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Hayden Gets New Ink! Tattoo Is Misspelled!!!!

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Talk about a major OOPS!

Since late last year, Heroes actress Hayden Panettiere has been seen sporting a new tattoo going down the left side of her back while.

Until now, we've only been able to catch glimpses of the tat depending on what shirt or dress she's wearing. But that all changed this week.

As we mentioned earlier, Hayden, 19, and her new 31-year-old guy pal, British TV presenter Steve Jones, were spotted for the second day in a row relaxing on a yacht in France.

And thanks for Panettiere wearing a bikini, we now got a complete look at her tattoo.

And it's MISSPELLED!!!!

The tattoo reads "Vivere senza rimipianti," which in Italian would literally translate into "To live without regretted" or basically "To live without regrets."

Unfortunately for the 19-year-old, her tattoo "artist" misspelled rimipianti, as it's actually spelled rimpianti.

Sucks for Hayden, though you'd think she would have done her own research before getting the tattoo.

Is it too late for a refund now?

[Image via XposurePhotos.com / WENN.]

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290 comments to “Hayden Gets New Ink! Tattoo Is Misspelled!!!!”

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  1. 201

    i'd still do her

  2. 202

    But it IS spelt right?? there is an i there, you can see the dot between the 'M' and 'P'????

  3. 203

    It IS spelt wrong, the 'I' shouldnt be there. :(

  4. 204

    What a dumbass!

  5. 205

    its not spelled wrong.

    is anyone else gettting this too?

  6. 206

    That ugly tatt makes her look cheap.
    How sad… :(

  7. 207

    Okay idiots

    I think the REAL QUESTION at hand is what the EFF is going on with her arms/hands in that first picture?? The hands and arms don't connect or something… its like one of those annoying optical illusions.. freaking me out!

  8. 208

    Ahahahah, i'm from Italy and when I look at that tattoo i have so much fun ahahahah

  9. 209


  10. 210

    ma quando sei idiota!
    ma informati prima di tatuarti in una lingua che non conosci!

    www. MIMERIS .com

  11. 211

    you're missing the point guys, there's NOT SUPPOSED TO BE AN "I"

    www. MIMERIS .com

  12. 212

    The concept of the tattoo is awesome, nice font but very much unfortunate.

  13. 213

    you're one to talk Perez with all your spelling and grammar errors!

  14. 214

    Re: uh-liss-uh – that's the point, there is on 'i' too many! There are supposed to be 3, not 4 as on Hayden's back.

  15. 215

    I think the artist wrote rimipanti instead of rimipianti. at least it looks like it. It sucks if you speak the language (I do, or at least a bit xD) and you think: Huh? Are you stupid? A letter is missing!

  16. 216

    oh, that sucks! :P lol

  17. 217

    So what. Who's really gonna notice except a queer eyed gossip columnist. I like the tat, pretty classy looking. Better than flaming skulls and Harley patches

  18. 218

    Hihi :P Poor tattooer… ?

  19. 219

    Um…. U can clearly see that it is spelled right. Perez what is wrong with u?

  20. 220

    She is fucked for life.

  21. 221

    Re: Apryl – haha dumbass

  22. 222

    HAHA……….that is what she gets for getting a tattoo down her side…….it looks stupid. I think its funny chit :) She's cute tho………minus tat

  23. 223

    She did it to stay in the news. As Britney sez: Any press is good press.

  24. 224

    sucks for her

  25. 225

    umm WROONNGG perez,her tat is spelled right..i think u need ur eyes checked..i know im not crazy..

  26. 226

    This tattoo trend that's going around, I don't understand. Don't these people realize this shit's not going to look too sexy 20 years from now?? Can't people make a statement or express themselves without permanently scarring their body? Wear a f'g T-shirt or just carry around a damn sign if you're not original enough to express yourself through other mediums.

  27. 227

    Re: blubabiecutie

    The correct word is RIMPIANTI, not RIMIPIANTI, ther's an I between M and P.
    I'm Italian, I can tell :)

  28. 228

    It actually is an idiom that means "Will give head for a acting job".

  29. 229

    its clearly spelled correctly mario.

  30. 230

    Ladies….stop getting big ass tattoos please. :(

  31. 231

    What a ridic tatoo! Obviously she didn't know what she was getting and the retard that gave it to her had no idea either. LAME!

  32. 232

    I'm italian and i can tell you that the PROPER spelling is:

    "Vivere senza RIMPIANTI"

  33. 233

    Tattoo Artist - Retard for spelling it wrong. Hayden- Retard for not checking it first. Bitch needs to lazer and fix that shit.

  34. 234

    Re: pez1968 – at least he just misspells in his blog posts, and not on a tattoo… ’cause y'know, those are totally the same thing.

  35. 235

    Re: KEJa29 – I think you need to get your "reading comprehension" level checked… since it was clearly stated that rimipianti is how it appears on her tattoo and rimpianti is how it is supposed to be spelled…

  36. 236

    That looks horrible, the true meaning of a tramp stamp.

  37. 237

    OMG i would cry for the rest of my life
    that is aweful! poor girl that sucks big time

  38. 238

    haha how embarassing!
    she's an a** anyways.

  39. 239

    ok perez stop jerkin off to adam lambert and learn to READ its BLATENLY got the second 'i' in there, whats the 2 dots there for if there arnt 2 'i's ….. dick.

