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We're Getting Sued And We LOVE It!

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Relentless douchebag Chris Martin has commented on accusations that he has ripped off guitarist Joe Satriani's song If I Could Fly, which bears resemblance to hit Viva La Vida.

AND, Yusaf Islam, formerly Cat Stevens, recently had some beef with the band! He too is claiming that Viva La Vida rips off one of his songs.

Says Martin, "If everyone's trying to take away our best song, then we'd better write 25 better ones. And so just at the point where I was thinking about getting fat and becoming complacent, I've been finding more inspiration. Now we've got more to prove than ever before. Some people are suing us at the moment and although it was initially a bit depressing, now it's become really inspiring."

25 better songs = 25 more lawsuits!

You think they'd learn!

Ever heard of originality?!

[Image via WENN.]

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59 comments to “We're Getting Sued And We LOVE It!”

  1. 1

    Coldplay is better than any band out there right now.
    so what if they sample a song style. they only made it BETTER!!
    if the original was anything good, people would've known the song as soon as they heard it
    not when someone brings it to their attention years later. duhhh!!!!

    you wanna complain about bad music, look no further than Lady Ga Ga.
    Coldplay and Busta Rhymes is where it's AT!!

  2. 2

    Satriani and Yusaf are a couple of punk as bitches that need to shut the hell up.

  3. 3


  4. 4

    the fact that they even got nominated for a grammy shows how out of touch the grammy awards are with reality.

  5. 5

    chris martin and his wife look like a pair of used kleenexes to me. bleh. i hope joe satriani gets tons of money in this suit. their song is good but it's an obvious rip-off in my opinion.

  6. 6

    Coldplay sucks, all their shit sounds the same anyways.

  7. 7

    Let's see how inspiring it is if they have to fork over some Moolah.

  8. 8

    Relentless douche bag is right.

  9. 9

    Well, it is close to impossible not to have any sort of resemblance to a song nowadays.
    Satriani and Cat Stevens are just trying to get money out of this.
    I am sure they did not intend to copy these two, lol

    And… You have to see them perform in concert their latest CD.
    You would change your mind, because it is amazing!

  10. 10

    Idk what is so amazing about GaGa besides her clothing.
    Same beat ooover and oooover.
    And its not like shes the best singer in the world, really.

  11. 11

    Shut up Perez. You think you know everything about everything. You have shitty taste in music, so of course you would insult one of the best bands in the world right now. Chris Martin has more talent in his pinky then you will ever have… shut your fat face

  12. 12

    Shittest song ever! Shittest band ever! Shittest face ever.

    Wish he would just shove his self righteous mediocre bullshit up his self righteous mediocre wifes arse.

  13. 13

    Shut up Perez Hilton…you hate on everyone and the people you don't hate should be hated….you are the most ridiculous person out there. I wish you would just drop dead or something cos you are USELESS!!! Don't hate on Chris Martin because he can actually write music and you can't…oh & don't hate on him because he has an actual family and what do you have? NOTHING. He also actually gives back to fans & he's apart of helping charities like OXFAM. What do you do? Like I said…USELESS….

  14. 14

    That's SO FUNNY that you would comment on ORIGINALITY!

  15. fiera says – reply to this


    I used to like Coldplay when they first came out, but now their music has made a turn for the worst and Chris Martin sounds like a complete arrogant douchebag!!

  16. 16

    The day you make a posting without stealing it from another website or newspaper will be the day Barack Obama comes out as a raving homosexual.

  17. 17

    So fucking boring

    and ugly
    there is nothing positive about this asshat band

  18. 18

    Only a douchebag could stomach being married to Gwyneth Paltrow.

  19. 19

    Cat Stevens should sue Joe Satriana instead. Those two songs are more similar than their songs and Viva La Vida.
    There are only 7 notes, it's normal that sometimes songs will have bits that sound similar.

  20. 20

    i LOVE coldplay! cant wait to see them this weekend. those losers songs sounded nothing like coldplays song, they are just in it to have their names in print. cat stevens is a wash up that everyone forgot about. Yusafkfjdifjpoewighpdshgdf…….

  21. 21

    wtf perez. it is NOT a matter of fact that it was ripped.

  22. 22

    I'm glad Chris is using the hate to fuel him to do better for the band. Clearly the only reason they're getting sued left and right is because they're the hottest thing right now. Coldplay has really come a long way from where they were long ago. I love this band to death because they're one of the bands where you buy their album and love every single song in it, so the bloody haters could just fuck off already.

  23. 23

    Would you please learn the difference between quotes and italics, Perez? If you're going to be a journalist, or whatever you call yourself, familiarize yourself with the fucking language you're using. Song titles are put in quotes. Album titles are italicized. You're an idiot.

  24. 24

    Fuck you, fuck you, FUCK YOU.

  25. 25

    how contradicting as well that you mention originality and support Lady Gaga all the way. She copies Grace Jones. Deliberately strange to stand out. Not very original I don't think.

  26. 26

    The question is, Have YOU ever heard of originality?

  27. 27

    Stop being so rude to Chris Martin, Perez. He's an artist, and a wonderful one at that, and he doesn't deserve this criticism.

  28. 28

    I just saw the Coldplay concert and I walked away thinking Chris Martin was the nicest guy especially considering how popular they are right now! He seemed humble and very generous by giving out a free CD with 9 songs on it afterwards. I think Chris Martin is a good guy and Coldplay is the only band out there that sounds different from everyone else.

