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Homophobia On So You Think You Can Dance!!!!

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We don't watch this crappy ass show, but we've been getting A LOT of emails about some homophobic trash talk that went down on So You Think You Can Dance's premiere last night on Fox.

So we went to investigate.

Apparently, while the show was holding auditions in Denver, a pair of male Latin partner dancers, Misha Belfer and Mitchel Kibel, came to the show.

Two dudes dancing together????


This was a first for the show and they were decent dancers, even though they fell in their last moments. But they never stood a chance anyway! The judges were more concerned that they were a same-sex dancing couple than with their actual dancing.

Rocket scientist Mary Murphy didn't feel it worked because there was constant flip-flopping between the men and "Who led the dance?" Though she admitted it may add difficulty to the performance, she would have rather they taken the time to define themselves as one male partner and one female.

But it was Nigel Lythgoe who pulled the rug out from under these guys, who only one of was gay, by the way. He likened them to the Will Ferrell movie Blades of Glory and told them to try dancing with girls next time as they "might like it."

The disrespect continued when the judges agreed that their partnership would alienate audience members and ultimately, they did not put them through to the next round.


First of all, if homosexuality is the problem, then they would have no show. We all know that 90% of the male dancers are going home with another dude at the end of the night.

And, if they think a same-sex partner dancing team ALIENATES people, then they are not considering the homosexual community. By embracing this new art form, they might actually open thier show up to a whole new audience. And we can bet the show doesn't get half as much viewership as it could.

So ya'll just kind of fucked yourselves over! You could have made headlines.

Now, you'll just remain a crappy summer filler show!

Did U watch last night? What did U think?

[Image via WENN.]

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305 comments to “Homophobia On So You Think You Can Dance!!!!”

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  1. 201

    hahahaha……..try to get them fired like you tried with prejean.

  2. 202

    Um, I guess you weren't paying attention because the gay half of the duo did make it through the next round. And the reason it mattered for them to pick "male" and "female" roles was because that is how the whole rest of the competition works-they are partnered male/female and take on those roles in each dance. It would be a major pain in the ass to change that because since the beginning of time, that's how dancing works. Anyway, watch more closely, Perez-ONE of them made it through and it was the gay one so I don't think the judges are homophobic.

  3. 203

    It seemed to me that they were confused as to who was leading and who wasn't. That seemed to be about it as they recognized they were both talented and put them through to the next part. It didn't appear that they were homophobic.

  4. obama says – reply to this


    I love the idea of 2 male dancers together. LOVE IT. I was all excited as I watched…..but they SUCKED. It bummed me out because they were gorgeous with good costumes and everything, but they couldn't dance well enough. Nigel didn't know what to say, but I didn't find it homophobic. He just acted like an ass and tried to be constructive, but wasn't. Perez, you would like the show. For real. It's pretty great. Don't hate

  5. 205

    I agree that Nigel didn't fully handle the situation with grace but your story is WRONG PEREZ!!! They did put both Mischa and Mitchell through to the next round and they both failed miserably. They were ok dancers - not great. Nigel was making fun of their costumes when he made the Blades of Glory comment. The judges said, "We love when men dance together." The problem was that they didn't ACT LIKE MEN! They used a lot of feminine moves - that was why they said they were confused and why their dance caused confusion. So just because you live in a state of homophobes (I live in Massachusetts) doesn't mean that every time a gay man is criticized it's because of being gay. This kind of post does nothing for your cause BTW…

    normally I love ya man but you need to chill out…

  6. 206

    I watched the show, and thought the judges could've been FAR more diplomatic than "you should try dancing with a girl, you might like it". But it WAS very awkward because, even though they have a lot of boy/boy dances in SYTYCD, the gender is never confused. And even though you know the most of the guys are gay, you never lose sight of the fact that they're guys.

    In the end it didn't really matter, they weren't any good. They fell at the end of the routine.

  7. 207

    IMO dance partners should be male and female. I think there's no reason why a gay male can't dance with a female partner, but then again if they're as up their own asses as YOU are Perez, I'm sure they'd refuse to dance with anyone but another gay. You really give homosexuals a bad name, you know.

  8. 208

    Naw, it wasn't like that at all. Gay or not (only one was), they were horrible and awkward. The judges problem was that they were doing ballroom where there is traditionally a "man" (leader) but they flip flopped back and forth as leader which made the dance look horrible. Not homophobic at all.

  9. 209

    Just because it's gay doesn't make it good! They were bad dancers, and it was uncomfortable to watch. There, I said it. Am I a homophobe too? Your witch-hunt is getting boring.

  10. 210

    They did get to go to the next round which was learning a routine.

