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Miss California Topless Again! Carrie Prejan Caught Lying Once More!!!!

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carrie_3_full.jpg carrie_11_full.jpg

The timing on this couldn't be more perfect!

Carrie Prejean and her publicists have repeatedly sworn up and down that she only ever posed topless once.

Well, they're fucking liars!

What does Jesus say about liars????

Donald Trump is set to announce at a press conference later today the fate of Miss California.

Will she keep her title?

Will The Donald give yet another chance to someone who has repeatedly lied? Someone who has repeatedly broken the contract she signed when she entered the Miss California pageant?

Will the National Organization for Marriage continue to support Carrie Prejean, a proven habitual liar?

These most recent topless photos above were taken just last year, before her boob job - obviously.

She's not modeling lingerie in these pics! This is a full-on tittie shoot!

Per her contract, Prejean MUST have disclosed these pictures to pageant officials. Not only did she not do that, as recently as last week, she LIED about them even existing.

Carrie has been neglecting her duties as Miss California and focusing her lying efforts elsewhere.

If she is a decent person and a good Christian, the habitual liar, Prejean, will voluntarily turn in her crown immediately and step down as Miss California and the first runner-up in the Miss USA competition!

If she is a decent person and a good Christian, the habitual liar, Prejean, will voluntarily turn in her crown immediately and step down as Miss California and the first runner-up in the Miss USA competition!

If she is a decent person and a good Christian, the habitual liar, Prejean, will voluntarily turn in her crown immediately and step down as Miss California and the first runner-up in the Miss USA competition!

Hey, on the bright side, Carrie's pretty much guaranteed a spot on Celebrity Apprentice next season!

[Images via TMZ.]

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329 comments to “Miss California Topless Again! Carrie Prejan Caught Lying Once More!!!!”

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  1. SoCal says – reply to this


    HAHAHAHAHAHAH!! Trump says she stays, and commented how unfairly she's been criticized by those who are in no position to criticize. Trump shit all over you, you fatasss fag!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  2. 202

    You can piss off now on the hate blogs. She keeps her crown!

  3. 203

    Congratulations to The Donald for being smart enough to know the right thing to do.

    Hey Perez, are you going to ask to be a judge again next year??

  4. 204

    okay so shes a dumbass but can we let this go.!! She is just a beauty queen..why do we even care what she thinks!

  5. 205

    you're taking this waay too personall perez. just let it go. you're not some kind of political, public, or otherwise official that has anything to do with the miss usa association. you were merely a judge. yes, her answer was shitty. yes, she should've been more politically correct. she stated her opinion and while you and many others don't agree, it's her opinion. i have many gay friends who i love dearly and i've always felt like they should have equal rights as married couples. it's shitty and most of america is realizing this but that's what's great about our country i.e. freedom of speech. everyone has an opinion that may or may not agree with yours it might be time to get it.

  6. 206

    Ha HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA YOU LOSER!!!!!!!!!!! You lost she keeps her crown. Now all you get is the is the BIG BOOBIE Prize for having bigger boobs than her! Give it up LOSER!!! lease support HR 1966 to stop these fame whores like mario here! Put this fag in jail for stalking!

  7. 207

    I hope that the photographer got her to sign an Model's Release…

  8. 208

    hahahahahahahahaha she remains Miss Cali despite a homo attack!!! YAY CARRIE!!! God is on YOUR side baby!! YOu rock!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 209

    Re: b a t k i s s – 182 Hi! ox In answer, party, party, party!!! A small victory to be sure!
    It would be nice if he put a comment less blurb. A simple statement. Low key.
    But we know that isn't how he rolls! LOL!

  10. EzE says – reply to this


    Re: Tohe – lol perez is all over Carrie's boobs…..so much for your theory

  11. 211

    Perez when someone stands up for what GOD says is right (Man & woman marrige) they will always be the one left standing.

  12. 212

    That doesn't even really look like her. I mean I hate the nasty cooze as much as the next guy, but they really don't look like her.

  13. 213

    Re: geolis – hehehehehehehehe yeah Obama said the same thing and homos LOVE THAT ass!! lol

  14. 214

    SHE JUST SAID in the news conference that THESE pics ARE REAL and she was unaware they were ebing taken??????????? YOUR LOOKING AT THE CAMERA CLOWN!!!!! lying peice of garbage!!! THIS is CHRISTIAN like?

