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American Idol

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Congrats to the winner!

Do U agree with the decision?

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689 comments to “American Idol”

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  1. 501

    Re: tshore1023 – You're dumb cow for even saying that shit. =/ I don't like Adam because he's loud and annoying with his crazy insane screeching, Jesus aint got a damn thing to do with it.

  2. 502

    THE BEST MAN WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 503


  4. Neady says – reply to this



    adam lambert is good and a deserving contestant but i feel kris deserved it more

  5. 505

    No, I don't

  6. 506

    Jennifer hudson and Kelly clarkson are the biggest??? Really???? I do believe Carrie Underwood has outsold The BOTH of them. I am glad Kris won. Adam's style just isn't what most people are into right now. He just isn't marketable in todays industry.

  7. 507

    But I thought this was all a dun deeel. Not in US so don't see the program. Didn't the much hyped Adam win??? Perez dahling, you hitched your wagon weeeeey too early.

  8. 508

    I preferred Adam….but they are both winners at this point of the show…..HOWEVER - I think that it was rigged for drama purposes…. whatever.

  9. 509

    Kris sucks.

  10. 510

    No not at all. I've seen my share of live performances, and Adam really has what it takes to be an entertainer. I live in Austin, and Kris is like so many people here who sing in the bars/restraunts. He's good, but not nearly as good as Adam. I'm not surprised by the turnout, it's FOX. They'll never vote that way on a conservative show, and they'll continue to have unsuccessful winners like they have in the past.

  11. 511

    yo perez, where's my post?! :o
    Are you that much of a sore loser, now your screening out "negative" posts?!
    it's only a tv show, dude, get over it already!!!!
    twit me @morenamami :)

  12. 512

    Re: Whatever!!!

    They're not the only ones with success. Look at Carrie Underwood. She made more money than Kelly Clarkson & Jennifer Hudson combined.

  13. 513

    YES, YES, YES! I'm really happy Kris Allen won, but Adam Lambert was just too overrated. I'm gonna say the little tween fan's ruined it for him. I hate Tween fan's like Paramore and Twilight and Jonas Brother's tween fag fan's. UGH.

    They have to ruin everything, if you like then so much oh well. Go cry yourself to sleep. Stop crying and screaming your asses off. yeah………………….
    I'm happy for Kris and Adam, but, haahahhahaahahahahaahaa everyone thought Adam was going to win, but Kris won! hahahhahha! HAHAHAHAHAH!!! Sorry Perez, I know you wanted Adam to win..

  14. 514

    Adam can always have a glam band called the Guyliners. It'll all work out Adam!

  15. 515

    NO Big time! Chris is good but not as good as Adam…

  16. 516

    I figured as much - this is typical IDOL voter's choice - the thing is that ADAM does NOT need Idol and was better to not win and start the MEGA career that is his for the taking ;)

  17. 517

    totally agree. kris is an american idol, adam is a cheesy vegas singer.

  18. 518

    Re: CBE – Great analysis & very factual.

  19. 519

    Perez! Where is Kris's picture!? Dont' hate! Yay Kris!

  20. 520

    I don't agree at all………………..one more time the winner is NOT the one with more talent………….another JT look alike…………..we'll see how he'll do…….but I can assure you it's not going to be any good………..

  21. 521

    Adam was not that good - really. He was like a flaming gay broadway actor playing the part of a rock star (and no offense by that - I HEART my gays!). Adam was annoying and just felt fake, like a fraud. Kris kept getting better and better throughout the season and definitely deserved to win.

  22. 522

    no way! i only watch finalies on american idol and Adam was 50 times better. i cant beleive kris even made it to the end

  23. 523

    He was the BEST!!!!

  24. 29 says – reply to this


    Re: tshore1023 – um i voted for danny, does that make me a homophobe jesus freak? it's a difference of opinion and taste in music and that horrible screeeeeeching is not something i want to listen to. therefore, kris deserves to be the winner since danny was voted off… IMO!!!!!!! if adam had won would it be ok for me to call you a heterophobe fag hag? either stop being retarded or just shut the fuck up. and don't forget that adam was in the top 2. if the people who don't like him wanted him gone because he's gay, he would have never even made the top 5. idiot.

