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Homophobia On So You Think You Can Dance!!!!

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We don't watch this crappy ass show, but we've been getting A LOT of emails about some homophobic trash talk that went down on So You Think You Can Dance's premiere last night on Fox.

So we went to investigate.

Apparently, while the show was holding auditions in Denver, a pair of male Latin partner dancers, Misha Belfer and Mitchel Kibel, came to the show.

Two dudes dancing together????


This was a first for the show and they were decent dancers, even though they fell in their last moments. But they never stood a chance anyway! The judges were more concerned that they were a same-sex dancing couple than with their actual dancing.

Rocket scientist Mary Murphy didn't feel it worked because there was constant flip-flopping between the men and "Who led the dance?" Though she admitted it may add difficulty to the performance, she would have rather they taken the time to define themselves as one male partner and one female.

But it was Nigel Lythgoe who pulled the rug out from under these guys, who only one of was gay, by the way. He likened them to the Will Ferrell movie Blades of Glory and told them to try dancing with girls next time as they "might like it."

The disrespect continued when the judges agreed that their partnership would alienate audience members and ultimately, they did not put them through to the next round.


First of all, if homosexuality is the problem, then they would have no show. We all know that 90% of the male dancers are going home with another dude at the end of the night.

And, if they think a same-sex partner dancing team ALIENATES people, then they are not considering the homosexual community. By embracing this new art form, they might actually open thier show up to a whole new audience. And we can bet the show doesn't get half as much viewership as it could.

So ya'll just kind of fucked yourselves over! You could have made headlines.

Now, you'll just remain a crappy summer filler show!

Did U watch last night? What did U think?

[Image via WENN.]

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305 comments to “Homophobia On So You Think You Can Dance!!!!”

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  1. 1

    i realize the situation was poorly handled last night, however i do love this show and i do not agree that it's "crappy ass" by any means… i hate american idol, but i love so you think you can dance. i think it showcases true talent.

  2. 2

    what do i think …. it's not that big of a deal ….

    the dance wasn't great with the two of them together. the lifts they did were horrendous and it wasn't because they were two men, their technique was just not great together. you could tell they were decent dancers, but they were prolly too caught up with shocking the judges then actually practicing their techniques.

    this is a show about dance, NOT homosexuality. and he critiqued them like any other dance show. STOP making such a big deal about everything.

  3. 3

    It definitely came off as homophobic, but they did push them to the choreography round and they both failed there. I was a little disappointed at their reaction to be honest. In terms of their dancing, it was a little fast (why the fell) and felt rushed and they shouldn't have flip-flop'd roles throughout.

  4. 4

    mary murphy and nigel lythgoe SUCK BUTT. fuck them and their tacky little show.

  5. 5

    They were good, but they were not great. They both fell flat on the floor. Neither of them deserved to move on - regardless of who they were dancing with.

  6. 6

    It had nothing to do w/ homophobia and everything to do w/ their dancing. It just was not executed well.

  7. 7

    They were both horrible dancers. Their routine was ridiculous. Sorry Perez, not all gay men can dance.

  8. 8

    I watched it and let me tell you, it was awkward to watch. I will admit though I was very upset with Nigel's comment. He's implying one of the fundamental problems that homophobia's have that sexuality is a choice. But all in all the dancers just weren't that good, they messed up their routine, and they shouldn't have advanced.

  9. 9

    They were horrible. They fell on each other and Mitch barely could hold Mischa up in one other thing. Not to mention, you dont like people who deny they're gay or whatever. Mitch is one of those people. You always say people should embrace who they are. They are horrible dancers, but the outfits were cute!

  10. 10

    i knew you were going to post about this. i didnt have a problem with the two guys dancing together but they needed more practice. i wouldnt say they are homophobes considering the guy they praised most on yesterdays episode was gay.

  11. 11

    OK Perez, you are just getting too wound up about everything now, I'm frankly getting bored by you! My best friend is gay, I'm all for gay rights and all other equal rights in the world. But if the judge doesn't like to see 2 guys dancing like that together what the hell is the big deal?! Get over yourself!

  12. 12

    Not to mention, they let them go through to the choreography round and they both sucked it up there. That's why they were not sent to Vegas!

  13. 13

    It was not that bad. The dancing was awkward, stylistically it made no sense. I don't think it had anything to do with being homophobic. They even said that they have guys that dance together during the season. Take a chill pill man.

