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Marie Osmond Is A Little Bit Prejudice And A Little Bit Close-Minded

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Apparently, devout Mormon Marie Osmond has been keeping a little secret - here oldest daughter, Jessica, is a lesbian!

And she's been living in SIN with her girlfriend in Los Angeles!

Oh, the horror!

An insider tells the Globe that it's Marie's "biggest heartache" because Marie always dreamed of a daughter active in the Mormon community and popping out grandchildren.

Jessica and her partner, who have been happily together for 3 years, consider themselves married even though it's not official.

Too bad Marie's got that Mormon hang up, because no one said that her daughter can't have grandchildren - it just requires a little more effort, which in the end produces a kid that someone actually wants to have in the world.

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    listening to the entire clip of her comments Marie appears to be able to concede that her daughter is smart enough to decide matters of her own happiness for herself. if you've come out and had the parental backlash as I have, this woman has come pretty far from the harsh response of parents through the ages. At the end the announcer says to give Donny our best and she says "Do I have to?" You can bet that her acceptance of her daughter's orientation (as far as it goes) is the start of change in a household that was and probably is very very Mormon. Donny hasn't been very accepting as we know. I hope her daughter is able to live a good life and wish her godspeed.

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