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Rihanna Naked!!!!!!!!

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Chris Brown is probably responsible for this!

CLICK HERE for the pics.
CLICK HERE for the pics.
CLICK HERE for the pics.

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989 comments to “Rihanna Naked!!!!!!!!”

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  1. 901

    Hope that is not Rihanna. I don't think Chris would leak pics of her. I still love you, Chris!!!

  2. 902

    no thanks! hahahaha what a black ugly ass :D

  3. 903

    WTF is she doing

  4. lolli says – reply to this


    everybody's nipple is pierced nowadys… when will celebrity's learn? im startin to think they leak their own photos!

  5. 905


  6. 906

    I dont think they are same people. Rhianna shows her face in the ones that arent bad, and the naked ones the face is left out. Clothes arent the same. Naked has black nail polish. NOT the same bathroom either. I personally dont think they are the same, if so big deal, but I really think its fake!

  7. 907

    Wow, I think she looks great. :)

  8. 908

    dumb girl…

  9. 909

    Rhianna and Chris Brown? What in the world does a beautiful and talented girl like her see in that low life, scumbag, woman basher,uneducated little twirp. She can have any man she wants, and she picks him. YUK! He comes across to me as some trailer park trash, as you Americans call it. We here in Australia call them Mungbeans. No woman derserves to be hit like a boxing bag, no matter if you're a bitch or a smart mouth. NO ONE!! I hope he gets everything he deserves. I hope his Music career hits rock bottom and he crashes into the dirt(Can you see that I have been a victom of Abuse. Yep!) He released those photos, where else would they come from. Rhianna is an idiot for taking photos like that when you're a star. Hasn't she seen what happens to other Stars that have done the home nude photo shoots and how they all come unstuck. She's a bloody fool and he's a scumbag.

  10. 910

    FAIL, perez, you should be more responsible for what you post. i agree, there's no face in any of the naked pics. i doubt chris brown wasted his time to piece this together, maybe his new fucks, errr, prospects did. perez, keep this up and i'm outta here.

  11. 911

    I have to admit though she has a great bod. She'd be more upset if she had the figure of Rosanne Barr. Luckily she looks great, and then again who really cares, Nude photos are so mundane these days. More boobs, another moot. Yawn….Boring….snore.

  12. 912

    chris obv. leaked these wtf

  13. 913

    like pink says: stupid girl!!!

  14. 914

    IF its NOT Ri Ri then why would she flee to another country and say shes disappointed that the photos have leaked???

  15. 915

    This is a prime example of the fact that no matter how much money you have or how famous you become, it does not make you infalilable. Normal life still occurs for those that have money and fame.

  16. Stepy says – reply to this


    Re: scoobus – Because he doesnt really care about any of these people….just the money he gets from hits on the site. Its all about his own fame and "celebrity" and cashflow.

  17. 917

    Great body. I would bang that for DAYS!!!

  18. Tru4 says – reply to this


    That's not her. but she did take a pictures of her front herself.

  19. Tru4 says – reply to this


    Its also just nasty linking to the other sites for free porn. is he getting paid from the porno sites.

  20. 920

    Just to show what a very stupid girl she is. Bad in enough she dates Chris Brown but to pose for naked pics? She really has nothing in that mind of hers.

  21. 921

    why are you promoting this perez…? u sick fuck… Queen of media… dont give yourself that much credit… more like fag of media…

  22. 922

    This can't be her. Where are all her tattoos?

  23. 923

    Re: Giorgi – neither her nor her publicists have denied it…soo it probably IS real…

  24. 924

    stoopid if her to give pics like this…but much thanks to whomever posted them…shas got a slammin bod in clothes, and save the nip ring outta clothes she is een hotter…glad to she shes not covered by tattoos also…

  25. 925

    teaches her a big lesson

    dont really feel any sympathy for her

    but eww man
    i havent seen it and i dont want to :S

  26. 926

    This will not hurt her career at all. She looks good in the buff. So who cares. She isn't an evangelist. She is a pop singer and we're used to these girls baring all.
    If i was her I wouldn't be embarassed at all.

  27. 927

    OMFG! that is all i got to say!

  28. 928

    I would like to say that there is more to this story than people realize. This is what I THINK is really going on.
    Chris is pissed at Riri for bringing all this abuse stuff in the open. She still loves him, but he wants to keep his distance. She sent him those pics to show him she still wants him, and to show him what he is missing. He leaked the photos to show people that she is still hounding him, and to show that she is NOT that innocent. Then I think he leaked the photo of the panties on his head, to basically tell her…he has moved on and has the panties to prove it.

