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A Worthwhile Cause

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CLICK HERE to read up on and donate to a very worthwhile cause.

"Champions Against Bullying is committed to creating a society where every child has the opportunity to develop, learn and thrive in an environment without fear, without violence and without limitation.

CAB Will Meet The Challenge Of Change and…

- Remove the obstacles that get in the way of learning so that every child has the chance to benefit from an education in a safe and productive learning atmosphere without being shadowed by the fear of bullying.

- Raise awareness by presenting a clear understanding of the enormity of child bullying issues and create a proactive partnership with students, educators, parents and communities that foster a safe and healthy climate conducive to learning and thriving.

- Develop resources and new approaches that continually meet the needs of children, parents and educators today and tomorrow.

- Lead children’s workshops that boost self-esteem, promote core values and implement effective programs and strategies to prevent bullying.

- Remove the barriers that impede education to motivate, inspire and increase a thirst for knowledge.

- Involve students and allow them the opportunity to voice their opinions.

- Avail the award winning, “The No-Nonsense Guide To Kids’ Bullying Solutions,” to students, parents and educators that tells you how to identify and reduce youth violence from A to Z.

- Lead workshops for parents and educators providing the tools and the know-how to help kids safely.

- Employ a multifaceted approach, so that parents and the entire school community get involved, thereby increasing the chance for successfully reducing school bullying/youth violence. Assist schools to develop anti bullying policies and fair consequences for non-compliance to further magnify the validity that youth violence is a serious matter and not knowing is no longer an excuse."

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37 comments to “A Worthwhile Cause”

  1. 1

    What a hypocrite!! You're one to be promoting something AGAINST bullying! You are the biggest internet bully there is!

  2. 2

    im apart of so many anti bullying campaignes, all i can say is thumbs up (Y)

  3. 3


  4. 4

    I like bullying. A hink its ged sare!
    No ma fault you'se are aaalllllllllllll Beeeeeeiln!


  5. 5

    Are you kidding right now?
    I'm thinking Miss California feels bullied by you right now.
    Please, don't be a hypocrite.
    It's one thing to stand up for what you believe in.
    It's another to try and RUIN someone for doing the same.
    Grow up.

  6. 6

    I'm writing Champions Against Bullying right now to demand that they distance themselves from you, because of your online bullying of Miss California. What you're doing is far worse than what Lori Drew did to Megan Meier (which resulted in the girl's SUICIDE!), because it's on a national level. What you're doing is disgusting - bullying a girl for honestly answering a question, posting child pornography of the girl to prove a point, and launching a smear campaign against her for her beliefs.

  7. 7

    Oh, Perez - How it must hurt you to not be the one on stage with a crown! Your jealousy is pitiful. Why don't you MAN UP for once in your perverted life and realize that you are wrong? I can't believe you were allowed to ask such a question - it's no secret where you stand. My heart and prayers go out to your Mother and Father because the heartbreak you bring to them is great.

  8. 8

    Re: EllenB
    I'll second that.

    Perez, stop being a hypocrit douchebag bully.

  9. 9

    miss california is a big girl who put on the boxing gloves too so quit feeling sorry for her just because you agree with her. She didn't have to give a straight answer, she did, and she has been trying to milk it ever since. couldn't get miss usa so she has to get miss right wing.
    This isn't about her it's about ending REAL bullying in schools, to help CHILDREN not big money hungry ignorant white bimbo's with fake tits. I think she get's enough "help" in life…

  10. 10

    Hey Perez, do you even read what you post?
    I guess you just copy-paste whatever it's available.

    Do you endorse this?
    "Involve students and allow them the opportunity to voice their opinions."

    You really are a hypocrite bitch.

  11. CaraC says – reply to this


    Perez, why don't you combat bullying by leading by example? Stop bullying Miss California.
    You can still be a powerful advocate for gay equality. For example, Ellen DeGeneres stands up for gay marriage in a wonderful way, not by demonizing those who oppose it, but by educating them and helping them to see things from her point of view.

  12. 12

    Now this is stuff that can make a difference. Not your hatred of everything not gay.

  13. 13

    a 11 yr old boy just hung himself in Atlanta because of bullying…. anything to bring awareness to this silent threat… good for you!

  14. 14

    Re: melzie88

    WHO the hell are you talking to? I guess you haven't seen Mario's posts about Tina Chen or Miley Cirus? And yes, bullying begins on childhood playgrounds and only gets worse as people get older. Mario is proof positive of that. Unfortunately, he like many other bully type mental jerks use the internet as their weapon. SO NOT cool! Bullying at ANY age is NOT okay. Nor should it be okay that someone who has such a large audience as Mario be bullying on his site…it sets a VERY poor example to those kids who view this site.