  14. 14

    So you don't watch the show, you insult the straight male dancers - and define the show off a SINGLE MOMENT, after a pair FELL DOWN, and WEREN'T good dancers? WTF is this? Give gays a pass day? Seriously - now you've stooped to forcing gay down our throats (ALL of ours, straight, bi AND gay) to allow sub par talent onto a show "because they are gay". FFS, I'm about done with this site - I've barely come across any celeb gossip and when I have - even YAHOO NEWS has beat you out by DAYS.

  15. 15

    I love the show and the matter was handled fine. The fact is people will be put off by the men dancing together in flirtatious manner. Like it or not the majority of people are staight and they don't want to watch. They prbably don't watch gay porn either, but that's okay. If the show does not want to have gay couples then they could very well have not included the partners at all. They showed the audition and commented their feelings in tactful and professional manner. Hate does not always express the attitudes towards gays. In this case I think the expression was one of tolerance and honesty.


  16. 16

    Okay, well first of all the comments would have been total bullshit from all the judges, since even if you're adamant about dance being male/female, there are always the same numbers of male and female dancers on the show - the couples get mixed up as is, so the two-male dance thing shouldn't have mattered, if they were good they should have gone through.
    However, come on Perez, you cover crap like Dancing with the Stars, which is total bullshit from people who can't dance before the show, but think a show about people who have trained their entire lives to dance and are phenomenal dancers is total crap? Come on, man.

  17. GBean says – reply to this


    I don't think it's such a big deal- he wasn't

  18. 18

    ACTUALLY so you think you can dance will also be on this fall so its NOT a crappy filler show. they looked awkward as shit and if you fall TWICE like they did there is NO WAY you're gonna make it to the next round. & they looked awkward as shit, and one of them is actually STRAIGHT if you payed attention before passing judgment so he probably would enjoy dancing with a girl a lot more. it's not about being homophobic, its about the dance you CLEARLY have never been trained in dance to know they weren't that great.

  19. Stepy says – reply to this


    One of the guys was straight and one was gay. And they had them come back for the second dance…they didnt get cut right away. It wasnt as bad as what your friend apparently made it out to be.

    It was distracting with them going back and forth between roles. It wouldve been better if they had stuck with who danced what part. AND they both fell on their asses. So its really not that big of a deal.


  20. 20

    I watched it last night, and I am a gay man… I saw it happen… and I have to admit, I agree with the judges. HERE IS THE FRICKIN PROBLEM PEREZ -You cant expect EVERYONE to be cool with man-on-man dancing ALL AT ONCE. People ARE going to feel uncomfortable with it, and if they are HONEST about their discomfort, then I dont see the problem. Gay rights aren't going to advance overnight. Give people time to come around on their own, and the end result will be better. Try and FORCE people to instantly be okay with it, and you'll just get backlash. Period.

  21. 21

    Gay or not, those guys were not half as good as some of the dancers they put through to the next round. I agree some of the comments the judges blurted may have sounded a bit homophobic, but ultimatley those guys would not have lasted, it just was not a good dance routine.

  22. 22

    actually they gave these dancers a chance to learn choreography and continue in the competition and they failed, you are misrepresenting what went down……

  23. Aero says – reply to this


    I don't think it was so much about being gay as it was about dancing.. lets be honest, they sucked compared to the others who went through to Vegas. Also, if the gay guy had been feminine then it would have worked, but they were both leading. It takes a special symbiotic partnership to form a good dance team, and they just weren't pulling it off.. as far as the "dance with a girl, you might like it" comment, I approve. Gay or Straight, if those dudes practiced with women, came back next year, they could make it through… its not about "gay rights", its about who dances best. OR if they practiced as a leader and follower couple, they have a chance also..

  24. 24

    ok so if you actually watched the show. You would have seen how weird is was to watch these 2 guys dancing a ballroom dance together. Not to say dancing shouldn't be between 2 guys if they want to. But not that style of dance. Please find a picture of what took place last night because THE 2 LOOKED LIKE THEY WERE IN BLADES OF GLORY. I'm sorry, i'll defend the gays as much as I can becuase I myself am gay and I have been dancing for 3 years now. That fact of the matter is that it was weird to watch and didn't feel right. 2 boys danced together later in the show and it was obvious they were gay but they didn't ballroom dance, they did hip hop and it looked just fine. I wish you (perez) would actually watch the show before you go off and bash about it. It shows you don't do your research. So you think you can dance is slam packed with more talent than American idol because these ppl work for their dream. Singing is a born talent. You have to work to be a dancer!!!!!

