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Hayden Gets New Ink! Tattoo Is Misspelled!!!!

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Talk about a major OOPS!

Since late last year, Heroes actress Hayden Panettiere has been seen sporting a new tattoo going down the left side of her back while.

Until now, we've only been able to catch glimpses of the tat depending on what shirt or dress she's wearing. But that all changed this week.

As we mentioned earlier, Hayden, 19, and her new 31-year-old guy pal, British TV presenter Steve Jones, were spotted for the second day in a row relaxing on a yacht in France.

And thanks for Panettiere wearing a bikini, we now got a complete look at her tattoo.

And it's MISSPELLED!!!!

The tattoo reads "Vivere senza rimipianti," which in Italian would literally translate into "To live without regretted" or basically "To live without regrets."

Unfortunately for the 19-year-old, her tattoo "artist" misspelled rimipianti, as it's actually spelled rimpianti.

Sucks for Hayden, though you'd think she would have done her own research before getting the tattoo.

Is it too late for a refund now?

[Image via XposurePhotos.com / WENN.]

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290 comments to “Hayden Gets New Ink! Tattoo Is Misspelled!!!!”

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  1. 101

    With or without misspelling she will regret that ugly tattoo — it spoiled her pretty skin

  2. 102

    Again PEREZ, your *tweet" is "sad".
    Guess what…YOU are the one who is sad. And I like you dummy.
    You just don't know when to shut your mouth…unless you got a big fatty in it.

  3. 103

    Wow perezito I'm surprised you haven't posted the results to American Idol you know seeing how Glambert DIDNT WIN!! TEAM KRIS!!!!!!!!!

  4. 104

    What, no fem bashing today?! :o
    it must be eating you alive to know that eminem's relapse concert was a HUGE success . . . you can scour the web all you want, but you'll only find rave reviews for em - and relapse is flying off the shelves.
    better luck next time perez :(
    twit me on twitter @morenamami

  5. 105


  6. 106

    perez is probably crying since adam lost idol…all your sucking up ruined it, FYI

  7. 107

    You have no boundaries
    I have no borders from you
    You have no boundaries
    I have no borders
    Kris Allen

  8. 108

    fuckinnn sucks haha

  9. 109

    that sucks

  10. 110

    ummmmmmmm then why is there a DOT before the p???????????????

  11. 111

    um, according to your description, it is spelled correctly…

  12. 112

    tats are ugly as fuck on girls. wait until she hits 30+and that ink will look as ugly as your mug, mario.

  13. 113

    Umm sorry but there is an I there genius!!!

  14. 114

    It's a pun you fools! Don't you see how ironic it is to have tattoo with a misspelled message about living without regrets? She did it on purpose.

  15. 115

    Why did Perez post that ADAM LAMBERT LOST in American Idol yet? He must be crying in his pillow and thinking it's a conspiracy against gays..

  16. 116

    Re: k_lala – are you retarded!? misspell spelt is spelt misspell!!!!!!!!!! WOW fuck talk about an idiot.

  17. 117

    lol. how ironic! To live without regrets? you KNOW shes regretting that shit!!! lol

  18. 118

    Geez, I don't think a Hayden post ever got more than 31 replies. LOL.

  19. 119

    Re: sphincter wink – OH SHUT THE FUCK UP. Cris won because that was AMERICA's vote, not the christian vote or people against gays, he won fair and square so shut up and kill yourself sore loser.

  20. 120

    Re: dabekk – wow you're an idiot or Hayden! MORON!

  21. 121

    More then 1 hour after American Idol ended, and Perez still haven't posted the results ???? He is probably clutching Teddy and sobbing. :(

  22. 122

    Alright either laser therapy, or re-ink a flower or other symbol to replace the I..Wino forever anyone?

  23. 123

    Re: Apryl – yeah… and that one I should NOT be there is what Perez was saying… O_o what's your point exactly?

  24. 124

    Perez can you please post the american idol winner. I really want to know. Come on, like you said, its a guarantee win for Adam. You've been saying it all week. You cant be wrong.

