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New Moon Spoilers!

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Don't read on if you don't want to hear what changes and surprises are in store for the movie!

So Life & Style reveals a few spoilers for the upcoming and intensely anticipated New Moon, and it seems there will be some vast differences between the book and the film.

Apparently, Bella takes a more daredevil approach in the film, pushing fate in order to make Edward appear to her.

Filmmakers couldn't resist Robert Pattinson's draw, and instead of coming to Bell as a disembodied voice, he appears like an apparition…or like Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars. To which Pattinson expresses some concern, saying, "I really wanted it to be a complete absence. It’s easier to give it more power at the end if I’m completely absent."

There's also an action-packed scene wherein Laurent fights back against the werewolves who destroy him in the book.

Additionally, in the book Edward says he will turn Bella into a vampire only if they marry. In the movie, however, he offers a different ultimatum.

How will the Twilighters react? That's almost more exciting than the movie!

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309 comments to “New Moon Spoilers!”

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  1. 201

    I think too it would be better if Rpatz was only a voice to bella, not a vision. Sounds hokey - but we'll see.

  2. 202

    WHAT?!?! why would they change Edward's ultimatum?!!?!?!?!? how can they that's like the whole premise for the rest of the series! bullshit!!!!!!

  3. 203

    Now that I think about they'll probably have Edward's ultimatum just be graduation but he'll change it marriage in Eclipse.

    At least that's what I am hoping for otherwise, I'll have extreme issues with the movie.

    If it's something so idiotic like she has to date Jacob for a year or have Jacob's babies or even date someone else for a year, I'll scream!

  4. 204

    No! I liked the marriage proposal part in the book? How are they going to go about with Eclipse since the marriage proposal was strongly mention in there too? And how about Breaking Dawn? They better not change the whole story!

  5. 205

    Please don't wreck this movie like the first one!

  6. 206

    Actualy, had you read the books, you'd know he initially tells herhe'll turn into a vampire if she waits and graduates high school. the marriage ultimatum in the next book. but thanks for coming out!

  7. 207

    Huuuuh?!?!?! He doesn't ask Bella to marry him? That ruins the whole 3rd book wtf. Pathetic. They're going to ruin it… Wtf can he offer her? "Don't see Jacob again and I'll turn you into a vamp! k." Crap. They need a new script writer.

  8. 208

    Re: Jessica Grady – if you're as obsessed with the books as you say you are then you would know the marriage ultimatum doesn't happen til ECLIPSE. there is a different ultimatum before that

  9. Kate1 says – reply to this


    This post upsets me on the account of two things.

    1. I do not think its a good idea to have Edward Cullen (rob) re appear as an apparition, in the book he clearly comes back in her thoughts, and its really only her subconscious thats bringing him back, its in her head, that if she risks her life he will somehow talk to her. It momentarily fills that void or hole in her heart that edward left when he moved away!

    2. Edward needs to propose to her, its a huge moment at the end of the book, and it sets the other books up for what's going to happen! Honestly what other ultimatum could he give her?! This makes no sense, they need to be married, its a big bib deal in eclipse and in breaking dawn! Carlisle promised her that after graduation that he would change her, so if Edward gives her some other idea, i am sure she can still get her way from any of the other Cullens!

    I think that the twilight movie was pretty much a complete disaster compared to how the book was! I was hoping that now that they have a bigger budget and hopefully a better director that the movie would stay more true to the book, but i guess we will see, but i totally dont agree with the recent findings on this post!

  10. 210

    uhm, he shouldn't appear, only be heard. And another ultimatum is not good. For the rest it's all in the books.

  11. 211

    they continue to ruin it …

  12. 212

    I really don't see why they have to change it around that much. Edward is supposed to be just a voice to Bella, not an apparition. Doing that takes away some of the supposed anxiety she has to see him. Now as for the different ultimatum, well it better be a damn good one because yeah, they should change things around too much!

  13. 213

    that doesnt sound too different from the book. They have to throw R-Patz and action in to make people happy but I think it would have been more powerful at the end if he were just a voice. I'm excited! I want to know what the new ultimatum is!

  14. 214

    Re: Renfamous – no actually he wants her to marry him too cuz she kinda freaks out about it!

  15. 215

    This was the worst book of the Saga by far, I'm not holding my breath for the movie to do it any favors.

  16. 216

    Re: Lady_M – I red all four books. Which ultimatum are you thinking about? In New Moon, I'm trying to remember…

  17. 217

    Re: TbabyBuffyFan – That's right, he had something to do with going to college and then he would turn her. He kept pushing it back because he didn't want to change her.

  18. 218

    he doesn't propose?! ugh already annoyed. KEEP IT LIKE THE BOOK GOD DAMMIT.

  19. 219

    That doesnt spund any different than the book. I imagined that Bella would see Edward in her head when she would "hallucinate". I wonder what the other ultimatum will be…..

