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American Idol

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Congrats to the winner!

Do U agree with the decision?

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689 comments to “American Idol”

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  1. 601

    i was shocked but yes i agree. i love them both and its really hard to compare them because they are so completely different. for people who are disappointed, look at it this way, at least adam won't have to repeatedly sing that horrible winner's song. it doesn't matter anyway adam will undoubtedly become a huge success.

  2. 602

    Religious Right Strikes Again…the same people who were responsible for electing George W TWICE!

  3. 603

    don't ever underestimate the power of hormonal teenage girls.

    the jonai fans will hold onto kris just as tightly, you just watch.

  4. 604

    yes, yes, yes, and I'm not having an orgasm!

  5. 605

    Congrats Adam now you are free to rule the world.

  6. 606

    Adam just screams-while Kris can actually sing…I'm so happy America made the right choice!

  7. 607

    "It feels good, but Adam deserves this."

    Kris knows.

    America knows.

    The world knows.

  8. 608

    Yes! Congrats to Kris Allen!
    Perez, you wouldn't even mention the winner's name? How vindictive of you.
    By the way, Perez, it's your fault that I didn't vote for Adam. I liked Adam. I just got sick of you shoving Adam down our throats every day.
    And you kept promoting Adam as a GAY man , not as a TALENTED SINGER. All those awful photos of Adam looking like a transvestite turned me off. :(

  9. 609

    YES YES! I totally agree with the vote!

  10. 610

    The finale was AMAZING. But the winner? No! I was so for Adam. His voice was just so strong and he had such passion. Passion that Kris just didn't seem to have

  11. 611

    Re: Whatever!!! – You forgot Carrie Underwood! She is hugely successful. And to PEREZ - FUCK OFF! No picture no comment on his win? Just a few words you don't mean? Kris has CROSSOVER APPEAL THAT THE FAG DOESN'T! What genre can Adam do other than punk rock? NONE! Kris can do R&B, Pop etc. It comes down to that. No one wants to see a fag screaming songs.

  12. 612



  13. 613

    No fucking way… Adam should have won that. He got ROBBED. I tried to vote for 4 hours straight and couldn't get through… wtf is going on here?

  14. 614

    Adam should have won end of story kris is just there and can barely sing

  15. 615

    I agree. I Hate how people blam his loss on being gay though, because that doesn't matter.

    While Adam is an amazing vocalist, I would not want to hear him on the radio, or on a cd, it wouldn't show his vocal abilities. As others have said, he should be on broadway, clearly he likes being dramatic.

    Kris is more of an 'Idol', and a CD seller, and someone who should be on the radio, his voice is pleasant to listen to, as the judges say, he connects.

  16. 616

    Negative. Yes, Allen has a good voice. But he wasn't anything interesting, he was a midwestern guy who played the guitar. My roommate does that too…and has about the same range.
    Lambert however, had a rock and roll voice that we haven't heard in years.
    COme on…he preformed and kicked ass with KISS, and Allen preformed with a country singer who sounds just like any other country star.

  17. 617

    No comment

  18. AyanW says – reply to this


    Adam Lambert still has a contract idiots, everyone in the top 10 is under a contract. However, Kris gets signed to a label and can start making an album. In any case, Adam Lambert is a performer, his songs would suck if he had a cd. He just isn't creative with music, like he prob doesn't write his own songs cause he doesn't play any instruments.

  19. AyanW says – reply to this


    Re: Whatever!!! – Carrie Underwood, Jordin Sparks, and Chris Daughtry did well after American Idol. I think it just depends on the attitude of the person honestly. Some people are too messed up or don't have the ambition to make it. After you get signed, you have to put the effort to make it big.

  20. 620

    yes i agree 100000%!! kris is amaaazing!

  21. 621

    i am furious that adam didn't win. i mean sure kris is also a talented singer but adam was clearly better and he he would of made a better star. he has a defined sense of style and great stage presence. and we all know kris is gonna have 2, maybe 3, hits but adam is gonna have endless songs and has the chance of being a great rocker in the future. this is one of t.v.'s greatest disappointments.