  15. 215

    that doesn't even look like her.

  16. 216

    Re: b a t k i s s – Well, there you have it. A small victory for the other side. I don't think this will go away. Something else will surface. Nasty business.

  17. 217

    Ha ha ha perez loserton… Prejean stays, and you can wipe the "egg" off your face. I don't care about either entities: your loser website or the pageant industry… but I do care about your character assassination of this young woman. Also — who the hell thought you should be a judge of anything anyway. Your agenda is revealed and you know you cheated with your scoring. Why a bottom-feeder like you was ever invited to participate is beyond me… LOSER! Next - I am questioning why Dove would ever align themselves with you by advertising on your website. Hmmm let's see what they say now. Can you say bye-bye advertising dollars… Quit photoshopping for publication - cuz that is the lie!

  18. 218


  19. 219

    That's enough now. I've been looking at this website for two years, and this is too much. Leave it, Perez, you're taking it too far. Over and out.

  20. 220

    Re: pynklyzurd14 – Its her she just said it is on the press conference. It was two years ago a photo shoot for a surf magazine..The photog clicked away and when the wind blew her vest thats what the camera got and those type shots were never to be released..so he's the scumbag here.

  21. 221

    Shut the Fuck up already. i don't believe these pictures. people can doctor thing easily. who is to say? you need to give up and leave this girl alone. i hope Donald lets her stay as it will just piss you off.

  22. 222

    That doesn't even look like her! Its either not her or she had some work done on that face.

  23. 223

    Re: Brainbug – Jealous huh?? Are you really really ugly?? Those people always hate beautiful people lol get a facelift or whatever you need to not be ugly…..oh wait, youre just ugly… on the inside …:)

  24. 224

    Be prepared, Perez, for your fall. What we do to others comes back to us. This is called Karma.

  25. 225

    Re: xcalibur – yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  26. 226

    YAY CARRIE PREJEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! take that all you homos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. 227

    Of course Perz HATES this girl…look how freaking GORGEOUS she is!!!! WOW!! A knockout….Perez is just mad because he cant get a boner over her and he's stuck with sticking that little weenie up some filthy poopie asshole! hahahaha

  28. 228

    Re: QueenHater – HAHAHAHAHAHA I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  29. 229

    you know perez, for someone who asked the question during the contest you sure should blame yourself, you asked the question and you got the answer. jesus says the same thing about liars that he does about gays :) just saying.

  30. 230

    By the way, these pictures are not more provocative in any means than the pictures took by another miss, Tara Conner, a couple of years ago boozing and making out with another GIRL! What did Trump do to her? Kept her crown and sent her to rehab. BUT KEPT HER CROWN. Will he be hypocrit this time around? Probably because he is the master of hypocrisy, as well as YOU Perez!

  31. 231

    They looked photoshopped.

  32. 232

    Re: LaDiva
    being bored, and trying not
    to get my noze all out of shape…
    I do still have Hell Houndz on my azz
    the last 2 mornings,
    I woke up with injuriez from my dreamzzzz
    itz true…
    I'm a nice person now..GO FIGURE
    the otherz R also missed…Howz has life treated you LaDiva?Baby?

  33. 233

    super annoying dumb biyotch

  34. 234

    So of course she's not a decent person, hence the title remains and Trump laps up the estrogen from her "christian-mongering ass".

  35. 235

    Re: SheriMoonFireFly – Your friend PoisonIvy or something like that (sorry if i slashed her name, i don't really remember it) had said you wer talking about God and that hell is real. I sensed you have alot to say and I was eagerly awaiting your return.

  36. 236

    Totally photoshopped pics!!! Look closley at the neck line, Very un natural pose and you can see the cut mark if you blow it up large enough… I know what I am talking about since I do this for a living! Of course I would still like to see her give up the title… But let's be fair Perez

  37. 237

    Ha Ha Ha Ha! She is still Miss California!!!!!!

  38. 238

    She DIDN'T lie. These are the topless photos she was talking about. And she didn't say there was literally one such photo. She meant one photo shoot. Nobody gets all made up and a crew goes to a location for ONE photo. The pink panty pics were NOT a photo shoot. They were taken by a friend and, of course, were NOT 'semi nude'. Semi nude means breasts OR genitals exposed. Neither were in those photos.