  20. 220

    can't wait to watch it on november!!! :)

  21. 221

    I am not pleased with these changes. I liked the marriage ultimatum. Also I liked that Edward was just a voice, it didn't give hope that he would come back, if left me crushed, but I think it would evoke more emotion with him as just a voice than a body, as hot as he is, they shouldn't have R Patz there in person.

  22. 222

    im kinda mad abotu the full body apparition thing
    its gonna make the reunion not as special

  23. 223

    i don't mind the changes, but i agree with Robert, it would be more intense if he just showed up at the end! but i'm all for seeing more Robert..not gonna lie.


  24. 224

    what the heck. this really aggravates me, but whatever. hopefully they will follow along the lines of the book, or else the whole story is crap.

  25. 225


  26. bsmiz says – reply to this



  27. 227

    omg they cant change the last part wtffff
    edward changes her wen they married it his descision but he doesnt omggg dis is fuked up!!!

  28. 228

    Not a shock. New Moon is the best book of the series, and they do this? oh well…

  29. 229

    I like the apparition and Lauren vs. werewolves fight idea, but I don't like that the marriage thing is being changed. It better be something along those lines, because Bella and Edward getting married is a very very very important issue in both Eclipse and especially Breaking Dawn.

  30. 230

    wtf??? that's fucking messed up they can't fucking change practically everything! everyone loved the books why the hell change the movie like most have said. their going to have alot of angry fans..sure everyone things rob is hot and loves him. but HE"S NOT SAPPOSED TO BE IN NEW MOON! bella is sapposed to "fall in love" with jacob. and their added more of rob? thats just plain stupid…! seriously should of sticked with catherine..>.>…they mess this movie up i'm not even going to bother seening the last two…

  31. 231

    eeek! i love rob and taylor. hot stuff. lol

  32. 232

    i hope the ultimatum dosent change theres no breacking dawn it then!!!! like hope its good then!

    Cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. 233

    cooll i cant wait to see how it turns out

  34. 234

    I wish they would just stick to the frikken book! I'll still go watch it of course.

  35. 235

    Bullshit! That's so stupid.
    Why can't they just stick to the book?
    And Robert Pattinson's right, it would be so much better if he wasn't in it until the end because then people would be like longing for him.
    It's so stupid.

  36. 236

    Yeah… these are not really spoilers.. that is for those who have read the 2nd book. Also, from day one they've been saying that Edward is going to visually appear in Bella's hallucinations…everything else is in the book.. nothing new here.. lol

  37. -kate says – reply to this


    YEAH! can't wait for the movie, i think that the different ultimatium, well be okay, like who knows? but thanks perez for the great info!

  38. 238

    I HATE that they're not following the book and I HATE this damn promotional poster. They should have had Bella in the middle, no one should have been looking at the camera, and….oh yeah, they shouldn't have cast Kristen Stewart as Bella in the first place.

  39. 239

    I liked the marriage ultimatum… ugh… the movie one better be good.

  40. 240

    The movie and the book aren't going to be exactly the same, but it makes me wonder what kind of ultimatum they would throw into the movie rather than keeping that the same since that is one of the larger parts in the book… It seems like this twist will change the feel of the next two movies - away from the feel that the books have. Hm, it'll be interesting!

  41. 241

    how could they change that ?!!!!!!!! >=[

  42. 242

    Maybe this one wont suck ass like the first one LOL!!!

  43. 243

    gaaaay. why would they change him only turning her into a vamp
    if she marries him !? WHYYY WOULD THEY CHANGE IT !?

  44. 244

    i cant wait. but i wanna see how they do the proposal! i liked it in the book!

  45. 245

    you cant change the ultimatum, that so makes the 2nd book!

  46. 246

    I never understood why Hollywood fucks stuff up like that. They obviously make films out of popular books like the Twilight series and such to cash in on the popularity of it. So then why irritate the very people (the fans of the series) who would be going to watch the films anyway by changing anything about the story? I also hate that they picked that guy to play Edward who just doesn't even seem to be that "into" the role in the first place. I think it ruined the film. I hope his attitude improves in the subsequent films since we're obviously stuck with him.

  47. 247

    Hmmmm, producers may thought that if Edward was absent the crazy little girls were going to go even crazier and hate the film.

  48. Dione says – reply to this


    i haven't seen the movie yet, ordered the dvd last week. but i love the books, and hearing all the negativity makes me nervous if i will like the movie. as i love the books i am not sure i will like the changes in the movie. i get that books and movies are two different things, but when there is such a large following to the books it seems stupid to shy those away by drifting to fare away from the original story.

  49. 249

    tHAT IS B.S. tHEY need 2 leave it the same way it is in the book……………………

  50. 250

    I'm slightly worried that they are going to change too much of the story just to keep Rob in.. I mean, I definitely love him, but I don't want them to ruin the story just so he can have ample screen time.

