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Scandals Are Bigger In Texas

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San Angelo, Texas, mayor, J.W. Lown, abruptly announced his resignation Wednesday - just as he was to be sworn in as mayor for his fourth term.

His reason for quitting?

He announced from Mexico that he is in a romantic relationship with an illegal alien.

Doesn't sound that juicy?

Well, we forgot to mention that his other half is a MAN!


Lown, a well-respected public servant, won the most recent re-election with 89 percent of the vote in a very conservative West Texas town.

He agreed to come back only "if the people of San Angelo will welcome me back."

Scandalicious! He's cute, too!

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101 comments to “Scandals Are Bigger In Texas”

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  1. 1


  2. Typh says – reply to this


    Shotgun-wielding, bible-thumping, narrow minded A-holes of San Angelo gonna be missing out.
    It's a serious sad commentary that he had to resign due to his relationship.
    Time to evaluate when evidently qualified, well-liked, competent professionals QUIT rather than face the barrage of hate.
    Based on the facts at hand I decided.

  3. 3

    that's very unfortunate. i would imagine it is probably not easy at all to be gay in a place like texas. they will probably eat this poor dude alive. never mind that they reelected him several time. clearly they thought he was doing a good job.
    shame on texas!

  4. 4


  5. 5

    I kind of feel sorry for the old blue haired ladies who voted for him because he is "just so handsome!"

  6. 6

    Yeah, I actually live in San Angelo, and everyone loved him as mayor. We aren't as conservative as you think Perez. Half of this town are gays and lesbians ;)

  7. 7

    oh yeah, and everyone already knew he was gay :)

  8. MamaB says – reply to this


    That's so yummy. YES! He should come back! Be proud of who you are. F Texas. ;) Hopefully everyone does the right thing. I think he did by just "coming out". I guess… I don't know. Glad I'm not gay. Feel bad for ya.

  9. 9

    Steers and Queers lol.

  10. 10

    Maybe this could be a growing experience for San Angelo!
    Kind of feel sorry for Lown. Painful to say the least.

  11. 11

    Re: vivalavanessa – Then y'all should be welcoming him back with open arms! Sounds like a win, win, oh except for the illegal alien part. Poor dude.

  12. 12

    Cute? He looks like a serial killer

  13. sella says – reply to this


    Maybe it had nothing to do with him being gay, but instead as he said, 'aiding and assisting' someone who was not a citizen, could be the reason. Or did all you guys miss the illegal alien remark and just keyed in on the gay part?

  14. 14

    LMAO. I'm from San Angelo and he was always out partying, so everyone thought he was a cool mayor… I'm really not surprised that this happened. I'm just surprised that San Angelo made it to Perez Hilton. Awesome ;-)

  15. 15

    If everyone knew he was gay…why on eath would he feel the need to quit?

    Sucks for him, but maybe it wasn't so much the "gay" issue as the "illegal alien" issue.

  16. MamaB says – reply to this


    Re: Sportyraven – Yes, because gay is totally cool and "illegal alien" is SOOO WRONG… no one needs to judge where we get our ends from. I can't believe this is even an issue in the the United States of America. Respect differences.

  17. 17

    He didn't quit because he was gay. He quit because he was aiding and assisting an illegal alien who had been attending college here.

    I wish he wouldn't have left. He seemed to be urbanizing this craphole town

  18. 18

    I live in West Texas and a lot of the people are dumb.

  19. 19

    wow, thats crazy my father and stepmother and a few of my siblings live in San Angelo, i met the guy and heard much about him. Everyone likes him, but he resigned because he thought i was the right thing to do. i know that there will be a good chance that he would most likely get accepted. its unfortumate but hey shit happens everyday, what can ya do.

  20. 20

    Hahaha, one I love that San Angelo is on Perez Hilton! This is where most of my family lives and prob most of these people have no clue.

    But it is very juicy to hear this scandal.
    The town will be talking about it for weeks.
    Sad though that San Angelo is very conservative and not always having the most open-minded people.
    Next time he needs to think before helping illegal immigrants. Haha, still loving the fact that San Angelo is on here!

  21. 21

    When did this become a blog restricted to being gay? San Angelo loves the guy. He stepped down not because he was gay but because he felt that his relationship with an illegal alien was in direct conflict with his role as mayor in a state with serious illegal alien issues. Some folks can be gay and have a sense of responsibility.

