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Kate Walsh's Psycho Ex Attacking The Mouse House!

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Actress Kate Walsh's ex, non-celeb Alex Young, is an asshole.

He is after her money hardcore and has subpoenaed the President of Disney/ABC Television, Stephen McPherson, to testify about Walsh and her finances. Young's lawyers think McPherson is essential to his case that Kate is withholding certain assets acquired during their barely year-long marriage.

You think the guy has time to be familiar with every person in his company's finances?

McPherson and Disney lawyers are working on getting the motion denied as McPherson was not the acting President of the company when Kate started Private Practice and claims Young is "harassing" McPherson.

The Disney peeps are willing to send someone else in McPherson's place.

We have a feeling the Disney people are gonna win this one, as will Kate, in the end.

[Image via WENN.]

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16 comments to “Kate Walsh's Psycho Ex Attacking The Mouse House!”

  1. 1

    Well Mark Pedowitz was the President…no? I can only hope they wouldn't call my Uncle back for something so ridiculous. Oh well.

  2. 2

    this dude needs to chill and just move on with his life. it'd be different ifthey'd been married for 10 years…but it was more like 10 seconds

  3. 3


  4. 4

    They have the power lawyers. This guy is an idiot!

  5. 5

    Go Kate! He is a loser!

  6. Pants says – reply to this


    OK she is not withholding the actual assets, just information about them, or so he alleges.

  7. 7

    BTW, Kate already won. She is rid of the bastard.

  8. 8

    What a douchebag. It was one year. You shouldn't get anything for that.

  9. 9

    what a prick. Be a man buddy, and just leave.

  10. 10

    i always knew his husband was gayish

  11. 11

    Poor Kate! Who knew this seemingly normal guy could go psycho over some cash? Is that all people care about nowadays? ughh. I love Kate, she's gonna win.

  12. 12

    You guys are acting like sheep. Whatever Perez tells you to think you do. This is not the situation at hand. You guys don't know the intimate details of what happened in their marriage and you assume because you watch Kate on TV that you "know" her. You don't.

  13. 13

    ah i hate that kinda guys
    poor kate
    dont give up

  14. 14

    you people obviously don't read or don't know how to read: she and her accountants have been keeping his money from him. They tried this same bullshit excuse on that one too, saying that he was harrassing her. And guess what - the judge agreed with him and issued sanctions against them! I think you'd fight back hard if someone stole your money, too. Oh, btw, worst kept secret in Hollywood is that Steve and Kate go "way back" to the Drew Carey Show. You think he was subpoened just because he is her boss? How do you think she got her show? Why don't you do some actual digging Perez and not just suck up to the famous person for once!

  15. 15

    Interesting…when some no-talent, gold-digging non-celeb FEMALE goes after her soon-to-be-ex rich/famous husband's money, the girls line up in droves to nod their approval and set their sites on their own get-rich-quick-thru-divorce scheme.

    Flip the tables and the gold-digging hubbie looking for his famous soon-to-be ex-wife's cash and suddenly he's a sleazy, money-grubbing douche. Looks like he learned from the ex's of Michael Jordan, Neil Diamond, and Stephen Spielberg who collectively ass-raped their ex's to the combined tune of $338mm.

    It's the chicks turn to get fucked over…first we'll take your money. Then we'll use your kids as leverage against you. And finally, we'll serve as a lifelong reminder on what it feels like to live in hell! Madonna down, Kate Walsh on deck, and Halle Berry to go!

  16. 16

    God how come he just isnt being a man and letting it go… Oh thats right he is a LOSER. He should count his lucky stars, kate walsh gave him the time of day!