  39. joni says – reply to this


    she looks reaal different

  40. 240

    I don't think there is any personal vendetta here… he's to report the truth and keep us all aware of little liars like her. She not only has been a liar, a bad Christian and too busy fufilling her outside sponsors' needs before the pageants.

    I do not want my daughter looking up to someone like this as a role model. Basically is telling my kids… go Lie, get a boob job and take topless pictures… I was shocked when my wife called me hysterical this morning after TRUMP let her keep the crown. - SICKENING…

  41. 16MPG says – reply to this


    NEW YORK (CNN) — Donald Trump will let Miss California USA Carrie Prejean keep her title despite controversy over semi-nude photos and charges by state pageant officials that she had abandoned her duties to devote time to opposition to same-sex marriage.

    Score: Carrie Prejean - 1, Perez and the gay mafia - 0

  42. 242

    Re: SheriMoonFireFly – hey I opened a new email address. This is not my primary address but once u respond 2 me I will email u the correct email address. Email me @ ladiva12345@yahoo.com

  43. 243

    Trump's decision proved just how ingrained the hypocritical double standard is in our society. All you have to do is label yourself "Christian" and say, "Marriage is for a man and a woman, love is for a man and a woman, etc." and you're in the club. Heterosexual immorality is just a peccadillo; a faithful, monogamous gay relationship is an abomination. We're so used to the hypocrisy, we can't even recognize it anymore.

  44. uka says – reply to this


    HAHAHA bitches. she kept her crown. IN YOUR FACE!!!!!

  45. 245

    Give it a rest. You make me sick, you hypocrite.

  46. 246

    those look incredibly photoshopped

  47. 247

    That's NOT her, IDIOT!

  48. 248

    How about if she is a "good" Christian she can make decisions for herself and not what you think she should do! Hmm?

    People make mistakes, it happens all the time, it doesn't make them any less human. Somebody can be Christian or Atheist and make the same mistake, but if a Christian does it, they're a hypocrite? Everyone tries to be good people! No one is perfect!

    It's so annoying that there's this standard of Christians, like, since they believe this, they have to do all these other things a certain way. What happened to just living life how we think is right? Here's an example. I'm Christian but I smoke pot! Does that make me a hypocrite? I don't think so, I'm just doing something that occasionally makes me happy. In my opinion, God made weed and it's ridiculous that it's illegal! See? We all have our own opinions and what is wrong in some people's eyes might be right in others. I can't believe you're trying to tell her what to do.

  49. 249

    That doesn't look anything like her, by the way, in her face or body.

  50. 250

    I didn't know you could take pictures of kids under 18 showing private parts?
    I guess that what Christians are allowed to do in USA now…

  51. 251

    Re: Shark – Haha! I'd like a list too, I need to follow what Perez wants!

  52. 252

    Everyone who viewed these pictures on their computer could be jailed for having underage pictures of children in the nude on the cache. Erase your HardDrive immediately after viewing these pictures or else.

  53. 253

    Re: ShutTheFckUp – I get what you're trying to say, but I honestly don't remember her saying that she thinks she's above everyone. That's just your opinion of her, right?
    Now what other people need to understand is that just because someone might not agree with gay marriage, it doesn't in any way make them a homophobe. If she had spewed hate towards gay and called them disgusting and that they should die or something, then she would be a homophobe. But she just said she doesn't agree with it, not that she thinks they're subhuman or she's above them. Most people who are against gay marriage don't feel that way and think they should have equal rights, just that it shouldn't be called "marriage." Don't be so angry.

  54. 254

    yea…. youve got issues and if you think shes just trying to stay in the limelight… stop giving her a reason to

  55. 255

    Look Perez give it a rest, she doesnt support you fags getting married, go suck a dick and move on, its been said and done, time for you to move on, not everyone is PC, I respect her for speaking her mind instead of sucking up to you queers

  56. 256

    Re: LaDiva – i hope you don't mind, but i might have to send you a little message….. maybe Moon and I can come over for drinks…LOL

  57. 257

    Re: LadyLake

    "If she is a decent person and a good Christian, the habitual liar, Prejean, will voluntarily turn in her crown immediately and step down as Miss California and the first runner-up in the Miss USA competition!"

    then that was a bit unnecessary wasnt it?