  22. 622

    Thats right…blame it on the Christians because they dont like your ass packin ways. I hope you know that Muslims dont like ya either. See Iran's laws on homos….Buddhists dont like ya. Confucianists dont like ya..Scientologists dont like ya..Taoists dont like ya…They only religion that is tolerant of homosexuality is Atheists….but wait they dont have religion…All these religions cant be wrong can they….Homosexuality is a disease

  23. 623

    You betcha!

  24. Delsy says – reply to this


    glad Kris won

  25. 625

    They're both really talented, but I think that Adam Lambert is going to have more success. He stands out more and takes more risks. Kris Allen is a good performer and has an amazing voice, but people aren't going to remember him for very long.

  26. 626

    Thank god the fag didn't win!

  27. 627

    id love to see how big this blogg would be if lambert won. your only supporting him cus hes gay.

  28. 628

    Nopeeeeeee! Bad choice America. But i do belive with every inch of my being that Adam will go on to do bigger and better things.

  29. 629

    First of all YES! If Adam can sing well, then why did he all that smoke, costume and big stage…. to make him look good. A real signer/artist can make do with just a guitar and a mic.

  30. Brtt says – reply to this


    All these people upset because Adam didn't win, so they're saying they're going to stop watching AI. Um, ok, that's your prerogative, but do you see how silly you sound? AI didn't choose the winner; the voters did. If AI had their way, Adam or Danny would have been in the final; they been pimping those two since auditions. You can't get mad at a show whose winners are determined by the public. Perhaps AI should only accept unique votes (i.e., you could only vote once) to prevent further "travesties", but what's done is done: Kris is the winner Adam didn't win because he wasn't talented; he was just split on opinions: you either liked him or you hated him.

  31. 631

    Kris all the way. Adam will also have a successful career though. They both did great but I am so glad Kris won!

  32. 632

    I sure do.

  33. 633

    No!!! Adam Lambert is the best!

  34. 634

    HELL NO!
    what the hell was america thinking?!
    i'm STILL mad !

  35. 635


  36. 636

    to be honest, the winner doesn't matter. Kris and Adam werer both AMAZING singers, and they are both going to make kick ass albums. to be honest, i think the top four contestants; Allison, Danny, Adam and Kris, are all such wonderful singers.

    Adam and Kris are two different types of singers, making this season of Idol even more interesting. Kris is cute, and he really draws you into his performance and makes it feel personal. Adam is an entertainer, he is enjoyable to watch because he brings something unique to the stage. in my opinion, they are both winners and should both be really proud

  37. 637

    Nope. Adam is worlds above Kris as far as talent goes. Adam is an all around, better performer. I like Kris, but I still believe that Adam is better. Doesn't matter, though. Regardless, Lambert is set.

  38. 638

    yay! I LOVE KRIS

    but adam is amazing too.

    but honestly who wants to listen to theatrical music over chill acoustic music??

  39. 639

    Re: Whatever!!!


  40. 640

    HELL NO, i don't agree with the decision!!! Adam Lambert should've won!! But this has only further proved that American Idol isn't based on talent.
    Its so dissappointing but who craes anyway?, Where the hell was reuben(the "winner") when clay aiken was on the top song list. Winning AI doesnt rly mean anything. Trust me, Adam will be WAYY bigger than kris could ever imagine.

  41. 641

    YUUUP! 110%! Kris desrved it allllllll !

  42. 642

    Re: girlsluvgirls – Did you even watch Idol this season or just the finale? Many times throughout the season he sang with just a mic and music as you would say. To say that Adam cannot sing well is just plain moronic. He has been highly regarded in numerous shows not to mention he is a STAGE performer. Those people have the BEST voices! They have to be able to project. Unlike your little boy band wanna be Kris Allen

  43. 643

    Re: AyanW – How do you know he doesn't write his own music? Do you have hidden cameras in his bed room to see what he's doing? You think Kris can actually pull off his own lyrics?! PLEASE. Wanna talk about CREATIVITY?? ADAM HAS MORE CREATIVITY IN HIS LEFTY PINKY OVER KRIS. Kinda funny how when Kris won he said "Adam deserves this." Glad you fucking MORONS voted for someone who doesn't even believe in themselves. GREAT IDOL FOR US TO HAVE. SOMEONE WHO HAS NO FAITH IN THEMSELVES. What a nerd!

