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Jessica Biel Is Too Pretty For Hollywood

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Life is sooooo hard for Jessica Biel!

According to the actress, being such a hottie is working against Biel and her acting career!

"Yeah, it really is a problem," Timberpuss' boyfriend recently kvetched in an interview with Allure magazine.

Keep telling yourself that, Jess!

The problem isn't your acting ability or anything.

Cough cough.

"I'm in there with everybody else, fighting for the good parts… I just want an opportunity. If you don't like the audition, don't hire me!" the former Seventh Heaven star whined.

Biel continued: "But if you don't want to even see me - that's hurtful. And why? You know nothing about me!"

Suck it up!

[Image via WENN.]

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116 comments to “Jessica Biel Is Too Pretty For Hollywood”

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  1. 1

    oooh pretty lipstick!

  2. 2

    Maybe it's because she has a dick in between her legs that freaks out casting directors =O …she is NOT all that! The prettier actresses are the ones getting the roles, not her, because she is a shiteous actress

  3. 3

    aww… poor Jessica. lol She does look fab in this photo, though.

  4. 4

    i think shes quie fug

  5. 5

    Oh boo hoo! Her life must be SO difficult because she's too pretty.

  6. 6

    "If you don't like the audition, don't hire me!"
    um, jess, isnt that what theyre doing???
    lol hilarious.

  7. 7


    Why is Adam competing if he already has a career!!

  8. 8

    bitch needs to stop being so full of herself. she's not that pretty, nor is she that talented. in fact, she isn't talented at all!

  9. 9

    Killer Body!
    Ugly face…

  10. exBFF says – reply to this


    i don't get the appeal. she's exceptionally plain.

  11. 11

    maybe its because shes dating timberDOUCHE- no one wants to be associated with an utter piece of shit!!! sorry, jess break up with him maybe things will turn around!!

  12. 12

    She has nasty Lisa Rinna lips. Fake ass ho!

  13. 13

    she's making more money than about 2/3 of america and she has the nerve to WHINE?!?!

  14. 14

    LOL she thinks she is pretty?! She doesn't get cast because she is UGLY && not talented!!! Dumbass.

  15. 15

    I've just never thought she was very pretty. I don't understand why she has even the slightest career. She didn't fit in on 7th Heaven… just not attractive.

  16. 16

    why can't Justin find a good woman he must really like them crazy….i thought i liked her but forget it now….she's not even pretty

  17. 17

    Re: AaronFernandes

    your website sucks and it's not better than perez

  18. 18

    This chick is fugly and looks like a man with Buck teeth. Gross man.

  19. 19

    She suck in everything, Did you see this has-been in Stealth? she totally fucked up all the way, gross man she is.

  20. 20

    How is her audition process any different than for most actresses?
    Get in line, Jessica

  21. 21

    I also have never thought she was very pretty — I always thought of her quite monkey-ish. I would need a paper bag for her head . . . And if she were actually a GOOD actress, then maybe she would have a chance. There are WAY more pretty actresses getting good parts in good movies and winning awards she will never win BECAUSE HER ACTING SKILLS WILL NEVER BE GOOD ENOUGH. Her logic is flawed.

  22. 22


  23. 23

    I actually don't think she's pretty.

  24. 24

    I think she's a complete and utter Butter-Face.
    Her Ego is too big, like her ass.

  25. 25

    As Chris Crocker would say "BITCH PLEEEEEEEEEASE"! Their are many beautiful actresses who are prettier than her and are working. Angelina get's parts somehow and she is better looking than biel. Girl get over yourself with your manly arms

  26. 26

    I think she's got a pretty face, but she's got a mannish kind of body. I don't know much about her acting though, I never watched 7th Heaven. I think the same thing about Cameron Diaz, maybe Justin likes his manly girls.

  27. 27

    I wonder how all the stunning actresses before her, and her contemporaries scored acting jobs? I don't think it's your looks holding you back dear…

  28. 28

    Her lips look like Lisa Rinna. Fake ass ho!

  29. 29

    fake ass lips

  30. 30

    Let's see Jessica…You want every producer in Hollywood with a major movie TO SEE YOU, TO AUDITION YOU…The problem is that they already know you, they have seen your work in other movies and they simple don't like you or want another actress for the movie.

    You may have a great body, but your acting is mediocre…Remember darling, good bodies are the thing in Hollywood, EVERYBODY have one.

    Don't complain, get acting class.- Or better, act with your heart…You are to cold and distant.- I would not hire you either.