  25. 25

    You know, it wasn't really like that. The judges were just trying (unsuccessfully) to explain that in traditional types of dance (ballet, salsa, whatever) there is always a lead dancer and a dancer who follows in the partnership. Since they had never seen two dancers sharing the roles, they didn't know how to comment properly. I wish the guys would have been amazing dancers, then it would be more worth talking about. Ps. Its a good show that showcases some great music, dancing and choreography. But, it is on Fox…

  26. 26

    your condition is referred to as "hyper-sensitive" please stop being a representative for the gay agenda. You are nothing more than a self proclaimed asshole.

  27. 27

    It really did just look awkward and their dancing didnt warrant them moving on further into the competition. Just because they didnt enjoy two men dancing together doesnt mean they are all homophobes.

  28. GBean says – reply to this


    I don't think it's such a big deal- they weren't being homophobes, they were critiquing an audition, just like they do with everyone else. Gay people should not have exceptions, just because of their sexuality. And, they were latin dancers, ballroom and latin dances are always performed by a male and a female, the male provides the frame for the female, and showcases her. It's a dance show, they shouldn't have to make exceptions for people because of their sexuality.

  29. 29

    And, by the way, it was oh so not hot.

  30. 30

    SYTYCD is a much better show for overall talent than AI. And their dance could have been great but it wasn't. The judges and producers weren't being Homophobic, they guys just weren't that good and it was confusing to watch. The fact of the matter is they showcased them, and put them thru to choreography. I think SYTYCD is much more open to diversity of all kinds than AI ever has been

  31. 31

    I agree that Nigel should have kept to the dancing. He did say that the dancing was "good" and that he wanted to see the guys do choreography. They didn't get any farther becuse they lacked the skills that the show requires. He shouldn't have commented on anything but the dancing. Who cares who's the "male" and who's the "female" so long as the dancing is good does it really matter?

  32. 32

    What a crappy report PErez, I doubt in that kind of show someone would be HOMOPHOBIC, this constant reports and your fear of being rejected is taking a toll on me!
    You keep on thinking that because a gay couple or a gay somebody didn't classify to some shitty reality show then he must be HOMOPHOBIC??? WTF??? This rant is sooooo tiring! Not everyone or everything gay needs to be overexposed, Equality for all my ass PErez, what you really want is to turn the world into a gay one and you keep on failing if not let's remember Prop 8, Adam Lambert and so on…
    I wouldn't care watching a same sex couple on that show, but I highly doubt that America is ready for that and maybe that's why they needed to think about it throughly and finally decided NOT to… stop creating a big drama around it and take it as it is! If you really thinl you can make a change then be more active in the activities the LGTB community organizes, commit yourself with other movements pro gay rights and show the world that this cruzade is NOT something mediatic or to increase the visits to your site.

  33. 33

    I see your point but personally..I'm not gonna watch two dudes dance.lol

    There's something so masculine about a man and feminine about a woman when
    they dance together…It's much more balanced and visually appealing.lol

  34. 34

    I think that I'm tired of your overzealous attitude about anything gay when you disrespect gays and lesbians yourself. Why is it okay when you do it and not others? I didn't see this show or hear about it, but if they were homophobic they wouldn't have even gave them the chance to audition in the first place. Being African-American, and living in the South, I have experienced prejudice in one form or another, and having been discriminated against, I can tell you, it is usually done at the onset, not after the fact.

  35. 35

    Chill. Go take some Midol.

  36. woody says – reply to this


    I watched the show, and it was one of those moments where you don't immdiately jump out of your seat yelling "homophobia"!!!! But after having alittle time to think about it, it was exptremely disrespecful, and I don't think I'll be watching anymore.

  37. 37

    I love the show and I have to agree as much as I am for equal rights 2 dudes dancing looks weird reallly reallly weird. It also doesn't help that the guys were a little creepy looking…

  38. 38

    First of all, There's nothing hot about two male "fags" dancing. Second, maybe you and the other fruit-loop from american idol should team up and do a remake of "Blades of Glory" and call it "Fags of the Glory Hole". The reason that your boyfriend didn't win American Idol was because he was too gay! No one wants a guy who puts on more makeup than Tammy Faye Baker to represent them as the winner.

