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American Idol

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Congrats to the winner!

Do U agree with the decision?

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689 comments to “American Idol”

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  1. 301

    so happy kris won he deserves the title more ,
    it never really makes a difference though cause adams still awesome and will make it big

  2. jennd says – reply to this


    What's not to agree with? If you think Adam should have won you should have voted for him more. There is no conspiracy here, only lack of Adam fan apparantly.

  3. switz says – reply to this


    no. Adam was by far more talented.

  4. 304

    Re: Aussieone

    When you say someone else deserved something, it's being a good sport, which no one on here would understand what that means because you're all a bunch of bitchy fags who can't understand why gays never win anything. We don't win because we bitch and we can't get along with anyone. That's why all 50 states didn't legalize marriage. America is always wanting the next best thing and gays always want it to be gay. Paint a fuckin' rainbow bulls eye on your forehead this way I can throw a dart at you.

  5. 305

    What the hell was Katie Holmes thinking?! What kind of idiot takes their two year old child to what was essentially a rock concert?! If my wife did something as stupid as that I would smack her upside her head! IT'S ONE THING TO BE A MEDIA WHORE YOURSELF, MRS. MAPOTHER, BUT DON'T SUBJECT YOUR CHILD TO YOUR BAD DECISION MAKING.

  6. 306

    it was so wrong!! kris knew it, adam knew it, the families knew it, the judges knew it!! adam should have won! but then again, he is too big for american idol, this way he wont need to release the single and he can just be himself.

  7. 307

    No No No No!!!! Adam should BE American Idol!!!
    Kris is 1/2 as good as Adam, and he has HORRIBLE FACIAL HAIR!!!!! Horrid.

  8. 308

    Gosh Perez, could you be any more predictable?

    Your fave doesn't win, so you can't even be bothered to put up a pic or mention his NAME at the very least? Kris Allen won fair and square - and considering Ryan made no mention of how "close" the results were (and he always does when they are close) Kris probably trounced Adam in total votes.

    You (and the judges) shoved Adam down our throats week after week and prematurely declared him the winner weeks ago… I guess this proves neither you nor the judges have as much influence as you'd like to think. Adam lost because he ultimately does NOT represent what the majority of Americans would want to hear on the radio. Adam's all about flash and style, whereas Kris has substance, musicianship, and a fantastic voice. All Adam ever did was scream week after week, that's NOT artistry and that belongs on Broadway - NOT on mainstream radio.

    Adam will go way of Taylor Hicks, as in people found his schtick entertaining on AI but it didn't translate in the real world (coincidentally he also wound up on Broadway). Don't be a sore loser Perez, Kris Allen deserves some props for being an underdog the whole time and pulling out a win in the end.

  9. 309

    I can totally see Adam on Broadway, not conventional radio. Chris is more mainstream. Both will go very far I am sure.

  10. 310

    Re: Whatever!!! – ….and carrie underwood….

  11. 311


  12. Aries says – reply to this


    It's just like highschool kiddies! Popularity contest!

  13. 313

    i dont think kris deserved it as much as adam, and i think kris agreed considering he said so…it was such a good finale show and then that happend lol

  14. 314

    I think that Adam was getting to cocky towards the end and Kris is hot!!!

  15. 315

    wow, apparently Perez doesn't agree with the winner. Had Adam won, it would be splashed all over the place. Biased much?

  16. 316

    A shame .. Adam deserved to be chosen, but he DID WIN … in the long run he will be more successful, wait and see. I think it was fixed by Simon. The fact that Ryan spent more time with Chris' parents, and the show featured more vivacious acts with Adam ..it was meant to create controversy. All we Adam fans will see and hear of him much more that Chris …

  17. 317

    DOUBLE STANDARD!!! DOUBLE STANDARD, PEREZ!! If your Adam won last night you would have been ALL OVER THIS PLACE with HUGE COMMENTS and CONGRATS! Seriously….I guess this is your page and you can do what you want, but seriously. It is a DOUBLE STANDARD!

