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Nikki McKibbin Looking Good Alive!

| Filed under: American Idol


Oh no what happened to former American Idol contestant Nikki McKibbin?

The once tiny singer showed up to the AI season finale Wednesday night with a couple extra pounds packed on.

We hope it's not the result of some sort of medical complication or health issue!

[Photo via Getty Images.]

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157 comments to “Nikki McKibbin Looking Good Alive!”

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  1. 101

    Let her work on one problem at a time. She kicked coke. (hopefully for good) It's NOT easy quitting drugs and most gain a lot of weight in the process. I'm sure she will work on losing weight next. IF it makes HER unhappy. What she needs is continued support for kicking her habit, not some fat asshole like yourself (who does not have an excuse) putting her down on some weight gain. Way to go Perez. You're officially Douchebag of the year. I hope your parents are proud.

  2. 102

    omg !!!!!!!!!!she use to be sooooo thin !! what happend to her??

  3. 103

    Do you talk about people's weight just to get people going or do you pretend that you never fought the battle yourself? Well google yourself because it wasn't that long ago you look liked that AND never had a kid or fought drugs/alcohol. Honestly. Former fatties are so annoying.

  4. 104

    She's really not THAT big…she just dresses SO badly for a girl with a little junk in the trunk. She makes herself look so much larger by still trying to dress like she's tiny. She needs to realize her new shape requires a different style of dress.

  5. 105

    WTF is wrong with you Perez! After all your weighty issues. Seriously. Do you now have a drug problem that made you slim down? She openly talked about her weight drop on an episode of Celebrity rehab. DUH!

  6. 106

    Have you been living under a rock, or are you just too poor to have basic cable? She was on celebrity rehab and sober house, and because of drug addictions and the attempt to get clean, she gained some weight.

    Bring us some news that actually is news.

  7. 107

    I for one am really impressed with all the readers who are sticking up for her. I hope she's getting that kind of support everywhere so she can ignore the haters and stay clean.

  8. 108


  9. 109

    She must of gained weight after her battle with booze and drugs.. didn't anyone see her on Celebrity Rehab…

  10. 110

    She just replaced her addiction to drugs and alcohol with a food addiction.

  11. 111

    its called kicking substance abuse, weight gain happens when kicking drugs, alcohol, cigs etc.

  12. 112

    she's sobered up and packed the pounds. big deal. i'm happy she came out and didn't hide away. she looks good!

  13. 113

    holy S H I T !! She got really big. She was so beautiful before. Damn !! The hair style has to go too.

  14. 114

    Kicking the coke habit did it. I am sure she is actually healthier now.

  15. 115

    Perez, you're such a jerk she got treatment for her cocaine and alcohol addiction, I think her weight is the least of her worries. I'm sure you don't like when people call you fat, so don't be such a douche bag and stop judging others so much by their weight, there are worse things in life.

  16. 116

    i saw her at a party doing a big ass line of powdered sugar…lol

  17. 117

    It's called going into rehab and kicking coke and alcohol. Seriously Perez. Your site is going downhill, fast.

  18. 118

    It's called not being on drugs/alcohol anymore.

  19. 119

    i think there is something wrong with her!

    that type of rapid weight gain is not normal…

  20. 120

    Yeah, it's better to gain a few pounds than be an addict. She seems happier and (even with the bit of extra weight) healthier, so good for her!

  21. 121

    Fuckheads. All the weightloss from the coke screwed up her metabolism, but at LEAST SHE'S ALIVE AND CLEAN. Get off her dick! Jesus, people are mean. Ya'll cannot be happy for someone cleaning up their act. I guess Cokate Moss is what we must strive for????

  22. 122

    Re: psychobombshell – thank you, darlin'. Mario's a pig. A mean, dumbass P I G.

  23. jemms says – reply to this


    like many drug addicts, when they stop they gain weight…what are u fucking stupid perez??????? good for her for dealing with her drug issues. she is a great person. leave her alone.

  24. jemms says – reply to this


    Re: whutwhut – you go!!! awesome post!

  25. 125

    sure that's not Winona Judd? those poor tattoos must be stretched so badly!

  26. 126

    Re: Stefnilove – yeah she was also heavily doing cocaine dumb ass!

  27. 127

    Re: dr2000girl – too bad she didn't eat you too!

  28. 128

    Re: Mr.Boatshoe – Liar, that was you doing the snorting!

  29. 129

    Re: DALE – guess you live there too!

  30. 130

    Re: OOGLE – ya know I'm so sick of people be so insensitive to people. she has been through alot not just drug addication. People make all these cruel remarks about her sitting behind a computer probably looking like a hot mess themselves!

