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Footloose Frontman Confirmed!!!!!

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There has been a lot of speculation and rumor about who will be cast as in the remake of Footloose after Zac Efron, who was attached to star in the movie, dropped out. Well, ponder no more, at least about the leading man!

Pararmount, which is producing the movie, confirms exclusively to PerezHilton.com that it will be none other then Gossip Girl's Chace Crawford!!!

Crawford will be reprising Kevin Bacon's famous role of Ren and Kenny Ortega, the man behind all the High School Musical films, will be directing!

Good choice people! We approve!

But what of the leading lady?

Well, Kenny Ortega may be dipping back into the Disney tween pool for that.

New reports claim that Miley Cyrus is the latest little lady to be considered for the part. That puts her in the running with starlets like Hayden Panettiere, Amanda Bynes and Dancing With the Stars pro Julianne Hough.

Now that we know who's the star, who would U like to see as his love interest?

[Image via AP Images.]

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132 comments to “Footloose Frontman Confirmed!!!!!”

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  1. 1

    MILEY should be the leading lady…they'd make a cute couple and she's pretty awesome

  2. 2

    Julianne Hough!!!

  3. 3

    jullianne hough!!!

    any of the disney girls would make it too cheesey.

  4. 4

    Anybody but Miley, please?

  5. 5

    Amanda Bynes or Julianne Hough, both would be cute as Ariel :)

  6. 6

    He is gay. It is known.

  7. 7

    Forget them! Cast me!

  8. 8

    Julianne Hough definitely.

  9. 9

    not miley.

  10. Wassy says – reply to this


    Sorry love Miley Cyrus but she is too young

  11. 11

    please nooooooooo miley!

  12. 12

    nooooooo miley

  13. 13

    FUCKKKKKKKKKK YES!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SOOO HAPPY! A GAY TEENS HEAVEN… A MUSICAL AND CHASE CRAWFORD ALL IN ONE MOVIE! sorry for the caps, but im uberexited. i hope they cast miley. shes kool. or maybe they can cast matt dallas? wouldnt that be HAWTT?

  14. 14

    you know who id think would look great next to Chase but she is 26 compared to him being 23 is Sophia Bush. She would be good as the leady lady. She is a wonderful actress and i dont like any of the three and picking a disney person would make the movie suck. They could always pick Taylor Swift. That be cute too

  15. 15


  16. 16


  17. 17

    Julianne Hough would be a good pick! She can dance unlike the other "considerations" but can she act…

  18. KingD says – reply to this


    Amanda Bynes or Julianne out of those names, but personally I'd love to see Brittany Snow.

  19. 19

    Miley. And Billy Ray in John Lithgow's role.

  20. 20

    Lindsay Lohan? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. 21

    I think it should be Amanda Bynes!

  22. 22

    amanda bynes or julianne hough…anybody but miley–she is so overexposed right now…needs to go chill out somewhere and back off the media, etc

  23. 23

    Amanda would be fun. Don't know if she'd be interested in doing it, though.

    But on the other hand, anyone's fine except Miley! NOOOO MILEY PLEASE!

  24. 24

    Amanda bynes i think would have awesome chemistry with Chace Crawford :)

  25. 25

    all the way!

  26. 26

    MEGAN FOX !!!!

  27. 27

    I love it !!! Can't wait to watch that movie now that is chace there ;-)

  28. 28

    I think it would be cool to see Julianne in the part. I want to see how she acts. I know she can sing and dance so that would be good, but I don't know she might be too pretty for the part.

  29. kpo says – reply to this


    amanda bynes didnt even impress me in her role in hairspray, she needs to do comedy.
    i think hayden and miley would be cute, but we all know julianne has got the dancing body! haha im sure it will turn out fantastic!

  30. 30

    WAYYYY better than Zac…

    now they better not mess the movie up by putting MILEY as the lead!!!!!!!

  31. 31

    but he has two left feet

  32. 32

    they should cast emmy rossum… she's cute, she sings and she can actually act, something the others lack

  33. 33

    As long as its not Hayden I don't care.

  34. Jenmo says – reply to this


    I can't believe they are remaking this movie. It will never be able to touch the original.

  35. 35

    Re: htownboy



  36. k-lee says – reply to this


    Miley Cyrus? FK no.

  37. 37

    ME ME ME ME ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. 38

    Amanda Bynes cause that chic is funny

  39. 39

    Please god NOT miley!! NONO NOOOOO. And no to Amanda Bynes, shes cute but shes so goofy and in lame movies. I like Hayden for the role. But please NOT MILEY!

  40. 40

    amanda bynes!! deff not miley cyrus

  41. 41

    Amanda Bynes!!!!!

    She is great with nothing really going on and she deserves the opportunity to be the star she was born to be.

  42. 42

    julianne hough for sure!!!

  43. 43

    Ed Westwick. :P

  44. 44

    I'd like to see myself as his love interest, but not necessarily in the movie. In real life's ok too. :p

  45. 45

    I would like to see myself as his love interest! And not necessarily in the movie, just in real life is ok too. :p :D

  46. 46

    Amanda Bynes, of course.

  47. 47

    Seriously…why do people think we need remakes of EVERYTHING?It is a classic movie that should be left alone for 20 more years.Jeeze Hollywood…come up with something original.