  39. 39

    first of all..Love your site!! But, I don't think that they were being homophobic. There are judges and former contestants that are 'out' for goodness sake. You are right, A majority of male dancers ARE gay. I think they were challenging the autheticity of the duo. In that paticular style of dance, two male dancers did not work! Secondly, last year Travis Wall dressed up as a women in the audition portion of the series. There were no cross comments that were made.
    The show is actually fantastic. If you took a moment to watch. You would see that talent comes in all forms and when it comes to dancers. You either have the technique and ability or you don't!

  40. 40

    No I don't watch this show anymore, not since Travis didn't win and Benji did and next season I had to look at Benji's little sister….I then transfered to Americas next Dance Crew.

  41. 41

    i found it uncalled for the whole alienation comment

  42. 42

    Okay SERIOUSLY Perez…we know you're gay!!! Stop being such a hater and getting SO offended over crap like this. I am gay (though not flamboyant) and also a dancer. I watched the whole show last night and there was no homophobia there. The dance between the two men was just plain akward to watch and it wasn't "HOT" in any way…they just looked plain strange and didn't have great technique. I was embarassed watching it…so take it from someone who is gay and also a dancer. Stop being such an over-emotional gay…it's those like you who give the rest of us a bad name by running and screaming "homophobe" every time something like this happens!

  43. 43

    they never said anything about either of them being gay…they said it was the dancing that was confusing, and admitted that the audience might not like it well enough. Either way, they put them through to choreography, and they still didn't do well.
    they weren't even great dancers anyway. The routine wasn't that good. If it had been a guy and a girl dancing they wouldn't have gotten through either.
    The judges weren't making this about their sexual preferences…you're the one that's making about their sexual preferences.
    Who cares if they like guys are girls. Let it be a non-issue, and focus on the fact that they weren't good dancers.

  44. 44

    i really don't think the decision had anything to do with homophobia.
    it was obvious the judges were joking, and even if it was in bad taste, that doesn't change the fact that the dancers were BAD! yet, in spite of their lack of talent (the gay one was SUCH had a really feminine style which is a huge negative for male dancers & the straight one was really stiff) the judges allowed them to try & prove themselves in choreography. which they failed at.

    oh & i'm pretty sure that of ALL people Nigel is most def not unaware or homophobic toward gay male dancers, otherwise he would not be able to work in this profession.

    also, im extremely liberal and not at all homophobic, but i'm also a dancer and i was extremely turned off by their dancing. it had nothing to do with the fact that they were both men, but rather by the fact that ballroom dance is all about the masculine-feminine roles which they completely disregarded in favor of each trying to be both. if they had somehow pulled it off, i would also acknowlege it for what it was meant to be: an attention-getter MEANT to get them publicity for the show.

  45. 45

    This article is bs

    #1 if you watched the show they were not a homosexual couple. One of the men was straight.

    #2 they said if they are going to dance together one of them needs to take the female role of the dance and one needs to take the male role, because otherwise it is confusing and their technique is off by not taking one of these stances.

    #3 they pushed them through to coreography with a female partner and gave them a chance taking on the male role and they were not good enough to be pushed through to vegas. The judges told them to work on technique and come back next year.

    There was no "homophobia" going on… some of their judges are gay and they have had gay finalists before.

  46. 46

    who even gives a shit?

  47. 47

    I heart the gays! But I did see the show last night and these two guys were just weird. From their bad outfits to eating floor - they were CHEEZY! Gay or straight, it was just cheezy and weird.

  48. 48

    Actually the most famous dance of all have been created by dancing partners both being male. I think it was the tango(?) whichc was started by Brazillian sailors on the docks. They would dance together because there were no women around to dance with. The dance itself has a very competitive and outrightly competitve nature between the partners.

  49. 49

    Not everything is about sexual orientation. You're going off the deep end my friend. Time to take a vacation and relax.

  50. 50

    stop getting your lace panties in a bunch Perez. They sucked and at the end of the day, whether it's a man & a woman, 2 women or 2 men, there has to be a "lead" or "dominant" dancer, and a "submissive" dancer. It's how it is. Coud they have handled it better…yes…does the shoe suck? Not at all. Stop being a gay dicatotor. it's getting old and you're starting to sound like a whining chihuaha.

