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Rihanna Naked!!!!!!!!

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Chris Brown is probably responsible for this!

CLICK HERE for the pics.
CLICK HERE for the pics.
CLICK HERE for the pics.

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989 comments to “Rihanna Naked!!!!!!!!”

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  1. 701

    oh dear…

  2. 702

    wow, she has a great bod, this will boost her career! by the way perez, does your peenee look like kelly rippas belly button? that's what i heard

  3. 703

    Wonder if they're real or whether it's a look alike…

  4. 704

    I'm hoping this isn't her because i can't see any of her tattoos…

  5. 705

    OMG!!!!! I thought this was a joke… obviously not!! CHRIS BROWN IS A D*CK!! i hate him, seriously doo… !!

  6. 706

    You post the pictures on here and then you say Chris Brown must be responsible for this. You are really scraping the bottom of the barrel now. You're trashed Miss California for weeks, and that has gotten really old, and now you have the nerve to post these pictures and say someone else is responsible. I'm disgusted that I even looked on your site. You trash Miley every chance you get and she isn't even 18 yet. Hopefully, one day, one of these celebrities will find some incriminating picture of you or start a blog about you.

  7. 707

    Im just commenting cuz everyone else is doing it

  8. 708

    Omg, when you said naked…I didn't think you meant all the way! Woah. I think you should cut her some slack, this isn't going to do her any good and she has already enough problems to worry about with the whole Chris Brown situation. I think you should take them off, out of respect for the violent things she's going through, she has to deal with enough trauma as it is.

  9. 709

    That frontal pic is NOT rihanna…..her boobs are teeny, theyre too big to be hers! If it's Chris, he has set this one up, he could get any girl naked for him.

  10. 710

    WOW-why is her face not attached to the ass pics though? mario???

  11. 711

    Why would you post this crap? I thought she was your little princess RiRi and now you go and humiliate her after all she's been through. You're an asshole and you're only out to serve yourself. You're not fooling anyone. I want to like you Perez but you make it hard when you do shit like this. Idiot.

  12. 712

    shouldn't of dropped her knickers for him. silly girl.

  13. 713

    ew she is gross..

  14. 714

    OMG!!! omg!!! OMG!!!!!!!!! Silly girl…

  15. 715

    and now its finally leaked! these girls never learn…….
    we want valid sources and proof finger pointing douche

  16. 716

    her titts look horrible and totally ugly… i have been always curious about her body looking that amazing in real - but now i know: definately not (especially her huge ass)!

  17. 717

    its not her!

    well the nudes arnt .

    click on the photo where shes standing up in the bathroom with the camera in front of her face. If you zoom in you can clearly see that its been photo shoped by the square pixalation frame around her face.

    Close be no cigar!

  18. 718

    Wow, I kinda feel bad for her, I don't know if all the naked pics are her but I think they are because in the picture that has chris brown with her panties on his head the same mirror is on the wall as the ones where she his posing with her ass out, and also the picture of her looking into the mirror you can see her hip tattoo in the smaller mirror in the photo.

    Its a shame though, very stupid of her.

  19. 719

    blablabla she can do whatever she wants

  20. 720


  21. 721

    i think she's just fuckin stupid who takes naked pics and send it to that sun of a bitch.. but well.. he is an asshole and hell yes its her and of course he send them

  22. 722

    Wow, i now think her career may go down the same road as chris browns….

  23. fiona says – reply to this


    Whether or not the pictures are genuine, someone obviously wants to hurt her. If I was her mom or dad or brother, I would hunt down the pig that posted these and end him or her. That is the truth.
    By reposting these pictures, you are no better.

  24. 724

    You all are a bunch of I.D.I.O.T..S… that is NOT Rihanna. She has tatoos….you would be able to recognize them……dumbasses!!!!!!!!!

  25. 725

    low class.. fame whore… money hungry girl she is, she is pathetic… and the worst role model there is… she puts other celebrities to shame.

  26. 726

    if that's REALLY Rihanna then where are all her TATS?!??!?!?! fakey mcfakes. and chris is a douche, but how does anyone know he leaked these?

  27. 727

    I can't even believe the comments I am reading. "After all she has been through??" She was a victim of domestic violence who is REFUSING to testify against her abuser!! Rather than setting an example and standing up to Mr. Brown, aka, Mr. Beatdown, she has chosen to remain silent. Which translates to millions of young girls that it is OKAY to not press charges against a abuser.

    As for the photos, that was just a dumb choice because someone some where is going to publish your "private moments." Also, nipple rings are so five years ago.

  28. 728

    Here's my 2 cents!!! These celebrities want to make a huge deal and complain about nude photos being leaked and how thier rights are being violated etc etc. But heres the thing its their own damn fault!! If you dont want everyone seeing your tata's and tutu's than DONT F**K** put your self in a position for it to happen in the first place and just DONT take nude pics of your self. You have to be a complete idiot to think as a celebrity these photos will never be leaked!!!! Come the fu** on people please!!!

