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New Moon Spoilers!

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Don't read on if you don't want to hear what changes and surprises are in store for the movie!

So Life & Style reveals a few spoilers for the upcoming and intensely anticipated New Moon, and it seems there will be some vast differences between the book and the film.

Apparently, Bella takes a more daredevil approach in the film, pushing fate in order to make Edward appear to her.

Filmmakers couldn't resist Robert Pattinson's draw, and instead of coming to Bell as a disembodied voice, he appears like an apparition…or like Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars. To which Pattinson expresses some concern, saying, "I really wanted it to be a complete absence. It’s easier to give it more power at the end if I’m completely absent."

There's also an action-packed scene wherein Laurent fights back against the werewolves who destroy him in the book.

Additionally, in the book Edward says he will turn Bella into a vampire only if they marry. In the movie, however, he offers a different ultimatum.

How will the Twilighters react? That's almost more exciting than the movie!

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309 comments to “New Moon Spoilers!”

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  1. 101

    Thats not much different than the book. I guess we'll have to wait and see until it comes out!

  2. 102

    What did you expect? That a director would actually stick with the book? Bahahahahahahahahaha. Not in Hollywood these days kids. Run along and play now.

    Oh and I'm not surprised Perez didn't mention Adam's loss. If he had won though it would be plastered all over this site. Biased much?

  3. 103


  4. 104


  5. 105

    wow this is about as new as telling us that Paris Hilton has a sex tape….this is so OLD we knew this MONTHS AGO

  6. 106

    If I remember correctly, the only ultimatum Edward gives Bella at the end of New Moon is that she graduate High School before he turns her into a vampire. The ending of New Moon is actually the Cullens taking a vote and deciding that if Edward doesn't turn Bella before graduation, Carlisle will do it himself. The whole marriage thing doesn't come into play until Edward convinces Bella to marry him in the beginning of Eclipse.

  7. 107

    im okay with everything except for the change in the ultimatum.

  8. 108

    Hope it's at least close to the book, We know that some changes need to be made for the the books transition to film, but please not too many.

  9. 109

    I can't help but laugh @ this mess!

  10. 110

    thats not right. im excited, none the less, but changing such an essential piece is not okay. its hard enough to do the books justice… taking away the shit that makes it what it is, isnt okay… hm.

  11. 111

    tbh, i hate how theyve put Rob in it more than he should be cos its not right!!

    and also, im gutted that he doesnt propose marrige at the end….twats!

  12. 112

    fuckin hollywood! Why must they change everything up?! The marriage proposition is essential!!! Damn it.

  13. 113

    hey piggy piggy…where is your post on tonights American Idol?? I can't wait to see all the comments putting you in your place

  14. 114

    …am i the only person who doesn't give a flying fuck about twilight?
    i don't even know why i'm commenting this.

  15. 115

    all the changes seem fine except the marriage part… I might have a BIG issue with that!

  16. 116

    holllyyyy shizzzzy!! lol

    i cant wait till this movie is out

  17. 117

    Re: shayna1234 – Perez is crying hard… lol his Idol lose!

  18. 118

    ADAM WAS ROBBED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND EVEN KRIS THINKS SO!!!!!!!

  19. 119

    Re: crazie – Yeayyyyy!!! So how long till Perez starts an anti Kriss campaign???

  20. 120

    Re: uwbeerman – He is crying lol!

  21. 121

    Re: hey_perez – Adam's already won! he didn't need the title. He's already a legend. He only "won" because nutcases from churches sent out mass e-mails saying he was evil/gay and told their congregations to vote for "WHOEVER" Adam was up against. I can't believe these people think they are doing GOD's work. I'm sure GOD is ashamed of his peeps for being so judgemental.

  22. 122

    nooooo ! ! leave the book AS IS ! !

  23. 123

    Re: 18 carrots – It's because Kris Allen "winning" is like reporting Taylor Hicks won. It's not exciting or anything to write home about. Go pick up the new Entertainment Weekly with Adam lambert on the cover. He's the breakout star, not kris allen.

  24. 124

    fuck sakes… really?! why do they have to change things!?
    New Moon was written that way for REASON. Changing it just messes things up.

  25. 125

    Re: TwilightMyHeart – You said it perfect!
    The "marry me first" part is so powerful and it really shows how Old World and pure Edward is. Its the reason we love him so…..I hope its not too different. I will be upset.