  51. 51

    I am gay, but I'm so SICK OF YOUR GAY AGENDA!

  52. 52

    People comment on what they "visually" like all the time. Fat, thin, wrinkles, tans, etc. they can commment if visually it didn't appeal to them. EVERYTHING isn't about homophobia. People get sized up all the time here on what the visual elicites.

  53. 53

    You admittedly didn't watch the show, so I cannot trust your judgment on this issue. That said, I did watch the episode and I don't feel there was any distinct homophobia at all. Granted, two men ballroom dancing together is not a common practice. And I was thrilled to see a groundbreaking occurrence Fox nonetheless. But these dancers were given the opportunity to showcase their individual talents at the secondary callbacks. At that point, their talent was just not up to snuff. Thus that could not continue. I don't think their male/male situation had anything to do with their continuation in the competition.

  54. 54

    hey dumbass, if you don't watch it, how do you know what happened?
    yes the judges comments were uncalled for. i can accept that.
    but they did put them through to the next round. and they STILL SUCKED so they didn't make it to vegas.

    i'm very gay friendly.
    but seriously, perez, take your gay propaganda and shove it up your fat ass.

  55. buck says – reply to this


    Perez you are starting to alienate your readers. Your popularity has taken a big dive and soon your website will be obsolete. there are plenty of other gossip sites out there now that are more clever and witty and aren't catering to a gay agenda.

  56. 56

    I watched it last night, they gave them a chance to prove themselves in choreography and it didn't work out for them.

  57. 57

    You should've brought your boyfriend and do your dick disappearing act move for the judges.

  58. 58

    the judges can say whatever they want, the point is THEY WEREN'T GOOD ENOUGH. the dance they did together was shit and when they put them through to choreography, they couldn't do it. so, its nothing against same sex dance pairing, it was simply the fact that neither of them could dance well enough! i watched the show, and i wouldn't have even put them through to the choreography session.

  59. 59

    For the love of God, not everything is an expression of anti-gay repression. SYTYCD is a specific show which showcases dancers in a specific format. They dance in couples of male and female and choreographers work with their strengths. A male-male, or female-female pair would unbalance the show. If these two male dancers want to be on TV, together, then they should look into a show like America's Got Talent or another show which allows artists to showcase their particular talents in an open forum. SYTYCD did nothing wrong, maybe a touch insensitive, by putting them through to choreography. Not EVERY show is for EVERY person.

  60. 60

    It had NOTHING to do with homophobia. They were confused about the partnering because they kept switching roles, if a man and a women switched there roles in a dance such as that it would be just as confusing.
    If they did the dance properly, maybe they would have gotten more respect!

  61. 61

    Um, they did put them through to the next round, which is the choreography round, they just didn't make it to Vegas.

  62. 62

    LMFAO, i knewwww you would say something about this shit on here.

    first off, its not homophobic, it seems that way to those who aren't dancers, but i danced for 11 years and i know for a fact that it is all about the fact that male dancers do not partner for ballroom, it's not pleasing to watch, there are no feminine/masculine roles present so it is not a partnership; the ballroom style is meant to be sensual and have very very defined female and masculine roles.

    plus, nigel has been in dance for like 100 years; he is used to being around homosexuality, he is not a homophobe, get over yourself perez.

  63. 63

    Homophobes? I think that some Gay's are Bi-sexual-a-phobes,
    pedifile-a-phobes, etc.

    AW common society - just accept two people
    that are the same sex and want to be together and all the benefits too!

    We gays really don't want to talk about other sexual inborn pursuits like
    zoopheliac's, necrophiliacs and those crazy confused people that think theres' a bi-sexual option out there? LOL.

  64. 64

    Talking about yourself in the third person show you have mental problems! you need to get checked out fool!
    Support HR 1966 the Cyberbully Prevention Act.
    Support HR 1966 the Cyberbully Prevention Act.
    Support HR 1966 the Cyberbully Prevention Act.
    Support HR 1966 the Cyberbully Prevention Act.
    Support HR 1966 the Cyberbully Prevention Act.
    Support HR 1966 the Cyberbully Prevention Act.