  31. Moron says – reply to this


    Man, that fugly woman is so full of herself! She is neither pretty nor talented, and that is why nobody hires her. Hollywood is full of women more talented and prettier than her who have jobs. She needs a carreer change!

  32. 32

    Really Jess, you really can't act at all. You could be so much prettier if you washed your hair, lightened it just a bit, used a little makeup, stopped having "girlfriends" on the side and having a ungrateful douchbag attitude like your boyfriend MAJOR DOUCH JT. I wont go see your last movie cuz I saw your naked dancing and you really don't have the depth to dispay the emotion - it was so empty.

  33. 33

    give me a fcuking break.

  34. 34

    BUT: She is not especially pretty let alone beautiful.Cannot act is probably why she is not being hired.

  35. 35

    B-O-R-I-N-G! Blah.

  36. 36

    You know, I think she's pretty and I liked her in Seventh Heaven — actually looked up to her as I was a year or two younger than her, but she comes across as someone without a personality. We just really don't know much about her. I'd love it if she appeared more or opened up a little and became somewhat relatable. I'd love to see her given the opportunity to change her stone-cold image.

  37. 37

    Probably because filmmakers know that when people hear the name Jessica Biel, they automatically think "7th Heaven" or Justin Timberlake…and those aren't things that filmmakers want people to be thinking when they hear who's in a movie.

  38. 38

    NO, she is too MANLY-looking for Hollywood.

  39. 39

    She is just not that good of an actress and there are so many young girls in the business there really is not any room for her. Her looks can only take her so far.

  40. 40

    Get over it Jess.

  41. 41

    she ages 5 times faster than the average human being but i'd still poke her in the bunghole

  42. 42

    Poor thing, the only thing she's got going is that she IS Timberlake's girlie friend.
    Hot, she IS SO NOT
    Acting, Good God, guess she hasn't seent anything she's had a role in, cuz if she has, she would find another profession real quick
    poor talentness UGMO!!!!!!

  43. 43

    AGAIN MARIO, you took the quotes totally out of context. The way allure ran the quotes ran them were a little out of order, not making sense-a few sentences with each picture and then mario takes one sentence from a few pictures. she did not mean it like that, but again, too many of you just follow what mario says, no matter how many times he has lied. why do you hate her mario? you want to do justin, don't you?

  44. 44

    Oh my goodness, let's get over ourselves, shall we? It doesnt' seem to have caused, for example, Penelope Cruz any trouble, and she's only about 100x better looking than you are! That's really kind of pathetic.

  45. 45

    Poor Jessica. She's not particular pretty and her acting leaves much to be desired.

  46. 46

    She's a crappy actor. That is her problem. Hollywood is full of BEAUTIFUL gorgeous people. Look at Halle Berry, Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie, etc…..

    all of them are 10s and happen to be respected as actors as well.

    Girl can't act. And she is dating a douchebag. Obviously Justin's high horse has rubbed off on her.

  47. 47

    She's got a nice body, but I think she's a dog face…

  48. 48

    Why would they pick HER over the beautiful & talented Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaways, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie's of Hollywood. WHY?

  49. 49

    Why are you guys attacking her?? She isn't ugly, or untalented, so give her a fucking break… you bitches keep on hating… srsly…

  50. 50

    I'm thinking she must have been misquoted? Sure, she's talentless, cold and empty but I'd hate to think she is also stupid enough to make such ignorant comments. Way to turn off the public even more than we already are Biel…keep up the good work!

  51. mw says – reply to this


    is she pretty? i guess she is but i find her really boring to look at..

  52. 52

    I hate being critical of actors(esses), but she really annoys me….appears so vain and arrogant, extremely limited talent, and really, nothing special about her looks-wise either. In my humble opinion she and Timbersnake are perfect for one another :)

  53. 53

    I'd rather f*ck a tick & flea infested mangy dog. Oh wait! That would be Jessica Beal!!!

  54. 54

    Ew her and Timberlake belong together. I used to LOVE Justin but he is so into himself and apparently she is too. She has a hot body with a mediocre face and a man voice. There is only so much that the casting agents can do for her.

  55. 55

    She's very manly looking. A couple of men I know would look like that if they let me put makeup on them.

  56. 56


  57. 57

    Bitch please! She was in 7th Heaven … that's why she can't get a job. Or maybe it's her deep voice. What a conceited, delusional ass.