  18. 318

    Idol is BS we all know the winner is never really successful and they will fall off the radar in about a year or two. Adam will have a promising career. The only successful idols we have had are Carrie and Kelly. Everyone else who didnt win had amazing careers so if I were Adam I would be happy I didnt win.

  19. 319

    NO! Adam should have won! he was the most awesome singer in the world!

  20. 320


  21. 321

    And please don't start throwing out conspiracy theories Perez (although we all know you will…)

    This is not about Adam Lambert being gay, America can and does accept gay performers (Elton John anyone?). Adam's loss is ultimately about him screeching his way through EVERY performance week after week, and NOT having widespread appeal. Kris represents what the MAJORITY of viewers want to hear and see, and that's what the show is about. If all you Adam fans can't accept that, then American Idol might as well not exist.

    Personally I take great pleasure in seeing Kris win. Considering all the hype that surrounded Adam, with all the magazine covers and so-called pundits declaring him the winner weeks ago, how awesome is it that the underdog swooped in and pulled out the win?? This should also be a lesson to the judges: stop trying to BLATANTLY sway the public's vote, it just might blow up in your faces!

  22. 322

    Yes! The fag got defeated!

  23. 323

    I'm not sure if he is a better singer but you really turned off a LOT of people after posting photos of him. I'm just saying….. I can't imagine what your headlines would be this morning if Adam did win on your website. It's kind of funny isn't it? And I have to agree…..with a previous poster…America Voted!

  24. 324

    Disappointed in the final idol selection! Would like to know the vote split - guess Adam Lambert is just "too far over in the book" for mainstream America, because, CLEARLY, he is the better singer and has terrific stage presence. Let's see where these two contestants are a year from now. Congrats to both.

  25. 325

    Kris sucks ass and they only reason why he won is because all the little teeny bopper girls that think hes cute voted for him..adam is real talent and is gonna be a huge star..kris is gonna be like half the other people that won and no one is gonna remember him in a year

  26. 326

    Yes. Because the person who wins will be stuck with AIs claws in them forever. But Adam after like a year, will be able so sign with whom ever he wants and make the kind of music that he want and it will be great! He will be great. I've always thought he was very freddie mercury. He's gonna be a ledgend. Kris will fade to no mans land with the majority of AIs winners. Just because someone votes 100X, doesn't mean they go out and buy the album.

    Unlike Miss USA, being runner up at AI is the golden ticket.
    Kris is great. Better than danny for sure. But I'd never buy his music.
    Adam's I most likely will.

  27. Cmagz says – reply to this


    COULD ONLY IMAGINE WHAT THE POST WOULD HAVE BEEN IF THE GAY GUY WON>. So Glad we do not have a Gay American idol. Perez Made such a big deal about the next Gay American Idol and It DIDN"T HAPPEN HAHAHAH and so you post a boring post for the WINNER>> hAHAHHA perez News Flash YOUR GAY>>

  28. 328

    Re: Jen138

    He could be himself with the song. That's why they got to arrange it anyway they wanted. If you people know the show so well and have all these wonderful things to say, why is it never backed up?

  29. 329

    I've watched this pretty much all the way through and honestly they talk about one's to remember (Performances) Kris who? I guess its personal taste at the end of the day ay!

  30. 330

    Yeah Kris Allen is the best! Love the way he re-arranges the songs! Heartless makes me speechless!

  31. 331

    I agree with it. I really don't want the loss to become a "gay verses straight" thing but I have a feeling it will be.

  32. 332

    Re: Whatever!!!
    umm hello carrie underwood is one of the biggest country stars right now

  33. 333

    Shame on you. A little blurb "congratulations to the winner". No picture, no name, nothing. Please don't start to trash him because your fave didn't win.
    Be mature about it.

  34. 334

    HELL NO. The 3rd best singer won because he's the cutest and the teeny bopper girlys all voted for him.

