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Kate Gosselin's Brother Confirms Split!!!!

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And now for the least surprising news of the day!

Jon and Kate Gosselin are o-v-e-r according to Kate's own brother!

Kevin Krieder and his wife, Jodi, confided to the media that his sister's family is in absolute "shambles" and six months ago Kate told Jon, "Hey, it's over."

"The show is not reality, and has not been for a long time. This is a train wreck," Kate's sister-in-law, Jodi, exposed to reporters.

Kevin and Jodi even received a visit from Jon himself, where Gosselin confessed his fears that Kate was cheating on him with her bodyguard, Steve Neild!

So why not put a plug in the dysfunction and officially divorce???

Kevin thinks that his sister is too much of a famewhore to give up all the media attention - Kate is aspiring to be a talk show host and isn't ready to let go of her dream!


Think of the children!

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139 comments to “Kate Gosselin's Brother Confirms Split!!!!”

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  1. 101

    Child exploitation! They are both fame whores making $$$ of the poor children.
    I wish she'd go away already.
    And for you kate lovers- nobody broke up that marriage but Jon and Kate. And no, I am not jealous. I wouldn't live her miserable empty lonely life for all the money in the world.

  2. 102

    Everytime I watch their show and she yells at him or talks down to him, hits him, cuts him off when he's talking or doesn't even let him speak, it's like she's just taking his balls and putting them nice and neatly in her coin purse. I don't think cheating is right for anyone to do under any circumstances.

  3. 103

    'Think of the kids' should have happened before they went off and screwed anything walking. 'Think of the kids' should never be divorce. Divorce breaks up families and ruins lives - it doesn't fix things - it's the easy, shitty way out - that will affect those kids the rest of their lives… Fights about who pays for what, who gets the kids when, how many holidays and days one parent gets, uprooting them every week from one house to the next, instability, dealing with the next wife or husband for their parents… Divorce is not thinking of the kids. Thanks.

  4. 104

    No mention on this site about how the sister-in-law wanted to be paid to be on the show but the Gosselins' weren't having it and she get mad and started talking shit.
    No mention about how the sister-in-law is jealous of the money the Gosselins' are making either.
    Kate HAS changed since the early seasons but I bet a lot of people would.

  5. 105

    Its a beautiful thing!!!
    Yeah right! What a bunch of fakes!

  6. 106

    "Famewhore"?? LOL, takes one to know one, eh Perez?

  7. 107

    Yet another reason I despise reality TV garbage. People desperate for money and their 15 minutes of fame splash their lives all over TV then wonder why their lives/marriages/families get destroyed???? Look in the mirror people!!

  8. Lucas says – reply to this


    WOW - she got the entire People cover? Impressive! She's loving every minute of this - not to mention the money People paid for this exclusive. I hope John is keeping track of all this moola when it comes to negotiating the divorce.

    She really is a media-whore. I wonder where she'll show up next week? Obviously not with the kids!

  9. Kylyn says – reply to this


    people call her hair 80's but i think it's really 90's…

  10. 110

    This is really sad because I loved that show and now who knows what's gonna happen. I like to say the show will go and and show how Kate is dealing with the aftermath but I doubt it. If anyone watches that show you could see red flags that they didn't seem to get along much. Kate was always kinda stuck up and talking for Jon. Whenever he did say something she usually seemed irriated by the fact he had opinions that she didn't really agree with. However I do think it was really disrespectful the way he did things so publicaly. I feel bad for the kids having to hear about this in the news and magazines and i'm also feel bad that now Kate will most likely have to raise these 8 kids on her own because Jon won't be there and you shouldn't break the kids up and have some stay with kate and some with Jon

  11. 111

    I used to love this show…yea Kate was/is a bitch but at least it was real…Now she's just a media whore and the show bogus…I don't condone cheating by any means but honestly…didn't we all see this one coming…I feel sorry for the kids…

  12. 112

    Wait till he realize that's she still hot after having all thoses kids.
    He's going to have to open an whorebisness in order to keep up
    child's support……

  13. 113

    Re: Fags Suck
    Are u for real? You do realize that it's 2009, right?
    Hope you dont have gay relatives…….

  14. 114

    ugh. even if jon went completely bald and cheated on you first -which i wish he did, you still wouldn't have deserved him kate!

  15. 115

    =( this upsets me. Poor kids.

  16. 116

    Who is she?

  17. 117

    If this is true, it is very sad, as it means she isn't putting the welfare of the children first - only her goals. Get them out of the limelight and forge forward. The sad thing is that once you get in the limelight, it is hard to let go. Poor kids.

  18. 118

    ala verga!! I missed alot. WTF? Since one does this bitch need a bodyguard?!?!?