  25. 525

    No, but on the bright side, Adam will be able to go on and do the music he wants to do and not be held to the AI contract. This may have been teh best thing for him in the long run….besides, he's already a star!

  26. 526

    America voted… I don't this is a gay/straight thing… BTW its like when the Gayken Adam is gonna be much more famous.. and he has a step up becuase we all know he is gay. Good luck to both of them!

  27. 527

    dude, can't you even say his name!! he won fair and square even though the judges, producers made ai the adam lambert show and tired to sabotage kris with the all the songs they chose for him and still kris won! i am surprised ai did not rig this to get adam to win, that's the only thing they haven't done but endorsed adam all the way, the voters have spoken, more people prefer Kris music than adam,

    you can at least mention his name!!!

  28. 528

    Hell yeah!! Proud of them both! Adam will do fine without Idol and I love Chris as well!

  29. 529

    NO! No one should be allowed to vote more than once. American Idol needs to fix this. 38 million votes from Arkansas? No, America did NOT select Kris Allen as the winner - his hometown did, it's more than obvious.

  30. 530

    NOOO! Adam should have one!! This is ridiculous! I think FOX rigged it. American Idol is not worth watching if the American people are not going to pick the most talented. Kris should have been kicked off WEEKS ago! He's so boring!

  31. 531

    So many people who voted didn't really care about Kris, they just didn't want Adam to win because they couldn't deal with his differences - so to them, a vote for Kris was a vote AGAINST Adam. SAD!

  32. 532

    Yes !!!

  33. 533

    So disappointed! I really wanted Adam to win! I love that guy!

  34. 534

    Adam was robbed

  35. 535

    Yeah I agree with the winner.

  36. 536

    I am happy for kris its a great opportunity for him but i believe adam should have won he is the true American idol and i feel bad because kris knew that. i think a lot of people are still very sheltered and ignorant and can't handle having a gay American idol and thats why adam didn't win

  37. 537

    Yes, I agree. He deserves it. All Adam does is fucking scream.

  38. 538

    100% yes!
    They were both talented but Glambert was way to irritating to listen to.
    Kris was much easier to listen to, and his style was much more mainstream.
    Glambert belongs on Broadway, not on Billboard

  39. 539

    Re: sailormoon….Bite me!!! Since when is Perez considerate of others? :)

  40. 540

    YYYYYYEEEEESSSSSS! Adam is a weirdo that screeches and sticks out his tongue when he sings. I find Adam Lambert embarrassing.

  41. 541

    No, I disagree completely! Adam Lambert has more talent in ONE PINKY FINGER than ALL the other contestants in the entire season 8 show. I honestly think it was more of a matter of the gay thing. I think he fuggin ROX and he'll get a record deal anyway.

  42. 542

    Re: Whatever!!! – ok wow your stupid! those are the only 2 huh? um jordin sparks is more famous than jennifer hudson in my opinion, i hear jordin on the radio everywhere and never hear jennifer. Fantasia cant tell you a single song she sings, but she has had some success, david has had success, oh and lets not forget daughtry i hear him alot as well.

  43. 543

    haha adam sucks, and america was smart to vote for kris.

  44. 544

    Yes yes yes yes. Kris is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love him!!!!!!!! So happy he won!!!!!!!!

  45. 545

    Yes!! 100%. And You should stop hating.

  46. 546

    Yes! I'm glad Kris won!

  47. 547

    Honestly, Thank God Adam didn't win. Who cares if he is gay or straight, but his voice is so screechy and definitely not mainstream enough. Kris is adorable and can play other instruments and probably won't let the fame go to his head, like Adam obviously would/will.
    Perez, be a fucking gentleman and at least post his name, he deserves it, even if you see otherwise.

  48. 548

    Congratulations to the winner Kris Allen!

