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New Moon Poster Leaked!

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It's real!


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630 comments to “New Moon Poster Leaked!”

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  1. 201

    Are you sure it's real? Jacob has long hair in the movie and he'd likely have long hair on the poster, too.

  2. 202

    OMG!!!! I love it!!!

  3. 203

    wow. wayyyy better then all the twilight posters
    they all look hella hot ;)

  4. 204

    DAMn Taylor Launter be looking hawt! LOL teenie moment!

  5. 205


  6. 206

    i think Kristen (bella) doesn't look too heart broken…she is supposed to be torn between them, it looks like she's hiding from Edward…goodness!!! =/

  7. 207

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  8. 208

    i swear, if bella's fucking mouth is hanging open all of this movie too, i will lose it.
    photoshop is amazing, Rob actually looks good in this picture.

  9. 209

    yes, robert/edward, yesssssssssssss.
    kristen/bella is a whore.
    taylor/jacob needs to move the hell out of the way :\

  10. 210

    Re: Robsessed – i read your blog! i'm a fan!!

  11. 211

    R-Pattz ! ……. swoon…….

  12. 212

    ahhh the poster makes it look like Bella wants Jacob

  13. 213

    i dont like it!! she should be in the middle. between the two of them. its just….not right.

  14. 214

    He looks like a fag.

  15. 215

    Isn't Jacob's hair suppose to be long? He needs to start growing it so the extensions to look so crappy!

  16. 216

    THAT IS AMAZING!!! I love it!!! soo excited about the movie coming out! bring on 6 months time!!!

  17. 217

    meh, it's alright.

  18. 218

    LOVE IT! New Moon is my fav book in the series. I can't wait for this movie!

  19. 219

    Kristen looks too old.
    I like the fan made one better…..where it looks as if Edward is about to go out into the center of town at noon.

  20. 220

    Rob looks soo sexy! I love it. I dont kno about taylor. i could do without him! but the poster looks nice!

  21. 221

    Kristen is gorgeous!! and rob is…well there are no words to describe how beautiful he is!

  22. 222

    FUCK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is sooooooooooo hottttttttt

  23. 223

    OMG! OMG! How exciting is this! Personally, I've seen better fan made ones but still OMG! YaY team EdWaRd!

  24. 224


  25. 225

    to all of those asking why taylor's hair is short in the picture-jacob cuts it right after he becomes a werewolf.

    and also it looks WAY better than the long hair

  26. 226

    wow!!!!!!!!! this poster is soooo hot! both Rob and Taylor are on fire. perez you are now out doing yourself with the Rob news and i thank you for it. please keep it coming. i cannot wait for New Moon. i will be watching the MTV awards just to see the clips!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. 227

    Re: Hoss Boss – No, he is not a fag!!! Behave! ;)

  28. 228

    whoop.whoop!!!..this would have been a better photo without taylor lautner in it..lol..sorry, i don't like him!!!..now i can't wait for the movie!!!!

  29. 229

    Would ahve been better if Edward was in the Background… you know, seeing as how the story is suppose to be about Bella and Jacob… Hopefully they don't get this movie wrong as well!! :-)

  30. 230

    LOVE it! although i think that it would've played into Bella being torn between Edward and Jacob if they had placed Kristen in the middle of Robert and Taylor.

  31. 231

    Poster DOESN'T Fit the BOOK at all. Jacob and Bella ARE FRIENDS not LOVERS. HATE it

  32. 232

    it looks soo BEAUTIFUL

  33. 233

    I'm glad rob's blocking those other two! They all look fine though. The movie's gonna suck though… edwards barely in it

  34. 234

    Its okay, at least Taylor Lautner doesn't have LONG HAIR like in Twilight.. That hair made him look like a cocker spaniel..

  35. 235

    Re: nutcracker – I'll try. but he still looks like a fag to me !!

  36. 236

    Rob is so yummy, as always. Can't wait for the movie.

  37. Caset says – reply to this


    I like it. I don't think they should have cut his hair.

  38. 238

    I love it!!!!

  39. 239

    OMG I love it. They look so good! I can't wait to see more!

  40. 240

    oooh, i like itt :)
    it kinda shows parts of the story,
    without actually telling anything.
    its intenseee.

  41. 241

    This looks awesome, so much passion in one picture! I am so excited for this movie.

  42. k-lee says – reply to this


    MEH. It's mediocre. The manips are so much better. Are u kidding me? And can they pick a less flattering photo of Robert?

  43. 243

    so…wow. How massive is Taylor Lautner?!? HOT!
    Kstew is TINY compared to those boys! Very nice touch with the creepy trees and stuff.
    can anyone say Love Triangle?

  44. 244

    ahhh OMG i LOVE IT!

  45. 245

    oh my gosh!!!!!! i love it!!!!!!!!! cannot wait for new moon 2 come out!!! i just wanna say i love rob!

  46. 246


  47. 247

    Re: loucards – i agree!!..i was thinking of the same thing too..it would make a lot more sense!!!