    Rob gets it, but apparently Summit doesn't. The end isn't going to be as powerful if he is pretty much still in the whole movie.

  51. 251

    a different ultimatum!? what!? they can't do that!

  52. 252

    perez, just to let u kno…..edward asks bella to marry her in the end of the third book….. they are messing up the books to movie!!!!! ahh there information is wrong lol:p this drives me insane! they should have gotten ppl from harry potter to make this movie lol:P

  53. dd909 says – reply to this


    sounds interesting

    its been so secretive this is the only think i know lol

  54. 254


    he should only be a voice, like in the book.
    whoever the director is can suck my balls for changing it so much

  55. 255

    nooooo i hate that idea!!! i hope they realize that they are making a big mistake

  56. 256

    ugh if they ruin new moon, i think i will die… why do they make such big changes.. dumbnuts
    and i dont like the poster.. she should look more depressed..

  57. 257

    omggg ! can't waittt

  58. 258

    the marriage ultimatium doesn't happen till the third book. the ultimatium in the second is turning her to a vampire after graduation. duhhhh

  59. 259

    As a die-hard Twilighter, I'm skeptical about all of these "changes." I realize that Hollywood likes to fuck up perfectly good books when they turn them into a movie, but why do they insist on messing with poignant moments in them???? I, for one, do NOT want to see Edward when Bella is having one of her hallucinations because I didn't visualize him when I was reading "New Moon." Also, Laurent fights the wolves? Why? What's the point in that when his fear and the fact that he RUNS from the wolves throws Bella for a loop? And finally, if they give some stupid ass ultimatium other than the marriage one, that will absolutely not makes sense through the rest of the series, especially when they go into "Eclipse." Bah……I'm excited for the movie but if they screw with "New Moon," I won't be watching the rest and I know of MANY more people who will follow suit.

  60. 260

    I don't like much some of the changes, like wtf? why don't this people stick to the fucking book, like the first movie is so terrible, I mean u totally love the love story, (honestly I think Rob save the first one) but for people who have read the books and knows the fucking story is soooo disappointing. I can't wait to see it, but I hope it's way better than the first one.

  61. 261

    I already new some of that..hisgoldeneyes.com and newmoonmovie.org had some of this info a long ass time ago. With pictures and everything….so I think you should ask those girls for news….But thanks for the update…And I think it's fine…You have to make the movie more interesting…you can't follow the book to the T…you know?

  62. 262

    a different ultimatum other than marriage????? what, why?? i wanna know!!!!
    it would've been better to not have edward appear when bella's going crazy, it makes it that much better when she does finally see him for real, oh well. can't wait!!!!!!

  63. 263

    also i just noticed why did they make kristen look all pretty in the poster????? ppuuuuulllleeeeaaaazzzz as if hahaha sorry bitchy moment

  64. 264

    i get that a lot of people like rob and want to see more of them but they really should follow the book i mean like isnt that the whole point
    the movie is based off the book
    if they change it too much the twilight fans won't like it
    and we all know what happens when thy get angry lol
    but really i don't think ill see it in the cinema if they continue to change it

  65. 265

    they better not change anything cause thatz my fav part grrrrrrrrrrrr if they do i will hurt them ;P

  66. 266

    what a load of fucking shite!! they cant change the story b/c all the others wont fit… how can eclipse happen if he doesnt ask her to marry him?? eclipse is all about that… then what about breaking dawn when they fuck.. she will only marry him if he says he will fuck her? stupid film directors messing with a perfect script… and if laurent isnt beaten by the wolves… what will happen in eclipse when they need the denali clans help and irina refuses? and then in breaking dawn when irina grasses to the volturi when she sees renesmee?? FUCKIN BOLLOX THATS WHAT ITS IS… THE ONLY GOOD THINGS ABOUT THE BOLLOX THAT IS TWILIGHT, IS THE FACT THAT THEY KEPT SLIGHTLY TO THE SCRIPT OF THE BOOK.. AND RPATZ IS FIT… coz lets face it, kstew is GASH as bella…. rant over!

  67. 267

    UGH! They can't change the ultimatum. That's one of Bella's main driving forces in the rest of the books. What's next? Jacob isn't actually a werewolf but a kitten?

    I bet the fourth movie won't even have a single line from "Breaking Dawn." Sad.

  68. 268

    To all the repliers who are saying the marriage ultimatum is NOT in New Moon, re-read the last few pages of the last chapter. Not the epilogue, the last chapter. The marriage proposal is in New Moon.

  69. 269

    they cnt take away the marry thing man! uuuurg oh well i bet its guna be gr8 anyways…

  70. 270

    Uhuh…no marriage and a 'Mirage' of RPattz…i agree they're dicking up the second movie now..honestly it will ruin the ending. after the shitstorm that was the first movie you'd think they'd try and make the second MORE like the actual books.
    i think they should of marketed these movies as based on the books since thats pretty much what they are.

