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New Moon Poster Leaked!

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It's real!


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630 comments to “New Moon Poster Leaked!”

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  1. 501

    hot stuff:) rob looks yummy.

  2. 502

    absolutely love it!! :D taylor looks effin sexy!! so does rob!!

  3. 503

    OMJ i cant wait 4 the movie! Its gunna be really depressing…not the most "feel-good movie" of this year

  4. 504

    omg omg omg !!!! IM SOO EXCITED!!!!

  5. 505

    gosh.. I love Taylor.. (:
    i like it!.. the poster and rob..
    Taylor.. well I love him!!!!
    can't wait to see the movie!

  6. 506

    GOO JACOB!!:)

  7. 507

    I can't wait till the movie comes out! :D

  8. 508

    i don't like it! it seems more of an eclipse poster with the whole love triangle. even in summaries they mention love triangles but it doesnt really happen like that till eclipse. like it sort of does but not that much! i think the poster could be MUCH better. like with the volturri involved

  9. 509

    omfg taylor looks hot edward to!!!!!!!!! BELLA….eh

  10. TASI says – reply to this


    Rob's hot and all… But, Taylor could totally pick both of them up. Over his head. At the same time. With his stomach! Go Team Edward!

  11. 511

    wooow even for photoshop and everything, is kristen stewart really that dinky? Maybe its just the two skyscrapers next to her!

  12. 512

    yummy robert pattinson and taylor look so hot but the people who havent read the books are probably CONFUSED right now!!

  13. 513

    pretty cool

  14. 514

    it's really good!
    makes me super excited for the movie!

  15. 515

    The poster is hot as hell, Kristen is her normal dull self! Rob is HOT as always and Taylor seems irate which is awesome!

  16. 516

    not sure i like edward in this .. . . . …

  17. 517

    Kristin should have looked more vulnerable and distraught, you know? I like it though, gives the overall feel of the movie across… :)

  18. 518

    I don't like it that much, she looks like a total bitch.The boys are hot, but it's a weird poster, not really what I was expecting

  19. 519

    my thoughts are……scandalous! i love the whole jacob comming between bella and edward (in my opinion, woohoo)

  20. 520

    I always liked Jacob better as her lover in the books, and I like him better than R-Patz here too! Can't wait to see Bella as a vampire in Eclipse…..le sigh I'll have to wait a couple films yet.

  21. 521

    robert is amazing! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. and that's saying something, considering that im a jacob fan! look at that jaw and the taut in his neck. jeebus, the man is perfection

  22. 522

    ewww look at the whore…(kristen)

  23. 523

    This is amazing!!

  24. 524

    it looks better than the twilight poster…that one sucked.

  25. 525

    omgggggggggggggg rob looks hotttt!!!!!!!!!!!!! taylor looks hottttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. 526

    UGHHH i just wanna rape the guy in the front! Rob is soooo hot !!

  27. 527


  28. 528

    this picture is perfect to the book. describes everything in one photo! looooooovvvvvvveeeeeeee it!!!

  29. 529

    sexy rob

  30. 530

    Even though I hate that bitch…K-stew looks sexy in this poster. She looks more grown up. Its too photoshopped tho :/

  31. 531

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i cannot wait for the movie…i have read all the books! i cant wait to see ALL the movies.!!!!

  32. 532

    it is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. 533

    Hot! Hot! Hot!

  34. 534

    looks hot! Taylor looks a bit hotter than Rob… lucky Selena Gomez for being with him. First she gets Nick Jonas now Taylor Lautner (though they are kinda jailbait for me for a few years!)

  35. 535

    oh god can't wait!!!!!!!!!!

  36. 536

    love kristin and taylor but edward should have been further away from them, hes not the main character in the book and his positioning in the picture is too envolved, covering the other two too much, he should have been overlooking them, not covering them, but its still hot!!

  37. 537

    Its flucking awesome!

  38. 538


  39. 539

    oh, wow. that's really cool!

  40. 540

    love it! jacob is hot!!

  41. 541

    Love it! sooo excited, cant wait for the film to come out!

  42. 542

    this makes me excited for the movie and Taylor looks like a god!

  43. 543

    mmmmmm… sexy sexy sexy :Q

  44. 544

    Is it me or am i the only one who thinks r-pat is ugly….idk but taylor looks hot!! and so does bella….but aime88 if you read the book bella is trying to be really hardcore and a strong women

  45. 545

    fucking right

  46. 546

    Eh, so-so–looks forced and Photoshopped. The silver lining is I finally figured out who Kristen Stewart resembles: Lisa Maria Presley! Man, that was bugging me.

  47. 547

    6 months baby

  48. 548

    They all suck ASS!

  49. 549

    omg y is she wit him n not edward?