  11. 211


  12. 212

    Once again Mario, you are seeing shit that isn't there and crying your gay ass foul again. Put it in simple term, since it's the only term you can understand. The men didn't dance well. Period, not because they are gay. You need to get it through your thick head that everything and everyone isn't about gay bashing. Speaking of, why didn't YOU print anything when Paris Hilton bashed the gays? MMMMM??? Some sort of special treatment there? If you are going to go off half cocked (no pun intended) then you should post EVERYONE who is homophobic that includes Paris Hilton

  13. 213

    Also Perez - did you see the part of their story where Mitchell admitted he was straight and stated that he still feels awkward dancing with a male partner? Mitchell lost his female dance partner but still wanted to try out for the show - Mischa was the only partner he could find in a short period of time. They've only been dancing together for 3 months.
    I'm angry at you for not doing your research!

  14. 214

    You're missing some details, my dear. While Nigel's comments (a couple of them) were definitely inappropriate and insensitive, and Mary's comments were a little surprising (although I suppose it's understandable that she'd never seen to men ballroom dance together before - neither had I!), all of the judges actually said that both men were good dancers and gave them an opportunity to learn choreography before making a decision. So they were not rejected outright. And they really were not good at the choreography, so it was the right decision to not send them on the Hollywood. They didn't earn it. Also, only one of them men was gay (openly, anyway - the other said he was straight).

  15. 215

    Nigel Lythgoe is a HOMO! LOL

  16. 216

    those fruits sucked anyway… they fell on their asses in their audition..regardless of what you think they're were tons of better dancers end of story…quit making everything about homosexals …but i guess thats impossible with you…go look up the work tolerance…it's a lot different than acceptance and closer to choice…like your main messiah preached at his Notre Dame speech…try to see it from the other point of view for once…so I will say it TWO GUYS DANING BALLROOM IN SEQUINS IS GAY.

  17. Chico says – reply to this


    I do think that some of the comments were out of hand, however if you took the time to watch the rest of the show you would have seen that they were given another opportunity to dance. They didn't pick up the choreography that was given so even if one wasn't gay, I doubt they would have gone on anyway.

  18. 218

    Perez, not everything is about homophobia. If people fall, they don't make it through… if people suck, they don't make it through… gay, straight or otherwise.

    You can't always complain about things being unfair for GLBTs everytime someone doesn't get their way… that's life. I believe in marriage equality and I think everyone deserves equal rights… but if you continue to shove stuff down our throats then we'll stop supporting you. (and I mean YOU, not "gays")

    Please let us. This is getting tiring and silly.

  19. 219

    They said that they were afraid the guys were limiting their audience. which is exactly what YOU said in response to Carrie Prejean's answer to your question. So…..again here is an example that, if it's not in favor of your homosexualality, then you have to trash talk against it. STOP being a hypocrite. so fucking WHAT if he didn't like to see two males dancing? i dont want to see the shit either, and neither does much of SYTYCD audience.

  20. 220

    That was the gayest thing I ever saw- I was happy they fell! why would they think that was good? SOOO GAY! Not everyone thinks like you- GET OVER IT!

  21. 221

    They did put them through to the next round, which is the choreography round, and they couldn't pick up the choreography so they sent them home. Nigel did say he was uncomfortable with two men ballroom dancing together but that wasn't why they didn't make it - they weren't good. Quit getting upset when people voice their opinions … everyone is entitled to have and voice their own opinion.

  22. 222

    It really looked odd. The straight guy was actually better than the gay guy. I did feel like Nigel was out of line, but Mary was dead on. It was hard to get it when they switched up the male/female roles.

  23. 223

    Re: dgshorty – I thought he may be

  24. 224

    Normally, Perez, I agree with you 100% percent and don't get me wrong, I don't agree with discrimination of any kind (I'm African Canadian). However the two dancers on So You Think You Can Dance were not as good as others. They were not immediately dismissed but sent to the choreography round to dance with other parties and where there just didn't cut it. Yes, the comments were not as "P.C" as they should have been but the guys just weren't good enough. Hell, they fell on each other in the middle of their routine. I don't think the fact that they were two men dancing together, in the long run, had more to with them not getting on the show than the fact that they just weren't good enough. Sorry.

  25. 225

    I watched the show, as I do every season, and honestly the reason the two guys didn't make it through to Vegas was because they weren't good dancers and couldn't keep up with the choreography. I mean, it sucks that the judges reacted the way they did, but the guys' technique wasn't quite there yet.

  26. 226

    did any of those e-mails mention that they fell on their asses and that they weren't very good?

