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New Moon Poster Leaked!

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It's real!


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630 comments to “New Moon Poster Leaked!”

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  1. 301

    Brilliant, bring it on….

  2. 302

    she should have been btween the two.. but hott

  3. 303


  4. n7of9 says – reply to this


    jacob = yuk

  5. 305

    I like the poster, maybe after the movie comes out people will now know that Native Americans still exist.

  6. 306

    i loveeee it and robert looks delicious

  7. 307

    ok… ridiculous

  8. 308

    Love it

  9. 309

    looks like some fan made poster

  10. 310

    omg i love it love it love it!!! now i just cant wait for the movie to move out!!!!!

  11. 311

    Re: aimee88 – yeah i agree….she looks too fierce…she needs to look depressed and desperate hahahaha

  12. 312

    rpattz is a tool

  13. 313

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. 314

    It looks great, but they should have made Jacob look buffer!

  15. 315

    Like it, love it, wanna eat it!! Edward and Jake look hot!!!

  16. 316

    I love this poster! Yay sooooo excited!

  17. 317

    ew, why the hell is edward still in front?
    die die die

  18. 318

    Yay for new moon…and yay for rob!!!!

  19. 319

    omg luv it but isn't jacob ment to have long hair cause in this he has short hair

  20. 320

    they look so hot!

  21. 321

    Super hot. I love how Rob looks here. Kristen looks dead, as usual; why does she always have her mouth open? Taylor, well, I don't really pay attention to him because he's jailbait but he looks cute– not goregous (like Rob) but cute. I'm 22 years old and I cannot believe how much I like this whole Twilight thing! Ha, ha. Makes me feel like I'm 12 again, how sad!

    Anywho, Rob whenever you're tired of screaming 14 year olds, give me a call. I'm legal. ;-)

  22. 322

    wow thats so cool, loving the way jacobs holding bella back from edward. the designers know the story well

  23. 323

    Heavily photo shopped but in a good way. Kristen looks beautiful and her character's serious self. I noticed they're all wearing the Cullen insignia jewelry. Even Kristen's wearing the saint bracelet she wore throughout Twilight. Jacob cuts his hair in New Moon - so the poster is correct w/ the book. Thanks Perez, for bringing all the Twilight hype up and front for us Twilight nerds. Tres Magnifique!

  24. 324

    These characters are much more visually appetizing than Harry, Ron and Hermoine. Lol! ;)

  25. 325

    Take out the girl and the poster would look A LOT better.
    They couldn't get a better photo of her? She looks hideous… not surprising.

  26. 326

    Robert looks TO DIE FOR! :)

  27. 327

    why the fuck is rob in front? do they think people dont like taylor or something?

  28. 328


  29. 329


  30. 330

    I love it, they all look so great, specially Kristen.

    and Jacob is meant to have short hair in this if you actually even read the books you would know, he cuts it

    cant wait for the mtv awards to see some clips

  31. 331

    I loove it.
    And i love Jacob :)

  32. 332


  33. 333

    AHHHHH I LOVE IT!!!! Come on bring me the movie God dammit haha! Ah well guess I need to be patient! Can't wait to see it!! Gah Rob is such a stud!!! YUM

  34. 334

    That may be the hottest thing I've ever seen.

  35. 335

    Love it. Loooove it. LOOOOOVEEEEEEEEEEE IT ! Its so good !

  36. 336

    Wohooo even looking at the poster gets me excited ahhahah!!!

  37. 337

    Hate this whole Twilight obsession….but that is a damn good poster.

  38. 338

    as if you wouldnt choose rpattz lol
    cant wait!

  39. 339

    They nailed it!

  40. 340

    I think Taylor (Jacob) is trying too hard to look tough. It looks too posed it's ridiculous. Hopefully the movie is better. At least Rpatz look very hot. Can't wait for this movie!

  41. 341

    kristen and rob look so fine, taylor get out of there

  42. 342

    Firstly, no way is Lautner that tall. Secondly, I haven't read the books but isn't Bella supposed to be sad and devastated in the 2nd one? Cos she doesn't look that way in the poster. Thirdly, RPattz looks hot…as always.

  43. 343


  44. 344

    Oh my . . Taylor (Jacob) is banging in this poster! Yaaaay I can't wait to see da movie.

  45. 345

    This time Kristen no thrashing your head okay? Stop smoking weed and maybe you won't look so blank all the time…..and lips over the teeth…no no, don't let your jaw hang …mouth shut….mouth shut…you can do it girl

  46. 346

    oh, I luv it. It really does go with the story line.

  47. 347

    gorgeous!!!!!SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!! robert is perfect as always!!

  48. 348

    Its amazing!! Edward looks fiiiinnnneeeee…..Bella looks great!No Tag line though??/Bummer…

  49. 349

    That looks awesome! Only Bella and Jacob aren't that intimate in NM, it's Eclipse that they start getting a little more. I doubt she'd be holding onto him like that.

  50. 350


  51. 351

    Kirsten should be in the middle!