  58. 58

    AGAIN MARIO, you took the quotes totally out of context. The way allure ran the quotes ran them were a little out of order, not making sense-a few sentences with each picture and then mario takes one sentence from a few pictures. she did not mean it like that, but again, too many of you just follow what mario says, no matter how many times he has lied. why do you hate her mario? you want to do justin, don't you? REPOSTED THE COMMENT BECAUSE IT'S DEAD ON.

  59. 59

    That sad part is, most of the people going "oh look at, oh look at…" those same girls actually DID face the same challenges… Halle Berry mentioned as one - look at her early stuff, she didn't even start getting awards until the last 8-9 years, (BAPS anyone?) and played some awful bit parts. She isn't complaining she isn't getting roles AFTER reading, she's not getting READINGS to begin with because the part calls for someone with different looks. Charlize Theron (hottest girl on the planet, and is African-American too) couldn't get in for Monster until she actually CAME to the audition looking like hell, before - pretty girl bit parts.

  60. 60

    justin is too good for her. she's so blahhhhhh.

    and wtf is up with this aaronfernandes twat?

  61. 61

    I think she's just wasted potential. It's not that she wasn't young, hot, and pretty, it's just that she never did anything to keep that going. She has just stagnated, wanting to be the pretty hot girl in movies and not trying anything else. Really, a stripper? That's such a stretch for someone who takes their clothes off for magazines for money? There are just younger, prettier girls out there who have more to offer and more room to grow.

  62. 62

    If being "pretty" all the leading Hollwood actresses would be ugly. She's an idiot. And not attractive… what do they call em…uh buttaface?

  63. 63

    FYI Jessica: Ur acting sucks. That's why you don't get hired.

  64. 64

    Wow, she is really giving herself a lot of props. Biel is what I would call "High Maintenance". She only looks good when she is heavily made up. Otherwise, meh, she's really pretty plain.

  65. VGirl says – reply to this


    oh please! she's not even THAT pretty or hot =S so she has a JLo butt, me too! and I'm not saying she's not pretty but there are MANY prettier girls in Hollywood and way hotter!

  66. VGirl says – reply to this


    Re: justtfax – LOL True she was maybe talking about something else, but still 1. she is kinda normal looking, pretty yes, but not amazingly beautiful or hot considering she's in hollywood, and 2. I don't know why she would say she's not being hired, she's been in a few good movies. At least I liked the one with the magician…whiner!

  67. 67

    wow what makeup can do to a person…an ugly ass fake person

  68. VGirl says – reply to this


    Re: imsoregistered – I agree! but that's it work you ass off and shut up! "normal" people (aka: not in hollywood) have bigger problems than being too pretty! that's way it seems so self-centered to make a comment like that and is probably way people are attacking her here. I understand that's how she feels but I've always hated these "oh poor me! hollywood people (all of them!)

  69. 69

    Perez enough with the gay comments on Timberlake, really is sickening and disrespectful to gays cause you are using the term as an insult!
    Biel is a beautiful woman, that's why you hate her so bad!

  70. 70

    What the hell is her problem? "I just want an opportunity." What the fuck? You HAVE an opportunity, lots of them. There are so many OTHER beautiful, TALENTED actress that don't even get opportunities. They get passed on, and some of them don't even get the CHANCE to audition. She needs to suck it up, she one of the very few that make it in this town. I know hundreds of other actresses that can act as well as she can, but they don't get the OPPORTUNITY. What an ungrateful BITCH!

  71. 71

    I think they don't wanna see her because the public is not interested in watching her act. It's not like she is some new face we have never seen before. Every one has seen her. And I never hear guys or girls say anything nice about her when she comes up.

  72. 72

    Maybe if she was talented….

  73. 73

    Cant hate on her looks, shes a gorgeous gal, quit being so jealous people. But as for her filmography….Well it sucks. Sorry Jes good luck with that.

  74. 74

    what pisses me off about that article is that she says she can't get roles like Natalie POrtman and Scarlett Johannsen because she is too pretty. Uhm….they are both much prettier than you are.

  75. 75

    SHE'S NOT EVEN THAT PRETTY!!!! Get over yourself!

  76. 76

    I think she is pretty, but has one of the worst and most obvious nose jobs in Hollywood…yes, eveyone has them, I know..but hers is too obvius..

  77. 77

    Gee, I don't know. Jessica's stunning performance in "I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry" should have catapulted her straight into contention for any Jim Carey or Adam Sandler movie.

