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Rihanna Naked!!!!!!!!

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Chris Brown is probably responsible for this!

CLICK HERE for the pics.
CLICK HERE for the pics.
CLICK HERE for the pics.

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989 comments to “Rihanna Naked!!!!!!!!”

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  1. 201

    keep them on their toes Perez, these celebs like all this attention and perez is doing nothing wrong. Twitter is another way for these Celebs to fame whore them selves out.

  2. 202

    NO WAY!! lol

  3. 203

    First Cassie and now Rihanna?!

  4. 204

    I don't think that these pictures hurt her reputation AT ALL! If its her she looks fabulous, I'm totally jealous. She's never professed to be a virgin and she is an adult - so what she has girly parts. This should end Perez's "Alien" chatter, this gal is ALL woman.

    Hold your head high Rihanna - you've got nothing to be ashamed of - stand proud! She should do playboy just to cut off any other pics from being worth anything. (tasteful playboy shots, nothing trashy)

  5. 205

    the links down!

  6. 206

    Re: DALE – #138 Good reporting Perez.I knew u were a professional

  7. 207

    Re: Teamchris – Oh sorry, LOL, I meant the "half-naked shots"…the white shirt. And, the tattoos are missing. LOL. It's too convenient that you can't see her face in any of the naked, half-naked shots.

  8. 208

    not bad

  9. 209

    The pics aren't that bad. She dresses like a ho half the time anyway and doesn't leave much to the imagination so big deal you can see 1 boob and and her big butt. Wow, at least she's not spread eagle like that other slut was a few posts back.

  10. 210

    Damn, This Girl can't get a break can she??

  11. 211

    YOU know half of you girls on here who are talking maddd shit about Rihanna and cassie, you know you have taken pics of yourself and or for your boyfriend/girlfriend.. whats the difference? their in the public eye and got caught.. OH WELL! It happens, people can have sex and send sexy pics to their loved ones… who gives a shit.. its shitty that their loved ones try and release pics to hurt them. Its not HER fault assholes she didn't leak em herself

  12. 212

    I just lost all respect for you, Perez.

  13. 213

    What a clever publicity stunt Rihanna!

  14. 214

    Something like… i love you something something

  15. 215

    What a shame, his team has to stoop so low…
    tsk, tsk, tsk

  16. 216

    WHAT!? If you love her so much, why do you post this?! I like you a lot but I don't understand your logic! You can be an ass sometimes!

  17. 217

    Poor girl? Lmao, she took the picture and dated a messed up guy (that part I do feel sorry for her) but when you take pictures like this it's your own fault if they get leaked out.

  18. 218

    Oh boy…… :(

  19. UGH! says – reply to this


    Chris Brown couldn't have do it, there are also pictures of him at that hotel with her. He's wearing her underwear as a hat. I highly doubt he would leak them himself. Whomever leaked the picture of her beat up probably leaked these too. .. Confiscation of Brown's phone maybe?

  20. 220

    Sleazy perez, I havent looked at the pics and im not gunna, thats a fuckin sleazy thing to do. I dont care if it would have still been on the internet for people to see, your just an ass, promoting the pic like you have a right, I dont wish anything bad on you or anything like that, but I dont wish anything good either, your a 30 sum year old man posting links to nude pictures of a 21 or maybe younger rihanna, its just sleazy and expecially for someone of your age.

  21. 221

    "I love you… I miss you"

    Wonder who had those photos?

    Chris Brown is an ass!!!

    Rihanna - they are tasteful and you look good.

  22. 222

    I don't understand why anyone would put nude pictures up on the internet, haven't we learned yet? Someone always finds them!

  23. 223

    doesn't work anymore :(

  24. 224

    I don't believe its her. THEY'RE FAKE

  25. 225

    has anyone en noticed that in all the naked pics it dont even show her face, i mean hello its a bunch of pics of a nude dark chick with 2 ics of rhiannas face next 2 them i mean it doesnt take a detective 2 realize that

  26. 226

    try refraining from looking at the pictures before you pass judgment.
    engaging in looking at the pictures is bad (not as bad as spreading them) but just as humiliating. you have let yourself look at something she never intended YOU to see, you have invaded her privacy….i did it too, i'm just saying don't hate on perez when you're the one looking at the fucking pictures yourself.

  27. 227

    OMG !!!!!

  28. 228

    Perez!!!!!!! DONT POST THIS!!! Your just making things worse for rihanna. poor girls been enough, dont you think? Yea, you can say- well everyone will see this anyways. But NO- NOT TRUE. I would have never even heard of this if it werent for your site. And I bet thousands others would say the same thing.


