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Dr. Who Is A Masterpiece

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Originally Masterpiece Theatre, Masterpiece Contemporary is a long-running public TV anthology and this fall, the program welcomes a new host: David Tennant.

Some of you might know him as Doctor Who from the long running BBC series. Some of you will recognize him better as Barty Crouch Junior from Harry Potter.

Tennant follows in the paths of such great hosts like Alan Cummings and Laura Linney. The program returns in October with Endgame, a drama about the final days of apartheid in South Africa starring William Hurt and Jonny Lee Miller.

Uh-huh, yeah, we're gonna skip that.

Good luck hosting the snoozefest, dude.

[Image via WENN.]

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46 comments to “Dr. Who Is A Masterpiece”

  1. 1


  2. 2

    Z-List? Think again! He's the most famous man in Great Britain!

  3. 3

    Are you kidding me? David Tennant is FANTASTIC, gorgeous and intelligence.
    I'll be watching.

  4. 4

    Sounds good to me.

  5. 5

    Leave David alone! He's ten million times cooler than you mario, and he's gorgeous. He's actually mega-huge over here.

  6. 6

    David Tennant is great!!!!! Going to miss him soooo much on Doctor Who - I only watched it because of him….

  7. PFF says – reply to this


    Wow, Perez you're uneducated. Not interested in learning about apartheid but force your own views upon everyone else, you arrogant dunce.

  8. 8

    I disagree.
    David Tennant is brilliant, charming, talented and very smart— much better than many 'stars' that are considered "A-Listers".

    Just out of curiosity, have you ever watched one episode of the Doctor Who series starring David Tennant?

  9. 9

    I love David Tennant. I wanted him to be the Doctor forever. He has a really hot Scottish accent.

  10. 10

    Once again you prove what a sad, uneducated, piece of shit you are.

    You FAT FUCK.

  11. 11

    You have this mis-filed. You should have filed it under your British heading. David Tennant is FAR from Z-list in the UK, as is also well loved by sci-fi fans in America as well.

  12. 12

    Masterpiece Theatre is the BEST there is on tv. Perez, you obviously have no real taste. But most of us know that already.

  13. Laura says – reply to this


    Masterpiece Theater is actually really really good - theres never going to be a better host than allastir cooke, but it really doesnt matter anymore who the host is anymore since their usually more worried about how they look than describing the movie that night.

  14. 14

    Seriously Perez?? The apartheid a snoozefest?? Masterpiece Theatre is great and it sounds like a very interesting drama.

  15. 15

    It's "Cumming," Perez. There's no "s". Come on. The typos on this site are getting out of hand.

  16. 16

    You should be embarrassed for writing that ending apartheid is a snoozefest, retard.

  17. Sheep says – reply to this


    Z list. Just because he ain't known here in the US doesn't mean he's z-list. That's out of line. Dr. Who is a great show and he was great in it. I was wondering what his next move was going to be.

  18. 18

    "snoozefest"? I pity you, Perez…grow a brain. "Masterpiece" is a great series, but of course, since you have horrible taste, you've probably never seen one episode. I bet you don't watch anything on PBS, right? Because learning things isn't as cool as blogging about celebrity trainwrecks? And btw, Doctor Who is a major series, so I don't know how you can call David Tennant "Z-list"…

  19. 19

    perez hilton, you really need to at least attempt to expand your horizons. life is not all about celebrity gossip and drawing urine puddles and nipples on photographs.

  20. 20

    So Apartheid is a "snoozefest", but we should all drop what we're doing and help promote your gay agenda? Mario, don't you see why so many in the gay community try to distance themselves from you? You hurt the gay cause everytime you open your mouth. How you don't see this is beyond me.

  21. 21

    My Mom and I would watch Masterpiece Theatre all the time when I was growing up, lol….I will watch anything with David Tennant and thank goodness he's in things I like. Squee….it's the fangirl in me!

  22. 22


  23. 23

    Re: petiteCobaye – uous havsx anys ofs thatx catcus shtuff?, i wasntrs a fucnkin trups risohts nowsx, i thixnks i mistgs of ovredoxzed imsss nsoot ired, nsites

  24. 24

    Oh I would so take David Tennant over your precious Zaquisha or RPatz any day!!! Not only is he an awesome actor, he's funny & way hotter than any man you've ever featured or slobbered over on this site!!!

  25. slgee says – reply to this


    Yeah fucking right.

  26. 26

    Z list?!?!?! Are you kidding?!?!?! David Tennant may not be a household name in the US, but he's super famous in Great Britain! Not to mention super delicious.
    Get your facts straight Perez!… oh wait!
    David Tennant is a great actor! And I'm really going to miss him as The Doctor.