  26. 126

    k so i ment to say those ARENT huge changes

  27. 127

    i'm gonna be SO pissed if they don't stay true to how stephanie meyer wrote it.
    she wrote it that way for a reason.

  28. 128

    omg! I hope it's a better untimatium! I can't imagine a better one to fir the dialogue. i can't freakin wait dude!

    If they decide to cut out all the sex and the marrage it's gonna make the movies less intersting.

    I hate the way they cut out most of the kissing scenes in the first movie…and i hate the way the meadow scene was completly different than the book!

  29. 129

    interesting. i

  30. 130


  31. 131

    Re: twilight-addict_baybee – not sure if you are gonna see this. but directors do this to sometimes shorten the span of the time it takes. like take the Harry Potter 5 movie. that was a whopping 890 or so pages. if they had to make a near perfect movie from it then it would have been 3 or 4 movies to produce it and each would be about 3 hours or so. so the first twilight book was about 550pgs(yeah i know most of you are going duh.) you know there are gonna be cuts. and a book with 608 pages there will be changes and cuts. my guess they will keep the last chapter in basic order unless they wanna loose sales. but they might have made alternate endings.

  32. 132

    Have you read the book? Bella did do daredevil things in order to see Edward, and didn't Laurent put up a fight anyway?

    But the marriage proposal being out: Eeew.

  33. 133

    I sort of agree with Robert on this one.. but maybe it would be odd with just his voice appearing, when translated onto the screen. I'm really curious of what the ultimatum is! I thought it was sweet he said he would turn her into a vampire if she married him:)

  34. 134

    Why are they changing stuff that they don't need to? I agree with paittinson, it would be better if it was just a voice and in the book she jumps off a fucking cliff to hear his voice isn't that extreme enough!

  35. 135

    well im sure the movie will b great no matter what but i really want to c them get married in the finale movie that would b great.
    perez cant u find the clip of new moon that was showing on the MTV awards????

  36. 136

    Noo!!! Why won't they stick to the god damn books!!! The first movie, they missed out important bits and now their changing it again! Is this really what the fans who've actually taken the time to read the books want?!?

  37. 137

    The bar was already set with Twilight, so I'm not going to hope that the next films will be dead on like the book.

    While it would have more of an impact on the film if Edward's voice was used to comfort Bella when she has her mental break… I'm not going to cry over having more Rob in the film :O)

  38. lali says – reply to this


    omg…well it makes sense because in the BOOK twilight edward and bella were soo in love and in the MOVIE they never even said I LOVE U…so this makes sense…we the fans are going to be disapointed no matter what because we want to see the book brought to life and that isnt going to happen…i still am excited to see the movie but i know it will not be what i want it to be

  39. 139

    I will be so upset if they make those big changes, I am one of those Twilight junkies that has read each book numerous times, I was so disappointed with some changes in Twilight I don't want big ones in New Moon.

  40. 140

    No marriage proposal? I'm guessing they won't make a movie of the fourth book then. stupid!!

  41. 141

    But, wait, what?! No Marriage ultimatum?
    Eclipse is gonna make NO sense! I bet there's gonna be some huge proposal scene in that film now.
    Too bad the films will never even compare to the books.

  42. 142

    I really would appreciate if the film was kept to how New Moon was written.
    I agree with Rob, that he shouldn't appear to her, but that we should only witness his voice when Bella performs the dangerous, reckless acts, so then when the film reaches Bella racing to stop Edward in time in Italy, seeing Edward will be all the more powerful, as well as seeing their reunion.
    I am shocked that Stephenie hasn't refused these - what may seem to be small changes - but are really huge alterations.
    But saying all this, I am incredibly hypocritical because, of course, I will still go see this film…

  43. 143

    The Twilight movie was the dumbest thing I've ever seen. It totally ruined the awesomeness of the book. The New Moon movie will be just as bad.

  44. 144

    I think I speak for all of the Twilighters in Sweden when I say this: THEY HAVE TO MARRY! That's his ultimation!!! WTF! If that director's so stupid and changes everything.. Like no one who's like in love with the books like myself will like this…

  45. 145


  46. 146

    it would have been better if it was just the voice but idc, im really excited about the fighting bit!! And it better be good what he asks for! i cant wait now!

  47. 147

    sooo excited!!!!

  48. 148

    a different ultimatum?? wtf they're gonna mess this one up as bad as the first one

  49. 149

    I swear. If this movie sucks… Ugh. Why can't movies just stay true to the books?