  29. 929

    Well she shouldn't feel bad. She looks hot! Maybe Chris just singlehandedly increased her male fan base. No lines, no cellulite, no crepey skin. Just golden and healthy and well-covered. Don't hate……Appreciate all you frumpy girls. The other celebrities including Kim Kardashian can't hold a candle to her. No airbrushing. No excessive make-up. Just enjoy….

  30. 930

    wait a minute… the nude photos don't show the face of Rihanna… the only photos that clearly show her face aren't nude. so how are we to know that she's the one in the nude photos??? I honestly don't think she's the one in the nude photos.

  31. pmfj says – reply to this


    her eyes are red hmmmmmmmmmmm

  32. 932

    Perez, WHAT HE HELL? Take them down!! Whats the matter with you?! TAKE THESE FUCKING PICS DOWN! You're JUST as bad as the person who leaked them!

  33. 933

    LOL her camp already admitted that they are her. ANYWHO… I'd hit it, she looks lovely.

  34. 934


  35. 935

    she's soooooooooo sexy!!! DAMB!!

  36. 936

    OMG!! but i like the pictures

  37. 937

    she is out of control.

  38. 938

    The first thing i thought was that she was the one that leaked her own damn pics. Chris brown's good reputation is non-existant now already, so this coming out…who else would everyone else blame?

  39. 939

    stay off the Hater-Aide you sloppy nobodies. She has a Rockin Body! To bad for her it's gonna be my screen saver.

  40. 940

    stop guzzling the hater-aide you sloppy twits! She has a rockin body! It's just to bad for her …… It's my new screensaver. Thanks chris brown;)

  41. 941

    so what.. who hasnt done this for their man (or girl)…chris brown is all over this, but the funny thing is, shes hot, and he didnt really do anything bad. Its not like shes this gross fat nasty hag. lol. shes hot clothed, and now we all kno shes hot naked (evn tho we already knew that) soooooo now we've seen her boobies, on to better things….

  42. 942

    I am so sick and tiered of seeing this damm story. Cassie and Rihanna are media whores. They willingly posed for - and leaked - their own photos in a desperate act of getting attention.

  43. 943

    damn.. but dont judge her, bkuz u cant say what she should have done or what u would have done if u never been in that situation. its hard getting over somebody u love and been with so long and now she just has to learn her lesson. but anyway, besides all that… did u see her titties?!?! WONDERFUL!!!

  44. 944

    she should have known after she took these pictures and what has went down with chris brown that these pics would have been leaked out some how….. stupid girl

  45. 945

    what a dumb girl, come on you would think celebrities will learn by now!! she deserves the beating if she's this stupid! watch we will be watching a sex video soon! lol dumb, dumb, dumb!

  46. 946

    I dont know…the last one has larger breasts and Riri doesnt seem to…im not sure…

  47. R3LS says – reply to this


    Jesus! Is that a nipple piercing I spy?
    I can't believe she's so stupid to even take the damn pictures.
    I thought she was smart.

  48. 948

    its deff her. she has her nipples pierced ANDDD its her hands, same finger nails and same friggin nail polish color she was using while with chris

  49. Tru4 says – reply to this


    dont do this to rere your nasty perez,,,,,, nasty feg

  50. 950

    no way… omg..

  51. 951


  52. cherr says – reply to this


    she looks hot so whatever nothing to fuss about.

  53. 953


  54. 954

    its just pics of an ass i dosent have to be hers..

  55. 955

    whatever , everybody gets naked sometime in their life.

  56. 956


  57. 957

    Chris Brown Didnt Send This Pictures And If He Did qOod For Her Kause She Imbarssed Him SoO He Did It Baqk Ha-Ha BitCh Noe One Like yOur Nasty Nibbels And That One Picture yOuhh Look FuCkinqq Hiqh lOlss Rihanna Is A Nasty Hosey

  58. 958

    That is sad,She knew this was going to happen.Why did she do that? That was so stupid of her.Now shes a complete embarressment all over again.She needs some thearpy to clear her mind.

  59. 959

    Re: carolaci – I know right! she needed this to happen to get a grip on relaity.

  60. 960

    Are you all stupid!?
    This is not Rihanna! You think it just so happens the only ones where you can't see her face are the naked ones!? Don't call her stupid when you so blatantly are.

  61. 961

    omg she is soooo stupid!!!!

  62. 962

    she's top hot this girl

  63. 963

    There Are No Tats Anywhere on "her" body,
    which leads me to belive that the full body/Back pics arnt of her,
    They have just threw in face pics to throw us to belive it's her!!!