  25. 125

    Re: GirlsJustWannaHaveFun – WOOHOO JUSTICE!

  26. 126

    Re: stubborn_beautyRe: stubborn_beauty
    haha your sentence "misspell spelt is spelt misspell" makes perrrrfect sense! anyway misspell can be spelled both ways and in the english language was originally mispell! k now go through everyone's posts and be their personal spell checks! thanks for playinnn

  27. 127

    Re: dabekk
    If it is, then good on her ( on purpose)..if it isn't, good on you for providing her her excuse LMAO

  28. Tatti says – reply to this


    You must be gutted your Adam Lambert lost AI eh? MWAHAHAHAHAH

  29. 129

    Re: MEMEME4 – You are hilarious….He is probably drowning in his tears

  30. 130

    Perez, never get a tattoo with letters would ya, you fat ANALfabetic dumbass

  31. 131

    I really loved it when Kris Allen was singing that duet with Keith Urban (Nicole Kidman's husband). Kris was so PASSIONATE !!!! He was HIGH!!!

  32. 132

    And when Rod Stewart was singing, I couldn't help it , I was jumping and dancing.

  33. 133

    Re: k_lala – Hate to tell ya, K_Lala, but misspell is spelled with two s's. Sheesh people. Get an education.

  34. 134

    Wow.. so its been about 2 hrs since Adam lost [ME = PISSED] and Perez hasn't posted yet?!?!

  35. 135

    Gays shouldn't be allowed to enter the AI contest anyway.We all learned our lesson from same sex marriages ,thanks to perez.But lesbian porno's are fine!

  36. 136

    lol that's pretty funny

  37. 137

    Yes, Perez is a shitty speller, but he is typing fast and he focuses on CONTENT, not writing a perfectly composed report. It doesn't matter if he makes a spelling mistake on a stupid celebrity blog. But I bet if Mario was going to get a tattoo, he would pay more attention to how the permanently tattoo'd words should be spelled. Spelling on blogs doesn't matter, Spelling of tattoo'd words matters A LOT!

  38. 138


  39. Jenmo says – reply to this


    The reading comprehension is strong in this thread. I can't believe how many people think there is supposed to be an I in the word after reading this.

  40. Jenmo says – reply to this


    Re: sphincter wink

    You are an absolute retard.

  41. 141

    Tattoo removal is going to be a big business in the very near future.

  42. 142

    Perez is crying like a little girl right now! Kris won!

  43. 143

    Re: k_lala – wow are you delusional? hayden is far from fat but i agree about that tat-it is pretty shitty looking

  44. 144

    You guys are all fucking stupid. It IS misspelled. Perez IS right. You all need to reread what the fuck he said.

    "Unfortunately for the 19-year-old, her tattoo "artist" misspelled rimipianti, as it's actually spelled rimpianti. " Missed rimipianti - he wrote it as what it says on her tattoo. Then he says - as it's actually spelled rimpianti. Which is the correct way.

  45. 145

    hello i am actually born and raised in Italy and the correct form is ' RIMPIANTI' which means " regrets" in english.
    so the tatoo is correct
    nice tatoo though, i think i will do that myself

  46. 146

    that's hilarious and horrible and flippin' blonde- i feel sorry for her- that's got to suck… she should have had a freaking italian person spell check that shit….. dumbass - you dont speak italian obviously so why put a tattoo in italian on your body??
    'thats what happens when you get highschool drop-out celebs going to tattoo parlours….


  47. 147

    Perez hasn't posted after 8 pm LA time since his ass got famous..been smoosing with the celebutards….too bad..I actually have been dismayed many of his posts are 2 to 3 days after everyone else lately..maybe he's going on his personality now, but that guy on X-17 on-line sounds alot like perez lately..thoughts?

  48. 148

    What a lemming.
    That's is horrible tattoo!!! The saying is uninspired and dull.
    And having it down the side of her back?? Horrendous.

    And I agree with #92. Hahaha. In the last picture she DOES look like she thinks she's so incredibly hot with the tattoo. And she SHOULD be hiding it!!!