  44. 644

    HEY you forgot about Carrie Underwood.Shes had a huge turnout.
    anyways I am not happy with the choice.No one is.Idol sucks and we here wont be watching it next year.Bad bad choice on Idols part. Chris was good and hes hot but hes not better than Adam at all. Adam was good because he did not need the help of anyone.No one needed to hold his hand through the season.He had awesome vocals..his own style and a total image.He could work with any song or style.Sad very sad….Its suppose to be our favorite in the end not Idols.

  45. 645

    (sorry I get that shit on my Nascar weekly site on myspace.) People telling me what to put on my site.wtf lol

  46. 646

    no way

  47. 647

    YES 100% Kris Allen is the All American IDOL, he had no future experience.. he deserves it.. Adam will continue on with his success regardless… kris allen won!!

  48. 648

    hell to the no i don't!

  49. 649

    American Idol sucks. Adam Lambert was the better singer, performer… everyhting! It doesn't matter anyways… Adam's a rockstar, Kris is NOT.

  50. 650

    Don't they ultimately do better in the long run if they don't win on AI?

  51. 651


  52. 652

    the only reason adam didnt win is because of all the dumb ass homophobes!
    GO ADAM!

  53. 653

    dont like it at all
    I WANTED ADAM TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(

  54. 654

    kris is a good singer (sorry, "artist"), but adam is just f'ing incredible!

    i was half-expecting kris to win, on account of kris getting danny's votes & america being so goddamn homophobic
    unfortunately, i was right ):

    it's okay though
    kris will release a single that'll do pretty well, an album that'll do okay, and he'll fade out from there,
    whereas adam will become one of the legends of the 21st century
    and hey, at least he won't have to sing that shiteous kara dioguardio single now; he's sososo much better than that

    long live the glamberts!
    but half-hearted congrats to kris allen too

    p.s. adam doesn't scream … perhaps you're confusing him with danny gokey (:

  55. 655


  56. 656

    ADAM SHOULS HAVE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    but on the other side, now he can simply rock out and not be bound by Idols!!

  57. 657

    No at all.

    Fuck man, should have been Adam lambert…

  58. 658

    I am not going to say Kris isn't talented because after his perfomance of Kanye's Heartless, my jaw dropped. I knew at that point he for sure deserved to be there. Throughout the whole season I was rooting for Adam and Alison.. But, I do think it was better for Adam not to win because look at previous "rockers" on both idols. Chris Daughtry is doing amazing with his band, and same with Jacob Hoggard. I think he is better off without the "Winner of the 8th American Idol" title.

  59. 659

    Re: Whatever!!! – uh, hello! do we remember carrie underwood? jordan sparks? daughtry? and david archuleta? dumb ass.

    anyways. i agree 100%. kris was a way better singer. adam was a better screamer.

  60. 660

    Adam will have a fine career, but it is obvious why the average American didn't vote for him.

  61. 661

    nope adam is the best singers.. kris is good but adam is better. but it should be about the singing and not if adam is gay or not and it shouldnt matter how cute kris is. adam was the best singer, and he is a true artist.

  62. 662

    Re: Aussieone

    Get a life dude. It was a general statement. This a blog, Not Aussieone's blog. go and fuck yourself. You don't need to school me in anything because I'm a well enough person. Just because I responded to your post doesn't mean I was attacking you, but now I am. I hope you fuckin' get hit my a bus you dumb fuck who doesn't know a general statement from a personal attack.

  63. 663

    Re: katycullen – She the fuck up you twilight tweeny wannabe. The only screaming I heard all season was Danny Gokey's performing Aerosmith. Kris has NO RANGE in his voice. He'll fade out sooner than your precious vampire wet dream.

  64. 664

    The better singer did not win. Actually, there were many singers better than Kris. Kris should have been gone a few weeks ago.

  65. 665

    I honestly think that they both are very talented but that Adam was much more talented. I was very upset and dissapointed when he didn't win.

  66. 666

    In a way. Adam is the better singer but he was pro before this and he was steady the whole time whereas Kris got better along the way! But to win doesnt mean anything. I mean look at the year with Taylor hicks and Katherine McPhee… they are both nothing now and yet Kellie Pickler, Elliot Yamin and Chris Daughtry are bigger and they were runners up. and does anyone hear about Fantasia BOREino or Ruben nowadays… nope! Adam will do better in the market!