  15. 15

    Workshops? Expressing opinions? Are you kidding me? What a joke!!
    The only way to deal with a bully is to stand up to them because, in their hearts, they are cowards.
    Telling kids they can always run from their problems is planting the seeds of cowardice.
    All this touchy feely crap is just to make the parents feel like they are doing something, it does fuck all for the kids

  16. 16

    Re: lifeispainhighness – I'm sorry but you sound like a typical Republican not wanting to put the blame to the proper place. She has done this to herself. No question. Perez reports it like ALL the other news agencies are. It is involving a matter dear to his heart. Douche!
    I can't stand people who won't take responsibility for their actions! Miss CA is not being bullied.

  17. livi says – reply to this


    agree that perez is a bully. Miss CA is an adult. She should be able to defend her views. However, Miley is a different story. She is 16. Perez, over 30 yrs old, calls her a slut. How does he get away with this?

  18. 18

    IRONIC! Since you are the biggest bully ever you keep on playing like you are on middle school!

  19. 19

    Re: Es_Moi – Except that Mr. Hyprocrite Mario will now claim Freedom of Speech/Press, and in my eyes, biggest Bully out there.

  20. 20

    Children dont deserve to be bullied, I dont care what they look like, even adults are bullied-in the workplace, the roads, Why cant people just be fair, and polite?

  21. 21

    You are dillusional. How can you champion a cause when you yourself are the cause of it. You are one of the biggest Bullies ever. You need to really look at yourself.

  22. 22

    your the bigest bully online! practice what you preach, ass hole.

  23. 23

    No need to apologize, but I really don't understand what you mean. She didn't do anything but answer a question honestly, rather than saying what the questioner wanted to hear. I also don't see anyone not taking responsibility for his or her actions. I guess at this point we would need to agree on a definition of "bullied" before we could agree whether or not she is being bullied.

  24. 24

    Let me preface this by saying,"I am ALL for this charity. It is a totally important and worthwhile cause."

    But YOU, Perez, are a complete and utter asshat.
    It's all well and good that you are pimping this cause on your site, but wouldn't it be even BETTER and MEAN MORE if you PRACTICED what you're preaching? You've forced yourself into the public eye, and while the mind boggles at the very idea of it, some poor, misguided idiot might look to YOU as a role model. And there you are, calling people fat and useless, and calling little girls sluts and worse. You ARE a bully. A very petty, sad and uncreative bully.

  25. 25

    This is super timely - especially given the struggling economy kids are seeing their parents get agressive - and guess who they take it out on? Their kids who then go to schoolsand bully other kids. It's a terrible cycle! Glad to see there are org's to help these bullies, the victims and the adults better understand how to better deal with these issues. It ain't worth kids killing themselves like we're seeing in the news!

  26. 26

    And you don't think that what you are doing to Miss California isn't bullying? You can't be a bully and then tell people not to bully. Maybe you should practice what you preach.

  27. 27

    Bullying is also abuse; Peer Abuse. This organization listed is a good one. Keep up the good work!

  28. 28

    Just for shits and giggles and because I know no one will read this: I beat up my bully in 2'nd grade. He was tormenting me for something… my weight or something. I'd had enough and tackled him him down on the ground and pounded him… he was crying like a little girl. Then I GOT IN TROUBLE for beating up a boy. (LOL! but how unfair is that?) But it felt great and he never picked on me ever again.

    Later in life I joined the Army and dealt with my natural aggression that way. I was a great fem-warrior.

  29. 29


  30. 30

    Back to topic please…

  31. 31

    I hate to say it, Perez, but you should practice what you preach. Miss California f-ed up, but she is just one, dumb blonde. It's not fair to unleash all your rage at the entire anti-gay marriage movement or all homophobes in her 90 pound direction. That said, GREAT cause! Bullying, at least when I was a youngin way back in the '80's, is so grossly ignored by adults, who seem to turn a blind eye and accept what's going on. It is peer abuse, and it is so unacceptable. So thank you for endorsing this cause! Now you take the high road with Miss California, please!

  32. 32

    Um, you're the biggest bully there is. Take a cue from this and start being a decent human being.

  33. 33

    i can't believe this charity didn't see the utter irony of being posted on your website.


  34. 34

    this sounds super, I will definitely donate, and get my work associates also!!

  35. 35

    This sounds super. I will definitely donate! and all my work associates will also!

  36. 36

    Hi, I came over here to post to support the Champions Against Bullying cause. As I am in Los Angeles myself, I have had the pleasure of meeting these folks. What they are doing is terrific and will continue to support their work as I work in the same field.

    However, I have to admit. I am not a fan of Perez Hilton. I have watched him and this site for quite some time. I have even blogged about Perez and I am in agreement with many who have posted on this thread. Perez, you ARE a bully. I won't get into any details here but I have a right to my opinion. Please listen to your readers here! They make good points…..

    Anyway, I doubt I will be posting here again but did want to mention this. Again, congrats to the CAB group……you done good!

  37. 37