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Brooke's Masterpiece!

| Filed under: Brooke Hogan

OFFICIAL Brooke Hogan "Falling" Video

Watch out Britney!

Brooke Hogan is coming after Spears and Lady GaGa for the title of Princess of Pop!

The Hulkster's daughter has just released a new single and full version of the video for her song Falling. Peep it above.

It's perhaps the best music video ever made! The song is exquisite!

Brooke does not get enough credit for being such an amazing musician!

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239 comments to “Brooke's Masterpiece!”

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  1. 201


  2. 202

    okay….I'm not the girls biggest fan but it definitely wasn't bad and when credit is due you should pay i. it's definitely a summer song and i can see it getting play.. the bad part of the video is seeing her face other then that, it could have been so much worse.

  3. 203

    youu have to be being sarcastic perez…

  4. 204

    Wow. that was awesome. she is seriously the prettiest man ive ever seen. and her boobs look so real. shes so lucky.

  5. 205

    Perez! you are so RIGHT! this is your best review yet and after watching this I`m like LAdy GAGA WHO?

  6. 206

    ….She and Heidi Montag sould be perfect for a budwiser add.

  7. 207

    Alright, we get your sarcasm now lets move on..

  8. 208

    Re: BostonCollins
    couldn't agree more.

  9. 209

    Not bad for man-chick…

  10. 210

    Why is he/she eating shit now?

  11. 211

    your joking right?

  12. 212

    WAAAAAAAY better than Heidi - for sure.

  13. 213

    This looks like a Hedi Montag video!! Did Spencer direct it? Is she singing to her father? Why was there pics of him??? This whole family is gross.

  14. 214

    Chelsea Lately, lol. Nice.

  15. J2thb says – reply to this


    I like her but I hardly see this as pop princess material?! WTF?

  16. 216

    can you just put it in writing when your being sarcastic….just to make sure….cuz it scares me a lil….

  17. 217

    are her PR people paying you to say good things about her music video? because this thing sucks BIGTIME. i hope youre being sarcastic.

  18. 218

    i hope you're being sarcastic

  19. 219

    the song is shit and the video is worse. this is what it takes for people to pay attention to you: roll around on the beach barely clothed

  20. 220

    lie much?

  21. 221


  22. 222

    Oh come on guys, its not THAT bad.

  23. 223

    she looks like RUPAUL (white trash version, without the talent, but still manly) !!!

  24. 224

    and by the way:



  25. 225

    This video is like a less bootleg heidi montag vid.

  26. 226

    oh fuck!
    This video is complete SHIT!
    And the song is like a fucked up musical flash back from the fucking '90s!

  27. 227

    it's a surprise the video is so cool. it's your classic good-blonde-chick-on-a-beach clishee, but with a twist. i really liked the photo idea. cool.

  28. 228

    Man, that's one manly man.

  29. 229

    She sounds much better than Lady Gaga.

  30. 230

    The song and the video are complete shit. Way to go Brooke, your next FLOP has arrived. Give up your dream of being a successful singer, please.

  31. 231

    LOOOOOOOOOOOSER Do ppl always look at the camera in every single shot now a days?

  32. 232

    Like the song. HATE the nails. Can we say file!!

  33. 233

    sarcasm, right?

  34. 234

    i actually really liked it, i just hate that the older she gets she looks exactly like her trashy nasty ass mom

  35. 235

    give her a break people

  36. 236

    She should of just stuck to her stupid T.V. show that M.T.V. now plays her re-runs late at night. Her fake boobs, her fake voice, her fake nails and her fake body can KISS MY ASS! "exquisite." please!

  37. 237

    SHE LOOKS LIKE A MAN!!! AND PEREZ YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING? laying down in a bikini with fake ass tits and lip singin is hard work. whew! she must be so tired… WHAT A WASTE OF LIFE

  38. 238

    I REALLY REALLY hope you're being sarcastic, Perez. Like REALLY.

  39. 239

    its pretty good, i mean I've heard worse, but i strangely liked the song, the video was a bit to much like Heidi Montages 'Higher' for my liking, but the song was ok. plus she can sing, and not many people i know think she can.

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