  65. 65

    coming from a heterophobe

  66. 66

    I didn't think their performance was enough to let them go through when there were better dancers there. However, I definitely did not like how the judges responded to two men dancing together. I was really shocked they even showed that.

  67. 67

    Make 'head' lines…is not what life is all about.lol

  68. 68

    Italiano 89 I agree with you. It's is not that big of a deal. I like your logic. People are tooooo sensitive

  69. 69

    It was really just awkward and not that great. The gay dancer was actually a LOT better than the straight one….but neither one of them was really that talented. Do I think it was handled poorly? Absolutely, but I don't think they were not pushed through BECAUSE dude was gay. You know the majority of their male dancers are….and probably half their judges are as well. They just weren't that great of dancers.

  70. 70

    It's funny that this is the first post I see since as I was watching last night I had a feeling this would turn into another gay issue on Perez. You didn't watch the show, nor did you hear the context in which those statements were said. I don't believe that they were trying to discredit either one of the men that danced, in all honesty the dance was not good. Mary was right, because they were constantly changing rolls it didn't seem like they ever caught up with themselves. As another commented added below this show is about DANCING not sexual orientation. I don't understand why EVERYTHING must be taken so personally by the gay community and then made into a mass media frenzy. Frankly I am tired of hearing about it. I was actually in support of equal rights but to literally go off like this anytime anything remotely homophobic (in your eyes) gets said is a little much. Once again, a small statement is being completely blown. Instead of bashing people everytime they say something you view as negative try to educate them, or simply brush your shoulder off. At the end of the day you know who you are, and you should be happy with it and not NEED the approval of society. Gay, straight, confused, we all have our issues.

  71. 71

    I don't think its fair to say the judges are homophobes, they were looking at their ballroom dance audition from a purist's eye. Lots of dancers from season's past have been gay and done very well in later stages of the competition.

    They gave them a chance to prove themselves in the choreography portion even though they fell during their audition.

  72. 72

    Being a fan of the show, and actually having WATCHED an episode before, the show I see has gay judges, gay dancers, gay partner choreographed. Perez- talking out of his ass again while being uninformed. When did Perez become the avatar of ALL things gay, thinking it was his right to out people, being the leader of gay crusades? I am someone with a gay aunt, a gay uncle, a gay best friend, a gay professor, and it is a very personal thing that doesn't deserve macro judgmental treatment Perez gives it. Nigel made a slip of the tongue. You called Carrie Prejean a bitch after she answered your question in a manner you didn't like. Although I agree, Prejean is delusional, sad and completely wrong, Perez needs to remember that he has an international platform and shouldn't always speak with rash verbal diarrhea. It steps gay rights back even more. Nigel has created a show that is a home for many homosexuals. It receives very high ratings for a summer program. So much so, Perez, that it is no longer just a summer fill in show. Season 6 starts in the fall. Imagine how many audience members have been introduced to a world where gay is beautiful, and not scary or foreign. Maybe what Mary and Nigel meant was that those two dancers will have to open their minds because the show will demand that of them when they are partnered up with women for the rest of the season.

  73. 73

    They were both wonderful dancers! I was disappointed that they responded to them like that. When they first started dancing, I thought, "this is different," because it isn't something that I'm use to seeing, but I was really impressed with them; they make a great team. They guys comment about pairing them with women, "you might like it," that really bothered me. Dance is interpretive, and individualistic, and they were really good. Bummer.

  74. 74

    Actually, these two dancers WERE put through to the next round. Their routine had major problems which the judges pointed out, but both Mary and Nigel said that they should advance to the choreography round. Neither made it through that round because they couldn't handle non-ballroom choreography.

    While as a gay man I was a little put off by what Nigel said, I think people are being a little too sensitive about this.

  75. 75

    Totally uncalled for. Off my summer to watch list!

  76. 76

    perez, normally i don't complain about things you say, but SHUT UP. i love that show, it's not crappy, it's really good. and the two weren't put through because they WERENT THAT GOOD.

  77. 77

    I loved the idea they were having two guys dance together, and hated the homophobic comments from the judges, but the dancers were not up to par compared to the ones who make it through to Las Vegas… one of the guys in particular seemed clumsy. I would so love it if they had a pair of really good male dancers compete.