  52. 352

    it's very cool

  53. 353

    oh wow i love it rob looks unbelivable so handsome and kristen and tayler look stunning aswell :)

  54. 354

    wow, they made kristen look good. shouldve done THAT in the first movie.

  55. 355

    I know New Moon is the 'angsty' one, but seriously??? And what's wrong with Kristen Stewart's face??!!

  56. 356

    I don't believe it's real… And if it is: I hope they will do better in the movie…

    For all those people wondering why Jacob has short hair: read the book!

  57. 357

    Ahhhh love it… Can't wait to see it…

  58. 358

    Rob is totally hott but I thought they could have done better…

  59. 359

    I'm sorry. I know I'm being pessimistic but they could have done alot better considering the income of that movie. It just looks completely photoshopped

  60. 360

    Love it..can't wait for this movie…the book made me crazy..I was all "where is Edwardddddddd?????" They said he will be in the movie a lot though because he was always in the back of Bella's mind. I always love the star-crossed lovers thing.

  61. 361

    Its a great pic… you better get the clip of new moon from the mtv awards perez!

  62. 362

    Now Kristen's portraying bella as an emo goth preteen wearing too much makeup and Rob in general kinda looks like he's lost. And Taylor, God bless his heart, looks like he's trying a little too hard

  63. 363

    Looks awesum!

  64. 364

    too photoshopped….look at jacobs hand

  65. 365

    i can't wait!

  66. 366

    I love it……Robert looks HOT…..actually they all look pretty good!

  67. 367

    It actually looks quite amazing. Way better then what I thought it was going to be. And it looks like they will stay true to the book. Which I was scared of, because come on Edward is only in 1/4 of the freaking book…..

  68. 368

    Oh this is so exciting!!

  69. 369

    I think they have done this very well
    reading all the books it definatly shows the tension between edward and jacob
    they all look really good
    cant wait to see the outcome :)

  70. 370

    ahh so exciting and of coarse the poster would be all about edward when hes not in the book like at tall! LOVE IT!!

  71. 371

    i expected more to be honest

  72. 372

    Thoughts - Why the heck do people like Robert Pattinson. Just look at him in this photo! EW!

  73. 373

    I LOVE IT!!! Both Rob and Taylor looks super HOT!!!

  74. 374

    I Have to say Hot Hot and more Hot!!!

  75. 375

    wow OMG love it!! =)

  76. 376

    q xaxi!!! weno a mi no m gusta…….

    aber si sale sta peli mejor!!! ^^

  77. 377


  78. 378

    I HATE it

  79. 379

    the poster totally represents the book ;0 cant wait to see it

  80. 380

    A little to photoshopped for me…..Rob's hand looks weird and unreal. And I know they couldn't do a real 'new moon' but the sun/moon in the background looks like a crescent!!!!!! Wth??????

  81. 381

    Oh, I see that they are trying to make the moon look like it is being eclipsed, but that is the next movie.

  82. 382

    sloppy, imho. Rob, Taylor and Kristen faces are great….and I like the juxtaposition, but wish I like the 'fake' poster better.

  83. 383

    Yes, Yes, yes……….I love it!

  84. 384

    i hate to say it but im obsesseddd and am totally counting down the days til the movie. =)

  85. 385

    It's much better than the Twilight posters…….they all look good….especially R-Pattz!

  86. 386

    Re: AbbyRoad – We don't. Taylor is a punk bitch.

  87. 387

    it's great!

    Love it!


  88. 388

    3some for me!!!!!! How could that BITCH cheat on my man like that? Me & Rob are meant to be.

  89. 389

    HAWT too the 100th degree. Is is bad that I think a 17 year old looks yummy enough to eat?? Guess I'm going to HELL!!!

  90. Ne says – reply to this


    When Taylor turns 18.OMG. He is so cute.

  91. 391

    Re: edwardnbella4eva09 – "Sound really stupid." You have got to be kidding me. Those books SUCK! And Meyer should be embarassed publishing a book with typos in it. How professional is that? I read some of this shit, but it was so boring and lame I couldn't finish it. It read like a comic book or something. IMO the movie is 100 times better than those lame books. Meyer's writing sux donkey dick and as an English major she should really be embarassed. Hire a fucking editor for crissakes. Lord knows she got lucky and is rolling in dough now; it's the least she could do.

  92. 392

    grrr jacob just ruins it.

  93. 393

    Bella looks fairly "empty" doesn't she?

  94. 394

    You see Perez…….if you give us R-pattz we will come…..more news and pictures………

  95. 395

    won't see this one either

  96. 396

    Kinda cheesy. But whatever I'm gonna love it anyway.

  97. 397

    Love it! but bella should've been in the middle of the guys…

  98. 398

    Robert looks so sexy!!!

  99. 399

    SOOOO HOT! Wow, they made Jacob look delish, wasn't too hot in the first movie. I cannot freakin wait until Nov!!! Love this poster!

  100. kbaez says – reply to this


    it might be real… but who knows there are all kind of fake stuff outthere, but it looks great, the grafics and actors look like it kight be the real one or at least one of them…

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