  27. 27

    Z list? Oh, fuck you… you're so fucking ignorant Perez, you know. I seriously, like, everytime I see your face somewhere, I want to punch you in the fucking face. David Tennant? A billion times more awesome and talented than you. Really, what do you even DO, Perez… you, what, have a blog and doodle on pics of celebrities? Oh, wow, that's, like, SOOO impressive. Not really….

  28. 28

    I've met David Tennant three times and he is the single nicest man in the history of celeb. (Hugh Jackman might just be the only exception)
    Don't diss da Ten!

  29. 29

    What should we be watching instead then? American Idol? What a prick you sound Perez!

  30. 30

    I'd tune in to him reading the phone book, he's that good. seriously dude, get some culture, it won't hurt you.

    I think David is good in anything he does, you may find yourself surprised, give him a chance!

  31. 31

    David Tennant is the MOST AMAZING actor, in the UK every one loves him, he's gorgeous too, i'm so sad that he's left Dr Who, but excited about the next Doctor x

  32. 32

    perez you are always so quick to pipe up about the inequality you, as a gay man currently face in the USA, yet you deem Endgame a great drama piece about the end of the apartheid era in South Africa a snoozefest. These people faced real inequalities every minute of their lives, their most basic human rights were continually violated on a daily basis and it nearly saw the destruction of an entire nation and the legacy of apartheid still lives on in South Africa, and you deem it to be boring and not worthy of your time. Now i am all for same sex marriage, we brits legalized that along time ago, but perhaps if you watched it you might actually learn how good you have it and it might put the inequalities you face in perspective somewhat. grow up.

  33. 33

    USA and Israel could learn a thing or 6 from Endgame which is absolutely brilliant a movie.
    David Tennant is a good actor but he looks like a bloody ferret and is a bit drippy.

  34. 34

    wtf, 'z-list'? what coz hes talented and not a media slut like megan fox etc.?
    and endgame is probably too complex and meaningful for someone such as perez to comprehend

  35. ldyfx says – reply to this


    As a proud South African I sincerely apologise that the segration, dehumanisation, degradation and murder of thousands of people is a snoozefest. I'm really sorry that the fact of my neighbours and friends being put in jail and punished because they are black isn't as interesting as a nipple shot. I guess oppression just isn't entertaining in comparison to shots of LadyGaga's ass!

  36. 36

    Wow Perez…what an ignorant comment to make about something as enduring and intelligent as "Masterpiece."

    Perhaps to someone like YOU (and others who lack any kind of intellect) it is a snoozefest.

    Quite frankly, Spenser Pratt and Heidi Montag are more snooze-worthy. They have to pay people to be famous just to make up for their lack of talent.

  37. 37

    WTF Perez david tennant is HUGE in the UK! we love him and not just sci-fi peolple hes A-List here

  38. 38


  39. 39

    He is NOT Z-List Perez. Practically everyone in England loves him.

  40. 40

    This post explains so much. Have often wondered why one would choose to live parasitically off the lives of others, rather than live their own. When it comes to mindless entertainment Perez is king. Now I understand, that is because he is also king of mindlessness.
    What is that old saying; better to keep ones silence and be thought a fool, than to (take to your keyboard) and prove it.

  41. 41

    Z List? Whats wrong with you dude - he's HUGE over here in the UK!

  42. 42

    Sorry - no. david Tennant is NOT z list. He is fantastic in Dr Who (a program you obviously have never watched) masterpiece usually show great BBC shows that kick the arse out of the relentless, crappy reality TV shit being churned out. watch it (and Dr Who) you may broaden your mind.

  43. 43

    Re: ldyfx – well put, perez is a wanker and a philistine. he really is becoming the quintessential ignorant american. im all for gay rights but he shoves that in our faces constantly then calls someone else's struggle a 'snoozefest'

  44. 44

    seriously?! a snoozefest? you're kidding me.

    Are you seriously so ignorant that because it's not on E! channel or is going to ignite that bitchy wee heart of yours that you wouldn't watch something so important in world history as the end of apartheid in south africa? it sounds like a great drama and I hope we get it in britain

    and btw, david tennant is cool as fuck, just because you don't know who he is in america… seriously if a tv personality came over from america to britain we'd probably think he was a total wanker, but really - he's doctor who! A.K.A amazing.

  45. Danii says – reply to this


    Um, usually I don't mind you dissing celebs and whatnot, but…
    screw you for insulting my country. I'm sorry, I love you, but you can't just go and dismiss other people's histories and cultures and whatnot. Apartheid was an important era in South Africa's history. Don't just automatically assume it'll be boring.

  46. 46

    OMG———————–THIS IS WHAT HE GAVE UP DOCTOR WHO FOR ????????????? well at least he might be in the US more :)