  49. 549


  50. 550

    I do not agree with the results. I think Adam should have won - he's so incredibly talented! He will definately have a bright future! :-)

  51. 551

    "Congrats to the winner. Do you agree with the decision?"
    That's all you have to say, Perez? You wouldn't even write THE NAME of the winner of American Idol or post his photo???
    You're pathetic, Perez.
    Kris Allen won!!!!!!!!!

  52. 552

    I honestly don't watch nor do I vote for American Idol. I believe whoever wins won by the vote of the public. So in short yes I agree with the results. The long YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  53. 553

    Adam definitely deserved to win. He was the BEST singer in the competition - ugh, what happened to AI? Two years in a row they get it wrong…
    And yes, I did vote.
    Gah, and the only people who made it far without winning were Chris Daughtry, Jenn Hudson and Archuleta. -sighs.

  54. 554

    Kris is OK - But Adam is a far better singer and ENTERTAINER. He will sell more albums and have far more impact on the Music World. Homophobia was absolutely a factor is this decision.

    GO ADAM!!!

  55. 555

    how many of you voted?????

  56. LNW says – reply to this


    I'm very happy with the win, Arkansas is estatic right now with his win. I live 45 minutes from Conway, so it personally hits home to me that he won. Very happy.

  57. 557

    Hell No! Watched this in Australia (great show this year!) Thought America was actually going to vote for the most talented there for awhile (we couldn't vote here obviously). Loved both guys (what sweethearts) but Adam deserved to win. At least he didn't have to sing that bloody awful idol winners song again though! Congrats to Kris. Hope to be seeing/hearing more of Adam in the future.

  58. 558

    well.. adams gunna be somethingn regardless if he won or not.. so the other dude needed the win. Only time will tell, he may of won the title but he hasnt won the war of selling records yet!

  59. LNW says – reply to this


    Re: Whatever!!! – Oh yes, because someone by the name of Carrie Underwood isn't successful at all, hello, she may be country music, but she even higher then Kelli Clarkson with the AI success.

  60. 560

    No… No i fucking dont

  61. 561

    Re: Whatever!!! – there was also chris daughtry, carrie Underwood

  62. 562

    Perez, I like Adam Lambert very much, and I think he is going to be a huge star, but I was very bothered (and actually angered) by that post on the day right before the final AI when you told your readers to "go and vote for Adam Lambert". I thought it was WRONG to tell people who to vote for. People will vote for the person they like and not for the person Perez Hilton tells them to vote for. In fact, People will NOT vote for the person Perez Hilton tells them to vote for!
    I think YOU are the reason Adam Lambert didn't win.
    You kept shoving Adam Lambert down people's throats, and we don't like it.
    So I like Adam very much, but Kris won because America voted for Kris, not for Adam.

    And Perez, you could at least mention the name of the American Idol winner, couldn't you?
    Congrats to winner Kris Allen.
    And all the best to incredibly talented Adam Lambert! :)

  63. 563

    Hello No i dont agree! but the winner rarely makes it big anyway. like ruben and clay. clay seems to have more celebrity status than ruben! i have faith that adam will go way farther than that one guy. TEAM Lambert

  64. 564


  65. 565

    Its funny…I loved Adam mid-season then bam! Kris came out of no where for me. His rendition of heartless gave me chills and to be honest i was tired of Adam and every week the screaming was no way called for. He has a great voice but a bit too much, Kris had this way of grabbing people's attention and gave me chills! So happy he won, and don't give me the whole its cause America is homophobic, I'm bi and all my gay friends voted for Kris…actually alot of gay guys i know voted for Kris… Better guy won and its bloggers and medias fault for making the public sick and tired of Adam (I.E. Entertainment Weekly and Perez)
    Go Kris can't wait for the album

    BTW America Always Love a Good Underdog and Comeback story!

