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Homophobia On So You Think You Can Dance!!!!

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We don't watch this crappy ass show, but we've been getting A LOT of emails about some homophobic trash talk that went down on So You Think You Can Dance's premiere last night on Fox.

So we went to investigate.

Apparently, while the show was holding auditions in Denver, a pair of male Latin partner dancers, Misha Belfer and Mitchel Kibel, came to the show.

Two dudes dancing together????


This was a first for the show and they were decent dancers, even though they fell in their last moments. But they never stood a chance anyway! The judges were more concerned that they were a same-sex dancing couple than with their actual dancing.

Rocket scientist Mary Murphy didn't feel it worked because there was constant flip-flopping between the men and "Who led the dance?" Though she admitted it may add difficulty to the performance, she would have rather they taken the time to define themselves as one male partner and one female.

But it was Nigel Lythgoe who pulled the rug out from under these guys, who only one of was gay, by the way. He likened them to the Will Ferrell movie Blades of Glory and told them to try dancing with girls next time as they "might like it."

The disrespect continued when the judges agreed that their partnership would alienate audience members and ultimately, they did not put them through to the next round.


First of all, if homosexuality is the problem, then they would have no show. We all know that 90% of the male dancers are going home with another dude at the end of the night.

And, if they think a same-sex partner dancing team ALIENATES people, then they are not considering the homosexual community. By embracing this new art form, they might actually open thier show up to a whole new audience. And we can bet the show doesn't get half as much viewership as it could.

So ya'll just kind of fucked yourselves over! You could have made headlines.

Now, you'll just remain a crappy summer filler show!

Did U watch last night? What did U think?

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305 comments to “Homophobia On So You Think You Can Dance!!!!”

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  1. 101

    wow, so if you watched the show you would know that they did put them through to the next round and the guys both bombed. Seriously, get your head out of yours ass cause you would have heard them give proper feedback on their dancing. As a couple they noted it was strange cause they kept switching but as individual dancers they did well. It's a dance comp people and it is an industry that is has strong gay representatives…stop trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

  2. 102

    And they have a point. These men should have taken the advice from these dance professionals instead of getting "offended". Or was it just Perez that got offended? ( wussy) Also, I don't want to see 2 men dancing together, unless I am at a drag bar in San Francisco. Perez Hilton seems to think that A,Americans are more open to gay behavior than they really are. That is why in every state that gay marriage has been proposed, the voters turn it down. It is only when arrogant politicians take it upon themselves to dismiss the will of the voters that it is passed.

  3. 103

    I have to disagree with you, you are over reacting. I think if the dance was flawless, there would not be trouble. the guys we not that good. I think you are going to do something out of the oridinary, you have to kill it. they didn't they were bad AND THEY FELL!

    Let it go

  4. 104

    The show was amazing, the two guys dancing was very awkward to watch. A before i get homophobe bullshit i watched the show with my boyfriend and yes i am a dude. The reason they didn't like it so much cause they had poor technique, THEY FUCKING FELL! but they were still nice enough to send them to the next round for a possible ticket to Vegas, which both of them failed in that round cause they lack technique. And to be honest we laughed our asses off cause they did remind us of Blades of Glory lol. Perez is a complete disgrace for the gay community.

  5. 105

    Nigel Lythgoe is straight? Who'da thunk? Who cares, it IS a crappy show.

  6. 106

    I was kinda shocked…….. if they felt it was inappropriate..fine; but they were quite homophobic about it. They were not great dancers, but good for them trying something different.

  7. 107

    While I do agree that some of the comments made by the judges were inappropriate, in comparing the male dancers to a Will Ferrell movie, I DO agree that the way these two dancers handled themselves DOES NOT represent latin dance in the way it was meant to be.

    In latin dance, couple dancing has a LEADER and a FOLLOWER. That is just the way it is. Regardless of whether its a man dancing with a man, a woman with a woman, or man with a woman, there is someone LEADING someone else. These two guys really were lacking in their performance because they did not designate a leader and a follower, and as a result the performance kind of looked shittastic.

    So its not because one of them is gay or because it was two males, its because they didn't do the dance right.

    And also, is anyone else just a LITTLE bit suspicious about the "straight" guy in this male-male ensemble??? I mean, come on! He's obviously gay too. Just sayin.