  48. Lo says – reply to this


    im not a fan of this poster, ive seen wayyyyy better ones made by fans.

  49. 249

    I'm not sure of the look on Bella's face. I think it's not quite right-too vacant. And what are they doing with Jacob"s hair? None the less, it is a really beautiful poster.

  50. 250


  51. 251

    i like the previous fan made ones better. my man, edward, sure does look fucking hot though.

  52. 252

    OMG that is a kickass poster.. All 3 look amazing!!

  53. 253

    Omg love it, robert pattinson looks soooo HOT.

  54. 254

    totally loved this !!! amazing rob looks YUM , Kristen looks so much better in this poster , the twi one was more photoshoped that this i bearly recognized Kstew but in this one she looks awesome and Taylor looks hot too

  55. 255

    NO NO NO!!!
    Why are they hell-bent on making Rob look like a clown with all that make-up, same goes for the Twilight posters. Taylor looks much better face-forward, the side shot is wrong. Despicable. The fan-made posters are MUCH MUCH BETTER.

  56. 256

    If it's real I love it!!!
    I'm a sucker for the guy who plays Emmett, but Robert looks hot here.

  57. 257

    The script was leaked as well, you know. >_>

  58. 258


  59. 259

    OMG! m soooooo excited..!!when will november come..! m dying to watch NEW Moon!!! Edward looks dashing like always.. love him soooooo much!

  60. 260

    I would love to be in the middle! Now that's hott!

  61. 261

    looks fake!

  62. 262

    taylor's arm looks wayyy darkk haha

  63. 263

    omg!!! im soo excited! i love love love iit!

  64. 264

    why is Jacob's hair short?

  65. 265

    Well Rob/Edward looks beautiful but this poster is just as lame as the movie/story.

  66. nh22 says – reply to this



  67. 267

    fuck twilight.

  68. 268

    omfgahhhh i like it. it depicts the theme of the book/movie very well. jacob in the middle of bella and edward. love ittt. cant wait to see :)

  69. 269

    oh and i looooovveee taylor! like really truely love him :)

  70. 270

    I remember going thorugh all this last yr and what a ride it was! this poster is only the beginning of the twilight fandom, I on the other hand was all wtf is up with Bella touching Jacob but they way I interpret it Jacob is "protecting" her form Edward but anyone who has read NM nows where it at! alos love the color of the postor and they all look hot even Kristen!

  71. 271

    Aww.. one look at the poster u know it’s favoritism on Edward!! He’s not even the main focus in New moon yet they show more of him rather than jake.. ouch. They shud put jake & bella in center front and Edward gripping his jealousy from behind instead. Evil me >.

  72. 272

    I LOVE IT! Put more up!

  73. 273

    Weak, really weak.
    i waited too much for this , and … ???
    Believe me i've seen fiercer posters for dora the explorer!!!

  74. 274

    her face is all wrong. Bella shouldn't wear that much make up IMO. She's supposed to be in emotional turmoil in this film, not sex pot mode.

  75. 275


  76. 276


  77. 277

    Omgosh!! aaahhh. yeeah!!!!!!!!

  78. 278

    omg yes yes yes yes yes yes yesss! FTW!

  79. 279

    Wow! Robert looks different. Still very hot. And Kristen still looks georgous. Cant wait to see the movie. I wonder if it will be closer to the book than the Twilight movie was. Hopefully.

  80. 280

    cheesey. i like the colors though.

  81. 281

    hate it misrepresents new moon…but kristen looks …can i just fuck her already!?!?

  82. 282

    thank GOD jacob has short hair in this, he looked like an idiot with long hair

  83. 283

    Horrible…..they look terrible! C'mon… you peeps can do so much better because they are all nice to look at!!

  84. 284

    looks like crap. this childrens franchise is terrible, anyone over the age of 18 that enjoys this franchise is a complete retard

  85. 285

    I LOVE IT!!! but mostly because i am ALL for jacob :)

  86. 286

    Is this a joke because this poster sucks!!

  87. 287

    I jizzed.
    Kristen looks fucking hot

  88. 288


  89. 289

    i love it!
    but how you know it's realy?
    & were's jacobs long hair?

    rob looks hot btw

  90. 290

    love it! hot Rob :D

  91. 291

    ummm….. kinda disappointed.

  92. 292

    In the book Jacob is like 6'7. They should have shot it so Taylor is alot taller then R-Patz

  93. 293

    Rob is Gorgeous,Taylor is photoshopped,Kisten looks stunning!
    In fact,TAYLOR IS NOT THAT TALL!!!!!

  94. 294


  95. 295


  96. 296

    yummmmmmmmy is all i have to say. robert looks so good.

  97. 297

    i love it! they all look great! it's much better than the twilight poster, idk what the people were thinking with that one.

  98. 298

    wow, all of them look really god, even kristin and i never liked her!!

  99. 299


  100. 300

    I freaking love it ! omgg they couldnt have taken a better picture!

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