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Rihanna Naked!!!!!!!!

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Chris Brown is probably responsible for this!

CLICK HERE for the pics.
CLICK HERE for the pics.
CLICK HERE for the pics.

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989 comments to “Rihanna Naked!!!!!!!!”

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  1. 601

    sooo . . . NO TATTOS, even though every inch of her is literally COVERED by them . . . o face in any of the pics . . . and a convenient release date right in time for an abuse trial . . .
    these pics are so fake!!! anyone wh believes them is a DUMBASS.
    dont let chris felon loser trick people he is a tool

  2. 602

    Sorry but that's gotta be fake. You cant see her face in any of the nude shots and Where are all her tattoos?

  3. 603

    I m not surprised. This only goes tos hjwo once more what a stupid IDIOT she is! No celebrity in her right mind would ever take and send photographs like thsat of herself! She s dumb as hell!

  4. 604

    I m not surprised. This only goes to show once more what a stupid IDIOT she is! No celebrity in her right mind would ever take and send photographs like that of herself! She s dumb as hell!

  5. 605

    so no pix of that carrie prejean gal nekkid coz she supposedly underage…. but what about this gal…. isn't she like 18 or something now? so, wouldn't SHE be underage in those pix too? tsk tsk

  6. 606

    GOd i hATE RihANNA!!

  7. 607

    O.M.G! i feeel soo frikin bad for her….i hope it was chris or someone else that leaked this and not herself..whatever it is shes looking fierce and has a killlerrrr body!

  8. 608

    This is what you do to "friends" humiliate them in front of everyone? i'm glad Avril is not friends with your douchebag ass! anyone who is are fools!

  9. 609

    man…when will they learn!?

  10. 610

    Damn that sucks.
    My goodness….she must be crushed.

    Whoever leaked those photos has no Soul. Posting these knowing the circumstances of what she has gone through.

  11. 611

    Sometimes I get the feeling that Perez will sex with a girl also. I know he likes girls but I think he will hook up with one given a chance and I bet she has to be Black. Perez likes the black beauties. I still love you P-nasty. lol

  12. 612

    I know Cassie got to be tick off that Ri Ri took her limelight with these pic. I don't think Chris Brown did this. The Judge told him he can't mess with Ri ri electronically or no other way or he's going to the big house if you know what I mean. Princess Ri Ri did this herself I think with the help of fugly murder car killing Brandy.

  13. 613

    I feel awful for her and her loss of privacy….however, she has a smoking body and looks way sexxy in those pics so whateve's

  14. 614

    Princess Ri Ri body looks good and Cassie body looked gross and deformed. Her front part looks like her back with some tiny titts glued to her back, and her puss was all worn and blown out, gross and nasty looking. Ri Ri body was nice and she looked happy in her pics. Cassie looked sad and tired.

  15. 615

    Re: Kate27 – Perez is winning that battle with them. They can't hold a water to what perez is saying. They both suck and Perez is winning the fight all the way. They both look and sounds like fools so they should stop before Perez exposed some dirt on them. I liked it when Perez told fugly Gilbert that he can't help it that Kristy is in love with a Cheese burger, something like that lmao. Perez is the shit and I'm with him all the way.

  16. 616

    Could be worse. At lease she has a pretty body under her clothes unlike some (Vanessa Hudgens :X )

  17. 617

    Um, no, now you're responsilbe for this….Why would you post these? I won't even look at them out of respect for her. After all the fuss you made about what a good person she was and so on. Then you post this crap. I'm sure she really appreciates it. You're such a great guy.

  18. 618

    There's also a picture with panties on "chris brown"'s head that is not shown on perez's site
    but clearly that is not him.

    His tattoo's are WAY different on his arms
    and ink on a body don't lie!!

  19. 619

    poor rihanna but just because the pics were released, that doesnt mean it was chris brown who put them online, come on thats just stupid, you are just assuming it was chris because of what happened and some people are just hating on him but lets be real, it was probably not chris

  20. 620

    not sure it's her

  21. 621

    oh god… i really hope it's photoshopped

  22. 622

    Perez, why? Idk if these are indeed Rihanna photographed in these pix but why post them? For hits?

  23. 623

    why are you abusing her more by posting these???????

  24. 624

    one word- yuck

  25. 625

    Re: Posh918 – just because of what happened with her and chris, that doesnt mean he leaked these out, lets be real, it was probably not even him

  26. 626

    she looks gooooood

  27. 627

    Perez, are you gonna call her a dumb b**** like you did Carrie Prejean?

  28. 628

    I give you major props for this.

  29. 629

    I'm DONE with this DUMB BITCH. And yes, she is a dumb bitch for 1) letting a man lay his hand on her 2) still backing him up and 3) taking ugly pics of her ugly ass self.

  30. 630

    If you notice, none of the body shots have her head/face in them! Who knows if they are legit!