  50. HMG28 says – reply to this


    That sucks!!! The marriage ultimatum is one of the sweetest part of the books. It better be something better.

  51. 151

    they're fucking ruining it again
    obi wan kenobi?
    fuck that they're making twilight shit
    cant wait to see it though

  52. 152

    Re: canuck16 – i hate youlol… i wanna be in vancouver

  53. 153

    My favourite part of the book was when Edward proposed to Bella…
    If they take that out of the movie, it's ruined for me.

  54. 154

    Whaaaaaaat the marriage ultimatum is gonna be something else? ARGH!

  55. 155

    If they take out the marriage ultimatum, they might as well not make Eclipse or BD. Its such a big part of both those books. And they promised they would stay true to the books, dammit!

  56. 156

    a different ultimatum??????!!!!!!!!!!
    say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??

  57. 157

    I think that the apparition thing might work if done properly.
    I mean if it was done so that it was bella imagining that he was there,
    itll show the readers how much it's killing her - like in the book.

    as for the ultimatum it really should have been the wedding proposal,
    after all it reinforces that edward isnt planning on leaving bella any time soon to a much relieved audience!

    and as long as laurent is eventually killed by the wolves then i don't have a problem with a gruesome battle scene.

  58. 158

    I hate that they change the story in the movie, is it that hard to follow ?? I am less excited now to see New Moon, I am only longing for Midnight Sun.
    I read New Moon so fast because I wanted to get to the Edward part and the movie should give us the same feeling. She imagined his voice so i don´t think it right for his image to appear. if it was really him talking to her in thoughts then yes. The marriage part is really important, dont get why they changed it I am sad now!!

  59. 159

    wtf im pissed! how are they going to make them get married then? wow stupid fucking movies …. like wow how could they change that! wtf!!! :@:@:@:@:@!

  60. 160

    Figures they would find a way to screw it up. It's to much of an important peice of the story to go messing around with. But like many others, I'll be right there opening weekend to watch.

  61. 161

    boo they shouldn't change it too much !!!

  62. 162

    If I remember correctly Edward initially offers to turn Bella into a vampire if she agrees to wait until after college. When she refuses it is then that he insists on marriage.

    Maybe that's what's in the movie?

  63. 163

    It all sounds good except for changing the ultimatum part. Hopefully, whatever ultimatum is given doesn't deviate too far from the book.

  64. 164

    Noo! Why did they change it? The whole ultimatum thing will probably mess up the other movies to… *Sad* When will they ever properly change a good book in to an good film? :(

  65. 165

    And people calm the hell down. It doesn't say they won't get married. It says he begins with a different ultimatum. Which, if Perez had bothered to read the books, he'd know initially started with the "wait until high school" thing, then "wait until college" offer, and then ultimately marriage.

    Double post for a reminder of clarity.

  66. 166

    They cannot change the ultimatum! That is critical in the story line that it remains true to the book!! I can deal with having apparitions instead of a voice, but the marriage story line can't be changed! This bothers me greatly.

  67. 167

    I am not that surprised, considering that the first movie was not true to the book at all (in my opinion). I think the makers of New Moon want to hold on as much as possible to the Robert Pattinson fanbase by incorporating him more throughout the film, but I am not that sure how the true Twilight fanbase will feel about these changes. I agree with Robert Pattinson on this one.

  68. 168

    Take a breathe everyone it's just a movie, not real life. Don't watch it if you don't like the changes. Just re-read the books. How hard is that

  69. 169

    Why does Kristen Stewart always looked so pissed off??? Even in candid pics…she has that same stupid expression on her face! She is so not attractive!

  70. 170

    It should stick to the damn book. Why do they think people fell in love with the book, b/c it was written so amazingly. So the movie should follow suit. Just like in the Harry Potter movies. I think i am will be one sad fan if this is all true. :( At least i have my books!

  71. 171


  72. 172


  73. 173

    Ugh! Don't change the book!

  74. 174

    so the first couple of changes aren't a huge deal, but no marriage proposal? that is a HUGE part in the rest of the books. i get that there is a difference between the books and the movies, but without the books the movies wouldn't have even come to light. the ultimatum BETTER be good. i'm still gonna give the new moon movie a shot, but i'm slightly disappointed with the big change. hopefully the big change will be received well or the twilight saga may have crashed and burned already… but let's hope not :)

  75. 175

    It makes sense that Robert Pattinson must appear more often
    in the movie than the book.
    He's the biggest draw for ticket sales.
    But, Obi-Wan-Kenobi-ish apparitions??
    Omitting the marriage ultimatum??
    I don't know .. I hope the script writers are really really good!

