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New Moon Poster Leaked!

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It's real!


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630 comments to “New Moon Poster Leaked!”

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  1. 401


  2. 402

    wow datz put a smile on my face 2 day sooo early in da morning …… yummmmmmmmmmmmy damn i wish i had rpatz in front i would sooo jump on da in a heart beat

  3. 403

    what is up with kristen stewarts face? it's like the only expression she has in every poster.

  4. 404

    i am kind of in love with it!

  5. 405

    dazzling. can't wait

  6. 406

    Personally I think it's a little crappy. It seems like it's some low-budget photoshoot, that some crazed fan got to have…just not that good of a representation of a multi-million dollar franchise/movie.

  7. 407

    Taylor seems to be photshopped to look as tall as RPATTZ,that's ridiculous!

  8. 408

    Aaaw! I'm so loking forward to watching that :D The books rule! But watching Pattinson isn't that bad either ;) :P

  9. 409

    Taylor's looking miiiiighty fine….and Kristen still looks like a spoiled little shit.

  10. 410

    Too Dawsons Creek-ish for my taste.

  11. nci87 says – reply to this


    omg i love the poster. rob looks soooo hot!! :)

  12. 412

    Kristen looks soooo hot!

  13. 413

    I love it robert looks like Edward again thank you lord! Jacob looks good too so much better with the short hair! Kristen does look really good but idk she's wearing a lot of make-up for being Bella.

  14. 414

    fucking amazing

  15. 415

    love it!!!!=)

  16. 416

    Thank goodness Jacob gets a haircut!

  17. 417

    its great!! its not super creepy like most of the twilight posters

  18. 418

    OMG! This is so HOTT! Edward looks damn good!

  19. 419

    I LOVE IT!!!!!

  20. 420

    Duh it's not real.

    But Jacob does cut his hair in the movie so maybe it is.

    I would have expected a lot better from such a big budget movie.

  21. 421

    Re: CherryJubilee – in the book jacob and his pack start sporting shorter hair.

  22. 422

    I dont think that i can be the real one. Possibly because of the fact that in the movie "Jacob" (aka: Taylor Lautner) has long hair, however in the poster, he doesn't.

  23. 423

    its guna be fucking HAWT. x

  24. KB350 says – reply to this


    "Jacob" should be taller though…

  25. Ditte says – reply to this



  26. 426

    i think some of the fan made posters were better, i agree with most people on the other blogs, that this is more towards "eclipse" and new moon's poster should have been waaaaaaaaay different, yes both a pattinson and lautner look good, but kristen's face is absent/vacant and this just doesnt feel like a "new moon" poster, it completely goes to the opposite end of the spectrum when your really dealing with the book. i am less-than- impressed.

  27. 427

    I'm not sure how I feel about it. I don't really like K Stew anyways, but I think she should look more vulnerable and needy. Bella's life was pretty much shattered she should be holding on to Jacob for dear life because she needs him to make herself feel better. I think she needs to have her hand on his arm with purpose instead of looking like someone told her to just place her hand there.

  28. 428

    I completely love it!!! FANTASTICO!!!!!

  29. 429

    Bella doesn't look right, but Edward and Jacob look perfect in this shot!

  30. 430

    Yeah, i might just wait for this to come out on DVD. I think Emily Browning would have been a better Bella. Kristen…find a new damn expression!

  31. 431

    O.o RPatz is seriously fit…. :D

  32. 432

    1. Bella should look more vunerable than she does here.
    2. Too much chemistry between her & Jacob (mainly 1 sided until Eclipse.)
    3. EDWARD = HOT.

  33. 433

    LOL Im glad they cut his hair cause that wig was a mess!

  34. 434

    if only he wasn't 17! lol

    kristin looks fab!

  35. 435

    very good! It's very appropriate :) they all look great too!

  36. HMG28 says – reply to this


    I am in my 30's and excited for this!!!! The poster is GREAT!!!!

  37. 437

    I think they could have done way better than that!!!

  38. LFC#9 says – reply to this


    Re: CherryJubilee – he looses it when he turns into the werewolf… it will be there in the beginning of the movie

  39. 439

    my thoughts is that its awsome soo buyiing it.

  40. LFC#9 says – reply to this


    Re: ShaynaLynn – he looses it when he turns into the werewolf

  41. 441


  42. 442

    SooOoOooOoOoOoO Pumped…looks fantastic

  43. 443

    Love it! Love it! :D

  44. 444


  45. 445

    I agree that Bella should stand in the middle, but for the rest it looks good!

  46. 446

    Re: amylynn – lol - I agree with you…too old and still I love it…

  47. BB says – reply to this


    WAUW.. jezus.. I neeed to see the movie

  48. 448

    team edward all the effing way!

  49. 449


  50. 450

    I think it looks great and of course Robert looks totally hot!!