    Texas has a very sizable gay population and don't blame Texans for this crap.

  22. 22

    LOL…I'm from Angelo and NOT all of us are THAT conservative!!! I went to school with Lown and thought he was one hell of a friend and Mayor! Unfortunately, he decided to resign right after he won the election. Everybody here already knew he was gay….and guess what??? NOBODY CARED!!! He did good things for this town! So please….don't give your opinion if don't know what the hell is going on!

  23. 23

    Yeah! I forgot…WE ARE ON PEREZHILTON.COM!! hahaha how funny!!!!! At least people now know we kinda exist! BTW PEREZHILTON, cuando tu vas a Miami chico? Ya se te olvido que existimos?

  24. 24

    If he is in Mexico then I would assume his BF is with him in Mexico. Why would that make his BF an illegal alien? Shouldn't his BF be considered a Mexican National?

  25. 25

    Just 2 clarify - not all Texans r ultra conservative, right wing nut jobs! LOL! I live in SA & Mayor Lown was well respected & much liked! I never thought his orientation was a secret. He did a great job & hope he'll consider returning, even if not as mayor. He has plenty of supporters. The torches & pitchforks haven't been brought out as many would assume n TX. I bet his bf is hott! :)

  26. 26

    Wow, never would have foreseen the day that my hometown is on Perez!
    But this really is scandalous. Props to him though, he's got some balls to do that. He was a really good mayor, obviously, and hopefully just because he's gay and made an impulse decision based on romance won't have him hated for life.
    And San Angelo really isn't too conservative, it's a black-hole retirement town, and all the people who are fixing to die or fixing to be to old to matter are conservative, but at my high school there's more guy couples and lady couples then there are lady and guy couples. Also, this is a pretty drug addicted town.

  27. smfly says – reply to this


    having lived in san angelo since 2001 - not everyone here is as closed minded as you would think..
    a lot of people have known he prefers the male gender for quite a few years. no big secret.
    at least he's found what he's been looking for - it just happens to have citizenship in another country… :)

  28. 28

    What a typical dumb queer Texan. Figures. They are all in the closet. Asshole.

  29. 29

    Perez - I really wish this wouldn't have been a GAY thing. Mayor Lown stepped down because his partner, who had been attending Angelo State University on a Student Visa, had to go back to Mexico. Lown felt the need to go to Mexico to assist his partner obtain legal status in the US, rather than break the law. He felt that he would be shirking his duty as Mayor as this process will take up a tremendous amount of his time.

    Most of San Angelo knew of his sexual preference and frankly, didn't care. His landslide victory for re-election on May 9, 2009 is a testament to the fact that the Angeloans feel he had been a good Mayor. Additionally, most applaud his decision and would welcome him back as Mayor.

    I will grant you this, there are a few small-minded people who will believe his leaving was due to his sexuality regardless of the truth.

    I remain a daughter of San Angelo - even though I am no longer there, and am proud of Mayor Lown.

  30. 30

    When I attended San Angelo College there was nothing there but Goodfellow AFB and the cowboy college…..boy has the town changed. Heck they didn't even know who the Beach Boys were and the airman were definitely off limited to any college student, gosh can you imagine if they had discovered there was anyone gay within the halls of Carr Hall (convent).

  31. 31

    CRAZY!! I live in San Angelo!! Guess we've hit the big times now ;)

  32. 32

    Wow…I cannot believe San Angelo made it on here! I unfortunately live here because of my job (I'm from the east coast originally), and there is quite the conservative population. But on the other hand there is also a large gay population as well. I've met Lown before through my job; super nice guy, very personable. And I think for this town having someone relatively young is a big plus, because San Angelo desperately needs to move forward. Hello, biggest city in the US without an interstate?! I really hope his resignation doesn't stick, because I'm really scared of the alternative.