  35. 335

    I am sure Adam is very grateful that he doesn't have to record "No Boundaries", the worst Idol original ever. He will endure the tour, then move on to much bigger and better things. I can't wait to see what he does.

  36. 336

    erm you guys are kinda lame
    maybe perez didnt wanna spoil people living in other countries because AI airs later there?
    fucking idiots

  37. 337

    yah, i agree 100%, Adam Lambert has a career behind him whether he won or not .

  38. 338

    Re: miss_b_haven

    I agree. Perez can't even mention KRIS ALLEN and show his picture. Perez is such a bitch.

  39. 339

    SO glad he lost and Kris didn't know what to say. At least Adam doesn't have to make Kara's horrible song a big hit and be under the major Idol contracts. He does his tour and not as many strings attached to his career. We will say KRIS WHO??? in a year. Who saw the "Velvet Teddybear" in the audience. Brought back memories of another winner I won't ever hear on the radio. LOLOL Big things for Adam to come. I hope he's ready!!!!!!

  40. 340

    all of your gay rants about him and begging people to vote for him didn't work!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  41. 341

    Re: Whatever!!! – Yes, because I completely forgot that Carrie Underwood has no talent and has gotten nowhere. You're dumb. Jennifer Hudson hasn't even had like, one memorable hit.

  42. 342

    Re: vee90
    100 million people didnt vote for kris you retard thats just how many votes they got in all together for both people

  43. 343

    Re: Whatever!!! – I actually think that Adam is the Jennifer Hudson of this season. He can do anything, and I totally wouldn't count him out for an acting Oscar at some point. He's wildly talented in every way.

  44. 344

    Re: Doomed

    That is true. He's a stiffler for anything homoerotic.

  45. 345

    ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW!! if Adam won you would be going crazy and put pics of him everywhere!!! Kris Allen WON and you didn't even say his name or eve put a picture of him. You put a pic when you where making fun of him! I BET YOU IF ADAM WASN'T GAY YOU WOULD HAVE WANTED KRIS TO WIN. i hope you know you are the sickest most conceded man alive!!!

  46. 346

    Re: 1sassypants – well said. couldnt agree more

  47. 347

    Oh, and before I could watch the TIVO of the show, one of your stupid posters gave away the winner. Was a good actress for my DH since I made him watch all year. I never let it out that I knew who LOST.

  48. 348

    Both milked their strengths in the final competition. Adam was immensely talented and was a stronger performer than Kris. Adam deserved a win and Kris didn't seem to want to win. But with the music industry supporting Adam more than Kris, it is likely that Adam will eventually outsell and have a longer music career than the christian fundamentalist who might probably be touting christian pop than mainstream music.

  49. 349

    Re: CBE – First of all, Adam "possibly" gay? Get a grip. Second, your list of winners just proves that people in the South have nothing better to do than watch second-rate talent shows and then spend two hours voting. People in other parts of the country clearly have lives. Regardless, Adam will be wildly successful and I am excited to see what he does.

  50. 29 says – reply to this


    congrats??? are you turning into an actual human being perez??
    i was all for danny and still am, but between adam and kris, yes, i agree with the results. adam puts on a good show like taylor hicks did, but kris is a natural. who cares though, adam, kris, danny and possibly allison will still be around in the future. this was by far the best AI ever. all the finalists were awesome.

  51. 351

    Re: Aries

    If this was a popularity contest then why didn't Adam win since you people obviously thought he was more popular. Suck a dick.

  52. 352

    Re: skylerrrr – NO! 100%

  53. 353

    Re: luckymom22 – Amen sister!!! I can't wait to see what Adam does, and I will take my girls to see him as soon as I get the chance. I think it's great that Adam doesn't have to record that horriendioma of a song …

  54. 354

    Re: FaithFab – i agree!!!

  55. 355

    Re: Aussieone

    Wow, because you can threaten people from a computer. You're cool by far. Did i come out and say Aussieone? No you dumb bitch. So if you wanna threaten me go ahead. Idle threats are funny.