  58. 258

    oh well paris, I mean perez, looks like she is staying. Looks like not everyone wants to make a statement about being gay. EVERYONE is tired of this story with you. Get a new website for this, and get back to what your supposed to be doing.

  59. 259

    Re: Long Dong Connery – no i don't mind. hope u and sheri email me and i will email you back with my main email address as i will answer those more than this new one…

  60. 260

    Re: b a t k i s s – 204 Because the majority of Christian faiths agree that the Bible states that homosexuality is an abomination that is incorrect with the life we are to lead. There's a difference between being sinful and living a life of sin. A lie every now and then is not "living in sin" unless it becomes a part of your daily life. I'm not against civil unions for homosexual couples. But don't force Christian churches to agree with something that most Christian churches already do not agree with.

  61. 261


  62. 262

    What a piece of shit photographer! Please release his name.
    You can clearly see that this photo was not intentional, it looks windy and its total bullshit these were leaked by the photographer! What a sleaze!

  63. 263

    I hate these fucking bigots using god as an excuse to spread their hate..she's trash..fuck her!!

  64. 264

    Re: kissmyassobama – maybe your god is on her side but my god certainly isn't..

  65. 265

    get a fuckin life perez.

  66. 266

    Such a shame

  67. 267

    She needed to put on more makeup or something for this shoot if that's what her real face looks like.

    I wish Trump would have kicked her ass out.

  68. 268

    can you leave this girl alone already! you obviously don't like her because she is against gay marriage! who gives a crap that is what she believes and thats her opinion ! get over it! you just wish you were as hot as her ..too bad :)

  69. 269

    This hypocrite may have not been a Christian at 16. Either that or her Christian upbringing condones posing provocatively. Wait, it must've been Satan who told her to do so. Nowadays she just listens to god. She is full of bs.

  70. 270

    Way to present the full story once again u whiny little bitch. The pictures were released by the photographer of a shoot in which she was modeling CLOTHES and the shots that were posted were taken in between different poses and NOT to be published or released…. happens all the time on shoots, but usually photographers are respectful and don't release the images

  71. 271

    what the fuck, i'm not for her, but can't you idiots see how badly this is photoshopped?!? look at the jagged line around her hair in the first picture. i suck at photoshop and i can tell. and the lighting on her face doesnt match the lighting in the picture.

  72. 272

    up your worn out skanky giggy she is here to stay…..bite me you fag

  73. 273

    Why do care what Jesus thinks about anything Perez?
    Can you not just leave this girl alone???
    Man, you're like a whiny little girl…

  74. 274

    That darned wind!

  75. 275

    Re: ShutTheFckUp – nice boobs

  76. 276

    perez, I love you….but get over the Miss California thing. She's a beauty queen- not a politician. The only reason she's still in the news is b/c you won't stop talking about her!

  77. 277

    this picture is DEFINITELY when she was younger its totally obvious it isnt recent at all. and if anyone knew anything about christians and EVERYONE in general, everyone makes mistakes and nobody is perfect, not even christians. i dont think her crown should be removed. why? because for one, it doesnt matter how many pictures were taken, they are old pictures and not recent, you dont want people to judge you by your past, so dont judge them by theirs and number two the whole issue of her not being okay with gay marriage, nobody should be forced to be believe in something if they dont want to. im the same way. i do not believe in gay marriage, but im okay with gay couples; as in i have nothing against them, but it would change the whole world if we were to change the marriage thing, i think of it this way, i would be okay if they made gay marriage legal, but then those people who are sick in the head would want to marry their dog or something stupid. check yourself before you reck yourself. i do not think she needs to be judged, in the same sense you dont want to be judged.

  78. 278

    [re=3774665]Re: Brainbug[/re

    do not start bagging on christians that was the most ridiculous thing anyone could say. EVERYBODY makes mistakes and NOBODY is perfect. CHRISTIANS ARE NOT PERFECT. when people say that they think they are, that is 100% false. that is not our beliefs at all. we are christian because we believfe God died for our sins and we need to spread the word to everybody about all the miracles that happened and our existence, we do not put ourselves out there to be like him or that we are perfect because that is definitely not the case. christians may drink smoke sex before marriage etc, why? because we were made in an imperfect form, and for you to say she is using her religion and shes being a TYPICAL CHRISTIAN that is pointing your finger at every christian out there which is really messed up and not cool. how would you like someone to stereotype you?