  76. 176

    Please, please…if there is any justice in the world, let the new ultimatum involve a lengthy sex scene. PLEASE!!!

  77. 177

    WHO CARES if the orange is a little bruised ? bring on the juice i'm hung over! i need something now! lol

  78. 178

    Re: Me_and_Robert_P
    Agreed. I think the apparitions are a pretty good idea. Hearing his voice out of nowhere while watching whatever else is going on could be a little strange, it will be alot easier to grasp with visuals….but to change the ultimatum?! It's just ridiculous. It makes me think of how they butchered the meadow scene while making Twilight.

  79. 179

    I think they should stick to the movie its a great one. Can't wait, just hope they stick to the book as much as possible

  80. 180

    WHY, oh WHY do filmmakers feel like they have to fucking screw with an already REALLY GOOD thing? The book was amazing and yet, they wanna give Stephanie Meyer the old fuck fuck by messing with her amazingly written book. I was looking forward to the film being more about Jacob and Bella.

  81. 181

    Re: Kate27Re: Kate27Re: porcelain.cupcake – do you honestly waist you time on this site because you like to point out that you don't care for Perez Hilton? voicing your opinion is not going to get him to go away. you are actually keeping him around by getting on this site in the 1st place so… thank you!

  82. 182

    i have read all the books in the twilight saga and i love the books as well as the twilight movie i have seen it more times than i can mention and for them to change the ending of new mon with the marriage proposal it is absurd , that is the one main point that leads us thru eclipse right into breaking dawn which is the complete story of bella and edwards love i hope they are wrong or they will have a very large of massed twilighters to deal with if not un uproar and percussions to this

  83. 183

  84. 184

    doesn't make sense..he's not supposed to be there with her, she was becoming delusional, wonder what Stephanie Meyer thinks about this?

  85. auds says – reply to this


    awesome! i liked how they re-interpreted some of twilight to make bella less pathetic, and meyer's writing seem less anti-feminist. hope they do the same with this. things NEED to be changed and improved for it to work and not be completely retarded. i just wish that bella would stay with jake, cause edward is so boring!!!

  86. 186

    doesn't seem all that different from the book to me…..

  87. 187

    I find it very hard to believe they would change the ultimatum… It is so determining for the rest of the saga! I guess that they are keeping it for the next movie or something, and that the 'changed ultimatum' the post is talking about is actually Edward asking her to stay human until after graduation.
    As for the apparitions: I think Rob is right, but I will keep an open mind: maybe they found a way to not overdo it?

  88. cheet says – reply to this


    I'm not liking the sound of this new ultimatum. The marriage ultimatum is a major factor in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn - it punches holes in about 20 different storylines if you don't include it as marriage.

  89. 189

    I personally hated Edward's complete absence in the book. I kept reading on hoping he would show up somehow, so I think its very wise of the filmmakers to SHOW his presence in the movie. I understand the whole fight thing between Laurent and the wolves as it would be pretty anticlimactic if they just killed him. Not sure how I feel about the ultimatum at the end….it would depend on how they change it. If they change it too much, it would change the rest of the series…THAT I hope they don't do!

  90. 190

    different ultimatum!! i agree with many others in saying that this element is crucial to the story and should NOT be changed!

  91. 191

    [[luks dwn]]
    he does cut his hair in new moon!!
    maybe if you read the book!! :]

  92. 192

    so pretty much if you've read the book these aren't spoilers. except for the ultimatum. yeah, not really spoilers..

  93. 193


  94. 194

    No they need the marry me part it make him being gone seem okay but I guess it doesn't matter since they are pautting him in the movie anyways. I love looking at him but I could have waited till the end for the storys sake

  95. 195

    oh no! I want him to offer her the marraige ultimatum!

  96. 196



    That is the only thing I do not want changed.
    But I do agree with Rob, he should have been gone for the entire movie till the end, but Summit loves him. If they could shake their money-maker, it would be him they'd be shaking.

  97. 197

    :/ Why can't they just stick to the book?

  98. 198

    gah!! i'm so excited!! i just hope they don't ruin it. :]

  99. 199

    an apparition? that's stupid. they should have listened to rpatz.

  100. 200

    Wonder what the ultimatum they came up will be?

    Something stupid, I'm sure!

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