  78. 78

    Those two guys can go on and have a fine life–don't make it more than it is. Redmond O'neil who you make fun of is the one who's looking at a dim life. You comment on him and he's in a truly bad situation. His "inborn" lifestlye is REALLY bad and should not be made fun of. Oh, and his mother is dying. You think she wants those comments about him.

  79. 79

    I have watched the show since day one and after last nighs horrific comments, it will now be deleted from my DVR and I will not be watching it…I will also be getting friends of mine to do the same…See how long Nigel lasts with those comments!!!!SHAME,SHAME,SHAME!!!!

  80. 80

    What about "addictophobes" I think they're worse!

  81. 81

    Perez, don't get all up in arms about it until you actually watch it!

    The critiques about male/female roles were not homophobic. In classical dance, there are very strong gender roles- whether you like it or not- and I don't think the judges quite knew how to judge it.
    I did think that Nigel took it a little too far. Espeically with the "you might like it" comment. That was inappropriate for sure. But I think that Mary was honestly trying NOT to sound disciminating, she was trying to put it so that they could understand. I would imagine it wouldn't be an easy thing to judge. I can understand getting miffed about the 'alienate' comment as well. But when they fell- it was because one man couldn't support another man's weight. There is a reason a woman plays that role- it's because she's generally lighter and the man is stronger. It's just the way people are made, and dance accomodates it. But please, watch it before you get on another tirade. If you see it and you are offended, that is fine. But try to understand where these people are coming from.

  82. 82

    This same "furvor " erupted last year and Nigel was fast to set the record straight (pardon the pun) He is NOT homophobic, he just likes male dancers to be masculine. To follow the "classical template" It's the flaming queens that get out there that make , as he put it, "Fathers not wanting their sons to be dancers because of this kind of stereotype"

    If he or anyone else on the show was homophobic they would not have featured a duo of choreographers last year that happened to be same sex partners. Nigel even made sure the audience knew that these two guys should be revered as legends in the dance community.

    The two that performed last night were not very good at all, in fact, they fell…but no mention of that here. Only one was gay–or so they said–and they opted to use their paring as a gimmick for airtime and it was seen through.

    Perez sweetheart, you missed the call on this one….watch the show and educate yourself….still, I love you!

  83. 83

    Perez is overdoing it! Really now, I am not a "homo hater" at all and I was a little, well it was a little weird to see. Just a little shocking. I totally agree with the judges that the men needed to pick a role and not switch back and forth. Also, they weren't that great and they fell at the end of their audition. Then in the choreography part they both sucked ass….

    Stop creating drama!

  84. 84

    I too was a little disappointed in their reaction to the male duo, because normally, they embrace unique dances (as long as they aren't horrible; which these guys were not). However, being a dancer for 13 years and having been around it for all of my life, I understand why they were confused. When you dance with a partner, the "normal" partnership is between a guy and a girl (duh, its what we've seen for a long time) and when you dance with the opposite sex there are certain movements that go along with that sex. For example, guys normally do all of the lifting and supporting because they're the stronger of the two while the girls are the more emotional, flirtatious and girly ones (obviously). These attributes are especially important when you are ballroom dancing because you're dancing a role. Anyway, the guys were good, their technique was a bit off and it was clear that they needed some work. If you watch the part where they are doing the choreography separate from one another, you can tell that they are one some of the weaker ones in the bunch…although I thought that Misha would make it. All in all, the judges may have been a little rough on them but I wouldn't say that it was homophobic, it just wasn't what they are used to seeing, but Im sure that if Misha and Michael worked on their technique and danced a bit longer together that they would make it because they would be strong dancers themselves and not just as a couple.

  85. 85

    Like Carrie, everything gets turned around. By doing this it even lessens what she said because you look tyrannical.

  86. 86

    If you're not gay, you're not worthy. That's the 'vibe' I get from Perez.

    It's getting old.

    I'm sure straight people are criticized JUST the same you just don't "SEE" when that happens. Do you?

    Get over it Perez.

  87. 87


  88. 88

    I'm beginning to feel about your site how I felt about the Ellen Show. Ellen had a very good show, when she came out, I didn't care that she was Gay. What I did care about was then her show was about EVERYTHING GAY. You're getting to be like that running down EVERY thing you think is a slight against gay people. You may have people patting you on the back ( and I know you crave that) for what you did to Miss Cali, but now you're just turning into a boring rusty wheel. Everything isn't about being GAY.