  19. 119

    now that i saw the video….wtf? Ok I get it they are over but the asswipe in the video said "please don't trade your family and your marriage for fame and fortune" yet he is being a total sell out. Fucking noob

  20. 120

    LOL @ the people trying to make Aunt Jodie look like a parasite. She's not the one exploiting her family and running around town claiming a sense of entitlement to the universe around her. If Jodie is pissed off, I'm sure there is really good reason. Not to mention, Jodie is just one of an entire FAMILY that wants nothing to do with them. GEE, I wonder why. They even managed to alienate their poor parents. Poor kids!

  21. 121

    Kate did this to her family she drove Jon away she is a bully and pushes everyone around it is just sad for the kids maybe Jon will get custody and get half of everything and alimony , She wanted these children and now she is blaming him . Kate seriously has control issues I just feel bad for the kids I would watch the show with my family and everyone felt bad for Jon she has no class and screams and yells in public like a no classs witch I would never watch a talk show with her hosting or buy any form of book she has written she had him looking like such a whimp on the show and she got what she deserves she trested him horrible , Thank god for plastic surgery or she would still look like she did in the first photos when the twin was born

  22. 122

    Re: Lisa W a Lil L – Omg that is so sad she has alot of issuues I do feel bad for those kids. kids need someone to talk to as they grow and I think she is going to be very unapproacable to her children and their feelings , Did anyone see the episode where she threatened her daughter that she would cut all her hair off for some reason or another she is horrible.

  23. 123

    Re: CuddlyCarla – Totally agree Kate did this hey look into her eyes on the cover of people all I see is witch. She thinks she looks good with her stupid hair cut and in control of everythin she looks so selfish who would buy a book by her?

  24. 124

    The last few days I paid attention to posters who seemed to have inside inforamtion…
    They posted they were a sham and jon and kate have been separated for months..
    seems like they knew they were talking about…

  25. 125

    These people are disgusting pieces of shit if all this is true (I don't believe everything I read like some retards on here!). They had all these kids and then are just going to get divorced? So irresponsible and wrong on so many levels. People don't have fucking kids if you can't keep your shit together….

  26. 126

    I,m just glad that she found out what a two timing whimp he is running out on them all to screw to some old whore!! Better you found out what he is really all about NOW Kate!! You will find a REAL man to raise your kids with while he's out picking up whores instead of watching his kids grow up!! Good riddens to bad rubbish! Selfish asshole..She gives him 8 babies and he gives her a stab in the back with some old whore. Nice Jon.

  27. 127

    For someone who hates the word "celebrity" and just wants privacy, she sure keeps her face on any media outlet that will allow it. This famewhore makes me sick! If it really is all about your kids, then get off the TV and go home to them!

    If her lips are moving she's lying! I feel nauseous when I think that she's after a talk show gig. I couldn't stand to see her phoney mug taking up anymore air time!

  28. 128

    Re: KEEFER – lmao. That's so good- egghead. Hahaha. She does look like one with that hair.

  29. 129

    Well, she will have to feed them…he doesn't work. What do you want them to do? Be like Octo-mom

  30. 130

    Children come first think of that Kate.

  31. 131

    Oh no he didnt

  32. 132

    I hope Jon gets custody for the kids sake.

  33. 133

    Good I can't stand Kate, she is annoying as F**k! He can do better…just take care of the kids. She let the show and money go way to much to her nasty hairstyle head. maybe they will do another show with Jon and his new wife.. JOn and Vanessa with only 1…I'll watch that.

  34. 134

    aww. those poor kids! there so young! stupid media messed up their family.

  35. 135

    have any of y'all ever watched this show? im baffled that they ever got hitched in the first place. the only thing these two have in common is a litter of kids. And why they hell is everyone sending their pitty kate's way….if i were jon i'd be bangin the mailmen… their pastor…the local homeless girl…i'd bang anyone if it meant not having to be around kate and her abusive controlling behavior. ~ just my two cents ~

  36. 136


  37. 137

    Sounds like her "brother" is the fame whore

  38. 138

    Maybe now Jon can retrieve his balls from Kate's Hope Chest and move on with his life. I admit that I have never watched a full episode - so I could have missed something, but the bits and pieces I have caught channel surfing, it's no wonder he wants out. Kate treats him like he is the dirt on her shoe, like he's another 4 year old kid that she needs to boss around and keep in line. I understand that "reality" TV is edited and intentionally designed to make things look controversial or interesting for ratings, but they have been doing this show for years and if Kate felt like she was being portrayed inaccurately due to editing, I'm sure she would have said something and put a stop to it a few seasons ago. The show obviously shows her how she truly is - a self-righteous, evil hag. She doesn't want to be the mother of a family, she wants to be the dictator of a perfectly behaved money making army.

  39. 139

    Geez, can't blame Jon. I would want to split too, she's a bitch.

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