  40. 240

    Perez states "Unfortunately for the 19-year-old, her tattoo "artist" misspelled rimipianti, as it's actually spelled rimpianti". He should write, "The actually spelling is rimpianti except on Hayden it is spelled rimipianti, therefore an extra I in the tattoo."
    The wording in the statement is confusing since people think he is referring to the actual tattoo. The tattoo has an I after M, but it is NOT supposed to be spelled with an I after.. People are so dumb..can't read!! It's so obvious there is an I in it, that's why it is wrong!! making my head spin

  41. 241

    um, you're wrong.

  42. 242

    Perez is correct, it IS NOT supposed to have an "I" the correct spelling is "rimpianti"

  43. taday says – reply to this


    PEREZ! u need to get ur eyes checked! there's an "i" there dude!! XOXO

  44. 244

    Vaya cagada! xD

  45. 245

    it is not mispelled look closer there is an i in it

  46. 246

    she can get that extra letter lasered off.

  47. 247

    Wow. The people that keep saying that it's spelled correctly need to learn how to read first before posting.

  48. 248

    Re: k_lala – HAH, idiot. "Misspell" is spelled with TWO s´s… Try spell-check first before going off on someone. :)

  49. 249

    to anybody saying it is correct.
    I am italian and I live in Italy
    that is NOT CORRECT.

    …it's ridicolous

  50. 250


  51. 251

    ugly whore who now has a pathetically awful back tatoo- AWESOME.

  52. shee says – reply to this


    That's spelled correct the part your pointing at is an i.

  53. 253

    That's pretty bad! First you decide to permantly mark yourself and then you don't even understand what you decided to put on yourself is actually corect! What a loser…

  54. 254

    Re: lakerfan100 – And you now this… how? Or are you just pissed that Hayden wouldn't touch you with a 10 foot pole?

  55. 255

    In the top pic does it look like she has 3 arms??!

  56. 256

    Hahahahaha who woulda guessed the tatt would be so IRONIC.

  57. 257

    Where is that extra arm coming from in the top photo? ??!?!?!

  58. 258

    It shouldn't be shocking that the tattoo's text is spelled wrong, look at the quality of it! The linework is shaky and the font looks like something from MS Word!

  59. 259

    Actually, the tat is NOT mispelled… the word IS "rimpianti". If that's the word on her tat, then it's correct… rimipianti is NOT word… :) Yes, I'm an Italian and yes, I'm fluent.

  60. 260

    Oops… sorry, didn't read the text corretly! Disregard my last comment… LOL

  61. 261

    it says rimIpianti the I is there. go get new glasses please!

  62. 262

    it is spelled correctly.

  63. 263

    she needs to live up to her tattoo, and not regret that mistake

  64. 264

    Why didn't she just get it inked in English? She's about as Italian as I am.

  65. 265

    Is she trying to be Megan Fox now or what? Is this the new trend? The script tattoo's?

  66. 266


  67. 267

    Re: Apryl – yeah we know..its spelled incorrectly. THere is no "i"….

  68. 268

    wow..can't people read..perez is right..perez even says "The tattoo reads "Vivere senza rimipianti"" but the correct spelling is rimpianti..without the I..it is so obvious there is an I after the M where the arrow is at, that's why it's spelled wrong!!!
    why don't people read it slowly before posting. over 100 posts are reading it wrong

  69. 269

    its spelled correct

  70. 270

    am i the only one that sees the i between the m and the p…..retards

  71. 271

    Geeze you stupid whores talking shit about Perez misspelling shit….He might misspell things, but he doesn't tattoo it on someone's body! and that stipid bitch Hayden should have made sure it was correct before she let someone put it there! Fucking Moron!

  72. 272

    Re: pez1968 – yeah but this one's permanent. Hayden's a dumb bitch. I though she stopped being a dumb bitch when she broke up with Milo. Now she has another episode of fucking old men who in 5 years will lose their erectile function. tsk tsk!!! dumb bitch.

  73. 273

    That's ironic. Fate has such a black sense of humour :P

  74. 274

    I think that, in some cases, Perez purposely misspells words in his blog and I agree that a blog is one thing, a tattoo is another. That sucks that it is misspelled but she has the money to be able to laser it off and start over.

  75. 275

    it's not a "u".. that's r-i-m-i

  76. 276


  77. 277


  78. 278

    Perez, or who ever your ghost writer is, you are not a very clear writer. Reread what you wrote… it's all messed up. All of your readers believe that rimipianti is the correct spelling… and sadly, with the way you word things why wouldn't we believe that. you suck.

  79. Hobbz says – reply to this


    OK perez your like the QUEEN of TYPOS on your oh-so popular blogs.

  80. 280

    I thought there was an I in it… my grandmother spoke italian and she would actually say that and it always sounded like she pronounced it with an i in there

  81. 281

    is it possible she's trying to become megan fox?

  82. 282

    lmao wow

  83. 283

    Hayden Panties is dumbass.

  84. 284

    Re: ItsErika
    there is not supposed to be an I..read perez's post slowly..

  85. 285

    Maybe she misspelled it purposely and she's "living without regret". hahaha!

  86. 286

    Its ugly, even if it were spelt correctly it would still be ugly. The writing looks really shaky.

  87. 287

    shes an idiot don't you see a tattoo before you get it . i mean the person doing it has to show you what you want before you get it who ever did it is an ass like her.

  88. 288

    she will get through it

  89. 289

    Vivere senza Rimipianti = Live Without Rimipianti
    so Much for living without regrets

  90. 290

    Re: Apryl – No it should be rimpianti because rimipianti is WRONG

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