  33. 33


  34. 34

    Re: Typh – This goes out to Typh and all of the other people in this world who know very little but speak very often. Obviously, you have never been to Texas. But you do not need to come here to know we are the FRIENDLY state, NOT the HATRED state. Get it right. First of all, you saying Texans are narrow minded A-holes is very narrow minded and stereotypical. If the voters of San Angelo were to be disappointed in the mayor's life choices, it would not be because he was romantically involved with a man…it would be because he was involved with someone who was residing in our country illegally. Also, there are plenty of gay people in Texas; we are not NEW to the idea of homosexuality. Secondly, Mayor Lown is in Mexico because he is in a relationship with an ILLEGAL ALIEN. Meaning, he can't LEGALLY be in TEXAS. To be TOGETHER, they must be IN MEXICO until his partner applies for citizenship. I don't know what state you're from, but in Texas, our government stresses education…so it's easy for us to understand concepts like this. Why don't you get off this trashy website (that I only found because it has to do with politics very near my hometown) and go read a book? You need to replace the ignorance in your mind with logical and reasonable thoughts. Thanks.
    I have fired a shot gun; I do read the bible. And now I can say that I've made someone on PEREZHILTON.com feel dumb.

  35. 35

    Ironically, he looks a little like Mayor Sam Adams from Portland.

  36. 36

    Re: LG HEARTS THE POSSE! – Hey there to you and Sweets!



  37. 37

    what a shame he felt he had to resign. on another note…is he a married man?

  38. 38

    Re: sheba088 – Right back at you Sheba! ox

  39. 39

    Re: LG HEARTS THE POSSE! – 34 You tart you!

  40. 40

    You know what? I can't find a fault with this guy. He did the right thing and stepped down, not continued on like his shit didn't stink like so many politicians I've seen on both sides of the aisle.

  41. 41

    OMG he is HOT


  42. 42

    Re: THE MAGNIFICENCE THAT IS…sheba088 – #38.
    Re: SWEETPIECE! – #41.

  43. 43


  44. 44


  45. 45

    Re: MsMouse – Well said, MsMouse. I about died when I saw that my hometown made it on Perez. Actually, I about died when I went to the local paper's web site to read the comments and saw nothing but supportive comments. Made me proud. Never thought I'd see the day when San Angelo had an openly gay mayor — and a popular one at that. I've always been proud of where I'm from — but I'm a little prouder today. This beats the heck out of seeing my high school's name and mascot on the side of a bus carrying polygamist sect members.

    I used to have a huge crush on J.W. (can we call him J-Dub?) — though that kind of became irrelevant when I found out he didn't like girls. I'm glad he went ahead and did what he thought was right. Saved himself a lot of political misery later on with the whole illegal alien bit.

    Thanks for all you did for San Angelo, J-Dub. Hopefully your successor can keep up your good work.

  46. 46

    Republicans got twice the moral standard of the democrats: double moral standard!

  47. 47

    these people make me laugh. i live in san angelo… we already knew our mayor was gay & what do you know?! we still re-elected him the reason Lown said he did not want to take the oath of office knowing he was “aiding and assisting” someone who was not a citizen.

    so all you ignorant people saying san angelo is so narrow minded… get straight on your facts & come here before you decided to make your self look stupid. san angelo is a military & college town=gay & lesbians my roommate is gay & even the straight married men are knockin at his door.

    but people also think we ride horses to school & everyone wears cowboy hats and boots.

    so i cant get real angry that people think that Texas..

    ps "typh" you grinded my gears & Based on the facts at hand I decided your an idiot.

  48. 48

    He wasn't forced to resign. he did it of his own will due to the nature of his relationship with an ILLEGAL alien who did not have papers to be in the US. He called in from Mexico to resign. Quit trying to make it something it isn't. He made a personal decision for which a lot of folks respect him for.

  49. Typh says – reply to this


    Re: texgirl217 – Hi and I totally respect your assumptions based on the lack of specificity in my post and I appreciate the opportunity to clarify my remarks.
    I was referencing ONLY the people he believed would judge him unduly harshly due to this relationship in respects to either his partner or his partner's nationality.
    Unfortunately, it does come back to same gender partnerships and marriage issue. Should it be legal and legitimate to seek official marital or equivalent status in Texas, one would assume that he could have gone through proper, legal channels to apply for legal citizenship for his partner.
    This is clearly not an option afforded to him in the current hot political same gender relationship debate.
    I am not referencing the people that like him and remain his supporters, nor by any stretch was it intended to be a crudely woven blanket reference to all Texans (unless you are of the "Shotgun-wielding, bible-thumping, narrow minded A-hole type of which I was, in fact, referring…. I do suspect you are not).
    Hopefully I have clarified and I will hedge my comment with the observation that radical conservatives are everywhere as are open hearted, open-minded, kind individuals that have a good and fair conscience and a keen sense of fairness.
    You just have to look in the right place I decided.
    Like I commented earlier, it is time to evaluate the hate and open a clear discussion on the facts at hand.

