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Brooke's Masterpiece!

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OFFICIAL Brooke Hogan "Falling" Video

Watch out Britney!

Brooke Hogan is coming after Spears and Lady GaGa for the title of Princess of Pop!

The Hulkster's daughter has just released a new single and full version of the video for her song Falling. Peep it above.

It's perhaps the best music video ever made! The song is exquisite!

Brooke does not get enough credit for being such an amazing musician!

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239 comments to “Brooke's Masterpiece!”

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  1. 101

    Okay, it's bad when you can TELL she's lipsynching… it just doesn't look like she's singing the song, someone fucked up somewhere…

  2. 102


  3. 103

    This video is the Coup de Grâce of her music career. Time to retire, sweetie.

  4. 104

    She can see what her mother looks like so why doesn't she stay out of the sun and tone down her hair color? But I do love the video NOT!!

  5. 105

    wow way to go Brooke, another manufactured pop star, with no talent, and square chin, and the ability to writhe around on a towel while pushing her breasts together. Hey come to think of it, I can do that! Maybe I could be a pop star..who wants to fund me????

  6. 106

    This song is really boring, and she has Britney's haircut (what a coincidence!).
    Best Video Ever Made? Sorry? What about [i]Womanizer[/i]? And [i]Umbrella[/i]?

  7. 107

    its really not THAT bad compared to the other stuff shes done…but its still sad that susan boyles are still out there while this girl gets her own video simply bc her dad is famous

  8. 108

    Sounds just like a gazillion other songs. another throw-away

  9. 109

    Why does she want to advertize that she has no waistline, ug! Poor girl tries, though.

  10. 110

    Heidi Montag, Brooke Hogan? Geez, give Britney a reason to get out of bed in the morning. At this rate she might as well go to her shows in pajamas and drink starbucks and she'll still be on top.

  11. 111

    Sarcasm definitely lurks here..

  12. 112

    I really hope this is your way around sarcasm …
    This is truely horrible. Why didn't she just go make porn?

  13. 113

    Are you fu**ing serious Perez?! Paris Hilton could've done a better job with this piece of crap! It sounds like any other song; it is not unique or creative! Since when have you had an affection for Brooke Hogan?! Do you owe "someone" a favor?

  14. 114

    is everybody really that DAFT? of course he's being sarcastic! haven't any of you read the million other hater posts about brooke hogan by perez??

    p.s. perez, this song and video are half as bad as that lady gaga shit you love so much. or even britney who can't sing a damn note!

  15. 115

    I like this song =)

  16. 116

    OMG!! i love it!!! wooooow!

  17. 117

    I think your sarcastic comment actually makes the video viewing better. One thinks it might be true that it's a true masterpiece, but then the moment Stack$ takes off his hat you know it is a wash-up.

    He is shorter than her, but cute, nice pecs but terrible peanut head, and his nose looks Michael Jackson-ed.

  18. 118

    How much have they paid you for that endorsement? "Sell out" much lately Perez?

  19. 119

    Hey Kate27_is_a_MOron…no sarcasm! The video is HOT HOT HOT, and if you think hher nails are chunky and hideous…LOOK IN THE MIRROR!!!

  20. 120

    ..I hope they paid you to say that, Perez.

  21. 121

    Um that was horrible! A few times she looked like a man! And her jaw is so ugly and big and that guy has a weird head!!!

  22. 122

    It's better than her first single's video, I'll say that…And did they name-check Chelsea Handler?!?…I want to hear what CHELSEA has to say about THIS– :)

  23. 123

    Hot tranny mess!

  24. 124

    She looks like she belongs on a pole. Just because you have big boobs and blonde hair doesn't mean you're a singer.

  25. 125

    you're kidding, right? she is looking very manly lately - very hulkish! not an attractive woman at all.

  26. 126

    The funniest part is at the end when you see them both walking side by side. She's huge! and he's tiny LOL!

  27. 127

    wacala de vieja… pero la cancion no esta tan mal… suena muy mariah carey

  28. 128

    Fake, fake, fake….body and soul….She can't hold a candle next to true artists like Gaga.