  29. 729

    Poor Girl. No one deserves to have their pictures broadcasted like that. :(

    It probably was Chris Brown. What a dick head.

  30. 730

    Re: Horatio C – neither do i

  31. 731

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH fuckin dum bitch deserved it i hope there r vids relsed next and then i hope what shitty little career she has goes away forever!

  32. 732

    my rihanna…..
    hey!! rihanna is not dump&stupid!!

  33. 733


  34. 734

    the first pic..look in the mirror you can see her tattoo, the one scripted on her thigh

  35. 735

    AND WAIT if it was C.B why didnt he sell them ? hmm ever think of that? his career is GONE HE NEEDS MONEY selling pics would have been a grand idea!

  36. 736

    OMG I cant beleive it!! Celebs do have boobies and private parts?? OMG I cant believe it!! Big deal people! Get over it!!

  37. 737

    Okay. If it is Rihanna, why would she write "I love you, Robyn…" instead of "I love you Chris" (or someone else's name)?? She misses herself?? It doesn't make sense. AND there's no face shot in the same pix that have body shots… its either one or the other. And the one that shows a woman from head to knee, has a blackberry phone blocking the face. So… Idk just yet.

  38. 738

    omg soooo fakee

  39. 739

    poor Rihanna my ass.i need to contact covergirl

  40. 740

    Thats not Rihanna in the pictures. The nude pictures do not contain Rihanna's face, and her body isn't visible in the pictures where her face is visible. Our brain automatically puts one and one together, and that's exactly what that site is hoping for. Can't imagine Rihanna would do that because she KNOWS the media will find those pictures if she does.

  41. 741

    i have a wayyyy nicer ass so i'm not impressed…perez, post all the naked pics you want but at least have the person's FACE in them!

  42. 742


  43. 743


    i can NOT believe it!

    WTF is wrong with celebrities taking NAkED pictures of themeselves?????!

    this is going way toooo farrrr.

  44. 744

    dude, it's her own fault. -.-

  45. 745

    DUDE YOU LEFT ONE PIC OUT!!!! at gutteruncensored.com there is a pic (of who I think is clearl brown) in this same room with her ping panties on his head NO JOKE….along with all the other pics I dunno if you guys found that one yet or not.

  46. 746

    She DID pose and actually, took a few of the pix herself. Stupid biyatch.

  47. 747

    I have lost all respect for her anyway. This is not as shocking to me as Rihanna choosing to support Chris Brown for assaulting her and saying it was all her fault because she was jealous, therefore she, "deserved the beat down." She has ruined her career anyway!!!!!

  48. 748

    zij is ook dom dat ze naaktfoto's van zichzelf gaat maken.

  49. 749


  50. 750


  51. 751


  52. swwwx says – reply to this


    to be honest .. i dont think it was chris brown .. someones obv got ahold of them somehow but i really dont think chris brown wants to put another bad thing to his goodboy image :( ! , my opinion ? x

  53. 753

    OMG her body is sick!

  54. 754

    amm lol? iz about time man..
    and rihannas hips arent that wide and her waist isnt so small soo
    is it really her?
    but then again.. if it wasnt her why would chris brown also have a picture of him out there..because he would kno that people would find out it isnt her if it wasnt and he would be blamed.. so it could be her.

    celebs do so much to their body nowadays rihanna probably got some bones taken out from her waist or whatever? or she had a ass implant

    think about all the posibilities

  55. 755

    oh my god !!! hot hot hot pity she was with that idiot

  56. 756

    beat her down is such a loser. rihanna has a BANGIN body though!! if i had a body like that id be posting photos everywhere!

  57. 757

    Re: weesie1
    LMAO. her belly button was disturbing. I had nightmares for a week.

  58. 758

    its kinda dumb making ur own nude pix with ur boyfriend's camera (well…if it really belongs to chris brown) cause u should always have on ur mind that u might break up one day & than he has all of u'r pics…teehee very dumb, rihanna. I'm wondering what she might say bout them

  59. 759


  60. 760


  61. bula says – reply to this


    Perez…PLEASE take this off your site. Why would YOU victimize her AGAIN! Stand up, man. Don't spread shit like this. She is just getting herself up again. Shame on you.

  62. 762

    Chris Brown is a DOUCHE. He doesn't need the money so he just put them up there for free. Here's some excellent advice to all the ladies: NEVER let a guy, even your husband, take nude pics or video of you! Ever. I let my hubby take these with my stripper boots, but never a face. You never know. (Rhi-Rhi has a good bod though) This won't hurt her career.

  63. 763

    thnx perez! now i have something to do this afternoon

  64. 764

    I don't think these are real, but if they are, Rihanna has a damn fine body. I'd hit it!

  65. 765

    wewww!! nice !

  66. TLTNA says – reply to this



  67. 767

    come on who hasn't done this for there man? her bad for trusting her man. asshole.

  68. 768

    Yeah right, these arn't her. I'll believe it when I see her naked body with her face in there aswell.

  69. 769

    Poor RiRi! I must say though she's got one nice body!