  29. 229

    Cant see! Website wont open

  30. D-Dub says – reply to this


    Don't blame Chris Brown for this - Rihanna took the photos herself. She is to blame.

  31. 231


  32. 232

    take that shit off perez!!! she doesn't need this bullshit! that probably isn't even her!!! its just some fake ass pixs!! none of her tats are showing, and she's got a lot, even one on her hip…which isnt in the pix!

  33. 233

    ummm, she looks FABULOUS but….i wouldn't doubt if she "leaked" them herself …even if just to make him jealous…young minds at times..

  34. 234


  35. CesX says – reply to this


    she's a celebrity, it was a matter of time for this to happen

  36. 236

    its not definatly her i mean yeah there are pics of her face bt not in any of the nude pictures it could just be anyone.

  37. 237

    Why do celebrities keep video taping and taking naked pictures of themselves?! They usually always get leaked!! When will they learn…

  38. 238

    i cant even see it the pics wont come up

  39. 239

    Re: missmya – WHOEVER is in those photos I think took them themselves as well.

  40. 240

    Should have seen this coming, when is the sex tape going to be released?

  41. 241

    She is stupid
    rihanna should have know that the picz were qoinq to come out SOONER OR LATER!

  42. 242

    :/ ooops! poor riri, i never thought she would become part of that club… oh well I HATE CHRIS!

  43. 243

    People stop kissinq ass to Rihanna just cuz she qot hit
    seems like she is over it!

  44. 244

    Oh wow.. of course it was him. And he probably has a lot worse stuff, I could fucking kill him. I hope she learns her lesson to stay away from people that will hurt her.. as for him, I hope he goes to jail and his career ends..

  45. 245

    Re: Horatio C – Her face is there…you probably didn't have that picture load for you, since they all didn't load for me

  46. 246

    HOT!!!! HOT!!! HOT!!!! even more reason why that p*ssy b!tch snake CB didn't deserve her. heck he doesn't even deserve to suck farts outta her sh!tty @sshole!!! girl has it going ON!!! I hope this is the incentive she needed to testify against that woman beating b!tch in court. not very smart chris b!tch brown. not very smart at all…pissing off the woman who can cream your @ss in court. dumb N-word!!!

  47. 247

    1. She's never gonna learn…
    2. Beautiful ass!
    3. Girl…you're gonna cry when this become a hugh scandal

  48. 248

    It could be fake. Do we know if Rihanna has her nipple pierced?
    People need to know that you cant send these pictures to those you think you love, itll turn into a disaster. If he wants to see it, sleep with him.

  49. 249

    Ummm…eww. I'm sure all your straight male readers are thrilled, but seriously, Perez? This is a. not classy and b. disrespectful, and C. hypocritical! After all the positive things you've said about Rihanna? This is a young woman who is going through a horrible time in her life, very publicly, and seems to be just doing her best to get through it with dignity. You really did NOT need to post a link to these pictures on your website.

  50. 250

    Poor girl??? If you take naked pictures of yourself (especially with a cell phone!) EXPECT them to get leaked. She's a fucking idiot for taking the photos in the first place.

  51. 251

    And then we all say Britney is trashy… ehh at least she isn't doing it on purpose, unlinke Rihanna

  52. 252

    Wow I feel bad for her!

  53. 253

    not cool perez

  54. 254

    why so many stupid girls in Hollywood ! btw nice ass haha

  55. 255

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Stupid slut….don't take pics of yourself naked.

  56. 256

    Re: Trileene – I agree I agree I agree (my comment is way down at the bottom). This was not cool and shouldn't have been further publicized on your website.

  57. 257

    i think its her…so sad if Chris spread these….what a douche whoever did.

  58. 258

    UHHHHH..the website is being blocked from me at work…

  59. 259

    This is a character example for Beat Er Down Brown. He definitely sent these to someone because the pictures were CLEARLY taken for him! Her haircut at the time she was definitely dating Brown, and it says "I Love You" and "I Miss You" on the mirror..
    quite obviously she sent these to Brown..

    Ugh he is so disgusting!!

  60. 260


  61. 261

    I'm pleasuring myself right now!

  62. 262

    AHAHAHAHAHAHA when will kids learn!?!? you think after paris, kim, vanessa, and all those other hoes someone would learn and NOT take pics like that or at least try to keep them safe.

  63. 263

    There goes Ri Ri's cover girl contract. lol. But really do you think Cover girl will keep her or drop her?
    I bet Cover girl can't wait to get rid of her, I think they wanted to ditch Ri Ri after the Chris Brown thing but this will for sure be cover girls excuse to can Ri Ri.