  50. Typh says – reply to this


    Re: breanna325
    Hi Breanna (note I did not say "Howdy" because I am the last to throw that lasso at you) j/k on a serious note please read the above.
    I think we are on the same side based on the comments that I have read. In all fairness I think we are all supporting the people that support Mayor Lown.
    I opened up a discussion that we need to evaluate the real damage this issue is doing to our collective democracy as demonstrated in this specific instance.

  51. 51

    Hi Everyone, i am also from San Angelo and i find it funny that some ppl are surprised that he's gay….i mean WHO doesn't know?
    i just hope all goes well with him and his BF.. if the polygamist story didn't make San Angelo famous im sure this will.

    and just to let EVERYONE know NOT EVERYONE IS CONSERVATIVE IN San Angelo
    only old white ppl

  52. 52

    Re: Brandonlk – know whats going one before you speak :)

  53. 53

    Re: Typh – The one thing that has not been mentioned in this blog or any post thus far is the fact that Mayor Lown has only been involved in this relationship since March.

    I then pose this question - if someone who is cautious was in a new relationship (hetro/homo - either way) and the person with whom they are in a relationship with is not a citizen or legal alien, would they rush into a marriage simply to keep them in the country? I sincerely doubt Mayor Lown would have pursued this option even if he were hetrosexual.

    Again, the fact of the matter is that the Mayor and his partner are going about this the right way by trying to establish a visa or other legal means of entry into the US. The choice they have made is testament to the integrity of both men.

    How many of us would be willing to do the same, regardless of our sexual orientation?

  54. 54

    Re: me0101 – No, he has not hidden who he is through a sham marriage.

  55. 55

    Re: MsMouse – Since January.

  56. Typh says – reply to this


    Re: MsMouse – So based on that information I can only surmise that there are those hopeful romantics out there that are impulsive and test relationships with both feet.

  57. 57

    Re: Typh

    There are hopeless romantics out there - I used to be one before I got jaded.

    I have seen too many women marry an illegal alien because she is in "love" and him do a runner once his status as a citizen has been established. Thankfully, I was not one of them.

    I appreciate you taking the time to reconsider your opinion of Texans and in particular San Angeloans.

  58. buck says – reply to this


    after reading these posts it turns out the close-minded, intolerant people are the liberals who jump to conclusions about Texas, gays, so called bible thumpers and conservatives. Typical liberals

  59. 59

    Being from San Angelo,Texas for 35 years– who gives a crap if the Mayor is gay? People have known this for years. He did a great job for us.
    My big deal on this is– how he did this. He left our city hanging. We elected him just 2 weeks ago.
    This was HIS dicision and he could of made this discision earlier and it wouldn't cost us for another election. In the mean time- we have no mayor to help make our city a better place.

    We do have a wonderful city– with lots of wonderful people– and there are LOTS of gays here– we did not throw this man to the curb- it was his dicision.

    I for one– don't understand a relationship that you just met someone 2 months ago and you throw your life away (the reputation he developed is great– but now- this is not responsible to just send a package with a note to the city manager??? This does not sound like our Mayor).

    You guys that are judging us here in San Angelo, I stress– we did not do this– the Mayor did. We all had the upmost respect for Mayor Lown.

  60. 60

    If America still had slavery he would be front runner for the next President!

  61. 61

    Just to clear things up, though. (Also from San Angelo) He resigned not b/c he was gay, but b/c he didn't want to hold office while aiding and abetting an illegal alien.

  62. 62

    Re: JessicaBaybee – #54.

  63. 63

    Re: tigrrrlilly – #3.

  64. 64

    yay gay mayor!!

  65. 65

    AWESOME ! lol

  66. 66

    Re: texgirl217
    Actually texas is narrow minded and so are you.
    I am about 50 miles away from San Angelo and go there quite often. And west Texas hates anything different. lol
    Texas is a proud state and you just proved it. Just because someone said something about Texas, you jumped to defend it.

  67. 67

    i so live thirty minutes away from San Angelo. like i have seen this guy in person.

  68. 68

    I shopped at the Mal-Wart there once while passing through.