  8. 108


  9. lula says – reply to this


    It's a GREAT show - For anyone that truly appreciates the ART of dance (not 2 left footed celebrities tripping over themselves) it's fantastic to watch.

    The judges on the other hand are (mostly) IDIOTSs! Ignore them - Watch the dancing.

    Mia Michaels - YOU ARE THE BOMB!

  10. 110

    Ok… I think you might have over reacted to the quality of the show, however, I was pissed too when they judges were so close minded. Keep in mind the age of those two judges. In all fairness, the show is amazing and eventually will surpass Idol. I was disappointed in Nigel and Mary.

  11. 111

    By "homo" I take it you mean guys who like to fuck other guys up the butt? Do they deserve to be thought of as anything but guys who like to fuck other guys up the butt?

  12. 112

    I really don't think it had anything to d with homophobia and everything to do with how poorly they danced. They didn't have good technique and even fell flat on the floor during a lift in their audition piece. If anything, they got to go to the next round because of that shock factor. Nobody has seen two male ballroom partners before. Also, the way they took on the dance made it difficult to judge. forget male and female roles, one needed to lead and the other follow. The fact that they did let them go on to choreography and neither one could keep it together proves the show didn't take sexuality into context.

  13. 113

    I saw it and I actually did find that they were homophobic. Who cares who dances together?

  14. 114

    Okay. I've had enough. Lately most of your posts rant about some gay this or anti-gay that. I'm here for gossip, not political correctness. I can get the gossip elsewhere. I'm through with this site. Ta-ta.

  15. 115

    i kinda agree and i kinda don't. There have been male partnerings on that show before, and it's NEVER been an issue.. (it's a dance show, lots of gays boys have danced through that show, and kicked ass, and been openly gay) - I think they were totally jkustified in some of their comments.. thsoe 2 were just not good dancers… they were awful. They tried to be gimickey with their partering, but it came through as a gimick, not as a talented duo. Their comments were correct in that one of them should have played the lead and the other the follower "or "girl" part) them switching back and forth was confusing and lost the dance skill… which they had little of. Nigel has always said he likes "manly" dancers.. and that is because (outside of hip-hoppers) there are so few of them. There is NOTHING wrong with being a gay dancer (i'm one.. ok, i'm a girl, but whatever) as long as you can pull the dancing off, they couldn't — they DID look like blades of glory - the dancing was like ice dancing (really really bad) and their horrible outfits didn't do a damn thing for them. BUT… the judges gave them a second chance to show off their skills in the choreography section and they still couldn't pull it off.

  16. lula says – reply to this


    Also - It's a contest for real dancers…. these guys actually sucked.

  17. 117

    They both sucked….they let them go to the choreographed part and they sucked again. It was a little awkward when they were getting critiqued, but they really do try to criticize everyone the same way. I think you're reading a little too much into this.

  18. 118

    Oh my fucking god Perez this isn't a gossip website anymore it's just a place for you to bitch about how people don't like gays. Welcome to the real world and get over yourself.

  19. 119

    Personally I did not think these dancers were good enough however, they actually DID make it to the next round. It is unfortunate that you watched 5 minutes of a 2 hour show are making this kind of judgment. Also you are wrong about this being a "crappy summer filler show". Fox just picked this show up for a second season to run in the fall THIS year. Their being gay should have NO effect on them making the show or not. Finally, with as much personal opinion as you put on your posts you should be ashamed for bashing someone with a different opinion. Though it's easy to support when we agree with the cause, freedom of speech actually works both ways.

  20. 120

    I watched this show last night and I don't think that they were discriminated on because they were gay they were not that good of dancers together and for the type of dance they were doing it looked awackward for two guys and would look the same for two girls. They let them stay to do dancing with a girl and they picked the gay guy to go on to vegas! This had nothing to do with gay or lesbian it had to do with dancing!

  21. 121

    Thanks for the heads-up, Mario. I'm going to start watching this show religiously now. I'll encourage everyone I know to watch it, too.

  22. 122

    Re: DALE – Perez couldn't bring his boyfriend. Perez doesn't have one. ;)

  23. 123

    I hate to say it, but they were right. Those two were just dancing poorly. They could have done the lifts and the acrobatics better with a smaller, lighter (read: FEMININE) partner. Neither one of them was falling into that role, and it's a role required in a dance relationship. I would have liked to have seen them move on, bet they just weren't good enough.