  27. 227

    some of the comments they said were definitely disrespectful but this show is one of the best reality shows and displays real talent. it is not a crappy ass show. and those guys were fucking up their audition all over the place, they never would have made it very far even if they were with women

  28. 228

    Wow, you left out the part where the one guy dropped his partner during their routine. I don't think they didn't get in because their gay…it was because they weren't good dancers! And the judges were right. The men need to dance with female partners because during their routine they were both playing the male role of leading which everyone knows doesn't work too well!

  29. 229

    Perez, I usually love that you point out homophobes but in this case those emails you received were ignorant. If they knew anything about the show or dance in general they would have noticed those guys were just not good. They fell and the judges were honest with them not rude or belittling them. Please look into this show a little more maybe you will notice that a lot of the winners are currently working on shows you love (dancing with the stars). I hate fox but this is the only show I will tune in for and I don't believe they did anything wrong. maybe those guys need to practice more and come back next year with a clear set of who will lead and who will follow. (btw: don't fall on your ass) and I'm sure they will get through

  30. 230

    I agreed with the judges that the male couple was just not very good. There was nothing impressive about them, but the judges still put them through to the next round. I was not offended by the actual comments, but I think it's a little strange that it's okay to call people out on their sexuality, but then they praise every person that comes on the show with a disability. Disabilities or homosexuals, neither of them can control it! I think the judges should have stuck to critiquing their horrible dancing by mentioning just the horrible dancing, and not that they were gay.

  31. 231

    Oh Perez! Anytime someone says how they feel about a persons sexual preference youve got to jump all over them. I think that youve got to look in the mirror bud. Im straight and I dont have to tell everyone that. So why does someone like yourself have to make it feel so important to tell EVERYONE that you are NOT straight? I dont really care what your sexual preference is. I think we get the hint with your dress style and your pink website so I really dont think that you have to continue with the heterosexual bashing that you do everyday. So its ok for you but not for anyone else. By the way Niles wasnt bashing anyone he just spoke his mind just like Ms. California did and you ridiculed her for her beliefs. Now, that tells me that only YOU and your thoughts and beliefs are more important than the others. If you really want to become a spokesman for the Gay Pride then why dont you bring more pride when you speak? When you called Ms. Cal a bitch several times then that really just made me think a lot less of you. Do us all a favor before you get to the Z-list. Change your attitude towards others and you will reap the benefit. By the way I like your site, but come on somethings got to give and you dont need lower your personal/professional standards.

  32. 232

    I am the absolute last homophobe on the planet, my very best friend is gay and I was the first person to tell him it was ok. That being said, I really dont think they had anything wrong with the guys doing a male partner dance –plus, one of the guys was straight (which they knew)–they're issue was that it looked strange. Which admittedly, it did. It was forced and really not even that good. The straight guy had been partnering a girl for a long time and he still didn't dance well with the girl they put him with.

    Did you see the guys have any problem with the judges comments? They understood and of course they were disappointed but they took it in a good way.

    I think this is all just a big miscommunication…

  33. 233

    actually, they both made it to the choreography round and ONE of them made it to vegas.

  34. 234

    THANK YOU for saying something about this!!! I was disgusted by them not making it because apperently they were to gay for Nigel. I felt offened by the gay bashing on national television and I'm not even gay! My daughter is watching it right now and when she's done, i'm gonna have to (re)explain to her that it's not ok to exclude someone for being gay.

  35. 235

    I was actually waiting for you to say something about this, I did watch and in fairness they were awfull dancing together and not only together but when they were paired up with someone else they were more horrendous. And this coming from me a BUTCH QUEEN. It was about talent not the fact that they were GAY. Set the comments aside they were BAD!!!!!

  36. 236

    While I do think it was wrong that Nigel said the things he said, I do watch the show. The account you're giving, Perez, is a little off. They were sent to the choreography round so that they could see if they could handle other choreography, like hip hop, or ballet. While I don't agree with Nigel's views, I do agree with Mary. Neither of them established an actual lead. They went back and forth the entire time. As a dancer, not only is it confusing for the audience, but for the dancers as well. It would have been a lot better if someone had established themselves.

  37. 237

    Its almost getting time to put Perez on the block! From this to the Z-list. Or, maybe you should put yourself on the Z-list Perez!!!! Im sure that there are a few people out there that can help you move up the alphabet again. Try Britney…lol

  38. 238

    I just saw the clip and this is totally being blown out of proportion. The judges weren't mean at all and they even let the boys go through to the next round!