  64. 964

    oh em gee this is soo sad but yu cant b quick to say chris brown did it, i mean he is in soo much trouble already with the whole fight incident so why would he draw more attention to himself, lets jus stop feeling sorry for rihanna and admit that da bitch is krazyy, i think she needs serious help, with all da tattoos and all she is psycho..!!

  65. 965

    OMG!!!! Poor girl…. Perez ur a dick… Y wuld u post this shit honestly!! Don't u think she's been through enuff?! First ur bloging about how bad u feel an get beta RiRi etc.. now u do dis… Karmas a bitch Perez… It's probably not her anyways u Neva actually c her face/body together!!!

  66. 966

    First of all, there is nothing wrong with nude pics especially if you have a nice body. Being a celebrity has it's restrictions as far as normality but shes still human. I have naked pics of myself and i dont think its a big deal. God created us without clothing. Some people take the celebrity thing way too far. Who the fuck are you guys to judge anyone? Most of you are probably on the border line of obesity so I can understand the critical feelings some of you must have.

  67. 967

    Honestly, most of u should get a life

  68. 968

    Wow, Celebs should know by now that digital will never die.

  69. 969

    i dont blame chiris brown
    shes the idiot one for going back with him
    she has no respect for herself!!!!!

  70. 970

    RiRi!!! Nooooooo!!!! its okay i still love you!!!! Its embarrassing because your known all over the world and this won't bring you down!!!

  71. 971

    Re: lovelyparis
    rihanna is human unlike lovelyparis. stop being so critical. u have no room 2 be critical when u look like somethin off of animal planet

  72. 972


  73. 973

    hahaha Well now I have a better day
    She is A bitch like all the bitches and I enjoy seeing her middle-class ass getting kicked hahah
    Keep Going Like that Rihanna haha Maybe u will be the Next Britney Spears hahahaahaha

  74. 974

    Oh my. Dang she is fricken hot. *drools* I don't care if it IS her or not. That chick is bangin'. At least they are tasteful nudes… not like she's got close-up shots of fingers-in-places or other-things-in-certain-places. That would be terrible. But, like I said, these are pretty tasteful. She looks good too. c: I am SO glad I get to see these! xDDD

  75. 975

    she is dumb… but she bangin

  76. 976

    i really dont know why you people are kissing rihanna ass so much you people getting on like she's d only one in the u.s i never seen rihanna touch anyone befor the girl get on as if she god .. wake up people its just a voice and music .. there will be a next rihanna

  77. 977

    i new this from the time i sAW her on b.e.t the was 16 and said she already had 3 ex's look it up. when asked by free. i was just waittin that same day some thing like this will happen the!! her cd was called good girl gone bad! rich people do stupid things so live chris alone when rihanna and chris were have sex we were not there .. rihanna is a white girl wonna be

  78. 978

    look at how frast she whent back to her ex. his not even good looking/ all that choops! girl plz i thought she would have dun better then that!! i new there was going to be a next guy right after chris. who's gonna be next chris i new you would be in dipe shit with her poor u do better next time

  79. 979

    Im waiting for the day Jay Z posts some Beyonce nudes. Now that would be an ass to see.

  80. 980

    she has a nice body no hommo but watev i hav a name for her let call dat skank a SLUT! why would she even take pictures for chris just do it in person get naked in person wtf shes so stupid wen will dez celebs learn man…… fuk

  81. 981

    that's soooooooooo nasty!

  82. 982

    omg tat bad

  83. 983

    jaja hello! and where are her tattos? mmmmm the only pics that are clear are her face pics but body pics some how the face is not visable, I wonder why?

  84. 984

    well i did not lyk her in der first place
    but i never fought she would be lyk dat!

  85. 985

    this was not chris browns fault. rihanna is the one who took these pictures so she is the one responsible for them. dont blaim it on him.. if she didnt want the pics leaked she should have never taken them.

  86. 986

    Very classy, Perez. You know, for months you've been claimimg to care about RiRi, but if you really cared, you wouldn't be linking this crap to your site. It's all about the page views and money, huh? Pathetic.

  87. 987


  88. 988

    Rihanna is not a stupid girl. But its public does not owe occupied of its life private.Its may be that its photograps , are faked by a site .Even if me I am inhabitant of Guadeloupe ,I am fan of rihanna since the beginning of his career .And Iwill not make a similar truk.And I speak English courament

  89. 989

    it even. she had said: if his/her mother is which made naked photographs, his/her mother turait it. I think that riri hold with its life. I think which will not make Pa that. these photographs are faked

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