  49. 149

    Hayden Gets New Ink! Tattoo Is Misspelled! :o
    come on perez, this is your top news story - still?! how about who won the season finale of american idol - i didn't get to see the show tonight, and was hoping to come here and see who won . . . . but it looks like you lose again,

  50. 150

    Re: uh-liss-uh – ID STILL FUCK HER.

  51. 151

    PS..we all know Perez's sister has been hired to help him post while he apparently twitters himself to death..LOL..All my friends tried it and gave it up as useless..Perez will too, then Maybe he'll come back to his roots, until then, don't blame his sister, she's doing her best =)

    But Maybe we could put Kate ( - 8) and Perez in the same fame box???


    All Media is good according to them =)..Just sayin'

  52. 152

    she's looking great. did she lose weight?

  53. WALE says – reply to this


    Re: ballsdeep88 – MY MIND EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. 154

    Re: blondedakota – Umm yes. But the tattoo is spelled 'RimIpianti'. There's an 'I' in there. Meaning that it IS misspelled.

  55. 155

    i like her suit

  56. 156

    Re: Jenmo
    Re: Reading comprehension…not sure if that is a good or bad thing..good that we are intellectuals and we get it or bad that we post it on Perez…LOL..I am so Rip Torned..LMAO

  57. 157

    lol that sux it will be there for the rest of her life…

  58. 158

    I see an I too. Nice try.

  59. 159

    umm actually theres two ways of spelling……mabe you should do your research. and love the new tattoo

  60. 160

    Well, I feel bad it was misspelled but let me just give a tip for tattoo care. If she is in the stage where she is still putting lotion on it…she has put WAY too much lotion on. You are only suppose to put on a thin layer. At least that was the aftercare direction I was given

  61. 161

    how original will it be for humans to get tattoos when every one who dies nowadays has one? very UN original imo

    and perez should STFU when it comes to typos
    he should spell check his posts before he starts ranting from now on

  62. 29 says – reply to this


    Re: Jenmo – omg thank you!! i thought i was going nuts not seeing what everyone else was!

  63. 163

    Well that just sucks. I bet she wishes it was like an etch a sketch right now. *lol*

  64. 164

    Where is your post about American Idol? I can't wait to hear what ridiculous rumors you stir up on Kris Allen this week. I bet you've already started calling him a gay hater or a "dumb bitch" like Ms California.

  65. 165

    Well, it's the right tattoo…LOL! She can read it and think, "Oh well, I HAVE NO REGRETTED about it!"

  66. 166

    O ne
    B ig
    A ss
    M isatke
    A merica

  67. 167

    as much as i think Perez is annoying its hilarious that so many people that commented are that retarded.

    The tattoo is spelled rimipianti, its SUPPOSED to be spelled rimpianti. Theres an i there between the m & the p that SHOULDN'T be there.

    You guys need to learn to read the whole post instead of a few sentences because you look like bigger idiots when you say, "its spelled correct" or "its spelled how you say it should be so you need to learn to read."

    That tattoo is spelled wrong, oh well, if she really wants she can get it fixed. Ive seen tattoo artist fix harder things than that. And shes not the first idiot to get something tattooed wrong. Britney Spears has some jewish symbol thats wrong and other people have tattoos that have mistakes. As someone with a tattoo, you should check at least 10 times to make sure what your putting on your body is correct and that you want it. I drew up my own celtic shamrock design and changed it about 5 times before deciding on a final version which i slept on for a few days so i knew for sure that was the final one i wanted.

    Also, check the decal or template (dont know what to call it) they put on you BEFORE they start with the needle so you know for sure its just how you want it.

  68. 168

    Except that it's actually NOT spelled"rimpianti." If you had've taken 3 second to actually look at it you would have seen that there is clearly an 'i' after the m. Get your facts straight.