  56. 356


  57. 357

    umm…well i didnt really care who won…i like them both….and they r both amazingly good looking lol but i totally thought glambert was going to win! omg what a night!

  58. 358

    Doesn't matter. I can't wait to hear the music Adam will be putting out now. xoxo

  59. 359

    Re: Aussieone

    And I'm sorry, but where did I threaten you? Please elaborate.

  60. 360

    I voted for Kris a couple of times because he *needed* my vote. But Adam was absolutely much better. The top 4 will have great careers — but Kris can't really hold a candle to Adam, or Allison/Danny. I much prefer Adam but don't think he was devastated because he knows his future is ultra brite. Will Kris pack a stadium full of people? I think not. The show itself, last nite, was fab.

  61. 361

    Hell Yeah!!!

  62. 362

    Both guys are brilliant. While Adam should have won, Kris however would need the boost a lot more than Adam.

    Adam with or without the title is already mega huge. I bet loads of recording companies have approached him. Taking this title would actually tie him down to nothing. He is ready for much much more.

    Kris is relatively fresh. This title will be his stepping stone.

    I love Adam Lambert but I personally think America made the right choice.

  63. 363

    Adam was robbed!

  64. 364


  65. 365

    I had a personal preference for Kris but I do think that Adam deserved to win. I think that a lot of things worked against Adam… the overexposure in the media, the presumption that he was going to win weeks before the end of the competition, the question of his sexuality (which I could care less about), etc. But in my opinion having the title of American Idol does not mean that much anymore, considering the careers of Taylor Hicks and Reuben Studdard. At this point the contestants in the top ten have garnered enough exposure which will earn many of them recording contracts. I have no doubt in my mind that Adam will go on to do great things.

  66. 366

    Re: Aussieone

    It's a fuckin blog. It's a matter of opinion. I wasn't saying it to you directly, just replying to your post. Take off your panties and get them outta that twist.

  67. 367

    Anything you back is going to lose, isn't it obvious that you have no pull. You fame whoring is appauling and turns people off fatty. Bottom line is the Liza look-a-like's voice is not commercial. Maybe he'll be good in off broadway in some 3rd rate musical.

  68. 368

    Neither of them should have won! Their were better pop singers in the competition and that's what it's all about.

  69. 369

    Gayness took a major defeat last night and I lOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOve it. Go straight America. Not even your Dog Cater of a President believes in Gayness you fat jerk.

  70. 370

    Huh? Do I agree with what decision??? ;-) But seriously, AI sucks.

  71. 371

    Re: Kate27_haters make me stronger :) – Yeah Thanx Perez. Go Kris!!!

  72. 372

    It was a popularity contest. Gay verses Christian. More Christians voted then Gay. Both guys could sing very well. Time will decide who will get the most attention; though both sides don't really follow each others lifestyle, unless your a gay christian.

  73. 373

    YES!!! Adam is a one trick pony. Chris is awesome!

  74. 374

    No way, Adam should have won it

  75. 375

    Re: Rynne – WTF! No way! All of you negative nellies are showing your true colors! Whining cuz you ddnt get your way… boo hoo

  76. 376

    Perez, you couldn't even type Kris' name or put up his pic? You are one heck of a sourpuss. It's a television program ans a singing competition, not the second coming. Get over it.

  77. 377

    NOOO! Kris is good but Adam is waaay better!

  78. 29 says – reply to this


    Re: JohnnyD – aww aren't you just so sweet?! your wife must be so proud to call you her husband. asshole.

  79. 379

    I am so dumb founded that Adam did not win…Was this "fixed" there is no comparison in talent, charisma or quality. SO WTF???? I will not watch American Idol again, as I feel something was not quite right. I hope that Adam becomes an everyday name like "Elvis" Question for you all…"Do you think the rumors of Adam's sexuality hurt his votes?" That would be a shame..

