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Rihanna Naked!!!!!!!!

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Chris Brown is probably responsible for this!

CLICK HERE for the pics.
CLICK HERE for the pics.
CLICK HERE for the pics.

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989 comments to “Rihanna Naked!!!!!!!!”

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  1. 801

    THats not her. it doesnt even show her face!!!!

  2. 802

    Re: ellis19 – come on lets be real, its obviously not chris's fault that those pictures were leaked or that he leaked them, it was probably a hacker, i now some people are mad at him for hitting riri but everything is not his fault, it was definatly someone else that hacked into their phones or something and its unfortunate because thats their intimacy and im sure they didnt want that out there for everyone to see

  3. 803

    ite not her .. and f chris brown did this .. wow he really wants to bring her down

  4. 804

    she looks hot. that could be more embarassing

  5. 805

    I had always hated her

  6. 806

    Re: laceyy – her ass…..

  7. 807

    It looks fake but on the other hand kind of authentic as well..
    I just don't know. On the other hand wasn't Chris Brown mad about the leaked picture of Rihanna being beat up? Maybe he wanted to get back at then because perhaps Rihanna's peeps leaked the official police picture??

    Might be a good and clever way to get back at Rihanna. Guess we'll have to wait for the reps to either deny or admit it (which I don't think they will). If they stay quiet I’m betting the pics are legit.

    If it is indeed Rihanna than I'm hella jealous of that killer bod of hers.

  8. 808

    Perez you are no better than the person who leaked these because you stooped to their level for doing it! You are such a prick. Leave that girl alone!

  9. J1025 says – reply to this


    PEREZ YOU'RE A FUCKING IDIOT! The whole time during her ordeal you talked shit about chris brown and stuck up for her. Now even though you are pretty sure he leaked the photos you still put them up. WOW IDIOT! Way to help spread his idiotic plan! YOU ARE SO FUCKING DUMB! All these people that you LOVE you still talk shit about. I wonder how many real friends you have.

  10. 810

    Rihanna: U are amazing!. I love u dearling. Kisses

  11. 811

    I am thinking that it's not Chris. Why not just leak pics of her? Instead he leaks one of himself wearing her panties on his head? That picture alone makes me think that it's not him. I think she did it or someone else.

  12. 812

    these are pictures of rihanna people. these photos are not fakes or photoshopped. if you google other sites you will even see that there is a picture of Chris with Rihanna's underwear on his head. and yes it is him…tattoos and all. i love Rihanna. but i do think that all of her fans and even the media have placed her on some pedestal where she cant be reached. she is a regular person that took pictures of herself naked. plain and simple. and whether he asked her to take them or she took them herself who really cares.
    that is their business. everyone is saying that Chris leaked the photos. who really knows who leaked them. it could have been someone who looked in her phone and seen them that did it. all i can say is that putting those pics on the internet was totally wrong and disgusting. and i hope that they can find out who did it and expose them.

  13. 813

    oh no =/
    poor rihanna, what the hell were you thinking?

  14. 814

    Damn she got the kind of body built for hours of fun….that ponanny look sweet!!!!

  15. 815


  16. 816

    omfg! seriously?
    good heavens.

  17. 817

    nobody cares anymore. god its so overrated. plus rihanna is beautiful, who give a fuck? everybody does it.

  18. 818

    she has an amazing body!

  19. 819

    how horrible . . . first CHRIS BEATS HER DOWN, NOW HE TRIES TO RUIN HER CAREER . . .

  20. 820


  21. 821


    i knew this gonna happen

  22. 822

    you never actually see her face in the naked pics…theyre probably fake…

  23. 823

    Re: AClockworkAwesome – hahaha your name is amazing . . . and yeah they are so obviously fake i dont know how people can be so dumb . ..

  24. 824

    why is everyone assuming that Chris Brown leaked these?! like come on ppl there's no proof it was him so lay off..

  25. 825

    sweet ass!

  26. 826

    Ew her nipples are pierced ! shes a freak in bed, i just know it !

  27. 827

    when will they learn,hehehe…

  28. 828

    that is so freakishly EVIL !!!!! DEAR GOOD, i feel sorry for her family :( what an asshole…


  29. 829

    btw in case anyone is concerned, the name of her album is GOOD GIRL GONE BAD, so tis shouldnt be some huge schock.