  24. 124

    As a girl who is gay AND a dancer,

    I really can say in all honesty that the comments the judges made had nothing to do with the sexual preference of the dancers. BTW only one was gay, and it wasn't supposed to be a GAY dance, just a different type of partnering. And they DID make it to the next round. As a dancer, it WAS confusing because they did a latin/ballroom dance, which is supposed to have distinct male/female, lead/follow characters with very rigid rules in place, so when they switched back and forth, it didnt make any sense. If they had done a contemporary or stuck with distinct roles, the pairing wouldn't have made a lick of difference. This is the first show to really focus on actual talent and has no interest in personal lives or sexuality. I saw TONS of gay guys make it to the vegas round because they were amazing dancers.

    All in all, the choreography was bad, they fell on their asses, and the judges are not homophobic, they just hate sloppy, confusing dancing… like every other dancer, GAY or STRAIGHT.

  25. 125

    its season 5. the have to be GOOD and they werent that great by any means. falling - looking flat. they didnt deserve to move on. not everything in the world is ment to hate on the gays. fuck man get over it.

  26. 126

    Huh? The show is awesome! Those two dudes dancing together were NOT! They just weren't that good. I thought the gay one of the two had a shot, but they both sucked in the choreography round.
    Can't wait to get to the "real" dancing where the choreography is AMAZING!!

  27. 127

    Perez, just so you know, the one guy wasn't guy. They clearly specified that right from the start. He just chose to dance with another male, who IS gay. This isn't a matter of same-sex dancing in the way you're looking at it. And I have to agree, two guys shouldn't be dancing ballroom like that, because one of them HAS to be the female for it to work. Not because of "society" but because of the fundamentals of the dance.

  28. 128

    I watched the show–the dancers were unfit-not qualified
    and it is an individual contest–if they were good enough they would have gone onto the individual round in Las Vegas. People often audition for the show in pairs and one is accepted and the other is not……..remember this is an individual dance contest not a pairs competition………many homosexual dancers enter into this competition every year………if a man and a woman danced like they did— kept changing up the dance steps–and they FELL……..they to would have been rejected –this is a dance audition!! They were doing a specific ballroom dance—–the audition started off well before dissolving into awkwardness and a pretty harsh fall — a consequence of trying lifts that work with a female partner who weighs significantly less than a male dancer does. THIS IS NOT A CASE OF HOMOSEXUAL BASHING OR PREJUDICE THIS IS A CASE OF 2 DANCERS NOT GOOD ENOUGH AT THIS EXACT AUDITION —STOP MAKING EVERYTHING INTO A BIAS.

  29. 129

    Though I don't agree with how it was handled, the judges DID have them come back for round 2, and dance for a second time in another elimination round. They didn't feel they were good eonough at that point, so they sent them packing. They got a second chance to show what they could do.

  30. 130

    Perez, just so you know, the one guy wasn't gay. They clearly specified that right from the start. He just chose to dance with another male, who IS gay. This isn't a matter of same-sex dancing in the way you're looking at it. And I have to agree, two guys shouldn't be dancing ballroom like that, because one of them HAS to be the female for it to work. Not because of "society" but because of the fundamentals of the dance.

  31. 131

    I love the show, but I have to say I was a little bothered by Nigel's comments. I think that he was rather insensitive. He could have said his opinion in a much more inclusive and respectful way. Mary did say that they were good dancers, so why was the editing spun to make them seem like they were so bad?

  32. 132

    They FELL during their routine, they didn't have chemistry and were not convincing as a couple, and that was what the judges were pointing out. The comments were in no way put out as homophobic at all and any male/female couple that did a horrible job last night we're given critiques that were far worse! They haven't even been dancing together that long so they should audition next year and there could be a chance for them getting further into the competition.

  33. 133

    I dont think it was homophobic…come on, its a dance show…most of the guys auditioning are gay. I'm gay, and I did not read into any homophobia. I watched it, and felt it looked a little awkward. I did not like it myself. Hey, at least they gave them a chance to do choreography.

    It was weird.

    they were interesting, but if I were a judge, I would have not put them through myself. Hell they even fell over in the audition.

    Perez quit trying to make everything about homophobia…you're own agenda is making a mockery of the real struggle gays and lesbians have in this world.

    You are awful.

