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Completely Gratuitous

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Cokate, looking good for the first time in a while, in ads for her new Top Shop collection.

Retiring yet?

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48 comments to “Completely Gratuitous”

  1. 1

    why don't they find another fucking model? shit. there are plenty of beautiful people out there who could easily take her place.

    she's so OLD and UGLY

    god, they just do tons of photoshop on that old baggggg

  2. toren says – reply to this


    why should she retire if she still looks good? you make no sense perez..

  3. 3

    photoshoped but still a great supermodel

  4. 4

    Why do they photoshop photos to that extent? Its ridiculous,
    especially when its someone like Kate who you constantly see in pappd photos and she looks nothing like this… where are the wrinkles? wheres the smaller boobs?

  5. YUCK says – reply to this


    she may not be cindy crawford but she is fucking fabulous and photographs wonderfully every time. you are such a fat pig hater.

  6. YUCK says – reply to this


    she has the most fabulous bone structure. GORGEOUS.

  7. 7

    You dont like to be discriminted against for being gay. You should not discriminate against age. Shes not old and obviously from what i see shes at the top of her game

  8. 8

    First!!! Hellloooo….someone's been using Mariah's airbrusher!

  9. 9

    First!!! Helllooo…someone's been using Mariah's airbrusher!!!

  10. 10

    WTF I thought that was Thandie Newton?!?!!?

  11. 11


  12. 12


  13. 13

    you don't have to rip her apart, rachelinafdjgkl and anyone else. models are not conventially beautiful. and being a model is not just about a pretty face, there is a lot more to it than that. no, i don't agree with how much they photoshop pictures. that's not how they really look. but honestly, guys. kate doesn't give a shitt if you call her ugly. she's making millions…

  14. 14

    A LOT of makeup can do wonders.

  15. jham says – reply to this


    fashion smashion? more like airbrush smairbrush

  16. 16

    Please dont comment on fashion or style Perez………………………..its embarassing for anyone who has ever seen/heard you………………..haha

  17. 17

    I thought this was a mannequin at first…

  18. 18

    A million squillion times better than that silicone and botoxed creature Kylie you gays love so much.And not a drop of any of that cak inside her body.
    You just do not like her Perez because she is NOT some fag hag like that hideous untalented Minogue bitch.

  19. 19

    she looks like frieda pinto

  20. 20

    wow. loving the airbrushing of her inexistant titties..!!

  21. 21

    she looks good for once but she always has that same expression on her face

  22. bee85 says – reply to this


    for a second i thought it was JENNIFER LOPEZ. yeah, kate does not look that hot in real life…

  23. 23


  24. 24

    its topshop, one word :)

    way too airbrushed though x…

  25. 25

    Re: Christo – I agree with Christo — we've all seen the way you look and dress….

    And, Kate has been looking better than she ever has the last couple of years, in my opinion! You are wrong, wrong, wrong.

  26. 26

    That does not even look like her at all.

  27. 27

    Perez is just a petty jealous hag, bitter because he is bald and you know dog turd your not that much younger than Kate. Kate is a world talent who has EARNED her right to be photographed and she is a talented designer for Top shop, we love her so piss off you fat turd. And for those who call her names your pathetic, and you will never achieve her success, therefore you must post offensive remarks, jealous much?

  28. 28

    I think that most of us would be thankful to look as good as her on a bad day

  29. 29

    what the hell… at first glance i thought that was CIARA!
    as for kate, i don't think she's that pretty.

  30. 30

    And this is the woman you call fat/pregnant douchebag! She looks gorgeous as always!!

  31. 31

    1- her head is too big for her body
    2-she is way too skinny
    For those who say she still looks good news flash she has 3 inches of makeup all over her body AND they photoshoped the pictures for 2-3 days, like they do for all the pictures that you see in magasines or in publicities.

  32. 32

    She looks so good.
    She is the most elite supermodel in the world!

  33. 33

    Looking really good. Mmmmmm

  34. 34


  35. 35

    Re: rachelinala – Er maybe because its HER collection.

  36. 36

    She looks black in these pics, not a bad thing, just weird to see an black kate Moss. lolz

  37. 37

    She was and still is the most unique looking model. I don't care what she does in her personal life. All I care about is does she make the product look good? She does make it look good and who are you to tell someone to retire?? She's beautiful.

  38. 38

    Whoa they airbrushed the life out of her. I thought it was j.lo for a quick second

  39. 39

    she looks like jlo in these pics

  40. 40

    She looks African-American? What the hell?

  41. 41


  42. 42

    She looks Asian.

  43. fiera says – reply to this


    When you still look that good, cokehead or not, there is no need to retire!!!! Perez, you should only hope that you could ever look as good as her when you hit her age, and she is not old either. You look older than her!!!

  44. 44

    Bow down! Kate is & has always been THE fashion trailblazer!

  45. 45

    If I still looked that good at whatever her "old" age is, I would work that shit for all it's worth!!

    She looks hot and better than any top model Tyra can cook up, so let her go. She's STILL one of the best models out there.

  46. 46

    she still looks ugly. i don't see any glamour on these pix. just wannabe poses

  47. 47

    Damn …When you are the best in the world at what you do, and you don't cater to the press, and you try to live your life for yourself and not everyone else look at all the catiness it brings out… in you… and all the Rachelinalas in the world…it just makes you sound sad, jealous and unsophisticated.

  48. 48

    Re: Me me me and not you!

    its an image you know? they put that makeup for part of the image, such as the makeup and photoshop of your icon, stupid