  31. 631

    my prayers have be3n answered she is soooo fucking hot nutin to be mad bout diz is great show that body baby girl

  32. 632

    I'm I really the only person who doesn't see what the big deal is? It's a human body, we've all got one.

  33. 633

    What is it with celebrities taking nude pics of themselves? Can they just do it when they are together? What happened to the day that we just send a picture of ourselves doing a kissy face with the words "I love you"? First that chick from HSM, then miley and others celebrities. But, meh, as long as it's entertaining. Still love her and her songs.

  34. 634

    Re: Rhlve14 – if "ink on his body doesnt tell a lie", how can you explain the lack of any tatoos on "hers"??
    this is the wrok of that fucker without a conscience chris "breezy" . . .

  35. 635

    Re: ChicoHijo – lol carrie is considered dumb for many reasons.

  36. 636

    It's CHRIS' fault that she CLEARLY took those pics herSELF?

    pffft. please.

  37. 637

    if you loved rihanna so much….why would u post this!?!?!?!

  38. 638

    Perez, sweetie. I think in a case like this you need to retain SOME class. You could have mentioned that some pics are circulating. You bring the girl up by talking about how good she's doing lately but then bring her down with these. I understand this is a gossip site, but posting the links directly, is just pathetic.

    I'm not even going to apply it to just Rihanna though. This goes for Cassie, and any more Carrie P. pictures you might get a hold of. These are WOMEN and yes, they posed for these shots, but I'm guessing they were private. No need to add to the humiliation.

  39. 639

    oh this is nothing! you kno ya'll send pics like this to yur lovers! relax people! gotta admit, she's hott, no homo

  40. 640

    Dang they straight put her on a raunchy site! That is embarassing! I would hate to be her right now. Ok so when r we gona see the naked Chris Brown pics? Or any other male famous celeb? Its always the girls gettin caught,that sux!!

  41. 641


  42. 642

    Update this. Chris' camp already released a statement.

  43. 643

    I think Chris need some pics…

  44. 644

    i though she would be smarter than those other sluts who take naked pics. if you're a celeb most likely they're gonna get out!!!!! learn from other peoples mistakes!!!!!!

  45. 645


  46. 646

    How can we stop all this sexting!!!!

  47. 647

    chris brown are not responsible. this phone is obviously HACKED

  48. 648

    she looks hot !!

  49. 649

    As much as I hate the scum chris brown i'm afraid it's not really his fault. It's rihanna's fault for those pictures and it would be naive to think otherwise.

  50. 650

    i'd hit that… but not in the Chris Brown way :)

    smoking hot body, if that was who i was dating i'd do whatever it takes to not lose that.

  51. 651

    Nice bod, I wish i looked like that!

  52. 652


  53. 653


    well now just let us wait for the video….. (:

  54. 654

    ooo..=\ How unfortunate for her. Is she and chris br"OW"n together for real?

  55. niq says – reply to this


    OMG what can i say i love her bud this is verrrrrryyyy bbaddd for her

  56. 656

    why would you support her being humiliated by posting the link to the pictures? you're doing exactly what chris brown wanted…

  57. 657

    OMG as I said before, she's a complete whore…

  58. 658

    Those photo's arent even sexy at all.
    She looks better with clothes on..
    She made those photo's herself. And yes its her.
    After the Pamela & Tommy Lee video we all know sex tapes and photo's can come out in the open.
    What clueless famewhore.
    She cant even sing, all the attention she got now is because she allowed her fuck tard of a boyfriend bear her up.
    She brought it all upon herself, dont go blaming Chris Brown for everything..

  59. 659

    Obviously, if these pictures are real, it's all very stupid — on both ends, more so on the releaser.

    But pictures of a woman, by herself, taking pictures of her body for perhaps purpose of sending to her boyfriend, ruining her rep??? — obviously they were having sex. We all know this. So this ruining her, oh please. Like what has this revealed which we already doth not know? Women do this, quite common — take pictures of themselves, so what.

    How can people be so narrow minded. It's cause to feel quite stupid, nothing more or less. Obviously women should, in real lesson, have more discretion with who they are baring their all, and dropping panties to.

    Chris Brown may know the mechanics of sex, but still all in all, he is just a little boy playing hard and still hitting on girls. If I were a man though, this alone would not stop me from wanting to get to know a woman, though those flashing pictures in my head may be a distraction at first, and the idea of other men seeing it may be a little hard to take down.

  60. 660

    dangg. when will people learn not to take scandalous pics. she knew that this could happen and she took the risk so thats her own damn fault. theyre both dumbasses. go lay in a ditch! no one cares

  61. 661

    qué fuerte!!!!!!!!

  62. 662

    Come on!!! The only pictures you see her face in she is clothed. I don't buy it!

  63. 663

    I would pound that ass!!

  64. 664

    umm i was naked when i was born. CARE!
    give me something good to read about.
    people get naked. so what.