  79. 279

    Re: curious
    i love your response you are totally right. california voted against gay marriage. and i love how everyone is bringing and stereotyping christians into this, its becoming ridiculous!

  80. 280


  81. 281

    Wow, so many of you all are full of hate….I never listen to hypocrites. Perez, you need therapy. Obsession like this is never a good thing. I think she is beautiful and can say whatever she wants. This is America. You can always leave.

  82. 282

    Re: ShutTheFckUp
    It's called having a different view…..and wow yes she must represent 1% of America….That's just selfish. Seriously, you all are making your whole campaign look like a joke and full of hate. No one likes hateful assholes.

  83. 283

    is that even her? she doesn't look like Carrie. -.-

  84. 284


  85. 285

    hahahahaha these were taken BETWEEN SHOTS- i know youre horrified that you have to see a woman's boobs, but get over it bitch!!

  86. 286

    YOU ARE SUCH A LIAR!! I DID THE SAME THING AT THAT AGE AND IT WAS AN ERROR!! ARE YOU ALL STUPID?? It's easy to be on a shoot as a model and be coaxed into sexy attire braless and then to have something slip and not know as the camera shoots away many frames per second!! How simple that is to happen! How shameful that you call her a liar! She did not pose for those pics to be published or they would be OUT already in a magazine or other! They were "LEAKED" bcuz never meant to be SEEN! That is so retarded. Really? Is everyone THAT stupid!! I am a supporter of gays and gay marriage but not attacks on human beings because they are different then us OR Perez Hilton would you like Gay bashing to continue? If not why are you Prejean bashing?? END IT APOLOGIZE and you LIED about why her comment was graded low so ADMIT IT! LIAR LIAR! DISGUSTING HYPOCRISY! No wonder the Gay community keeps getting attacked. You are NOT helping that Perez! Please retract your vicious lies and apologize already! You NEVER belong anywhere near the pageants and Mr. Trump has to be smarter then that! Oh and remember I am a fighter for gay rights! Dumb ass!!!

  87. 287

    I guess it depends on what your definition of "topless" is! I spy a vest…technically not lying!

  88. 288

    tiny boobies.

  89. 289

    Re: Shark – You made me laugh out loud. I love it.

  90. 290

    today she claimed some of the photos were photo- shopped and the others were taken on a windy day. Looking at the photos the wind was actually blowing the opposite way her vest was open. The vest also looks like it was pulled tight in the back. She is lying.

  91. 291

    WHO CARES WHAT SHE THINKS stop talking about her already and let her disappear!

  92. 292

    A blind person could see those pictures are photoshopped. Come on, take off your hate mongering blinders and try to be objective.

  93. 293

    I don't understand why you're attacking her for just stating what she believes on national television. This is America and we all of the right to free speech. I like reading your blog but this is one topic you need to simmer down on.

  94. 294

    shes beautiful. perez is just mad cuz of her answer to his question. if u cant handle the answer dont ask the question. majority of peagant girls have nude or semi-nude pics period. we live in a time where sex is in. models get naked. get over it! all the haters are making her famous!

  95. 295

    "What does Jesus say about liars????"
    What does God say about a man lying with another man?

  96. 296


  97. 297

    Listen Perez.. your gay bitchiness is way way way beyond the same sex marriage comments she made ( she has a right to her opinion…) that sent you in a queenie rage.Now shut the fuck up.Show her some of that equality you keep hissing into your gay gut about. You are a malignant cancer that is making me turn into a homophobic angst ridden person with your fucking spiteful bitch nonsense now.

  98. 298

    Tonight I heard her say…'that she didn't know the pics were taken' Sure we all pose like that. People the live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

  99. 299

    She still looks pretty good to me. All you fags shouldn't be taking your anger out on this lovely girl — it isn't her fault that she was born female and beautiful (two key things that you'll never be).

  100. 300

    Perez if liars cause your blood to boil so, how come you haven't challenged the president on his may outrageous claims?

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