  78. 78

    Can someone tell me what FML stands for please? …

  79. 79

    maybe you guys should actually read the article and realise she was saying that because shes only known as an action movie star and wants to get into romance but wont be considered. and dont even try to say you wouldnt go her, id make a bet shes prettier than everyone thats left a comment on this page.

  80. 80

    she needs to chill out on the weights. bet she dominates skinny little justin!

  81. Lear says – reply to this


    I have never found this girl to be attractive. She reminds me of Emma Thompson. (Only Emma is more attractive)

    Anyway, someone had better let Halle Berry know that gorgeous women aren't getting cast these days.

  82. 82

    She cant get jobs cuz she´s a horrible actress not cuz shes to atractive…

  83. 83

    I hata her !!! I think she is sooo bad actress…

  84. 84

    She should just shut uo. She's not that pretty. But IF that would have been the real reason for her not getting jobs, how come actresses such as Scarlett Johansson, Rachel McAdams, Charlize Theron and more have great careers? They are way more beautiful then Jessica.

  85. 85

    Beautiful and talent………DEAL with it :)

  86. Aries says – reply to this


    She is a beautiful girl, but doesn't take risks in the roles she chooses. It sounds like she has a sense of entitlement, maybe it's the attitude that needs a big adjustment.

  87. 87

    I cannot stand her. I avoid any movies she is in. It's not because shes ugly or pretty its just that I cant stand her. She makes me sick.

  88. 88


  89. 89


  90. 90

    Sorry whats the big deal with this girl.
    She is pretty at best. The face is stern
    and the nose is pinched. The eyes are
    squinty to. There are so many girls with
    much prettier faces. She comes across
    like a biiitch to.

  91. 91

    This is being spun poorly for her. SHE didn't say her "beauty" was a problem. Or her "hotness". In 3 different versions of this story, I have seen different sources insert different words for what ever "it" is that has become a problem for her. People just love to knock on her, and if it isn't for her beauty I don't know what it is for.

  92. SKS says – reply to this


    I know people get jaded in Hollywood but that is just absurd. How can she say that she doesn’t get parts because she is too attractive? Some of the most beautiful women in the business have won Oscars, let’s explore the list shall we…Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Julie Christie, Vivien Leigh, Grace Kelly and incase that is too far back in history for her to remember here are a few that are more recent; Halle Berry, Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts, Charlize Theron, Angelina Jolie, and Kate Winslet. She certainly cannot be ranked among those women is talent or looks. Her PR people must be enjoying the publicity she is getting, rather than furthering her career she just comes across as shallow and ignorant.

  93. 93

    Yeah, that interview doesn't make her sound like a narcassistic cry-baby. Oh please, there are plenty of young, beautiful and TALENTED actresses out there and they're all working and getting plenty of roles.

    Jessica's problem is that she is just not a good actress, she hasn't been able to impress in any role and the reason she is not hired for good projects is not because she's "too hot", but because her acting ability is extremely limited and lets face it there are a hell of a lot better and younger actresses out there.

  94. Swami says – reply to this


    She's just one big bowel movement, isn't she?

  95. 95

    I have never thought she was that pretty. She's ok, but I wouldn't glance at her twice if she passed me on the street. She's "too pretty" to get good roles huh? I guess she thinks Kate Winslet, Scar Jo, Penelope, Julia Roberts, etc. are less than her? Please!

  96. 96

    is it just me who doesn't get the big deal about this girl? i don't mean to be rude but i don't get it? she's certainly not ugly but i wouldn't say that she's some great beauty…very average, girl next door cute

  97. 97

    i never liked her, shes not lady like, shes to manly, shes a bad actress oh and shes just dumb

  98. 98

    This bitch needs to get over herself. SHe is not pretty and the reason she is not getting acting jobs is becsaue he cannot act. Scarlet is pretty and still gets acting jobs, very good acting jobs as a matter of fact. Maybe its becasue Scarlett can act.

  99. 99

    seems like youre putting words into her mouth (same with the blogger on whose blog i read this same story YESTERDAY)

    where does she blame her looks? when she says "Yeah, it really is a problem," neither your blog nor the one that i read yesterday put forth the question to which she was answering or explain what [it] refers to. it could be that she doesnt know why she isnt getting a chance, it could be because she thinks that she's not taken seriously as an actress (independent of her looks)

    im not a big fan of hers, but this is either purely fictionalized to make her look bad, or youre not reporting some information critical to the point youre trying to make here

  100. 100

    i happen to like she and Justin as a couple. I don't think there should be a reason to be slamming her like this, she is literally doing nothing lol

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