  29. 129

    THIS girl!! This Hogan chic feels the need to get naked in front of us for no reason. She falls on the Coco category. She'll be taken more seriously with better songs which she probably has the voice for and less fucking skin. Just sexy, not eff/ing slutty. And who is the kfed wannabe? He's "rapping" about a private plane? puh-lease!@!

  30. 130

    Gross. She actually thinks she's a hot piece of ass.

  31. 131

    you definately missed the mark on this one. Why are you so into this chick? She's not that talented

  32. 132

    classic…loved that the poses on the towel hid her camel toe nicely

  33. 133

    Re: Fuddawudda – You totally stole my thought!

  34. 134

    omg for those of you who dont know he is joking, your retards lol

    scarryyyyy..and her nails have to be nice and junky to fit her man hands kate27. lol

  35. 135

    ew butterface

  36. 136

    "It's perhaps the best music video ever made! The song is exquisite!"

    Is this April Fool's Day??? You've obviously never seen the video for Bruce Springsteen's Highway Patrolman

    "Brooke does not get enough credit for being such an amazing musician!"

    Musician??? What instruments does she play? She doesn't even write her own songs! You and her are a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. 137

    She's a very pretty girl…she doesn't need all the overly done hair & makeup. I'd like to see her do a video showing her natural beauty. What I've seen of her on TV, she seems really sweet. I think she gets a lot crap because of her family drama. As for the video, it's better than of other stuff out there.

  38. evey says – reply to this



  39. 139

    jesus christ that fucking chin.

  40. 140

    What an awesome song. People need to give Brooke more credit.

  41. 141

    I've heard and seen worth than that…

  42. 142

    I'd rather have her as the pop princess then GaGa..

  43. 143

    Who is that piece of HOTNESS in the video with her? I'm pretty sure that I'm in love with him.

  44. 144

    i hate her chin.. its weird but over all the video and her song is great.. her body looks nice too

  45. 145

    i really hate her chin.. but over all everything else is great..

  46. 146

    i liked it..jelly perez

  47. RUu says – reply to this


    guys… perez was being sarcastic.
    song is alright the video is equally as bad as heidi's beach one.. at least she sounds better than heidi's computer generated voice..

  48. 148

    Her pure beauty ignites the genius. Fellini!

  49. 149

    Haha - totally diggin' the sarcasm. This was terrible!!!

  50. 150

    the BEST music video ever made? you are on crack!

  51. 151

    Um………………..wow. It was 3 minutes long and i couldn't contain my vomit after 1:10.

  52. 152

    love the beginning and everything else aswell! I've always liked brooky, never understood you being bitchy about her!!!!!

  53. 153

    You can just see Hulk's cock going in and out of her mouth on the beach. What a piece of shit. Daddy, NO!

  54. 154

    Perez, The only reason you would keep making such ridiculously positive comments about such a no talent, is that they are paying you. you should be ashamed.

  55. 155

    I can't tell if it's sarcasm or…?

  56. 156

    she has a butt chin

  57. 157

    I love Brooke and her message she's sending to all of us women: Lay on your back and you'll get any man you want.

  58. 158

    Sure is crappy but not as much as Heidi Montag's!!

  59. 159

    yeah right perez…. It's exquisite all right… exquisitly BAD!! This is SO 90s … (and the 90s weren't famouse for the musicvideos exactly)

  60. 160

    I like Brooke and I take what you said as pure sarcasm. Anyway the songs not that bad and I thought she looked good.

  61. 161

    FUck this! This is Revenge Plastic Surgery having Montogslob 2.0!! "It's perhaps the best music video ever made! The song is exquisite!Brooke does not get enough credit for being such an amazing musician!" ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING!! This is no masterpiece. Brooke Hogan can actually play the piano and sing, but she's utilizing no of that talent in this garbage. If she just sat down and belted out a song (from herheart, that she actually WROTE herself!) while playing her piano like Alicia Keys or Tori Amos..that would be masterful. This is just shitty lazy and uninspiring!

  62. 162

    he's being sarcastic. get with it, people. seriously…

  63. 163

    """""It's perhaps the best music video ever made! The song is exquisite!"""

    WTF???????????? all she is doing is rolling around on a towel! HORRIBLE!

