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Boys Boys Boys

| Filed under: 50 CentK-Pop

They do everything BIGGER in Korea!

Check out the supersized K-Pop band Super Junior doing their new song Sorry Sorry (above).

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149 comments to “Boys Boys Boys”

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  1. Bevi says – reply to this


    Yep liked it. They are fine specimens too. Come to me boys….

  2. 102

    ive tried to listen to Lady Gaga 's BOYS BOYS BOYS, since its been compared to Sorry Sorry. Exactly what part is similar? i cant even say the same because there's no comparison really.

  3. 103

    I dig Super Junior. But i like Big Bang better. Less confusion for me on who's who. Props on promoting the asian pop scene tho.

  4. 104

    haters to the left

  5. 105

    sorry sorry is an amazing song!!

    Im their fan in VietNam!!! In Korea you can find more boybands such as: DBSK, Big Bang, 2pm…. but that is the best song i've heard up to now

    You can log in youtube and search many engsub show of Super Junior such as: Full House, Explore Human Body, Intimate Note (recently) to get more information our boys. They're so funny, they made me smile comfortably. If you're sad, plz watch their show and you will feel better, I promise that!

    Thanks for posting Perez!!!
    I love them and you =))

  6. 106

    How Sexay, I heard this like a week ago

  7. 107

    super junior may have alot of members but they really earn alot …and they are very interesting to watch because they have different personality but can make your day brighter,, that's why they are always invited by other show because they are really multi -talented artist,, dj model singer mc/tvhost
    and other,, i really love watching there show because they are very funny..
    super junior is the best

  8. 108

    Eh. Why this and not 2PM's Again and Again? It's amazing how the Kpop haters are not giving a sh*t about this entry. Did you see the comments on 2NE1's Fire? I expected to see bashing here but it seems the haters *coughracistscough* got tired of saying the same things over and over. I really wish to see Park Jaebeom here and his hot abs. *fangirling* LOL

  9. 109

    Super Junior!

  10. 110

    You should listen to 2PM's Again & Again..Their song are so catchy,nice..and they're good dancers..You'll love their song so much..They're very hot in Korea and other countries and they're in the same company(JYP) with Wonder Girls..Hope you like it! I listen to their song: ”Again & Again” again and again..haha

  11. 111

    Love the Suju boys!

  12. 112

    Re: Yehsung – Gackt might be on top of japanese musicians,The Gazette sound is wonderfull ’cause is always changing…and Miyavi's style has been into experimenting through diferents sounds and genders..so…for me, this kids are just asian bsb…nothing more…

  13. 113

    i love kpop =)). and if you love too, you should also listen 2pm. their dance performances are great and they're so cutee

  14. 114

    love this song…
    but i love DBSK more than i love SuJu…
    perez should post something about them…
    they are talented….

  15. 115

    I get pissed off at PErez from time to time for generally being a dick . But one thing you do Perez that makes me very happy with you is your love and support for charities and KPOP lol. I adore Korean pop music and I am glad you are getting it out there to people who otherwise would not ever get chance to listen to this great music.

    Happy Mothers day 2 Yo Mama

  16. 116

    thanks for showing SJ right here ;)
    to anyone that said this song copy Lady Gaga or whatever American artist,you're being racist you know.This is a dance song.It's the same genre with Lady Gaga song,that's why it sound similar.Not all are made by Americans or westerns.
    It is like listening to Hip Hop songs or RnB.They all sound similar,because they're in the same genre.Open your mind a little bit.And to Kpop fans right here,please stop making the battle of the fandom right here.If Perez doesn't put your fav artist here,just wait.I know 2PM and TVXQ song is great.I'm a fan of them too.As a KPOP fans I love it when Perez put KPOP stuff in his site.No matter what artist..

  17. 117

    SUPER JUNIOR!!! love them to death :]]
    i read most of da comments on 1st page
    some of the user say dat SJ hve no talent
    while DBSK does…sad
    dey wouldnt debut by having no talent
    n da comparing between boybands is really boring me out
    dey all have sumthing unique about it
    2PM isnt my style so i dont like them
    but i respect n noe theres sumthing in them
    so i wont make rude comments
    i hope other boybands fans will also respect SJ even if yu dont like them
    n whoever did respect n is respecting SJ
    thank you a lot.

  18. 118

    I love Super Junior But my favorite song in their new album has to be Shining Star… If you like Suju then of course you must know Who Big Bang is…

  19. 119

    Fuck, I love you for posting this! ^_^ You really need to check out DBSK!
    P.S.- Love Super Junior so much, this has to be their best song! :D

  20. Minny says – reply to this


    Oh!! Super Junior i love this boys, K-POP Rocks!!

    Yesung-Siwon ♥ My favorites XD

    Hey should listen to DBSK, Big Bang and Rain ♥

  21. 121

    Re: keri2634 – Acatually the lyicsist used 'shawty' as play on words. in this song it means 'sorry baby'. But inKorea there is i guess kind of a trend in hip hop.

  22. 122

    Gah! Mah boyss!
    This song is like 2 months old.
    They stopped promoting this. they are promoting a new song next week.
    "It's You" IDK why then M/V is coming out.
    Both good songs :D
    SuJu Fighting!

  23. 123

    As you can see, I have taste.
    Loves it!

  24. 124

    I love Super Junior…! LOL! Thanks for these Perez! = )

  25. 125

    i love super junior !