    Gay and lesbians just wish you would shut up.

    You're a gossip blogger (and a bad one at that) not a political commentator.

  34. 134

    wow! that disappoints the shit out of me. i actually liked the show. but i always thought the show was kind of sexist .one must be the female and one must be the male. but they are also homophobic? pisses me off.

  35. 135

    They weren't great dancers, so I'm not surprised that they didn't get through. BUT I did think that Nigel especially was out of line. He was like, "I like to see a man acting like a man and a woman acting like a woman." Who says either gender should have to act a certain way?
    I thought it was innovative how they switched roles and it was rude of the judges to say the things that they did.

  36. 136

    Love this show but Nigel is a pompous, old fashioned, out of touch tool.

  37. 137

    I dont' think the judges were being homophobes, the guys weren't good dancers. If they had picked up the second dance they would have been put through but they were terrible!
    When they came out I thought they looked like the guys in Blades of Glory!
    If the judges were really homophobes then there would never be ANY male dancers on that show.

    I think the "you may like it" comment was made as a joke.

  38. 138

    well, no they didn't send them to Vegas but they did put them through to choreography where they then sent them home (i watched the show). HOWEVER, i do agree it was rude how Nigel treated them and was seemingly so phobic about it. mary however, did critique the dance saying it was hard though because she WOULD HAVE PREFERRED one to be the female role to critique the dance correctly. you also have to consider editing, because unlike Idol it did NOT go over its time slot so it could also have been edited bad. you're being waaay too personal on this one, perez.

  39. 139

    I live in Denver and didn't even know they had auditions here. Do people even still watch this show?

  40. 140

    gotta admit that as soon as i saw it i said


    they didnt make it because they werent good enough is the bottom line anyway!

  41. 141

    They can't have same sex dance partners because there needs to be an equal amount of male and female contestants. On the show they have to dance with a female, and that's probably what the judges were getting at.

  42. 142

    The guys weren't good anyway. They wouldn't have made it past Vegas week. Yes, there were inappropriate comments but a lot of the criticism was actually about their dancing technique.

  43. 143

    Perez you don't watch the show so you have no idea what you're talking about!! Nigel is always a homophobe, which is lame… but there is no way that 2 males could partner in the actual competition part of the show. As for the guys not making it through to Vegas week… its because they weren't strong enough dancers outside of their genre.

    Go ahead and knock FOX/Nigel, but don't diss the show… its really great!

  44. 144

    perez you are so fuckin gay no one fucken likes you you need a life your a pedifile

  45. 145

    I love this show way, way way more than crappy American Idol

  46. 146

    Yes I watched!! Yes I love this show and YES they were a 100% right!! I am all for gay rights and equal partnership but they were bad dancers for what this competition needs. They were all over the place and like Mary said the male and female roles need to be played out in dancing. Dancing tells a story with your body and art. Their story didn't make sense!!! The judges gave them another chance in the group number and obviously they couldn't hold their own with or without each other.

    Perez….just b/c 1 gay person doesn't get accepted on a show or 1 person disagrees with you…you make a huge deal of it!! Take the show for what it is..a DANCE COMPETITION and get over yourself!!!

  47. 147

    I understand what you mean. For years its always been a male dancing with a female partner. I think its time they change it up, just so we can have something new.

  48. 148

    I watch the show every season, and I thought those two sucked. I didn't mind them dancing together so much, if they were GOOD. If you watched the show, then you would know that Nigel makes inappropriate comments about women, too. The show has gay contestants on all the time, so I don't see how your remarks have any foundation. I see other people have commented that they did give them a chance in the Choreography round, but the didn't make it there. Gay or not gay, they couldn't dance.

  49. 149

    Part I: OK let's get a few things straight. First of all, Perez even though I really adore you and follow your website for a loooooong time, I think you are being absolutely irrational and one-sided with this posting especially when you dont even watch/follow the show to understand the dynamics. Let me state that I have nothing against gay people, I actually do support the equality and am absolutely pissed off that in this day and age, people are still trying to decide if gays should be allowed to marry or should be equal with spousal benefits or anything that is restrictive to any human being due to their sexual/life orientations. With that said, last nights competitors were not kicked-off simply because they were gay but because they sucked! Comparing to a lot of the contestants that earned their tickets to Vegas, their performance was mediocre and not well prepared. Yet, they were still given the chance to perform in a choreography to show their talents, of which both of them lacked! I am not defending the judges but watching the show over 3 seasons now, I know that no-homophobic reasons caused people to get kicked out or discriminated.