  66. 566

    yes absolutely i agree with it! i voted for kris allen too! and it's NOT because he's christian, or straight, or has a blonde wife. that is incredibly condescending for the media to be saying. all in all, he was the far better singer. yes, adam was more entertaining. but he came pre-packaged and didn't really "improve" during the course of idol. kris allen was almost invisible until he performed "falling slowly" from ONCE, and that is one of my favorite songs - let me say, he nailed it. adam's best performances, in my opinion, were "mad world" and "if i can't have you". but honestly, all the rest were over indulgent rock covers, and while he had the range, that music isn't terribly appealing to a lot of people. people want emotional connection with music, and THAT is why kris allen won!

  67. 567

    KRIS ALLEN FTW!!!!!!!

  68. 568

    NOOOOOO Adam will succeed regardless! someone that amazingly talented and friggen sexxy does NOT disappear

  69. 569

    I liked both of them equally….they are both completely different artists, so it was really hard to pick between the two (I thought). I would have been happy with either result but I will say I am SHOCKED because Adam had been so hyped by the media.

  70. 570


  71. 571

    i believe that adam was the best and probably deserved to win. kris allen seems like a decent guy, he just isn't as good of a singer and his performances were never as riveting. i'm glad for him that he won. but i think adam's career is going to dwarf his easily.

  72. 572

    american idol fuckin sucks!!! adam was the only reason worth watching. i blame that tool ryan seacrest for draging out that bullshit finale.

  73. 573


    First of all Perez, you are such a dick….if Adam would have won you would have made a huge deal out of it. Kris wins and you put 1 sentence…real nice Mr. Equality! Second, you only wanted Adam to win cuz he is gay. He can't sing…he screams and screeches! Its not a Homo contest, its a singing contest…and KRIS IS THE BETTER SINGER. Therefore American got it right…stop crying about it.

  74. 574

    Honestly they both have succesful caeers in to very different genres but people were not ready for a gay american idol and alot of people who vote and watch the show are from a conservative household….while religous beliefs should not impact who wins they do and tonight proved that it is clearly undeniable.But thnak god it was Kris and not Gokey.Adam proved last night that he was a star gosh queen and Kiss was AMAZING!Thats where he belongs he sounded like he had been doing it for years! And must say i wish Adam was straight he so caismatic to a fault! Wonderful Finale!

  75. 575

    NO!! I am so disappointed! There was a mistake counting votes or something just like when Bush won for president! A BIG MISTAKE!!!!

  76. 576

    ABSOLUTELY! I think he totally deserved to win. At this point, Adam doesn't have anything to worry about anyway, he'll get a record deal, heck he probably already has one, I just didn't like anything about his screeching voice. Congrats to the deserving winner, Kris. :)

  77. 577

    just goes to show you that Americans are basically a bunch of stupid fools. Chris will go on to be another Taylor Hicks and have a lack luster career. Is he a meth head or something, why can't he stop workin' his jaw and lickin his lips etc????

  78. kiana says – reply to this


    No not really but Kris is talented. I absolutely love Adam and felt he deserved it. Just goes to show where our country is today as California doesn't represent the whole nation. I thought for sure he had it in the bag.

  79. 579


  80. 580

    Re: Whatever!!! – Your forgetting about carrie underwood, jordin sparks david cook/archuleta…a lot of them have had success

  81. 581

    Lambert should have won. Love him. JMO!

  82. 582

    Yes!!! Congrats to Kris!
    Perez, I actually liked Adam Lambert, but I think you were wrong to spend so much time on promoting Adam and total 0 time on Kris, and it was wrong of you to post all those photos of Adam kissing other men and wearing all that bizarre makeup/hair and looking like a tranny and bare-chested photos. I think you repulsed many people by promoting Adam Lambert so much. In fact he probably lost because of you. :D

  83. 583

    it seems like perez isnt putting all the posts up - because he knows what some people are feeling -well there are other sites and you can be sure the word will get out - bitch

  84. 584

    NO! ADAM!!! Adam was DIFFERENT! He was the BEST! American Idol's never had a performer like Adam before! :(

    I don't know if they ever will again. He was going to be AMAZING as if he weren't amazing enough. His voice, his enthusiasm and charismatic performances were incredible.