  26. hany says – reply to this


    i really love it
    it's like 13 entertainer be united in super junior
    i have watch their tv program in korea and they're very funny
    hahaha i laugh so much when i watch them they can be a mc,comedian.radio's dj etc
    i heard they can play some music instrument too, so they can be a band too
    i have watch their concert it was very entertaining

  27. hany says – reply to this


    i really love it
    the music is very addicted
    the coreography is very cathy
    i have wacthed them on youtube and they're so funny
    i laugh more and more when i was wacthing them
    they can be mc.comedian,magic tricker,radio's dj,actor,etc
    i heard they can play some music intrument too so they can be a band too
    they're very talented thx for sharing

  28. 128

    I love Super Junior! :)
    (just wondering, who do YOU like most out of the 13 of them, Perez?)
    i think you'd go for… Siwon/Shiwon?
    *well, there's always Google if you don't know all 13 of them ^^

  29. 129

    AutoTune is an embarrassment to the music industry. It is on its way OUT. Anyone caught using AutoTune in 6 months from now will be laughed off the planet.

  30. 130

    I like it! The song is catchy (even when all I get is "sorry" :-) ), and they know how to dance…very entertaining!

  31. 131

    they are gonna promote "It's You" because of their new Repackaged CD which includes 3 new songs..

  32. 132

    They are going to Promote "It's You" because of the new Repackaged CD coming Out which will Include 3 new songs!!

  33. 133

    OMG! You're really awesome for putting this video up here! It's really cool to see like different cultures, and the difference in music, from other countries!

    I love them so much, they make me smile, cause their music is just so enjoyable, if you listen to them more you would know how many uplifting and upbeat songs they have! I love Kpop, and ’tis true that so far, they are the raining princes of kpop, maybe aside from shinhwa.

    I read some other people's comments, and it's sad to see that you're critizicing theyre talents, I think all us Kpop fans know that they have difficulty singing live, but take into consideration, they have improved immensely, look at their sorry sorry debut, THEY'VE GROWN SO MUCH(:

  34. 134

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I love them lol Thanks, love you too!

  35. 135

    Haha, more Kpop!
    Don't really care for SuJu, but this song is kind of fun.
    I also support checking out DBSK/TVXQ. They are going to rule Asia XD!

  36. 136

    You are late on this one, Perez!!! This song has been out for almost 2 months and Super Junior has stopped promotion of this song and moved on to a different one called "It's You". You should check that one out, too.

  37. 137

    i love KPOP ! (:

  38. 138

    hm. I love Super Junior, they're my favorite Korean group of all time, but this is not their best song. I actually don't like their new "hip hop" whatever concept much. old Super Junior was more original. should go check out their song "Don't Don" MV. it was sexier.

  39. 139

    a bit late, but it's good.
    I wonder, Perez, do you get paid by YG to help 2ne1?
    just asking.

  40. 140

    i LOVE IT!
    thanks for putting SJ up perez!!

  41. 141

    Seriously, I was never a fan of Super Junior until I heard this song! It so damn catchy, its disgusting lol. Although I don't see why they have to have 13 members when the same like 7 members sing. They are all so goregoue looking that they make me jealous! I don't feel that Korean male artists are "fem" looking. I think Japanese artists are alot more "fem" looking compared. Korean male artist just care about their appearance & i think it might be the hair too, cause they always have awesome (& sometimes funky) hair. What's great about this song is that despite having so many members, the transitions are so amazing and clean! Really impressive. I can already do the dance except for the "tutting" close to the end. It's too hard to make out exactly what they are doing. The dance was also done by American choreographers Trent Dickens & Nick Bass (who are so amazing). My fav members are Siwon (who sings first), Kyuhyun (who sings right after) & Yesung (who is the one that bursts outta the middle around the 3 min mark). You should really look into other K-POP groups like Big Bang, DBSK, 2PM & Tae Goon (who's new single "Superstar" is so HOT)

  42. 142

    I know 13 can be a bit overwhelming at first, but I love all their songs and their members all have great personalities!
    I've actually never been to this site before : /
    But now, I think I'll actually be visiting it more often. Go Perez and go Suju!

  43. 143

    This song is really good
    who says super junior got no talent…
    a person who has brains won't pay large amount of money to someone who has no talent.
    I listened to Lady Gaga 's BOYS BOYS BOYS and there's nothing similar at all!
    most of the comment's here compares suju to DBSK, BIGBANG or 2PM…
    every band has their own colors.
    if you want comparison… I remember "someone" (rather some people) saying that suju is preferred to appear on shows than dbsk since they show a more friendly image… (I don't hate dong bang. actually I love them esp. jaejoong)

    @scarletfbl: seems like you're not opening yourself for suju…
    do you hate them that much?

  44. 144

    Wow the new songs in the repackaged album are incredible i especially like the new song called " Love you more" and the MV for "It"s you" it is incredible…

  45. 145

    I love Suju's song Sorry Sorry.
    It's has a great beat that you just wanna get up and dance to!
    Now, onto some k-hiphop.
    You should put up 2NE1's Fire.
    Or Big Bang's Number 1.
    They are both amazing groups.

  46. 146

    OMG. Super Junior is like my ultimate favorite Korean boyband!

  47. 147

    Lol, Parez, I see ur a bit (Ok lat) of a shit-taker. I like that. XD
    Kinda hurt ’bout ur 'wictims' being Super Junior.
    And say whateva' u like, they're original, they're huge Idols in Asia, and for fuck sakes - so many HOT guys in one group.. makes a killer! xD

  48. 148

    byw, I didn't mean 'taker', but talker”.. -taker would be too wierd.. xD

  49. anju says – reply to this


    YAY SUPER JUNIOR! ^^ FYI the choreographer is the same person who works with Justin Timberlake!

    You should also check out another hot band in South Korea called Bigbang.

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