  48. 48

    Julianne Hough, definitely!

  49. 49


  50. 50

    julianna is a shitty actress and amanda would NOT be right for that role…has anyone seen "shes the man"??? miley makes everything she does look unbelievable stupid and only a twelve year old would be impressed with her work…that leaves huge headed and stumpy armed hayden who i would personally love to see lose 15 lbs for the role!!!

  51. 51

    to be honest. i don't think any of them would fit the role good…i personally think annalynne mccord would be perfect for the role.

  52. 52

    MILEY OR JULIANNE!!! that would be AMAZING!!!
    looks like this might be good if they go with the right choices in casting . . .
    the other two wouldnt work, especially that 30 year old looking midget panettiere lol!!!

  53. 53

    amanda bynes! miley will ruin it! plus i can't see her starring opposite hottie chase… its just not very believable.

  54. 54

    What about Kristen Stewart as bad girl Aerial???????

  55. 55

    Amanda or Hayden!
    Anyone but Miley really.
    Chace Crawford is the hottest guy alive, IMO.

  56. 56

    Either Julianne, or Amanda Bynes.
    Def not Miley. she is way to young

  57. 57

    Amanda bynes MUST get the role
    NOT Miley plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  58. 58

    Julianne Hough all the way!! but ANYONE but miley will do

  59. 59

    miley cant sing

    whats the remake going to be

    hillbilly loose?

    it would sound pretty nasty

    to hear him sing and them her horrible voice

    anybody but her

    she's not even qualified out of disney

  60. 60


  61. 61

    miley sucks!!! she should not be in it!!!! either Hayden Panettiere or Amanda Bynes

  62. 62


  63. 63

    Julianne Hough

  64. 64

    Anyone but Miley,she will ruin the movie

  65. 65

    Re: shayna1234 – THE MOVIE IS NOT ABOUT SINGING!!!
    you would know if you actually saw the movie instead of just insulting miley!!!

  66. 66

    Fuck miley let's have Amanda bynes
    everyone else is just annoying to me

  67. 67

    Julianne HO

  68. 68

    Julianne. I love her!!!

  69. 69

    Me. They should cast me.
    or Julianne Hough. She's good too.

  70. 70

    AMANDA Rocks!!

  71. 71

    Miley is too young. My vote is for Julianne as Ariel and Amanda as Rusty - the SJP role in the original - she'd make a great best friend and foil for Willard.

  72. 72

    Miley or Julianne Hough =]

  73. 73

    Hmmm.. idk, I'm not too keen on Amanda with that role. I don't really picture hayden with it either. Miley's a little young, but she MINGHT be able to pull it off if they start filming NET year when she's 17. However, I do think Jullianne Hough is a pretty good choice, but can she act?

  74. 74

    julianne hough! she's a fantastic dancer….the others no thanks.

  75. 75

    EW def not Miley…. I'd refuse to go if she was in it. Either Amanda Bynes or Sophia Bush!!!

  76. 76

    Julianne Hough or Amanda Bynes, forget the others!!!

  77. 77


  78. 78

    Miley= EPIC FAIL

  79. 79

    Julianne Hough, ALL THE WAY!

  80. 80

    i think the should pick julianne! she obviously the bests dancer and shes just adorable enough for the part.. miley defffff does not deseerve it!!!!!

  81. 81

    Amanda Bynes b/c she is cute and funny…….or Julianne Hough.

  82. 82

    Amanda Bynes

  83. 83

    Awesome! I hope it's Miley or Amanda. I'm not a huge fan of Hayden Panettiere.

  84. GBean says – reply to this


    Julianne Hough should do it!! She can dance, and sing, and she would actually look the proper age, unlike Miley Cyrus who is way too young to be doing it.

  85. 85

    it appears some people agree with what i am gonna say so here it is AMANDA BYNES!!!!!!!! Would be perfect!!!!!!

  86. 86


  87. 87

    no interest to me. epic fail. who cares.

  88. 88

    definitely julianne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. Jaded says – reply to this


    Well if rumors are to be believed Chace had issues making out with Taylor Momson since she was only 15 so Miley is out on that one. I think I have to go with Amanda Bynes. Although, maybe someone like Briana Evigan or Kherington Payne might be a thought.

  90. 90

    I'd say Amanda Bynes except I don't think she could pull off a "bad girl" image. She's too sweet. Kristen Stewart has the right attitude but can she sing or dance? Idk…

  91. alanj says – reply to this


    They are all good choices, but I think Hayden is the best.

  92. MP says – reply to this


    Not Miley or any of the other Disney girls. I still think Zac Efron should've taken the lead.

  93. 93

    julianne can't act to save her life at slutty cyrus is way too young

  94. 94

    just not miley

  95. 95

    oh chance… what are you thinking, you gorgeous beautiful boy?! the upper east side to disney flickzzz with miley cyrus? so not your forté. i'm disappointed in you.
    gossip girl

  96. 96

    I vote for the girl from Glee!!!!

  97. 97

    Exclusively as in they confirmed it first to 1000 other sites and then to P. Hilton??? Lol poor M ario keep on dreaming!

  98. 98

    And I love Chace… I'm watching!

  99. 99

    Julianne Hough - without a doubt.
    She can dance circles around the competition.

  100. 100

    miley cyrus like totally???????

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