  31. 131

    Girl don't listen to any of these haters you look beautiful! They have nothing better to do then make rude comments about other people because they are insecure about themselves. You have come so far and I know that you will continue to go even further!

  32. 132

    Wow… just think if Paris, Nicole, Lindsanity, SaMAN, Megan Fox, Madonna, et al stopped with the coke… think how fat they'd be! Don't be naive, people. EVERYONE in the biz does it. Everyone.

  33. 133

    It's called being sober. That's a great way to help someone stay on the wagon. Let's call them fat and make them feel bad about themselves.

  34. 134

    Geeze. She's too fat, she's too skinny, it never ends with you Perez. You have also struggled with your weight, so why are you so quick to pass judgment on others? She had a serious addiction problem and is still working through that. One thing at a time….

  35. 135

    Izzat Paula Dean?

    Good grief, that cannot be healthy.

  36. 136

    she is probably still sober, when you kick cocaine you gain weight.

  37. 137

    I'm so excited to see her looking so well! I knew her from Celebrity Rehab and have been rooting for her since day one. Her struggle with drugs, alcohol, and depression were right there in the public eye…Perez's comments just goes to show how quickly Hollywood forgets. =/ We should be encouraging her to stay clean and sober, not pointing out that she's gained weight. She'll shed it in her own time.

  38. leo32 says – reply to this


    She was a miserable alcoholic when on AI and couldn't even perform unless drunk. She went to rehab and was one of the most committed and also emotionally devastating people there. She's lost her mother and it could have really sent her on a tailspin but instead she continued to do the hard work and also forced herself to start writing again…if a little weight is there for awhile, no biggie. She's still beautiful and I hope she's as happy as she looks in this photo. And by the way she wrote a gorgeous song called Beautiful Disaster…give it a listen.

  39. 139

    I think she's hot as hell in that picture. I've seen her a lot on tv and think she's an all around awesome person. I love her style!

  40. jeaah says – reply to this


    She was sick, addicted to all kinds of shiiit. Thats why she is bigger she is sober hopefully!!

  41. 141

    you fucking fags are the most judgmental pieces of shit on this earth. why can't you just die? you perez, if we're all lucky, will get taken care of by someone you pissed off 1 too many times.

  42. 142

    UGH, She's gotten off of drug's and alcohol and had 3 kid's plus lost her mom… now whats YOUR reason for being a fatass? You're always posting this negitive shit about people and do you ever do a tiny bit of research? Last time I saw pictures of you, you looked like you had gained everything ounce back plus more, Nikki has a reason, Do you?

  43. 143

    She looks sober, happy and beautiful =)

  44. 144

    She's clean and looks healthy! A beauty!

  45. 145

    This happened to my son who was on drugs, he packed on 50 lbs. A year later he decided to take off the weight and was successful at that as well. This July he'll be 2 years sober and a looks great! Leave these people alone, they're doing the best they know how.

  46. 146

    So she packed on 20-40 lbs. It's more important that she be focusing on staying off of drugs and alcohol than trying to submit to Hollywood's ridiculous body standards.

  47. 147

    thats what happens when you get sober, leave her the fuck alone. and she wasn't on drugs she was an alcoholic

  48. 148

    Re: ihrtnicrichie – ur a dumb ass, its a fact when you get sober u tend to gain weight cause your eating when before all you were worried about was ur drug of choice. Assuming all overweight people are lazy just show how fucking ignorant you are.

  49. 149

    Re: Miss_Kitty – ur a dumb bitch

  50. 150

    perez, she is sick, she suffers from hepatomegaly (enlarged liver), she is also a recovering drug addict who takes withdrawal drugs to avoid painful withdrawal symptoms, shame , so young and already so messed up, she was very pretty in season 1 of American Idol. Im not saying that fat chicks are not pretty, ok yes I am.

  51. 151

    Give her a break! She was so thin before because she was snorting a lot of coke! Cocaine makes ya skinny!! She's off the cocaine —- and now has put on some weight. Who cares??!! People need to LAY off! BTW-Perez, you were a chubby one, too! Now that you have lost weight…don't judge others for having some extra weight! Shouldn't you "get it??" Give the girl a break! Being heavier is better than being a coke-head!

  52. 152

    Im pretty sure getting off cocaine allows one to gain weight, even in Hollywood…. Should she start up the coke and drinking so shes thin for your world?

  53. 153

    Re: psychobombshell – well said!

  54. 154


  55. 155

    yeah she isn't snorting and shooting her meals now. she actually uses her mouth to eat.

  56. 156

    Dude, seriously, do your research first. It's embarrassing.

  57. 157

    this is one of the stage she'll need to go through after quitting drugs, please don't be cruel people. i believe she will bounce back to her then size. best of luck nikki, i love you :)

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