  30. 830

    Re: carolineyy – ha ha, why thank you..

    and seriously…i took one look at these and knew they were fake…its pretty juch obvious

  31. 831

    that is seriosuly fucked up. she's the dumbass that took them, but isnt it possible that only 2 of the 7 are actually her.

    dirty website ;]

  32. 832

    omg it probly is her.
    So when is the porn that the 2 made comin out?
    I dont feel sorry for her at all! Never take pics or make a porn with someone unless your prepared for it to be put on the net
    Or at least be married for at least 10 years lol

    whens Perez's naked pics comin out? still waiting!u sexy bitch.
    Oh and chris once again Fuck U :-)

  33. 833

    oh and since when does naked pics ruin a career? If it was meant to do that ha not gonna work!

  34. 834

    I think she put these photos out herself to take alot of the heat off of her and the Chris Brown incident! Here is a brand new controversy that….is a little less controversial than getting the crap beat out of her by Chris! She's wanting to move on but doing it the wrong way! BETCHA!!!

  35. 835

    Appalling behaviour…..a disgrace…..abominable….disturbing….dreadful…..horrific! No one displays poorer form, except Lady GagMe! :-D

  36. 836

    These are def fake the only one with her face somewhat in it is behind a camera and you can see that its cropped in

  37. 837

    Rock on Rhianna!!! If I had a body that looked like that…. I'd be doing the same damn thing! ANd I'm sure it was the woman beater of an Ex that leaked these pics… Do the Damn thing girl!

  38. 838

    Hope this will make her testify now!

  39. 839

    HAHAHAHA wow

  40. 840

    OH MY GOD!!!!!! what the fuzz? why the hell would a celeb take nudie pics? they always wind up on the internet. so sad, oh yeah, and FUCKIN STUPID

  41. Hobbz says – reply to this


    LOL they never learn, poor hoe.

    not soo hott when their not photoshopped!

  42. 842

    WAT THE F******K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. 843


  44. 844

    don't get y celebs take these kind of pictures of themselves anyway..they r bound to get leaked..pretty sure chris brown did this, but rihanna herself isn't very wise.

  45. 845


  46. 846

    I STRONGLY! doubt Chris Brown had anything to do with these pictures leaking with him being in the middle of court appearances.I'm pretty sure that if he were to leak the pictures he would have enough common sense to assume that everyone's bet is that he leaked them.And I know for a fact Rihanna's breast are smaller than the one's shown in the picture.Beside Rihanna is an adult & if she did take these pictures&shared them wit Chris or whom ever It's her fault.If it was a gift then the person in possession of the pictures have the right to do with them as they please

  47. 847

    poor riri…. but it's ok I mean she's hot

  48. 848

    Last time I checked this site was called PEREZHILTON.COM.If you don't like it don't waste your time entertaining this post.Save Your Breath

  49. 849

    holy shit!

  50. 850


  51. 851

    PHONY! the photo's are obviously FAKE!

  52. 852

    I feel bad. But it's true. Why would celebrities learn not to send cellphone pics to boyfriends or girlfriends. And even if its not that and there phones get hacked. Like..what ever happend to developed photographs these days. And even so.. dont do it. Never a good idea. People are bitter assholes and it always gets used against them.
    But she is hot.. must give her that.

  53. 853


  54. 854


  55. harle says – reply to this


    Chris Brown is a piece of SHIT!

  56. 856

    woaaahh! esta loka! i hope she has some pix of him so his sh*t can be out too! i feel bad for her but every1 who sends naked pix know it can be out….but im sure there are million of happy guys saving those pictures! hahahaaaa

  57. 857

    oh & toronto girl is a hater!

  58. 858

    i doubt chris had anyything to do with that except
    i'm guessing she was doing a vanessa hudgens and wanted to send them to him
    when will celebrities learn

  59. 859

    ellla no es la de las fotos totalmente falso esa es otra chica solo quieren dañar la imagen de riri.. chris es un estupido.. les gusta vivir de mentiras jamas mi riri se prestaria para esto ok

  60. 860

    these photos completely false. Riri is not
    does not harm the image of evil rihanna

  61. 861

    pieces of shit!!!!!!!!!! stoooooopid!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. 862

    nipple piercing? did anyone else catch that?

  63. 863

    why were these on sesame street???

  64. 864

    what a slut!

  65. 865

    omg i didnt know rihanna would be like this, what a…..
    i cant even come up with a word. NOW, if chris was the one responsible for posting these pics, then he is an a** whole, cus if rihanna trusted him enough to have these pics, then he should of kept them to himself, i think this is messed up. boo u whore lol

  66. 866

    oooh gosh…

  67. 867

    If Chris Brown posted those pics, OMG, he's fucking EVIL!