  64. ruby says – reply to this


    That up close chin shot is HOT!! So feminine!! Hahaha!

  65. 165

    Does she have to stick out her tongue with every word?????????????

  66. 166

    loving the sarcasm. seriously, that video could not have been more cheesy. brooke trying every stupid move she's seen paris and britney do, while zooming in 18,000 times on a picture to reveal…the same scene!? Don't even get me started on the awful song I could have done better in garage band. And that rapper looks like he got curb stomped by the ugly fairy.

  67. 167

    She can sing but I wonder if this style of song is what "she" wants vs. her producer/record label. I'm surprised that with less than 400K+/- of her last CD sold(and I know a record exec at her label), that she got a chance to do it again. Then again, that's the most they've sold from an artist on the label. Whatever it takes to make that money and live that lifestyle, I say go for it. I wish I had the chance and that's real. BTW, her boobs are real stupid asses!

  68. 168

    OMG! I love it!!! Brooke Hogan rocks!!! She is as good as stupid fucking Britney Spears perhaps better……. Yay Brooke!!!!

  69. 169


  70. 170

    Re: jackiem – What makes the rapper "ghetto"? The fact that he raps or the fact that you assume he's from the ghetto? Way to assume you ass…

  71. 171

    LOVE IT! Woah, that was great!!!! Nice beats good tempo….amazing! She is talented!!!

  72. 172

    As bad as it is, it's still better than any Heidi Montag/Pratt/Dumbass video!

  73. 173

    THANKS A LOT . I THREW UP THREE TIMES TRYING TO WATCH THAT. THE GUY SHE's singing with is not half bad but her? OMG BLECK — get a nose job girl..

  74. 174

    So the question is, is she talking about her dad?

  75. k-lee says – reply to this


    I was going to believe you, but when I read "perhaps the best music video ever made" I called BS. Better than Thriller? I don't think so! This video is only slightly better than Heidi's.
    Stop putting her down. At least she's doing something with her life and not making a living out of trashing people.

  76. 176

    someone stick a dirty butt-plug in her pie hole to shut her up, PLEASE?!?

  77. 177

    MY EYES! MY EYES! (and ears) Oh God the agony. And btw, that's a man baby.

  78. 178

    i was also wondering if he was being sarcastic! lol I'm so confused. this song sucks bad!

  79. 179

    um yuck

    she looks like a man and she looks older than her mom. but her looking like a man, oh i can't get that image out of my head yeeeccckk!

  80. 180

    Excuse me? Is this post a joke?

  81. 181

    I hope your joking.

  82. 182

    This song is hott! And the video is cool. And she sounds better than Shitney Spears!

  83. 183

    britney dosent need to worry about shit, this sucks

  84. alip says – reply to this


    eek?? sarky i hope! interesting seeing an episode of hulk knows jackshizz, seeing douchebag nick trying to teach her to drive… err awkward!

  85. 185



  86. 186

    is that a hint of sarcasm I hear in your voice? lol
    But they do play the song a lot down here in miami

  87. DRGII says – reply to this


    Hmm…I didn't think anyone could make a worse video than Heidi Montag's bikini roll/music video but BROOKE did! WOW…I love that it was all shot in South Beach but WOW that was it the rest sucked.

  88. 188

    r u being sarcastic?

  89. 189

    This video was horribly directed and cheaply made… And the song?! Horrible.

  90. 190

    love your sarcasm

  91. 191

    Can't get passed her fried, stiff hair. Stop bleaching dead hair.

  92. 192

    hah. maybe she can do a duet with mrs. pratt?

  93. 193

    you're not serious … are you?

  94. 194

    Wait, Is this about her father?

  95. 195

    Pause at 0:27. That's all you need to see in this video.

  96. 196

    I really really hope you're joking

  97. 197


  98. 198

    how much money did you get paid to say that?

  99. 199

    Well its better than Heidi Montags half attempt at singing but Brooke clearly cannot disguise she is built like her dad and dates a mango shape headed guy _ Who the hell is Tacks anyway??

  100. 200

    cant tell if perez is being sarcastic or not

    i think it's good
    but not the kinda good to take britney or lady gagas title
    its not as if she did anything other than pose around in a bikini, simple video.

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