  89. 89

    Perez once again you do not know what you are talking about.
    I watched the show and they did not come off as homophobic to me at all. ALl they meant by it was that they had never seen 2 men dance ballroom together and it was off putting. NOT because one of the gentlemen was gay but because they kept on switching off as to who was lead and who was the follower or whatever you call it. I am not a ballroom dancer.

    It did look strange and NO not because it was 2 men but because it did not seem balance with all teh switch a roo..and also they fell HARD, and that is not acceptable for the show.

    If you have ever watched the show..they have the guys dance together ALL the time once they pick the top 20..not ballroom but they dance together.
    And also..there have been gay contestants before.

    You call it a crappy filler summer show…………if you knew anything about TV you would know that they got picked up already for the FALL…Fall of 2009 a new round…SUCK IT.

  90. 90

    SYTYCD is one of the best reality shows on tv. the talent surprises all others. Nigel is known to be honest in his critique and quite frankly, I thought between the outfits and the dance that Mitch and Mischa did was uncomfortably awkward. Had they been more talented, it might have worked.

  91. 91

    I'm gay, and I agree with Nigel and Mary and the one with the mohawk. The dance was awkward and just didn't feel right. It was hard to watch. They still gave them kudos individually, and moved them on to try the choreography. They didn't show most of it, but what we did see of them was not very good. I think they made the right decision. Oh, in case no one else has mentioned it, the one who said he was straight - Mitch…he's gay.

  92. 92

    The comments were handled well in the show for the awkward performances the Judges had to deal with. They even touch upon that, traditionally the dance is made for a man and a woman. (sound familiar Perez?) One has to lead and the other has to follow. What had happened is, AND THE DANCERS BOTH ADMITTED TO THIS, is they found it hard and confusing them self to dance, as they switched between roles of leader and follower. They fell, they were presenting an awkward vibe, and they weren't close to good. Stop being such a hater.

  93. 93

    by the way, yes the DID put them through to the next round.

    they just didn't make the final cut- but a lot of people didn't. If you had watched them dance, you'd know why they didn't make it.

  94. 94

    They did go through to the next round and they partnered them with women…they just didn't get a ticket to vegas. They have only been dancing together for eight months and one of them is straight so there is still a learning curve there.

    Have faith..they may come back next year and kick the homophobes asses. Kinda makes you laugh when people start making straight comments regarding dance when some of the greatest dancers in the world are gay.

  95. 95

    I called this, that you would make a big deal out of this. Isn't this a celebrity gossip site?! You should rename it to something along the lines of "Gay rights" geeeez. i'm not homophobe, 1/2 of my family is gay, but enough is enough. We come on here to escape our everyday issues. They were horrible! seriously! and if you thought they would put them through after busting their asses, than you're a moron! You want to be treated like a normal person, but here you are making yourself stand out because your gay. Give it a rest, stick to what your good at.

  96. 96

    Perez Hilton gives normal gay people a bad name. Not every gay person basis their entire life on their sex life. There are other more important issues to be dealt with in our society. Gay people have more rights and freedoms in America than anywhere else in this world. If you want to disagree with me, then get on a plane and go to that special place!

  97. 97

    c'mon perez…they didn't put a chick through because she had half as many vertebrae in her spine. they gave them a second chance in the choreography round and they failed.
    it wasn't because they were gay, but because they were crappy dancers.

  98. 98

    I never watch this shit! but my partner does, and I happen to catch this part of the show! it was disgusting!!!! and insulting and completely homophobic!!! and I have to laugh about the "alienating the audience" bid, considering it's probably Broadway homos watching the shitous show!!1 LMAO!

  99. 99

    c'mon perez…they didn't put a chick through because she had half as many vertebrae in her spine. is that predjudice? she wasn't right for the show.
    they gave these dudes a second chance in the choreography round and they failed.
    it wasn't because they were gay, but because they were crappy dancers. chill out with the gay thing! you read too much into everything.

  100. 100

    Perez, if you would read your posts you would see many of them from gay people who don't agree with you at all. I love it. They even make comments that you don't speak for them. hahaha!!! Don't you get it Perez? You are setting the cause back so far. I think you just need to STFU. You hardly post any gossip anymore. You are going to lose your sponsors if you keep it up.

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