  69. 169

    "Unfortunately for the 19-year-old, her tattoo "artist" misspelled rimipianti, as it's actually spelled rimpianti."


    so yes its been misspelled..poor Hayden…

  70. fiona says – reply to this



  71. 171

    It doesn't matter to me. I don't read any graffiti no matter where it's sprayed.

  72. 172

    i really don't understand why people get words tattooed on them in languages they don't even read!! major fail!

  73. 173

    i wonder if she "rimipiantis" her tattoo now….

  74. 174

    There's a big difference between spelling a quick post on a website wrong and tattooing something on your body incorrectly. If there's ever a time to check and check again to make sure it's right, that time is directly before someone inks it onto your body!

  75. 175

    and we give a fuck because? seriously this is gossip wtf has the world come to…. i mispell everyday, don't see p'nasty posting bout it….

  76. Maple says – reply to this


    Okay, I can't be the only one who noticed this but what the fuck is up with her arms in the first picture? Does she suddenly have 3 hands or am I missing something?

  77. 177

    Kris won!!!

  78. 178

    What a big "rimipianti"……

  79. 179

    Re: Debaucherina – lots of men have tats too.. so i guess just about everyone has low self esteem then

  80. 180

    Re: ballsdeep88 – its not a competition for who gets it online first.. some people dont check ALL blogs out there..like you do.. some people check just one, and its their first time reading about it. dont be a loser and stop wasting your time

  81. 181

    For the life of me just don't understand tatoos. That said, if I were to get one I'd for damn sure make sure I knew exactly what it meant. BTW….She's a star why, how? Have never, ever seen her anywhere but here. Maybe Perez has something to do with her fame. Could not care any less about this never was hasbeen.

  82. 182

    Re: k_lala – You're an idiot… fact check yourself before you speak. Misspelled is ACTUALLY SPELLED MISSPELLED. Both S's are supposed to be there.

  83. 183

    Re: sphincter wink – Maybe? That's just about pathetic.

  84. 184

    Re: MilaKunisRox – Thought the same. He's either in the fetal position, or whoring it out with another "I JUST FOUND" a new singer.

    IMO….If PNasty knows what's good for him, he'll get back to the basics….and stop this BS.

    Ouch…forgot he is no longer here. Only is army. Gross.

  85. 185

    Re: topper – Agree. Kinda like tagging….and stupid when you do it to yourself. Pathetic. Over and done. Don't care for Angelina (stupid tatoos) and this one. Soon to be zlist, if that.

  86. 186

    Re: JulesGules – Not my fight….but seriously? On a blog and calling out someone for grammar? Wound up just a little?

  87. 187

    he wont post american idol

    anything he doesnt like. he's not going to post

    perez you made adam lose.

    im sad about him losing. hey at least he wont have to sing kara's crap of a song. =)

  88. 188

    the spelling is correct, wtf are u talking about. the M is an unsual M, but it is an M with an I after it none the less.

  89. 189

    it's not only mispelled…the tattoo itself is ugly. and cliche!
    hayden, do your research and find a better artist next time.

  90. fayne says – reply to this


    with all the money celebrities have, they often have the most poorly done tattoos i have ever seen, my goodness. there's a sign at the tattoo shop i go to and it reigns true all too often, "good work isn't cheap, and cheap work isn't good"

  91. 191

    Kris won because YOU BLEW adam up way too much, and half the voters maybe more of them were perez readers… and they wanted the under dog to win. to get back at you for being so rude to miss america!!!!!!!!! haaaaa

  92. AyanW says – reply to this


    irony? I think its kind of funny.

  93. 193


  94. 194

    Re: lexielexie – He definitely did a good job by helping Kriss win! Told it before, everything Perez touches becomes BS!

  95. 195

    someone sucks a lil

  96. 196

    That tattoo is way to big! what happens if she has a role which can't have a tatto that freakin big?

  97. 197

    That's a FAIL. Check out these FAILS.

  98. 198

    whoaa that must be sucks!

  99. 199

    who cares it looks hot….n really…besides YOU who really is gonna take the time to notice

  100. 200

    She bugs, bugs, bugs. Get me some OFF Spray and call it good.

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