, we don't all have to agree that being gay rocks. You ask for people's opinions then get pissed off when you hear the truth. The truth is you're gay. And fugly. And fat.

  85. 185

    so this is jes maries daughter and yea im gay who cares and my mom isnt ashamed of me at all me and her are really close actually…and all this is really out dated like way old…i havent been dating that girl for over a year now haha…i just think if you gonna try to bring shit like this up at least get your facts straight!

  86. Dione says – reply to this


    live and let live you all, why are you on here anyway if you hate mario so much!! you love the gossip just like anybody else. Hetero, bi or gay, why does it matter?

  87. 187

    Frankly, if Perez knew Jes at all, he would know that this post of his is pointless. It was never a secret. Marie has ALWAYS known. And as for Jes, she and her girlfriend broke up long ago. She deserves better anyway.

  88. 188

    Re: knowitall – Where do you get your knowledge of mormons?

  89. 189

    So is it only gays that want their kids? Or is it only gays kids that are wanted in the world?

  90. 190

    Re: TracieO – Your comment does not even make sense…it actually reads as if the gayness is the evil that "magic underwear" protects you from. Do you really believe this?

  91. 191

    Re: Lisa W a Lil L – and you get your knowledge of this from where?

  92. 192

    Re: Bugface – yes, mormons are well known for their burnings at the stake……at least know what you are talking about.

  93. 193

    Re: Pianoblogger – exactly how is this relevant to "polygamy", Marie Osmond is not a polygamist, she is just Mormon.

  94. 194

    Re: HrdCndy09 – and you know them how?

  95. 195

    I like Marie Osmond and I am really glad that Jes came to her mom's defense and left a message so that the gay fans of Marie know she doesn't think less of them. I've talked countless times with Jared Osmond. We have had full blown arguments and we have had very cool discussions and he is a very nice guy but he is one of those brainwashed Mormons that think gays can be cured and homosexuality is wrong. There are quite a few of them that feel that way. I'm sure Jes can back me on that. As long as Marie is cool with it I don't really care about the other Osmonds because I love Marie.

  96. 196

    Re: jebjeb – Susan2's reply was in reply to eternalcanadian's

  97. 197

    Guess what, Marie has known about her daughter forever.
    So has all of Utah, where her daughter went to high school!
    Big deal, this is NOT news! And guess what else? No one seems to care Maries daughter is gay here in Utah! Guess what else? Marie is actually a pretty normal person, I've seen her come into the school with glasses on, imperfect hair and no make up with her daughter right by her side. Shocker! Huh?
    What a silly article!

  98. 198

    I think it is always amazing that people judge when they dont even know a person. It doesnt matter if you like Marie Osmond or not. It is her daughter and their lives. And they have the right to feel the way they want to. Funny that there is alot of hate and judgement here on this sight. You must grow up a bit more people to get any of this. Only God can judge anyway. And I dont think you guys are God. Peace

  99. 199

    Re: blinkie – ANYBODY can control who they pull their pants down for asshole.

  100. 200

    Re: AlliTheGreat – You sound so incredibly ignorant. Your rant didn't do you any favors.

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