  80. 380

    Aw, hell no. Kris Allen, due to simply being up against a gay man, garnered the anti-gay vote and by virtue of that dumbass show being on Fox, that is huge voting block. I know Adam will pull a Clay Aiken: not even for coming out after the end of the competition but for out-selling the crap out of the actual "winner". No offense against Kris Allen, but Adam Lambert is a rock star and he's my American Idol.

  81. 381

    I don't want an eye-liner wearing, screaming, "emo homo" American Idol. That's just ridiculous! Kris exemplifies true American values and has raw talent. Adam will be famous no matter what I guess. Danny will always be my idol though!!

  82. 382

    No….Adam really deserved to win…….I bet the vote was FIX…..well……..Adam will still get a contract……

  83. 383

    Adam star will shine long after idol. He's in a class all by himself.

  84. 384

    Yeah yeah I'm happy with the winner. I didn't want a cross dresser as my next idol. GO KRIS!

  85. 385

    No - he's boring

  86. 386

    no way! adam has so much more talent than kris… but in a way it might be better that he didnt win cuz now he'll get his own contract where he can do what he wants.. under the american idol contract they probably wouldnt let him do a lot… i still can't beleive kris won though. its not right

  87. 387

    After the stupid summer tour, Adam will be FREE to do whatever he wants…. he's lucky!

  88. 388

    Kris is too generic for me. He's a stale piece of toast next to Adam. Adam should have won

  89. 389

    Re: Livehappy
    Are you serious? You actually compared Adam Lambert to FREDDY MERCURY?? LMAO!!! Give me a fucking break.

    And that's quite presumptuous of you to say that in a year Adam Lambert can sign with anyone who wants. Who's to say anyone will care or even REMEMBER him in a year? No doubt he'll get a record deal, cuz anyone in the Top 5 does, but get real - Adam Lambert is never going to sell millions of records. Kris will, because he's got votes from women, men, kids, and middle America all wrapped up. If he puts out a pop/country-twinged album a la Keith Urban or Taylor Swift, he'll be HUGE.

    Case in point: Carrie Underwood, a country singer, is the most successful Idol EVER.

  90. 390

    when kris said "adam deserved this" he was just being a good sport!! he wasn't saying that he himself shouldn't have fun. adam fans: sorry he didn't win, but does it really matter?? he's going to make it big. how about trying to be good sports and not hating??

    i'm a kris fan totally, and had adam won, if I were acting like some of you are now, you'd all be calling me a homophobic!!! (which, is rediculous. as i am not.)

    in the end, i think the true american idol won! way to go KRIS! can't wait to buy your cd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. 391

    America wasnt into the GUYLINER!!
    Yay Kris!! Adam Lambert is more flamboyant, not more talented. Kris is a true MUSICIAN.

  92. 392

    did u see chris alans reaction? he didnt believe it, he even said to seacrest but adam deserved it, rewatch those five seconds after.

  93. 393

    And Kris fans: the majority of you are being GREAT sports… but a few of you are bashing gays - SO NOT COOL and that's not what this competition is even about..

    who cares if the american idol is gay or straight? stop bashing the gays please.

  94. 394

    Re: greenhair

  95. 395

    shit, no!

  96. 396

    Re: Whatever!!! – hey # 16…The ONLY people??? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??? Have you ever heard of Carrie Underwood and Chris Daughtry???? You must live under a rock!

  97. 397

    Re: Justagirl89 – thats redic. if you think it was "fixed" how would adam have even gotten that far?

    they both deserved to be there. kris deserved to win just as much as adam.

  98. 398

    You ruined the Adam's chances by pulling for him. Time to get over it. If Adam had won, you'd have his pic up, right?

  99. 399

    True I think Adam is more of Broadway performer. He is amazing when he sings rock but all other genres seem broadway to me. However HE SHOULD have won as his talent is incomparible. The christian guy does fit the American look much better. Adam should sing the song I wrote MAN LIKE THAT www.myspace.com/aronblankenburg would be perfect for him!

  100. 400


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