  51. 451

    yummyyyyyy :) (L)

  52. 452


  53. 453

    I like that! Way better then Twilights for sure (:

  54. 454

    I don't really care for it.

    Kristen has on way too much makeup but overall the idea of it is kinda neat.

  55. 455

    Jacob get the hell out of the way Bella needs her Edward dam it!!!

  56. Kate1 says – reply to this


    The only thing I like about this is Rob Pattinson!

    Jacob is supposed to go from being 6 foot 3 inches to 6 foot 5 inches, and yet Rob in all his glory is still taller then him?

    whatever, the poster looks amazing, and I cant wait to see the clip of the movie at the MTV movie awards!!

  57. 457

    thats Seeeeeeeeexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxy.
    I would love to be her in that picture!!!!

  58. 458

    That's hot!

  59. 459


  60. 460

    Well, I'm a huge TWILIGHT SAGA fan but I soooooo hate this poster and I really hope it's not real… Come on, it looks so cheesy! It's like if someone had grabbed a couple of pics from Robert, Taylor and Kristen and just put them together with some photoshop background… The posters from TWILIGHT were waaaaaaay much better, come on people, take Potter's posters and banners as an example, they are truly dark and artistic. Well I hope to see better artwork next time… I'm sure there's gonna be a Dakota/Jane poster and I'm praying so they won't mess it up. Please, use your imagination for God's sake!

  61. Hobbz says – reply to this


    taylor is soo hott>3

  62. 462

    All of them are hot! but the photo is like a bad cover of a Mexican telenovela!

  63. 463

    OMGaaawwwww!!! Robert looks DELICIOUS! ;)

  64. 464

    y in the hell is taylor in the middle of them!?

  65. 465

    the poster looks good now i just hope that the second movie is better than the first.

  66. sofi says – reply to this


    Think they could have left little manshe-Kstew out…the men look fierce enough~sigh.

  67. 467

    omg. taylor lautner looks FINE.

  68. 468


  69. 469

    dammmn.. u can feel the tension! cant wait :)

  70. 470

    It's ok. Now if Kristen Stewart wasn't in it; it'd be perfect! lol.

  71. 471

    I think it's better than the twilight one. It's not epic, but it's cool.

  72. 472

    Wow Kristen looks great in this poster. Don't like her so close to Taylor. And Rob is as hot as always

  73. 473

    It's crap.

  74. 474


  75. 475


  76. 476

    I like it. Especially because Taylor no longer is required to wear the wig! ^_^ He looks amazing in this and Robert actually looks good.

  77. 477

    Taylor looks hothothot.

  78. 478

    ahhh I love this, but dont love that Bella's by Jacob…

  79. 479

    Re: OxfordChique – Maybe if you read the books you would no

  80. 480

    Uuuuhhh Where is Jacobs long hair? But other than that, I think it looks great. ♥. Can't wait for November 20th. Drinks and Twilight =]

  81. 481

    OMG how could they not have plucked robert pattinson's eyebrows!? this is what I was worried about, new director = continuity errors! well looks like we will just have to wait till those sneak peaks come out… :/

  82. 482


  83. 483

    i love it i hope they dress kristen better in new moon then they did in twilight

  84. 484

    Robert is Yummy

  85. 485

    They should have never picked Kristen for that part, she is just not pretty enough and from that MAJOR photoshopping it's obvious they realize that too…

  86. 486

    That's Right Edward!! Sharkboy has entered the Pond!!

  87. 487

    I LOOOOOVES IT!!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT….!!!!!!!!!!

  88. 488

    Hope it is much better than the first.. can't wait.. love the books and patterson of course!!

  89. 489

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. 490

    jacob/taylor looks delish! look at those muscles!

  91. 491

    omg. they all look amazing. can't wait for the movie!

  92. 492

    AMAZING.Personaly I think Kristin should of looked …not so god.I mean in all the books she says how she is always a mess and this is the poster for New Moon and in New Moon she is even more careless about the way she looks and she is in deep pain and literaly going insane.I think she should look pretty but a bit of a mess and there should be a bit of pain in her face.

  93. 493

    I still LOVE this poster.I can't wait for the movie. :D :

  94. 494

    Fuckin Awesome!!!

  95. 495

    ok so at first i really didn't like it because edward has a messed up hand , jacob has a weird hairy arm and bella totally looks fake !and no i will not change the way i think about that ! goodness ! the only good thing about this is the scenery !

  96. 496


  97. 497


  98. 498

    Twilight obsession is fucking disturbing to me…

    But if you gals are sooooooooooooooo excited…

    What can i do? enjoy :P

  99. 499

    sexy poster! loves it!!!

  100. 500

    Oh my gosh, TOTALLY loving it!!!!! Robert Pattison looks absolutely delicious!!!!

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