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New Moon Poster Leaked!

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It's real!


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630 comments to “New Moon Poster Leaked!”

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  1. 601

    wow i cannot wait. i need to read new moon first. thanks perez.who leaked it?

  2. 602

    i like it, goes w/ the book very well

  3. 603

    i love itt!

  4. 604

    for people who LIKE twilight, this just explians the whole book right here.

  5. 605

    i don't like it, everyone looks great but the design sucks

  6. 606

    I like it :) Just i can see pple saying .. why is jacobs hair short? :P haha and Robs hair looks a lil shorter :P but still looking HAWT ;)

  7. 607

    loves it!

  8. 608

    Edward!! bite me!! please!! ;-)

  9. 609

    if you read the books, jacob cuts his hair off when he joins the pack, thats why its short
    pattz looks mm mm mmmm good
    and i agree, kristen stweart is NOT how i pictured bella AT ALL. too….. funkly looking
    oh well, still cant wait for the movie!!

  10. 610

    I think Rob is so hot. I am not going to go as far as to say I Love the guy, cause well I don't know him. But he is very talented. And hell if I ever met him I would not hessitate to show him some of my hidden talents!!! LOL
    Poster looks great by the way.

  11. 611

    Ohhhh wow I LOVE it!!! I can't wait until it comes out…..I'm going to see it the SAME day it comes out!!

  12. 612

    I love it.
    But I think that
    Bella should have been
    in the middle.

  13. 613

    I loooooove thiss : ) it's amaziing !!!!
    ilyrobertpattinson ♥
    hes sooo hot
    can't wait for the movie!!

  14. Ana! says – reply to this


    Omg i really love it! This is the best!

  15. 615

    isn't jacob suppose to be way taller than edward? well, i LOVED the book so if they stick to it i know it'll be a hit! idk why i cried when he left her… before he showed up i liked that she was with jacob…. haha is she doesnt want him.. i will :P haha wow how pathetic am i?!!!! ugh diluting myself over fictional characters! =/ anyways i love the poster. kristen is not what i imagined for bella and the chemistry between them is amazing but she is an amazing actress so she made it possible!

  16. 616

    Re: ShaynaLynn – but in the book…jacob cut his hair…after he became a werewolf! i've read it! :]

  17. 617

    btw, robpatz is hawt! hahaaaha!!! :) ) oh! & taylor too! hahaa!! :p

  18. 618

    OMG !!!!
    this looks welll good
    im dieing to see the film now

  19. 619

    hate taylor so im glad rob is in front…can we puh leez just take jacob out of the movie???

  20. 620

    obviously fake….kirsten looks too untwilighted and and she is too focused on the camera (like she wants to laugh)…d eyes…….think photo is too hot for he title..new moon

  21. 621

    HOT. I LIKE.

  22. 622

    i like the whole idea of having bella behind jacob because he is a really strong part of her recovery in the book/film but it's too photoshopped and edited. you can tell they've been placed in the forest by computer. there's the forest and then there's 3 bodies on top of it. it should look like they're actually standing in the forest esp cos the forest is where bella has her break down when eddy leaves. but i definitely like the positioning of the 3- jacob sort of protecting bella and bella's hand on jake and how edward is looking at them with a trying not to care look.

  23. 623

    omg!!!! its soooooo perfect!!!!! i seriously cant wait 4 the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

  24. 624

    new moon
    raising the bars :D

  25. 625


  26. 626


  27. 627

    kristen looks very woman not so girlish like in twilight

  28. 628

    OHH!!!i cant wait till NEW MOON comes out and Taylor lautner is so fine!!!!!!!!yummy!!!!!!!

  29. 629

    it looks soooo photoshopped. you can tell the photo of the forest has been taken without them actually being in the forest while the pic was taken and that they've then been dragged onto the backdrop by computer. grr.

    but i do like the stance/positioning of the three of them. how jacob is sort of protecting bella, as he is a huge part of her recovery in the book/film, and how she has her hand on him like she needs the support. and how rob's looking like he isn't dying inside for leaving her *behind* literally she's standing behind him but as in leaving her behind alone as he does in the book, knowing she's going to break down.

    ah i can't wait for the film. hope it's as good as the 1st. i think the reason it was so good is because of catherine hardwicke. she's used to doing very intense, emotional films that stay with you a long time after you see them, eg. thirteen. i mean sorry but what do boys know about love, and the director this time around is a guy. it better not be all action and no deep passionate love.

  30. 630

    Jacob is SEXYNESS!!! he is way hotter than Edward!!

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