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Kingston's Bitchin' New 'Do

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Work that 'do!!!!

The effortlessly stylish Kingston Rossdale debuted an electrifying new hairstyle on Monday as he and mom Gwen Stefani left the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live! in Hollywood.

We wonder what little Kingston will think of these pictures when he's older?

[Image by Greg Tidwell via Pacific Coast News Online.]

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114 comments to “Kingston's Bitchin' New 'Do”

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  1. 1


  2. 2

    Take the pacifier away ALREADY!

  3. 3

    Izn't he a little old for a pacifier?

  4. 4

    Why in the hell is that kid still sucking on a pacifier? Is she insane? Thats terrible for his teeth and its ridiculous to still tote around that young kid like a newborn. What a wacko.

  5. 5

    sooo sorry but that kid is soooooooooo not cute! and way to old to have a binky in his mouth. ewwwwwwwwwwwwww it simply does not look right at all.

  6. 6

    He'll think on THIS one, "what the hell was mom thinking?"

  7. 7

    He's to old for a pacifer!!

  8. 8

    I can't stand when people do this sh*t to their kids..Mohawks and wild hair styles on a 3 year old? wtf? This kid needs a comb ASAP!

  9. 9

    why does he have a pacifier in his mouth??

  10. casie says – reply to this


    It almost looks like the frosted or colored his hair, if they did that is so messed up. And why on earth does he have a pacifier in his mouth?

  11. 11

    Those shades are hot.

  12. 12


  13. 13

    That's so stupid. We get it, Gwen—you're a super-cool rock chick! Yuck.

  14. Theo says – reply to this


    If it was cut shorter and spiked it would be cute, but it just looks windblown.

  15. 15

    Geez. Stop with the pacifier comments. You try traveling all over the blinkin' world with two small children - it's probably to help keep in sane with all the paps around snapping shots etc. Plus holy - we travel with our two kids (around the same ages) and it's freaking exhausting. So lay off already…he probably uses it to soothe all the madness going on around him. Some kids have blankies - some have binkies. Whatever works!

  16. 16

    he looks hot!!

  17. 17

    poor kid, stupid name now stupid hair

  18. 18

    I really hate it when self-absorbed parents dye their kids hair. Peroxide / bleach is so harsh on their skin - it's mean.

  19. 19

    time to get rid of the pasifier.

  20. 20

    Let's not be so fast with the fierce horse feathers. Next you'll be fabooshing the poor kid. There are already rumors the kids dad is a flamer . an old lover of boy georges ex.

  21. 21

    oops - typo - time to get rid of the pacifier!!! killer 'do tho

  22. 22

    Thats awesome, i love it!

  23. 23

    GAY BABY!!!

  24. 24

    wtf did she dye his hair??

  25. 25

    Jesus H Christ How old is this news…..

  26. 26

    WHY does a kid that old still have a binky? That will mess his teeth up!

  27. 27

    Why's he still got a dummy? Think he's a bit too old for that!

  28. 28

    she shouldn't be colouring the kid's hair.

  29. 29

    Please tell me she did not bleach that boys hair!!!

  30. cush says – reply to this


    How pathetic! Poor thing. You know children's systems cannot handle the same loads of chemicals adults can. Who ever thinks this is a good idea should rethink what they are putting the kids through. I don't care if they do think it's cool. I love tattoos but I wouldn't let a child with a binkie get one!

  31. 31

    She's bleaching her kids hair? Fuck the screams of it burns! it burns!. Kids aren't accessories!

  32. 32

    i love gwen & her kids! so what if he'll have bad teeth…hello braces! jeez people get off their jock! lubs perez!

  33. 33

    isnt he a little old for a binky??

    btw mario, that was for an appearance no doubt did A FEW DAYS AGO. saw this pic on like 3 other sites

  34. 34

    Who cares if he still has a dummy in his mouth! I had one for ages so stop bashing you fuckers. He looks cute but I hope that isn't proper dye, it would kill his hair… Gwen looks amazing as usual.

  35. 35

    He's still using a binky. I guess it's better then sucking his thumb.

  36. 36

    Why on earth does he still have a pacifier in his mouth??

  37. 37

    Seriously WTF does he still have a binki? Isn't he in preschool?? He's sooooo dang cute but if they don't get rid of that stupid thing, he's gonna have fucked up teeth!

  38. 38

    why do stars think they can push their crazy styles off on their kids and it'll look cool??? i love gwen but not what she did to her kid's head…take the paci away :)

  39. 39


  40. 40

    How come you aren't rippin' on Kingston for the pacifier? You sure did rip on Suri when she had a bottle and she was younger than Kingston. But Gwen is not on your evil list of people to talk shit about, so I guess that is why you have nothing bad to say about her saintly spawn.

  41. 41

    This chick needs to stop using her kids for publicity stunts. Dying a 2yr olds hair is just a form of whild abuse. I thought kingston was suppose to be on tour with his father anyway

  42. 42

    His natural hair was absolutely beautiful… what the fuck did she do to it?

  43. 43

    how cute!!

  44. missB says – reply to this


    is it just me or is he a bit old for a binky :P

  45. 45

    That kid is a peen. And yeah, he's too old to regress into the pacifier stage. What a brat.

  46. Kate says – reply to this


    Give up the soother… he's too old for it!

  47. 47

    loves it! easily the cutest kid in Hollywood

  48. 48

    Um first of all, the hair is lame, he is a child not a rock star- and second of all, isn't he like 3 or something- maybe too old to have a passifier?

  49. 49

    What a CUTIE, haha.

  50. 50

    VERY VERY stupid hair do! I agree he looks WAY too old for an infant pacifier in his mouth! Get over it Gwen let him grow up!