  70. 770

    Maybe there is a god after all. Girl is smokin hot. Too bad the lighting sucks. Oh yeah I guess this is the part where I am supposed to feel bad for here.. I'm gonna leave it blank.

  71. 771

    Where are all her tattoos? I'm not 100% convinced.

  72. 772

    who cares. im'a a die hard ride or die RiRi fan and this isn't going to change my opinion on her. this is nothing. almost every girl these days have done pics like these, the big problem that every one wants to make of it is because she's a celebrity. Big woop. Get over it.

  73. 773

    nipple piercing.?

  74. 774

    Re: aieshas_mommy – Look up the word SELF RESPECT

  75. 775

    OH MY GAWD! RIHANNA! She's like a teen queen & AH! Poor gal, been getting nothing but bad publicity this year. I seriously do wonder how it's goin to affect her career.

  76. 776

    Rihanna has always been raved over and called classy…FYI, classy women dont do things like that. My niece is a an of this girl and I am encouraging her not to be. I am from the Caribbean and I have to say , its a disgrace that a young girl like that would be so vulgar and disrespectful to her body..Such a shame!

  77. 777

    well too me the picture's are hot and not that bad!! this will most def work for her than against her. I dont know why people are calling her stupid, she's young and was in LOVE…, so she thought.

  78. 778

    Re: Perezismyboy/girl – Well good for you, get your box of tissues ready cause he is SOOOOO going down!

  79. 779

    Jesu Christ. Rihanna put it away. When will these celebs learn?

  80. Lucas says – reply to this


    U F'n idiot - you just sent me to a porn site (f'n and all). If my computer get's fricked up, you'll be hearing from me.


  81. 781

    I can't believe you would post something like this?!

  82. 782

    poor thing! i wonder if thats even her though. u see her face in some of them, but you never know, this could be fake. but it looks like her. also her boobies look kinda fake! im disguisting. poor thing!

  83. 783

    she kinda deserved to be beaten

  84. 784

    i can not believe this!!!!
    and for the douche!?
    sad sad sad!:(

  85. 785

    def fake. in the last one where are the tattoos on her shoulder with the roman numerals?? not her…

  86. 786

    Re: asscrack

    SECOND! Who doesn't have a naked picture out there somewhere these days!?!?
    Her body is beautiful, and she ever claimed to be a "good girl" like Vanessa or Miley, or even Britney. (when she first started, of course) Blame Disney if you want, or just blame our society's high standards for these "celebrities"/ young girls to be the role models for their children instead of the parents.

  87. 787

    riri will never be pop princess not now or neverr-britney queen and gaga princess and madonna is the king comeone does arms arent the arms of a lady

  88. 788

    WOOOWW that sucks for her so bad but she has a sick body none the less. I'd kill for an ass like that.

  89. 789

    well she never was a perfect innocent girl..but i didnt expect this….i guess these r the concecuences her relationship with chris…
    i wonder,does every huge pop star has to go the wrong way (britney spears),i guess their lives arent so great,i wouldnt trade with her ever!!!!

  90. 790

    haha dumb ho, I can't believehow celebrities take nude pix of themselves, I mean why for? aren't they busy or something?

  91. 791

    The naked pics aren't her…where's all her ink?

  92. 792

    I think these are old pics and I DO believe it's her. Celebs need to think twice before they get naked and there's a camera around. They should know better. Also,Perez is just doing what Perez does, reporting the latest on all celebs. What did you expect? You still came,looked at the pictures,and commented,sooo that's no better than what he did. You wouldn't be complaining if it was Lindsay Lohan or some other media girl. But since it's Rihanna it's "Perez you're a hater" and "poor Rihanna" blah blah blah. Rihanna's a big girl,she should know what's a no no and IF Chris did leak them,it was totally low of him to do. But we do not know that,now do we?

  93. 793


  94. Ladyq says – reply to this


    this is sooooo dumb dont blame chris for it either she chose to drop her panties hes abvi not a good guy but she is clearly no angel either she looks good tho but these dumb ass celebrities just need to learn not to do stupid shit when they're "in love"

  95. 795

    you know everyone needs to chill out on rihanna, 1st off, she's no hoe, she's a grown ass woman who sleeps with her man, what is wrong with that. 2nd it is so sad that the person who leaked those pics are makin her look sp bad, especially for her career with Disney and her image.

    she is in a bad situation rite now and may not even know it…it just needs to stop and ppl need to mind there damn business, and go get laid lmao….its a shame that she has to experience it all this way.

    and they should always keep these pics private at all times, and know who to TRUST!!!!

  96. 796



  97. 797

    those r photoshopped yo .

  98. 798

    Re: JenJen714 – You don't actually know that he leaked them. They've actually been seen together lately so she might've leaked them herself or a friend or they could be fake.

  99. 799

    Perez, I thought you cared about Rihanna. If you did, you would not post this crap.

  100. Delsy says – reply to this


    Why am i not surpised ohwell don't like her i am more of a beyonce girl

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