  50. 150

    Part II: Now, Nigel's statement of "Try to dance with girls, maybe you'll like it" was absolutely unnecessary but this is a reality show/competition and what other competition show does not have outrageous comments/moments towards contestants? What about that stupid show (America Got Talent? or something) with David Hasselloff and Sharon Osbourne? Ironically, these two talentless people get to judge other people's talents and say the most politically-incorrect stuff but they dont get bashed around simply because they havent said anything "homophobic" in your opinion?!? Seriously?!? White, black, gay, straight, immigrant, disabled, whatever a human being is, it is so funny to me that you only pick on people that you believe are "homophobic," would you still pick on these people if they talked shit about two straight female dancers or two disabled guys or whatever?
    I really think you need to get your facts straight before you pull any sort of judgement on other people (especially when it is based on other people's emails/comments).
    Also, I trully think that So You Think You Can Dance is the best dance competition out there! I rather watch that then watch "Dancing with the Stars (or has beens or wannabes)" or even "American Idol" where I feel like everything is more biased and stupid! I just hope that you are open to constructive criticisms and wont take this offensive. Have a great, long and relaxing weekend!

  51. Suze says – reply to this


    Ultimately, they DID put them through to the next round. They went on to the choreography segment and just couldn't cut it. They just didn't have the talent. While some of the remarks weren't exactly "PC", they were true. The men looked awkward dancing together and even fell down at the end of their performance. If a male/female pair had fallen during one of their lifts, most likely they wouldn't have been given a chance at the choreography round.

  52. 152

    Ok, get off your high horse Perez. It may well be that 90% of male dancers go off to bed with another man but, I don't care what they do off stage. The dancers sucked and the feedback was fair. End of story.

  53. 153

    they want to go pursue dancing as two male partners? they should just do their own thing and not even bother with the show!! everyone knows its got a specific format and is designed for orthodox dancing with specific styles and everything!!! how the hell do u judge two guys against all teh other competitors in the same roles!? its just UNFAIR NOT HOMOPHOBIC.
    youre really giving a bad name to gays perez…spurring on the hate bandwagon arent ya.

  54. 154

    it would just have been a gimick for the show…i mean, who assumes that the males dancers are straight, PULEEEZE.

    when did you go from gossip columnist to gay rights pusher?

  55. 155

    To be fair, they did put them through to the next round, but I DO believe they could've handled the issue with a bit more tact. Sonya, from whom I've always gotten a slight gay vibe, even said it was confusing. Oh well, seems when times really appear to be going in the right direction, there's always someone there to remind you how close-minded people truly can be.

  56. 156

    Perez - you're missing some facts. They guys were not good dancers. One of them dropped the other. The judges DID put them through to the next round which was memorizing choreography and dancing again. They both were underwhelming and didn't make it to Vegas. I strongly believe too that gay rights is the defining human rights of our generation. But this isn't an example of homophobia. If they had been good it would have been hot and different and fun. But they just sorta stunk. To support the cause make sure you have your facts straight.

  57. 157

    I love this show. I LOOOOOOOVE Napoleon. I also love me some homos. Seriously. And while I didn't think he needed to be so crass about it, I do think that people need to understand that in dance, there is a leader (typically the male) and a follower (typically the female), that's just how partnering goes. And so what Mary was saying was that one of them should have consistently been the leader and the other the follower. Nigel is like many men dance teachers I've had (straight or gay) in that they dont want men to look like, and I quote "sissies" It's just old school.

  58. 158

    Ok, perez. before you write a big, long rant…watch the show first. I just watched it, and it was NOT as bad as you are making it sound. not bad, at all. It was confusing, and the judges praised them for their dance ability. they were confused on the classical aspect of it, and congratulated them for their creativity.

    and please get your facts straight. they DID put BOTH of them through to the choreography round.

    I think its great that you are huge right now in gay rights, but please don't get mad even before you see what happened. don't base what you say on what people are telling you about it. thats stupid, and it reduces your credibility.