  29. 29

    How could they have ripped out BOTH songs? So did one of those songs rip of the other as well? Ludicrous!

  30. 30

    Coldplay is awful. Such generic commercial crap makes me want to hurl. Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow can both go rot in douche hell.

  31. Kate says – reply to this


    Give me a break. The Cat Stevens song sounds NOTHING like Viva La Vida. And you have to have a creative imagination to think that Viva La Vida and the Satriani song sound alike. Both Stevens and Satriani are obviously looking for money and publicity.

  32. nh22 says – reply to this


    Ugh. STFU Perez.

  33. 33

    Coldplay is a bunch of Radiohead wannabe's…totally agree with you Perez

  34. algiz says – reply to this


    i cannot stand to hear this song. how can they sue to defend it? we ought to sue in offence of it being played. this and al gore are just examples of reasoons why awards are so stupid: they're all political, voters are stupid, and the political process currently doesn't work. next up: obama wins every award on the planet! without a vote!

  35. 35

    Coldplay is awesome. They are such a talented group, and their music is unique, in my opinion bringing inspiration for other groups in the same genre. They've been around for so long.

    "Ever heard of originality" Yet you praise artists like lady gaga, and britney who all sound and look the same.

    You're easily persuaded Perez.

  36. 36

    It's completely ridiculous to say that Coldplay are unoriginal. if anyone has actualy heard their new latest album they will realise that it is about as diverse and original as an album can be. Concerning the plagarism claims - if anyone were to listen to to satriani song and the viva they would realise that the two songs sound nothing alike and the claim is laughable. Coldplay is an amazingly talented band and people should do their research before hopping on the hater bandwagon.

  37. 37

    I got their new Live EP and put it on your drive ;)

  38. 38

    ever heard of originality?

    this website is getting further and further behind all the other gossip sites postings so perez is looking more and more a rip-off artist himself…. nothing new there!

  39. 39

    Re: redmond – Relentless douchebag is wrong.

  40. 40

    Maybe if you stopped trying to be U2, that would help. I used to love Coldplay, but they're last 2 albums, seriously, WTF?

  41. 41

    i CAN'T wait to see them in Pittsburgh 5/30 and in Buffalo 6/1

  42. 42

    URGH! ya know…. it's tough to write a song now days that isn't similar to something else. All these assholes just wanna sue somebody to cash in cause their careers sunk.

  43. 43

    LOL, originality??? Says the Gaga and Perry fan!!!!

  44. 44

    wait you love annoying unorginal Lady GaGa and you put down a band that plays great music,has millions of fans and puts on one of the best live shows? You really have no taste in music. It's all about who wears the best outfit. Look your Lady GaGa will be forgotten in a year or two and Coldplay will be going strong for many years to come.

  45. Aero says – reply to this


    HUGE COLDPLAY FAN.. not a huge fan of the current album, ROBTTH is one of the best albums ever, second only to Parachutes. Chris doesn't have anything to prove, Coldplay rock. Writing songs is like mixing drinks.. sometimes two sound similar, doesn't mean rip off… means similarities.

  46. 46

    That why you are so in love with Miley Cyrus perez

  47. 47

    Sorry Perez, I cannot agree here, Coldplay are still brilliant artists and songwriters. When last did Yusuf Islam and Satriani release anything that sold much, the 60's?!, 70's?! WTF?! Besides, Coldplay's record label will just broker a deal with the old codgers and they'll scamper away happy with their little cheque! It's business! Do they want publicity?! They're old has-beens, they ran back in the old days but we're now past the Millennium so best they just stay in "retirement"! M.xx

  48. klein says – reply to this


    SHUT UP perez! chris martin is far more of a genuine person than you will ever be. 'relentless douchebag'. well you make these ridiculous sweeping statements based on NOTHING. at least he is humble *COUGHS AND LOOKS POINTEDLY IN YOUR DIRECTION*

    Also I think that statement is the best thing he could say on what is such a hard thing for the band at the moment. they DID not plagiarise, the songs don't even sound similar.

  49. klein says – reply to this


    And it's not that they LOVE it either! It's called trying to make the best out of a bad situation.

  50. 50

    Why isn't JoeSatriani suing Cat Stevens?

  51. 51


  52. 52


  53. Aero says – reply to this


    Re: Elle(: – Never thought of that! Thats a great idea! If Coldplay stole their sound, so did Cat Stevens or vice versa.. Interesting Point!

  54. 54

    I am a ROCK STAR. Perez is a laughable wannabe celebrity fairy.

  55. 55

    All of Coldplay's songs are pretty much the same…

  56. 56

    wow heres summat original perez havin a go at coldplay. get a new a script perez. if coldplay bent over backwards and pandered to that bellend perez he would be all over them, callin them "ferosh" etc

    something makes me think that coldplay wont lose any sleep caring about what perez says about them, their too busy selling out stadiums and selling bucket loads of albums. best selling album of 2005 with x and y and 2008 with viva.

  57. 57

    If you listen to the Cat Stevens song and then Cold Play's it's quite obviously ripping it off.
    I like Coldplay but Chris Martin and his ice queen hag are terribly vain and douchey. :)

  58. 58

    This album was the worst of all of their albums and he's so arrogant I can barely stand to hear his voice, and I can't STAND that bitch GP

  59. mp23 says – reply to this


    perez i still dont understand why Chris is a douchebag.. ??

    yes perez tell us have U ever heard of originality?

    santriani and Yusaf can both fuck themselves.