  65. 665

    oups ! … But i have to admit she's got a very beautiful body

  66. 666

    awesome. she is perfect. that breast………… that ass………….uuuuurrrrrrgggggg………..

  67. 667

    Never thought this would happen:o

  68. 668

    euww. chris brown is sickk. why is she even back with him?

  69. 669

    I see two hidden face shots of her….mingled with some other pics of naked women. You can't see her face in the naked shots…… I don't think it's her! The bodies don't match and the hotel room looks VERY cheap. I think this is a fraud!!!!

  70. 670

    wow,she can't have a break!
    but I think she's a dumb cuz she took HERSELF the pictures…its a fact!
    I feel sorry for Chris Brown too cuz people just want him to be the responsable of that SHIT!!!
    How dare you accuse him????
    Rihanna is not the victim,cuz she took the pictures!
    Its not a fake cuz Rihanna effectively have a piercing on her right nipple!
    But Im a little confuse cuz her boobs are not that big!

  71. 671

    its not her. There are only too shoys where you can see her face and the naked ones you cant make out who it is

  72. 672

    i wanna hit that shit.

  73. 673

    I don't by it. None of the full NUDE pics show a face…Either way, the girl has got a great body

  74. 674

    Hmmmm, bit stupid… But, honestly, she has a beautiful body! She can be proud of her body and hey, she is also only human doing human things that might be a big mistake afterwards…. But, that site which is linked is afwul! Please make a warning for kids? Love from Danielle, the Netherlands.

  75. 675

    OMG!!!! this is not possible!! why did she took these pics???

  76. 676

    OH GOD!!!

  77. 677

    These photos were apperantly taken long before chris and rihanna started going out. so i'm not so sure it's his fault. But whatever…

  78. 678

    you dont actually know the bum ones are her, no face no identity.

  79. 679

    I´ve never been a fan of Rihanna, but no one deserves to be treated like this… I feel sorry for her. Not so much for the pictures (I mean, come on - she sent them to her boyfriend - who hasn´t?) but for the fact that they are now for everyone to see. Not so fun, I imagine.

  80. 680

    To all u guys. I dont like chris brown, but i would like to say that it cannot be him who did this. firstly, he has been warned by the judges from doing anything like this. i dont think he would risk going behind bars for an even longer time for something like this. also, if he was to do this, it would make Rihanna look bad, yes, but it would further ruin Chris' public image and career, bad as it is now.

    secondly…this cannot be rihanna, besides the face shots. if u compare the face pics with the last photo, her shirt is different. someone tried to immitate her shirt. and thirdly, this may sound as im a perv, but those are NOT her boobs. LOL! of all the pics i hav seen, those are too big to be her boobs. i hav also been to her live concert…so i can tell that 1) those are not her boobs 2) that's not her figure (her legs are thicker and she has more curves, unlike the photos).

  81. 681

    as far as I can tell what we have is naked pictures of a girl with no head and shots of Rihanna's head with out a naked body. How do we even know it's her?

  82. 682

    what a slut

  83. 683


  84. 684


  85. 685

    i doubt it was chris brown… it's too obvious!

  86. 686

    oh god y did she take those fotos 4?

  87. 687

    Your honestly this suprised? She dumped his ass sure he's gonna get revenge!
    I'm just shocked he didn't do it sooner.

  88. 688

    man man man, fuck her its her own fault okaay. daaamn those celebs never learn shit, cuz why is this ho making those picz anyways like damn. cant stand her.

  89. 689

    the pictures of her naked don't show her facE?

  90. merka says – reply to this


    umm… it could be fake!
    what's written on the mirror?

  91. 691


  92. 692


  93. 693

    Re: Trileene – if it was paris hilton you wouldn't had said anything! it's not like this is the first time he's posted something like this. seriously she's not that innocent. if you dont want to see pictures of rihanna naked, then don't fucking look at it. if you don't like perez hilton then get the fuck off his website. i love you perez!

  94. 694

    Hasn't this woman been abused enough?? in one blog you are celebrating her and the next, posting links to her private pictures! someone needs to out *YOU* for the misogynistic wanna-be heterosexual that you are. It's only a matter of time before you start your hate on gays too- if you last that long

  95. 695

    holy shit.

  96. 696

    Okay, first I was REALLY pissed @ C. Brown, but if he leaked these pictures.. I don't hate him anymore!! hahhahahaha It is too funny!!

    Come, why the fuck would you take those photos?? I would never EVER do that. When you're a celeb, YOU KNOW this shit is going to leak.

    Chris, if you did this… Gotta say; HAHAHAHAHA way to pick on your ex

  97. 697

    I don't believe it's Rhianna on those pictures, except for the two showing her face… on the nude pictures you can't really identify her!

  98. 698

    You can see in the mirrors that she took the pictures herself ~ Dumb bitch. :(

  99. 699

    This just shows how smart certain celebrities are. Good going, Rihanna…good going…Not!

  100. 700

    I thought for sure this was going to be a Rick Roll!

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