  50. 550

    Thats one of Kristen's better shots and she doesn't have many of them…. over all, I like it better than Twilights poster

  51. 551


  52. 552

    how can somebody like this shitty poster ???
    there are some pretty good and exellent fake posters just go to flikr!!!!!
    honestly i do not care for it but at least its better than the one for the first movie -_-.

  53. 553

    is it me or am i the only girl in the world who thinks rob pat. is ugly……taylor is hot but deff not rob…..comment back if u agree

  54. 554

    its awsome!! the first official newmoon poster!! rob looks amazing!!

  55. 555

    yay so gay!

  56. 556

    Needs to be redone. Too photoshopped and bright. We're talking about the darkest point in the series! Also what happened to the curly Bella hair? At least Rob is pale enough to seem vampire-ish.

  57. 557

    Also I am glad they had the sense to readjust Taylor so it seems like he is as tall as Rob now.

  58. 558

    omg taylor lautner is soooo hotttt!

  59. 559

    wow, kristen doesnt look like a man for once. they photoshopped teh hell out of them all tho, esp kristen. she needs it.

  60. 560


  61. 561


  62. 562

    I love this!

  63. 563

    OMG! Taylor look soo hot!

  64. 564


  65. 565

    arh.. Doesnt matter who you love… look at the poster.. real people who have read the book would notice the fact that R-pats has taken over half the page not to mention hes at the front.. and hes not even in half the book.. he's in a total of 5 chapters give or take. And why the hell does jacob have short hair now. Personally i would like to say the twilight movie was a crap analysis of the book. I'm hoping for somthing better from new moon, but by the looks of it, they've stuffed it up again.

  66. 566

    like it tho…just looks bit fake…would be better if they made the background a bit more real/natural…and the people less photoshopped and pasted on like…a kindergarten could probably cut and paste and make a poster like that!!

  67. 567

    From a design perspective its great except i can't understand why "edward" is the main focus of the poster when he clearly isnt in the book. I also think "bella" would be better suited in between the boys? oh those marketing tricks. tsk tsk.

  68. pippo says – reply to this


    cool!!!!!!!!!!!it will be super cool….awww can't wait to watch it……….edwardM

  69. 569

    OMFG i LOVE IT look at Taylor's ARMS HOT… Robert is the sexiest person eva! Kristen's is so FREAKING pretty AHHHHHHH i love it!!!

  70. 570


  71. 571

    Can't wait to see it! Poster is fantastic!

  72. 572


  73. 573


  74. 574

    sooo excited :)

  75. auds says – reply to this


    Poor Robert is so ugly he ruins Edward… Team Jacob all the way!!!

  76. 576

    Hello?!? Where are the true New Moon fans?! Jake is meant to be well over 6ft by now!! Not 3 inches shorter than Edward!! Such a disappointment

  77. 577

    i love it!!

    Especially Rpatz i love his expression and the way his hand clenches when hes next to Taylor just how it is described in the book =]

  78. 578

    Re: auds – WTF!?$
    you're blind?hum!
    Taylor is ugly and fugly, plus he's gross and arrogant

  79. 579

    HOTNESS!!!!! IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!

  80. 580

    I'm soooo excited for the movie! New Moon was my favorite of the series:) Not sure if I'm too hot about the movie poster….hu?

  81. 581

    thats looks awesome

  82. 582

    the movie is going to kill the book!
    just like the first one!!!

    cant wait though to see it!

  83. 583

    AMAZING,, they all look really good!
    Boys more than kristen,, but thats obvious!
    love it perez!

  84. 584

    wow amazing, it looks perfect.

  85. 585

    Totally disregards the whole point of the book..

    Edward should be in the back, Bella should look UPSET, and it should be darker… hello- NEW MOON.

  86. 586

    LOve it!!! Bella needs to be by Edward tho!!!! He looks delish delish yum yum!!!

  87. Norig says – reply to this



  88. 588


  89. 589

    Taylor Lautner looks weird in this picture but he still is cutee,he is better with spiky hair! Robert Pattinson look fineee. {drop dead gorgeous}

  90. 590

    Love it Rob is totally frikin hot!!! This is great. can't wait for the movie to come out.

  91. 591

    um yeah… here's my thought
    fuckin delishus!
    - Excuse My French

  92. 592

    God Robert Pattinson looks freakin sexy as hell!!!

  93. 593


  94. 594

    HOLY FUCKEN SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CANT WAIT.
    kristen is so hot. …. so is taylor… and robert… everyone is!!!

  95. 595

  96. 596

    So Sexy Im drooling just looking at this hard to believe taylor is just a kid

  97. 597

    taylor laughtner. will you marry mee ??

  98. 598

    DAMN Taylor Launter and Robert Pattinson look SOOOOOO SEXII OMG

  99. 599

    am i the only girl in the world that thins rob patt. is ugly

  100. 600

    loveee ittt.
    robert and taylor look delishh. and kristen looks so hot. SOO EXCITEDDD

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