  68. 868

    O GOD! NOWAY? o_O

  69. 869


  70. 870


  71. 871

    what the FUCK is wrong with you perez? why post these!? it just means millions more are gonna see them. poor girl.

  72. 872

    Give the girl some privacy, she's been through enough. Then you have to post these pictures of her too ? I mean just cause they are out there doesn't mean you gotta post them too so even more people see them . Its an invasion of her privacy, and yeah shit happens..nudes get leaked on the internet, but doesn't mean you gotta help share them with the world…
    definately not coming back to this website.

  73. 873

    *lol* What's next?

  74. 874

    Big deal. If her or her record company can't turn this around to their advantage then they need a brain transplant.

    So she has a life! So she is 21 and freaky! This makes her even more sexier in my view and (if managed effectively) should be used to help boost concert and record sales.

  75. 875

    i think they are actually real.

    if you look real close at the pic of her face with clothes on, you can see black nailpolish on her finger nails. in the naked pictures you can see that the person also has black nailpolish on.

    so who knows if they're real or not

  76. 876

    Someone must have realized that all of the naked shots her face isnt in it right? just putting that out there.. highly doubt its her..

  77. 877

    Stupid Idiot!!!!
    Im guessing Chris Brown might have had something to do with it!!!!!!!!!

  78. 878

    Why it's must be Chris Brown responsible? it's Rihanna who take this pictures!
    we know that isn't a classy girl!

  79. 879

    How exactly is Chris Brown responsible????
    Rihanna is the one who dropped her knickers..
    Chris didn't exactly put a gun to her head and threaten her.
    She probaboly enjoyed it the little slut..


  80. 880

    the girls is REALLY stupid!

  81. 881

    So STUPID! Freakin celebs don't leanr! Hell if she was stupid enough to do it then unfortunately she had it coming.

  82. 882

    ewwwww. we cant be sure c.b done it tho…. but ewwwww.
    p.s. she has a great body

  83. 883

    rihanna stans are delutional ,mainstream will tear her down for this.

  84. 884

    I really looks like her body even though her face isn't showing, BUT it can't be her cuz she's got a tattoo on her side/ribs remember? a text in hebrew or something, on her left side and a gun on her right

  85. 885

    Silly fags, dicks are for chicks

  86. 886


  87. 887

    oh gosh ! how ridiculous is that! i hate rihanna, she thinks she`s just better than other girls. but perez, i thought u were understading `cause its none of ur business. she has no privacy. omg that`s so mean! but i kinda liked to see ehehe :]

  88. 888

    I don't know if they're real. No strange tats. But if it is real, gee… I wonder who released these? -_-

  89. 889

    i think rihanna is a dumb whore with an over rated voice…i dont blame chris for beating her up..she was prolly being annoying and deserved it …and look at her now..shes a little attention whore who prolly posted the pics herself..who knows..girl doesnt even have respect for herself why should anyone else sharin her goodies with the world that should be private…she got a fuckin huge ass forehead too haha

  90. 890

    If it's any consolation Rihanna you have an amazing arse!

  91. 891

    eweh. Rihanna's gone from teen role model, to… a hybrid between Whitney Houston and Britney Spears. And I like her music.. sad, sad, that she's letting a boyfriend destroy her image….

  92. 892

    When will stupid girls learn? If you dont take naked pictures to begin with, then there arent naked pics to be leaked. She took them herself, so its technically her fault they got leaked because she brought them into existance.

  93. 893

    umm.are you fucking kidding me.

    omg. this is so stupid. its her own fault ! i mean i rlly love her but… it is her own fault

  94. 894

    to say the least.. she doesn't look so bad.. Poor Rihanna !

  95. 895

    Rihanna stans its her if not why label wants it down.

  96. 896

    I don't think she has anything to be shamed of, she looks absolutely amazing naked! I'd kill to look like her! If the whole singing career goes down the crapper maybe she can dominate the porn world.

  97. 897

    Wow..when will they ever learn is right

  98. 898

    damn thats sad
    those pics where
    for his eyes only now
    he did that damn him

    karma is a bitch
    imean come on first u
    beat the poor girl
    now u wanna embarass

    if he really leaked these
    he'll get his

  99. Alisa says – reply to this


    i feel sorry for her in a way but if you dont want naked pics getting out then dont take them! Sad

  100. 900

    obviously chris brown is responsible!!!!! on the mirror it says i love you robyn, i miss you. who else has she been with looking the way she does now with her short hair…poor thing…i must say her body is bangin….she looks great…

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