  59. 159

    **********CORRECTION: what actually happened was they were sent to choreography (as most good ballroom dancers are-to see how they fare with other partners) and one of them got a ticket to Vegas! (the one who identified as gay, not the one who identified as straight)*******************************************

  60. 160

    I wish I were not addicted to your blog. But I can't help it, and I don't agree with you.
    I am a DANCER! and a dance teacher, 90 percent of male dancers are NOT GAY. I can't believe you would post that. SYTYCD is a family show, and alot of younger girls and boys look up to the dancers on there. The show appeals to american family values.
    Just deal with it, and get over yourself.

  61. 161

    Nigel's a homophobe, but neither of the two was on par with the dancers who did advance, and collectively, their performance was a train wreck; falls, missteps and just overall blahness.

    Sometimes gays are rejected simply because they suck — and not the peen.

  62. 162

    When they came on stage the first thing I thought was Blades of Glory, the guys were horrible dancers! I mean they gave then the chance to be on the show not once but twice and they failed both times. I think Perez wants everybody to be gay, and love gay people and say good thing about gay people even when they suck!

  63. 163

    Perez is being almost as bad with his comment that 90% of male dancers are gay. That's just perpetuating a stereotype! And even when the two guys danced on their own they weren't that good.

  64. 164

    I saw that last night. I might have to rethink watching the show after those comments.

  65. 165

    SHIT! I LOVED this show. Now I can't watch it anymore. :(

  66. 166

    Those two fools couldn't dance their way out of a box. Neither was strong enough to support their partner and they even fell at the end of the dance. They weren't put through because they couldn't dance. And if they had made it, they are paired up …one guy/one girl. Get over it Perez.

  67. nh22 says – reply to this


    Again…STFU, Perez. I watched the show and they were not good. And the judges did not say they hated gay people……just that is was awkward to watch two men doing a samba…..WHICH IT WAS…and I'm fully supportive of the rights of gay people. So, again…STFU. If you're going to bitch about it, at least watch the show and don't take some moron's word for it.

  68. 168

    P - your as bad as Clay - talking out of your ass when you haven't even seen the show!!! They sucked, that's why they're out. For the record….this is a kick ass show!! You should watch it

  69. 169

    i didn't find it the slightest bit homophopic. Frankly, they were right the 2 men dancing together looked rather absurd. It has nothing to do with them being gay or not, and he did critize their dancing. Saying in fact that he thought seperately they were both good.

  70. 170

    GREAT SHOW.. those two SUCKED and did not deserve a ticket to vegas. perez– get a life.. you suck too!!

  71. 171

    Re: naymeister – wrong they both were rejected

  72. 172

    I used to watch the show and I didn't see it last night but after this I will NEVER watch again!

    PS: I'm gay and PROUD of it!

  73. 173

    It wasn't even about homophobia.
    If the 2 guys had come out and danced ANY other style of dance, hiphop, lyrical, whatever, and even if they were all over eachother, they wouldn't have gotten those comments.
    B/c they came out doing Ballroom. A dance that IS typically seen between a man and a woman… that has the masculine and feminine roles.
    And while both of the dancers were decent, their dance was confusing b/c both were trying to do the masculine and feminine parts.
    They even said, it would've been better if they had just picked their role in the dance instead of trying to play both parts.
    Nothing to do with homophobia.

  74. 174

    I watched the show last night, and I can say that while it did seem to come off a little homophobic, I think Nigel was trying to clearly let the boys know that because they were both swapping out leading the dance, it was confusing, and difficult to judge the dancing (not to mention they both landed on their behinds during the audition). For that reason, he put them both through to the next round (even though they did not deserve the chance IMO as they were horrible). They failed miserably on their own when partnered with someone else - and that is what the show is about - random partnerings, and various dance styles… these two did not have what it takes to go forward - it had nothing to do with their sexuality… Maybe watch the show before assuming next time?

  75. 175

    Okay. So this is a very good question Perez. In a time when gays and lesbians are fighting for the same civil rights as heterosexual couples, it is important to undertand the complexities of the status quo. It should be NO surprise that two men dancing on So You Think You Can Dance was met with such opposition. As you stated it was "a first for the show" which would suggest an act of deviance from the norm. Inherently the judges would not support these dancers because they have not adhered to the norms associated with couples professional dancing. It is important in this time, when we are getting closer to equality for all everyday, that we recognize the social boundaries that are already scripted and how we go about INSPIRING change. Homosexuality is a difficult pill for many people to swallow and THATS why they were criticized. I give Nigel kudos for not being overtly politically correct and pretending he didn't enjoy the choreography and dismiss on a false premise. That was an authentic reaction that most people would have and not necessarily homophobic. Perez, please accept that heterosexuality is the reality that the MAJORITY prescribes to. As such, we must normalize the REALITY of homosexuality and STOP treating it like it is unnatural through patience and perseverence with the general populace.