  69. 69

    Maybe this will help draw attention to the fact that Americans cannot sponsor their foreign same-sex partners…

  70. 70

    You people who are turning this into yet ANOTHER gay issue to get attention are ignorant pathetic morons. It's not the gay community as a whole that people 'hate' on…it's people like you who ruin it for all of them by running your trashy mouths! I am from San Angelo and have lived here most of my life. Most of the city knew JW was gay from the moment he announce his intent to run for Mayor the first time. No one really cared. Why? Because he is DECENT, RESPECTFUL & GENUINE. Get it now? The rest of you could take notes. THE ISSUE IS THE ILLEGAL STATUS OF HIS LOVED ONE NOT THE FACT THAT HIS LOVED ONE IS GAY. Quit trying to make this something it's not just so you can force your stupid opinions and judgements on the world. RESPECT OTHERS AND THEY WILL RESPECT YOU. How hard is that to understand? And how the hell this comment ended up on a pathetic celebrity gossip site I will never know. I know JW & wish he had been able to go about this differently and I worry about him. But I think he made the only choice he thought he had, and I wish him well. Think he's cute all you want, JW obviously likes educated men with class, something many of you obviously know nothing about. GOD BLESS TEXAS!

  71. 71

    I am from San Angelo. JW Lown being gay was the worst kept secret ever. Everyone knows is he gay, and has known for a long time. We voted for him for his 4th term. He won the last election with 89% of the votes, with us bible thumbers, narrow minded people knowing he is gay.

    Lown resigned on his own. No one made him leave. In fact everyone was shocked that he left. We want him to stay, yes even with his boyfriend. Yes even those narrow minded folks want him to stay. He was a great Mayor.

  72. 72

    Re: SlappinFaceHoles – If you live 50 miles away from San Angelo then you live in the sticks. Which makes sense that you think Texas is narrow minded. You don't know much outside of small town life. So exactly WHAT gives you the right to speak for us all? Yeah….not much. For the record the closest city that is about the size of San Angelo and houses more than 5-8000 people is Abilene, TX (about an hour and 15 minutes away). Sure, they are the buckle of the Bible belt but are well aware that it is the 21st century and are certainly not oblivious of the fact that there is a gay community among them. So you see, this kid who is judging Texas and calling us narrow minded is really only judging themselves and the town in whic they lives which is probably Eldorado (home of the religious cult that has recently made the headlines) or maybe it's Ballinger (which takes like 3 minutes to drive straight through it stoplights reduced speed and all). Moron.

  73. 73

    Re: britini – Including you??

  74. 74

    Re: clarko – You need to get your facts straight, the majority of people here do not have drug addictions. Are you so doped up you can't tell the difference? What a dumbass thing to say…you almost sounded educated until you went and did that. Good job.

  75. 75

    Perez is a moron! He ran as a gay person and every one knew he was gay. He wants to be with is partner. When his friend get's his green card or legal status then they are coming back. Leftist libitards have to distort everything!

  76. 76

    haha, oh perez. i NEVER thought id see a scandal about my hometown on here!
    we really arent even that conservative, thats fiction!! lots of the people here are gay or lesbian anyway, so it doesnt make it a big deal for the mayor to be. it was so obvious he was gay anyway, so why wouldnt we want him back, hes done great things!!

  77. 77

    san angelo is my old hometown. everyone knows he's gay….but yes super conservative which is why i left!

  78. 78

    that was an admirable thing to do…he rocks, he's welcome in Mexico any time :)

  79. 79

    i don't know where everyone is getting the whole illegal alien issue from. The guy was here legally on a student visa and returned to mexico after it expired. He is trying to get a visa through legal channels. This is the reason why Lown resigned, to remove the appearance of impropriety. it was an ethics issue for Lown. it was never about him seeing someone who was in the US illegally

  80. 80

    Okay people let's get the story straight… He didn't quit because he's gay, he did it for love. He Decided to put his personal life first (Good for him work isn't everything!).He's been a devoted Mayor for 3 terms and was just re-elected for his 4th. By the way Mayor Lown is a Genuine guy and he did what was best for him. He made this decision on his own, not forced. I respect him for that, he's in love with someone that's not legal, end of it.. Those of you pointing the finger at Texas get a life… Educate yourself on the matter before you speek! Local paper www.gosanangelo.com…

    By the way there is nothing wrong with believing in the Bible.. Being Gay doesn't make you a non believer.. DUH.. Don't be the Judge, only God can do that. Those of you juding one person will have to judge the world..

    And we would welcome him back in a heartbeat..