  64. 264

    aww yeah haha that bitch is even more stupid than I thought. looooooool

  65. 265

    Re: JAS – She sent them to Brown because they were apart for work and they wanted to sexually keep in contact… It's none of our business really..

    I want the pics HE TOOK for her to leak! haha

  66. 266

    wow this is so awful- now i KNOW chris must get the death penalty!!!!

  67. 267

    D: this is so sad! i don't think you should have posted this, perez, if you actually cared about rihanna's well being. obviously it's gonna drive more traffic to your site, but you really should have just let this one go. poor rihanna :( (

  68. 268

    Dam you people act suprised everyday people is taking nude pics so it isnt like she is the first celeb to do it but chris brown yeah his punk ass probley did it to make her look bad when he has to go back to court someone needs to beat his ass wish i lived in hollywood

  69. 269

    the link didn't work for me =[ i really wanted to see it! lol

  70. 270

    she's has a banging body. but i feel so dirty for looking at the pictures though. i, and all of the commenters here, just invaded her privacy. poor girl!

  71. 271


  72. 272

    Wow, this is so unlike you, Perez, you usually don't post shit like this.. At first I thought someone just hacked your site or something, so out of character.. Oh well, maybe it was to difficult to resist in the heat of the moment.. Enough people pissed off, so you can remove it now..

  73. 273

    Chris Brown is a motherfucker who should be shot in the face. I dont even want him to die; I just want him to be disfiured and embarrassed for the rest of his life. he is an animal not fit for society, he should not be given the time of day let alone and oodness in his reretful existence. he is disgusting, a nuisance, a wasted mass of flesh not fit to be walked on.

  74. 274

    Did anyone save the pics, the link is broken!!!

  75. 275


  76. 276


  77. 277

    Aw man, I feel bad for her…

  78. 278


  79. 279

    Chris Brown is an animal not fit for society; he should not be given the time of day let alone equality, attention, and goodness in his regretful existence. he is disgusting, a nuisance, a wasted mass of flesh not fit for even the wiping of feet. he is a motherfucker who should be shot in the face. I don't even want him to die; I just want him to be disfigured, embarrassed, and alone for the rest of his life.

  80. 280

    Holy Sh**!! How did those get out? I would be killing CB now.

  81. 281

    NO WAY.
    He doesn't even have a tattoo like that!!!
    Whatever………..Who doesn't have naked pics of themselves.
    Only problem is…..they're in the lime light we're not.

  82. 282


  83. 283

    I dont think its her! you can only clearly see her face in the non-naked ones… and it wont let you look close up to the one with the face in it… but i really don't think its her..

  84. 284

    nasty nasty bitch

  85. 285


  86. 286

    oh here we go again

  87. 287

    wait …. isn't that Prince?????????

  88. 288

    Oh wow…..

  89. 289

    um, wheres her face and wheres her tatts? these arent pics of her

  90. 290

    said chris brown is a jerk

  91. 291

    Kids come on this site. For heaven's sake!

  92. 292

    Doesn't really look like her.

  93. 293

    smokin! she's got a great body! shame they got leaked i guess….but at least she looks good in them!

  94. 294

    Are we really sure this is rihanna?… look at the black nails, the thing around her hand, the mirror, the nipple…. I DONT THINK SO. i think she's a whore but not this one. ja.

  95. 295

    Only a matter of time before pics of CB's D will come out.

  96. 296

    I'm not even going to click on that link, but I just need to say that you have no respect for the privacy of celebrities by posting shit like this. You should be ashamed of yourself. You're a shitty person, Perez.

  97. 297

    More proof Perez doesn't check sources. I'm a prof. photog. & think these are fake
    1) No face + body tog. - photo #1 shows hair parted on right, but 5 & 6 show hair parted on left, doubtful head & body shots taken on same day
    2) No tats - Any place there would be a tat is mysteriously covered or out of view
    3) #1 shows a dude's head in hand mirror reflection so Girl wasn't alone!
    4) bathrooms #1 & #7 are different*
    5) shape of hips in #1 & #7 are different*
    6) Belly button shape is different & can't be explained by weight gain/loss

    PS - In #4, I'm sure this girl is was smart and covered her vag w/ her right hand. Look closely, you'll see the outline of 3 knuckles. You could argue that her hand is on the bed holding herself up, but the r-elbow is bent so that's out

    * Possibly explained by different times/locations

  98. 298

    I want to tear that ass apart!

  99. 299

    Re: OriginalSketch – I agree with you completely. Total sleazeball.

  100. 300

    tons of people take pics without showing their face….. so it could be her…..

    btw she has a nice body.

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