  76. 176

    I am a huge fan of yours and in no way against gay people. but i love so you think you can dance.
    and that couple was actually put through to the next round, to the choreography, seperately.
    they didnt make it to vegas, but they did make it to the next round, regardless of who their partner was.

  77. 177

    ok im sorry but get over yourself!! I really doubt that he is a homophobe its pretty hard to do that in the world of dance as you said yourself most male dancers are gay! the point he made is valid…. the way the show works they pair a male and a female together every week so they would have to dance with females if they were pushed through!! and they did critique them properly and were given a chance to move on to the next round with they totally failed at!! I don't even think there original dancing was good enough to be pushed through to the next round and im sure the only reason they did this was in order not to upset people like you!! They did not stand even close to other dancers on this show!! If you don't understand the world of dance then you should not critique thier critiques because they know what they are talking about not you!

    so my point is just get over yourself and stop accusing everyone of being a homophobe!! you take things way too literally and let people have thier own opinions just like you are able to have yours!

  78. 178

    I love this show…it's AMAZING!! They always find such great talent.

  79. 179

    quit being so touchy. the fact of the matter is that the guys weren't very good dancers, which is why they didn't make it thru to the next round. Perhaps Nigel was insensitive, but the point was that they'd be paired with girls in the next round anyway. It's a far better show than idol, and on the whole I don't think it is a homophobic show. Many of the dancers and choreographers are gay, and no one seems to have an issue with it.

  80. 180

    i realize that the comments might have been offensive, but please don't insult the show. This show is the first thing to come to US television that gives dancers the recognition we deserve. Dancers are incredible, strong, and dedicated athletes, and SYTYCD is a good display of that. From a dancers standpoint, neither of the mentioned dancers should have made it through; they were okay but nothing special. Reading too far into it and assuming they didn't make it because they're gay is a bit ridiculous.

  81. 181

    Get over yourself. Don't be so sensitive.

  82. 182

    I think the language insinuated a homophobic undertone, but I believe that was unintentional.

    I think it was more offensive that these two guys were playing up to the current media attention on gay relationships. I think it was exploitative and insulting to other 'real' same sex dancing couples who dance together because they are a good dancing team (which these two clearly aren't) instead of dancing together for attention.

  83. 183

    You need to get a separate site to promote gay rights! Most of your readers do not come here for this!

  84. 184

    They simply weren't that good, period. In fact, Nigel sort of bent over backwards to BE INCLUSIVE and bring them through to the choreography round-you're reading too much into this. All kinds of specific critiques and opinions are given on the show, and the judges have been known to change their mind and comment when they do. These guys were just not that good.

    You also may not watch the "crappy ass show" but if you were a dancer, you'd realize it showcases the best of the best rather than being a display of mediocrity as it is with the "celebrities" on Dancing With the Stars.

    Some dancers on this show were/are gay, as are some of the choreographers. There's nothing homophobic about stating that he didn't like how their dance looked-it wasn't very good.

  85. 185

    Omg, people are OVERREACTING! It WAS clearly confusing who was playing which role! And we all know damn well that there ARE people against homosexuality out there and it WILL affect the audience's opinion. BE PRACTICAL. THEY BOTH MADE IT TO CHOREOGRAPHY AND THEY WERE CLEARLY UNCOMFORTABLE WITH DANCING WITH WOMEN…CLEARLY. They would have to dance with women at some point of the show whether they were partners or not…people need to stop taking offense to everything. It was practical.

  86. 186

    Again you are gross. They weren't that good and ballroom has to have a lead and follow. By the way they did ask them to stay for choreography and they weren't good in that round so they didn't make it through. I want to know what exactly is "homophobic" about this situation. They didn't raise their pitch forks and torches to chase them off stage. Also, YOU ARE ASSUMING THEY ARE GAY!!! They never revealed their sexual preference and you are the homophobe by assuming they are gay because they dance and dance together. Nice investigative work, yet again.