  67. 667

    Re: amtamfan

    There you go. A nice way to put what I and many others think.

  68. samb says – reply to this



  69. 669

    yeah!! Go Kris!! His sound and voice is more versatile than adams.. Adam just doesnt have the kinda voice where he can do different genres if he wanted too..

  70. 670

    Kris deserves more credit than he is given!! Not to take anything away from Adam who is incredible in his own right…Both are REAL artists which to me is truly refreshing. I think that Kris deserved the win and I am so happy for him but Adam is going to get a lot out of this too!! He will not be contracted to one specific lable and have more freedom to do what he wants to do. So I leave you with this Perez and fans….CONGRATS KRIS ALEN!!!!! Don'y be so butt hurt about Adam, he's fine and smiling you should be to :)

  71. 671

    Re: Aussieone

    And when did I say I wasn't for equality? I'm just not for people thinking they deserve something just because they're different from others. Why should he have won just because he's gay? That's like saying I should start hating on straight people just because I'm gay.

  72. 672

    Re: macfarlane

    well said. i agree

  73. 673

    NO :( and yes perez could have been fairer to kris by saying KRIS ALLEN WON etc etc and post photos of him but obviously he was a huge fan of adam and must have been incredibly disappointed that he lost, yes maybe because adam was gay and all but surely it would have been hard on perez to say YAY KRIS WON! or whatever you guys expected him to say. but congrats to kris but adam is my american idol,

  74. 674

    adam is my idol,the other dude is his hometown idol

  75. 675

    Not a bit, but not surprised either…you Americans are well known for their shitty taste. Anywhere else in the world it wouldn't have even been a contest - Adam was the best by a fucking mile!!

  76. 676

    Adam was soooooo robbed! He is so much better than Kris. Not that Kris isn't good, but he's just like everbody else! Adam has such a different sound and is just sooooooo amazing! I think it should have been Adam and Danny in the finals anyway. That was another shock! But Adam is going to do GREAT things and at least he's not stuck with the American Idol contract having to do whatever they tell him to! U ROCK ADAM! I've never heard anyone like him! I will SOOOO buy his album!

  77. 677

    Although Kris won and was fairly talented, in my honest opinion, I disagree with the decision. I thought Adam should have won.

  78. luvET says – reply to this


    Kris was okay but Adam was way more talented kris was average theirs a lot of people that can sing like him but not many can sing like Adam so i believe America made a mistake.

  79. 679

    wow Perez look how many people commented on this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!oh yeah by the way my answer is ……………………………………………………………………….yes!!!

  80. 680

    kris is retarded

  81. cathy says – reply to this


    NO!!!!!!!!!!!! ADAM SHOULD HAVE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. 682

    yes, kris allen is the winner! he deserved it just as much as if adam were to win.
    all this drama is taking away from kris is victory. and im sick of it ughhhhh
    so there, and i'm sure adam doesn't need any help, he'll be fine without the corny songs ai provides

  83. 683

    I likee Adam a lot but I like Kris tooo!
    Adam did deserve i1 100% though
    Kris cant sing like adam! Kris is cute but dosent have a poerful voice like glam rocker Adam!:)
    Just cause Adam lost and Kris won…Dosent mean this is the end of Adams career! k. Kris also seemed very shocked when he won too. Just to let ppl know, Kris acually knows Adam is better than him….
    (I still love Kris! But am in L.O.V.E with Adammm!!) Hahaha. Adam will still make it far and Kris should do Country or whatever he gets into:D Peace ppl.

    Go Kris……ILoveUAdam! (Notta Kris hater)

  84. 684

    im so gald he won! adam is screechy, annoying, and way to dramatic. kris is something people would actually listen to. common his rendition of heartless?! it was amazing!

  85. 685

    NOT AT ALL !! , adam should have deffinitly won . he was sooo much more talented and such an amazing performer . all season , kris almost put me to sleep . and i actually cried when adam lost :( it was that sad . KRIS SUCKS , ADAM LAMBERT FOR LIFE !

  86. banks says – reply to this


    Re: romeome84
    lol well said

  87. 687

    hellz no! I wanted adam to win

  88. 688

    Re: kissmyassobama – Dumb ass screen name.

  89. 689

    Re: kissmyassobama – Dumb ass screen name.

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