  81. 81

    As a citizen of San Angelo, wait as a GAY citizen of San Angelo I feel this story is totally blown out of proportion! The majority of San Angelo knew the mayor was gay already that was not the surprise. It was the surprise of the short notice and the relationship with an illegal resident and not to mention the haste of fleeing the town right after becoming re-elected. And fyi, I am gay as I previously said and I love San Angelo. Surprisingly, San Angelo is pretty liberal for a west Texas town. Don't always stereotype regions!! You never know. . .

  82. 82

    Re: wineaux – He was not in the closet!!! If you don't know, shut up. K thanks

  83. 83

    ¡Qué escandaloso!

  84. 84

    Most of you are idiots. What makes you think that Texas is as closed minded as the rest of the United States? Especially San Angelo?
    San Angelo has a huge and thriving gay community and we did in fact know that our mayor is gay.
    There is no scandal here.

  85. 85

    Re: Typh – He chose to resign. He didn't have to.
    He went to Mexico to help the man he loves get legal citizenship.
    Is that so hard to believe or has Hollywood fried your brain so much that you only see the West Texas portrayed in Giant and other old movies?

  86. 86

    Re: me0101 – No, he is not married. Never has been.

  87. 87

    The issue wasn't the fact that he is gay, it is that he is with an illegal alien. Maybe some of you that are so willing to criticize Texas so freely should come here and see that the problem with illegal aliens for yourself. Stop making everything a gay rights issue when it's not!!!!!

  88. 88

    Re: JenTX05 – His lover isn't illegal. He was here on a visa and when it expired, he went back to Mexico.
    He, with the help of J.W, is trying to get citizenship legally.


  89. 89

    omg…what a freak.

  90. 90

    This isn't quite the scandal it appears to be. The biggest part of the scandal is that he left 10 days after being elected. Most of us knew he was gay. And we loved him enough to elect him 4 times with this knowledge. He left by his own decision. That shocked us all. There were no village people with torches. He left because he couldn't, in his own words, be in a public office while aiding and abedding an illegal alien. We would love to have him back and wish him the best in the mean time.

  91. 91

    ummm yea… san angelo we dont suport gays and we will never will…we dont support the relationship but we respect the person

  92. 92

    yea i dont like gay ppl

  93. 93

    Re: cboden20
    Hahaha well then maybe Perez should get his facts right. Quoting from Perez, "He announced from Mexico that he is in a romantic relationship with an illegal alien." So….. No mention of a Visa, just the illegal status…… So who is the idiot…………?

  94. 94

    Re: JenTX05 – Perez is, sweetheart. And you for not looking it up for yourself.

  95. 95

    we are not bible thumping, conservative, narrow-minded a-holes here. it was not because he was gay that he left-get your damn story straight before you make stupid comments!! his boyfriend's visa was up and he couldn't get it renewed. going with him to mexico was the only way they could be together and nobody has a problem with that here!!!and the people in our "little conservative town" would welcome him back in a heartbeat!!!

  96. 96

    Re: cboden20
    Maybe Perez is the one that should check the facts before he writes another bitchy blog about something else, honey.

  97. 97

    Re: JenTX05 – So you're saying that even if the facts are not right, you should believe what is written on a gossip website without even remotely considering the validity of the statements being made? Hmm. I think that is pretty… well, dumb.

  98. 98

    It was pretty obvious he was gay. That was NOT an issue at all. Texas is a little more laid back than you would think. He was a really good mayor. I'm sad that this happened the way it did. He's a really neat guy and we can only wish him the best. Hopefully we can find a mayor that was as good as he was. Aiding and assisting is what brought him to his senses. FLDS and gay mayors is what puts San Angelo on the map. That's sad.

  99. 99

    this is my home town and frankly i have never been prouder. the response here has been overwhelmingly positive… look up jack cowan's editorial in the san angelo standard times (try gosanangelo.com) to see who we really are… some of us actually read our bibles… not just thump on them. and we practice the love over the damnation. everyone has known he was gay for a long time… yet his most recent election margin was 89%. what he has done took guts. he's a hero in my book… i hope he will come home because he's a great member of both the west texas gay poulation… which as viva la vanessa pointed out is quite large and very open… don't believe it? come on down…. we've got a marg withg your name on it. love and light from the red dirt girls of texas!!!! and joe, if your reading this… come on home! we love you!!!

  100. 100

    Re: PROUD TO BE A TEXAN – i'm with you man!!! sing it loud…

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