  87. 187

    Yes, I watch the show AND FUCKING LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Your totally exaggerating! They DID let them in to see how they were with choreography, but they sucked, so they didn't get through. ITS NOT BECAUSE THEY WERE GAY HATERS OR SOMETHING!

  88. 188

    Perez - I watched the show last night .- They said (all of the judges) it was awkward because it's not what people are use to seeing but they thought their technique and style were good. Both the men made it to the next round however when they were paired w/ women (which they agreed to do) for the coreography portion - both struggled so they were not given tickets to move on. I don't think it was homophobia at all - I mean when is the last time you saw two men, in matching outfits, do a salsa on TV? I don't have an issue w/ it but their dance was a bit awkward in all honestly. Plus one guy tripped and dropped the other. Just sayin…

  89. 189

    the guys dancing was sub-par. especially when they were paired with another partner in choreography. It's a dancing competition, not an equal oppurtinity employer.

  90. 190

    jesus fucking christ perez why is everything GAY AGAINST THE WORLD??? the pair sucked ass. and they did need to define who was leading and who was following. im a huge gay supporter and this has nothing to do with being gay or straight it is a fucking dance show and they couldnt dance!!!!! pull your head out perez.

  91. 191


    Maybe before you start hating on a very intelligent and talented man, you should educate yourself.

    The classic structure of ballroom and latin dancing is the connection between a female and male role. This is not homophobia, it is the basic technique. I would know, I have trained in many forms of dancing all my life.

    What Nigel was trying to say was that he didn't like the fact that the men were breaking the rules, because that's part of the technique. In order to fully watch a ballroom dancer's technique, the dancer should be displaying which role they are playing.

    In case you get confused, I myself am not a homophobe either and am 100% disgusted in anyone who is. I just wish people would educate themselves more on a topic before claiming someone to be something as harsh as a homophobe.

  92. pop says – reply to this


    ABSOLUTELY revolting their comments were- I wish I kept the channel on longer to see the guests judges remarks, but as a major fan I did not hesitate to turn the channel for good. An ex-dancer I am ashamed at FOX for ignorant judges. Those men were AMAZING!! Absolutely FANTASTIC dancers and they MORE than deserved to go on. Am shaking pissed thinking about Nigel and Cacklers comments now. OUTRAGE that should NOT be ignored. I signed up here just to comment am so ashamed for that show… r.i.p.

  93. 193

    I was that last night and I was gonna email you about it too. It was complete bullshit! They were terribly offensive towards them, and then they even put them on the spot as to pick one of them and leave the other one behind. It was terrible, I was gonna watch the season but after that, I wont. Whats wrong with you americans?

  94. 194

    They weren't great dancers and one of them even made it to the next round. Getting tired of the constant homophobia accusations on all fronts.

  95. 195

    I always watch. They have incredible dancers. Most couple dances are not made to have two same sex partners. It may have twisted your panties, but it is about the dance. Stop making homosexuality a crusade. This is not Prop 8. Dance at a club with whoever you want. Two men in the Tango…..please.

  96. 196

    um don't you think you should talk about how they fumbled around and even fell ….unintentionally>>> during there audtion yet the judges still gave them the chance to dance again…..besides that it doesn't matter who has a partner they get split up as soon as they make it. anyway sex was not the issue sucky dancing was!!!

  97. 197

    They were terrible dancers!

  98. 198

    i'm no homophobic…. but i actually agreed with the judges.

    the pairing made it hard to judge, and really they weren't all that good either. they both sucked in the coreography round.

    the fact that they're gay partners isnt why they didn't make the show.

  99. 199

    I watched and thought….wholly crap, America has a long way to go. We in Canada indeed have our issues, but if those SOB's tried that here, they would be seeing complaints from our television broadcast system like crazy.
    In the Canadian version last year, one of the judges, Jean Marc said that a guy was too feminine, and he was booed and severly blogged by that comment. I love the daces, but can't stand the homophobic people who work there. You deserve better.

  100. 200

    He's made a ton of homophobic comments in season's past. You think someone would TELL him he needs to fut the shuck up with that bull. Now, it's the first frigging show and he's doing it again??? He sounds like such an ignorant and OLD idiot when he makes stupid comments like that. The dudes didn't dance very well, but it had nothing to do with them dancing together…

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