    He maybe over-the-top, but so were many other VERY successful performers! David Bowie, anyone? Freddie Murcery? I'm not making comparisons here, but maybe he could've been our very own David Bowie, don't you think?

  85. 585

    Definitely!!!! Although, I think they'll both be very successful with their careers. Adam had the rock/glam look that will appeal to a lot of people. And Kris has that cookie-cutter, squeaky clean look with will be a hit with the Tweens(lol). Either way, they were both great contenders and both deserved to be the finalists.

  86. 586

    I am glad that Chris won just because I want Adam to be able to get more money and do whatever he wants. If he had won, he would have been a slave to the contract. Chris's win will probably be the highlight of his career. I don't see him doing much other than selling a few songs right off the bat. Once the next Idol starts, we will be saying Chris who?

  87. 587


  88. 588

    yessss totally…adam has to range..hge just sounds like a mix of prince and steven tyler…all he does is scream….kris on the other hand is versatile..i mean we know adam will get a record contract but i feellike kris deserved to win

  89. 589

    The truth is that Adam will do well on Broadway where you can get the full effect of him. On radio you HEAR the artist and I'm sorry but if you close your eyes and actually LISTEN to Adam, he sounds like a man trying to sing like a woman. Especially when he is doing his screeching! There is simply no market for that on the Radio. Just what do you think he would actually be able to sing? The days of Boy George are gone guys. Do you really think there is another market for that?

    With that in mind, the right person won. Kris is simply a better RADIO voice. Now is he the best singer ever on AI? No. However, he is not the worst one to ever win by far (Hicks / Ruben anyone?).

    Even though Kris is more marketable, there are simply a lot of current singers out there that sing in his market. I see him simply falling through the cracks like a lot of the previous winners to be honest.

    However, I do see Adam doing well on Broadway. He was simply made for that type of environment.

  90. 590

    I still think it is a blessing in disguise for Adam. He will have more artistic abilities not under the AI contract. Adam being a frontrunner probably hindered him in the end, everyone love an underdog. I also think that as soon as those photos of him in drag and kissing other guys came around it probably turned some people off. Kris is talented and he can have the title, just like Ruben Studdard had the title, or Taylor Hicks. Kris can also have that horrible cheesy song. He won't be nearly as successful as Adam will, in my opinion.

  91. 591

    You idiot, its all your fault again!
    Stop trying to be a gay activist and stick to writing gossip blogs.
    Have you noticed a trend lately Perez? Every time you strongly endorse a gay topic, it seems to never pan out in your favor. The people have spoken!

  92. 592

    yes yes yes! totalllly :] adam is an amaaaaaazing singer & WILL have a good career. but kris deserved to win.

  93. 593

    Re: Whatever!!! – Carrie Underwood is the most successful AI winner. and yes i think that the right person won!

  94. 594

    i really like both adam and kris, and kris is soo humble, you just gotta love him. i think they're both extremely talented, in slightly different ways, and i'm sure they're both going to be very successful. i have a better feeling about them than i've had about past idol contestants. it makes one feel happy inside to see others' dreams coming true

  95. 595

    To the person who wrote this:
    "WHO CARES? The only people that ever had success from American Idol were Kelly Clarkson & Jennifer Hudson… the others have no fucking chance, it's not even worth it to go on the show! Just like America's Next Top Model! Duh! These shows won't let their winners get more fame then the own show! That's the way it works. "

    Have you heard of Carrie Underwood?

  96. 596

    hell no! I think the main reason why Kris won is because Adam is gay and people in this country can't deal with that…Adam is amazing and I'm sure he'll have a better, longer lasting career. I think he was too good for that show to begin with, so whether he won or not I will buy his cd and go to his concerts

  97. 597

    YES! Kris Allen is so much more well-rounded. Don't get me wrong, I'm an Adam Lambert fan…but I'm always for the underdog and Adam has been picked to win since day 1.

  98. 598

    Hell no I don't agree.

  99. 599

    that was RIDICULOUS.
    at least now adam won't have to go through the stupid american idol shit & can just go & be a superstar like he naturally is!

  100. 600


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