  71. 271

    Im agreeing with rob he shouldnt be thereee
    and theres no proposal ?? WTF

  72. 272

    i think somebody should get rid of the writer, woman doesnt know what shes doing if u ask me..remember peeps its not summits fault or the director, its the stupid writer.
    i like the idea of the apparition of Edwards cos his still absent and Bella is only hearing him, him appearing as an apparition is only for our benefit and i think if it was just a voice over as Edward it would be cheesy
    But i think changing the marriage ultimatum is so stupid..in the book thats like the worse thing for Bella, to be married, so why change it, its just changing her personality.
    i mean in BD are they not going to be married…der!

  73. 273

    edward: bella we have to have hot vampire sex or ill leave again
    bella: okay …. lets do it…. how about now or now or now

    gees what ultimatium… rpats as a vampire ill do anything u want baby just call me ahhha

  74. 274

    Wow…this movie is CLEARLY going to suck even MORE than the first one did. Edward appearing as a apparition…are you kidding me?! LMFAO!!! The twilighters are going to lose their minds and I want to be there to see it. :D

  75. 275

    cant wait………..obsessed isnt the word

  76. 276

    it better be one hell of an ultimatum
    and why does he have to appear like an apparition
    they need catherine hardwicke as drector again
    she actually worked with stephanie meyer throughout the whole process and stuck true to the book in the first movie
    if this movie isn't awesome, I will be the new director for eclipse

  77. 277

    I'm sorry, but this is stupid! It totally goes against the books… I mean, I don't mind about the other things, but changing the ultimatum I think is going WAY too far… What a disappointment. :(

  78. 278

    not funny

  79. 279


  80. 280

    wow…i cannot believe this. now i am beginning to think that they should have tried to keep Catherine Hardwicke as the director for this movie too. Robert being in the movie more that just a voice. we all knew that was coming so its not a big surprise. they have been saying that from day one. but the different ultimatum..that sucks because that is very important in Eclipse and even more in Breaking Dawn. what kind of "different ultimatum could he offer her?
    not to get married…or have sex??? that would ruin with out a doubt the other movies to come. i am soooo hoping that this movie is not going to suck because of the changes being made. but i will still be at the theater on Nov. 20.

  81. 281

    eh, those changes aren't too bad. except for the last one.. he has to say something about getting married in there! that's the cutest part of the whole series!

  82. 282


  83. 283

    WTF?!?!?!!? That's ridiculous!!! they can't change the ultimatum! That's the big "thing" in Eclipse!!!! These film makers SUCK big hairy donkey dick.

  84. 284

    omg! i can't believe there is no marriage proposal this changes everything! I hope the ultimatium is sexual! wooooo!

  85. 285

    Kind of sad that they are going to change things… The book was wonderful and I hope it does not ruin it for me……

    Should be good though

  86. 286

    love the poster.

  87. 287

    i can't wait. but if they screw with his ultimatum, then that will mess everything up.


  88. 288

    Finally some info about the movie!!!! I love twilight cant wait to see it!!!!!

  89. 289

    Re: MinervaCullen – yeah thats true it does mess with it alot cause that is the main thing of the last book

  90. 290

    can't wait for the movie

  91. 291

    different ultimatum?
    I better not have to be hunting down writers any time soon. If they're changing it so they can end it in eclipse, i not gonna be happy.

  92. 292

    mmmmmm… it would be better if she just listens to his voice
    well i must say that part of him that appears will be kinda idk strange :S
    but we want rob pattinson so im ok with it a little :3
    i love the book and i hope there wont be alot of changes D:

  93. 293

    Heelo the only ultimatum is Edward purposing!! WTF God Damn Melissa Rosenburg fucking this one up too… Thanks God Catherine Hardwick not directing this one… I'm annoyed!

  94. 294


    there changing too much again!!! This really is not good!!

    Why do they have to flaming well spoil each and every book!!

  95. 295

    Re: Lady_M – what is the ultimatum that you think they are talking about???

  96. 296

    Really,really pissed that it seems they`re changing the book again :-@ Twilight,the movie,wasn`t half as good as the book!! And no it looks like they`re doing it again,despite the promise to stay true to the books,and despite what the fans want :-(

  97. 297

    As long as the wedding is shown in the 4th movie…i just hope it does not change TOO much. Its a great story and shouldn't be messued up out of recognision

  98. 298

    I wish they'd stick to the book, the film will be good but I'll probably get all confused if they change too much.

  99. 299

    I am surprised that they are changing so many things I loved the book so I hope they dont ruin it for me…

  100. 300

    BS! he doesn't give bella an ultimatum in new moon, that happens in eclipse..

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