  51. 51

    no hair dye on children!
    its just wrong.
    its too harsh for the skin and it can cause severe burns and rashes. I would never dye my kids hair! their hair is so smooth i wouldn't want to ruin it!


  52. 52


  53. 53

    WHAT THE HELL?! Why is he sucking a pacifier? He's going to have fucked up teeth

  54. 54

    That kid is how old? He's gonna have bad teeth if they let him keep sucking on that binky.

  55. 55

    He's way too old for a pacifer.

  56. 56

    That poor kid looks like crap…poor thing, doesn't this come uder child abuse. And gwen needs to work on her teeth, yuck!

  57. 57

    ok yeah the hair style is cute, but seriously it does look like they dyed his hair or something. what the hell he's not a little doll. and how old is he, why the hell does he still have a pacifier?????? i'd say give him back to the nanny so he won't end up with red hair next but hell it was pretty sad to see the nanny friday in vegas grabbing him by the arm and yanking him off his bike. he's gonna end up like a harajuka lover!

  58. 58

    He's to old for a paci Gwen!!

  59. 59

    he looks stupid and it looks like she's having his hair bleached. sad.

  60. Wrenn says – reply to this


    There's something about Kingston.

  61. 61

    if he turns out to be gay–he'll probably think this hair is CUTE

  62. 62

    OLD PICTURE PEREZ!!!!!!!!!!! Your website SUCKS! You USED to be the first with all the celebrity gossip….NO MORE!!!

  63. jemms says – reply to this


    so sick of her! get a new fucking look!!!!

  64. 64

    um isnt he a little to old to have a pacifier?

  65. 65

    my kid isnt even 2 and i will NOT allow her to be seen in public with that SHIT on her face, ONLY at night or for a nap, and at her age thats pushing it. She needs to get off it.

  66. 66

    Lol, so cute!

  67. 67

    Gwen looks like MR. ED. Them teef are killing me.

  68. 68

    Nice gums Gwen.

  69. 69

    Re: femellapacalis – Just like his mother…

  70. 70

    totally looks like Rihanna would rock this.

  71. 71

    In no way is that a cute hairstyle unless you are a 35 year old gay man acting like your 20.

  72. 72

    thats fucking awesome. they both look great

  73. 73

    Usually he's so cute, but that hair looks stupid and it looks like it's bleached! Why would you do that to a child, he's what, 3? Plus, I have MAJOR ISSUES with kids that age having pacifiers. Funny how you used to make comments about the Cruises and Suri with a bottle, but Kingston is cute?! No, it is NOT cute! When he's older he's going to think, "Why the fuck did my mom still give me a pacifier at that age?"

  74. 74

    EWWWWW. The kid looks like that gay Bruno from the Ali.G show.

  75. 75

    That's sooo cute! Luv Gwen she has the best fashion sense and is always sooo breezy!

  76. 76

    Whats' on her shoulder? A zit?

  77. 77

    What the fuck???? Do these two just hate their child? What a fucking sight!!

  78. 78

    aaawww! he's so cuteeeeeee!

  79. 79

    That looks totally stupid, but with that skanky and fug bitch as a mom it really doesn't surprise me. Poor kid…to be forced to wear this shit cuz his mom wants him too. She'll probably scar him for life. Only RPattz can pull this look off without looking totally stupid.

  80. 80

    TO GO.

  81. 81

    that kid is such a spoiled brat its unbelievable.

  82. 82

    Re: canuckgal – yeah right or its just the mere fact that this woman clrearly fails motherhood

  83. 83

    I bet most of you people b!tching about the pacifier were around 5 or 6 and still sucked on it. Lame. Give King a break. Shame on you Perez for posting random pics like this. Get a FUCKING JOB. Seriously.

  84. 84

    I bet most of you people b!tching about the pacifier were around 5 or 6 and still sucked on it. Lame. Give King a break. Get a LIFE!!!

  85. 85

    WTF!! peroxide on his hair he is 3!!!
    he will be bald by the times he's ten!!

  86. 86

    That's tantamount to child abuse.

  87. 87

    he's so adorable!

  88. 88

    kingston..he's hot..!

  89. 89

    WHY does he still have a pacifier?

  90. 90

    Why oh why can't parents let their kids be themselves! I just wish they would stop imposing their "cool" style on them he is 3 years old I can't believe someone would even need to say this but DON'T DYE YOUR 3 YR OLDS HAIR! and take the damn pacifier out of his mouth, throw it away and move on he will only miss it for a few days.

  91. 91

    he is a cutie, but bleaching kids hair at that age is ridiculus..
    Hollyweird needs to get over themselves..Mjackson used to or still does bleach oldest son Prince's hair,,the last picture of Britney and her boys I could tell their hair had been lightened..
    it looks to me Cindy Crawford dies her son's hair also…
    lets the kids at least be teenagers before the bleaching begins!!!

  92. 92


  93. 93

    It's time to stop the pacifier.

  94. 94

    no, no and more no - he's not an accessory to be dangled from her wrist.

    Has he had his hair bleached??

  95. 95

    I think thats her younger kid ZUMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zuma had blonde hair. This kid looks way to young to be kingston!!!!!

  96. 96

    why the F is he still using a paci?!?! forreal!!

  97. 97

    he won't mind the pics of the hair — he'll be pissed about the binky

  98. 98

    what the hell is wrong w/ this bitch? it looks like she dyed his hair. sick. he fucking 3yrs old! and top of that he still has a pacifier! what a joke.

  99. 99


  100. 100

    He is WAY too old for a nuk! Take that damn thing away!

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