  39. 239

    Perez i'm a former dancer of 16 years and while I will admit Nigel was a bit harsh, they were all correct. Within a dance couple you see the strength of the male and the grace of the female, when they switch off it becomes difficult to anticipate who will lift and who will not. Also…these men did not show a lot of masculinity in their dance, now granted they probably didn't plan to do that, but during the choroegraphy round they showed BOTH of them doing the dance and neither were masculine. I love you Perez but if you dont watch the show you can't judge it. Every male on that show, even gay ones, have to show a full masculine edge when dancing with the females, and those two would not have done so without stepping out of their comfort zone.

    Don't judge until you've taken the time to watch what you're judging Perez.

  40. 240

    As a homo myself, my partner of 6 years and I watch the tragedy that was Misha and Mitchel's audition. I will admit they did seem to have some talent, however the routine was not at all comfortable. We have seen men dance together before, but not like this. It was almost too gay for me. I thought maybe it's just cause I have never seen a man take on such a strong feminine appeal with his dancing without being in drag or at the club. I re-winded it a few times, and alas still just felt so damn uncomfortable. And the straight one? Why was he the most feminine?
    People can't really say they were let go cause they were "whatever it is they were" because the judges did let them go to the choreography round. In which if you watched They totally botched! The cute one, err sorry straight ones choreography was painful.
    Perez I love you! But this one might be a little overblown. Come on people, if your going to be critical of someone or something pay full attention, not just as much as you feel!

  41. 241

    No, they were bad dancers. It had nothing to do with one of them being gay or dancing together. They both FELL on the dance floor. No one who goes straight to Vegas has fallen. And they weren't that great at the choreography either.

  42. 242

    obviously i cant watch this as its in america so i dont know the exact circumstances but it doesnt seem homophobic, they are just saying they dont like 2 male dancers together. thats unfair and wrong of them but its not homophobic….

  43. 243

    Get over it u fat gay fuck, i wish u lived in Jamaica we don't play games with "battyboys". I'm glad adam didnt win.

  44. 244

    I watched it. I hate Nigle; however, that dance was cringe worthy . . . and I looove the gays. If they wanted to stand up there and make out, fine …. but there was something very stange about that dance. And besides, they FELL at the end. Any straight couple that did that wouldn't have been asked back to do the chorography. The judges were so distracted by how odd the dance was, they barely even mentioned that!

  45. 245

    uhm 90% of male dancers are gay?
    not really perez.
    youd be surprised at how many are straight.

    for someone who pretends to be accepting and not stereotypical your pretty closeminded and quick to make stereotypical comments.
    but you've always been hypocritical.

    anyways dont be so quick to judge.
    times are changing. and while gay rights progresses, other things progress too. like the dancing world being open to all men, straight and gay.

    and the judges werent being homophobic. we all know the dancing world isnt all 100% straight. maybe its not true that 90% of male dancers are gay, but there still is a significant percentage. and since theyve all been in the dancing world for a loooong time and some of their guest judges are gay, theyre so not homophobic.
    in the end their tv is a business and theyre just doing whats best for business. its SOOOO not fair but the world (especially the business world) isnt fair.

  46. 246

    i really have no problems with gay people, im from ny and its a daily thing, but when it came to dancing, that dance is for a man and a woman it just looked weird. they were great dancers, but together it just didnt go with the flow…

  47. 247

    Get over it. Just because one person says two guys together looks akward because one cant lead doesnt make him a homophobia. Hello look at the worl of dancing have we not seen all the "queens" out there . Pretty sure Nigel was not out of line with his remarks but right. Some things should just be left better as is. And its call I think you can Dance, not I think two guys can dance and fall over each other. Get over the homophobia just beacuase one gay doesnt make it through the competition.

  48. 248

    I completely agree with you. I though Nigel and Mary's comments were completely absurd for both the fact that they take place in today's society, and because it has something to do with the arts. That being said, I don't think that either of them were really good enough to be put through - I'm not convinced that they were rejected because of dancing with each other - they DID get to do the choreography section. I think that they were ultimately rejected because their technique just wasn't up to par.

  49. 249

    i think you're crying over spilled milk… i think the initial reaction from the judges was that of shock, however they are there to give their honest opinions and i believe they judged them fairly. the 2 men advanced to the choreography round, and when they couldn't match up to the other dancers, it was time for them to go… btw, i can almost guarantee there have been homosexuals that have made it to the finals, so clearly they are not discriminating.

  50. 250

    Perez, I love your website, and I even enjoy watching you on TV, but this whole "omg, everything in the world must be gay and everyone must absolutely worship the gays or they are evil!!!" thing is getting pretty old.

    I agreed with you when you thought that Adam Lambert should have won AI, but to completely wipe out even mentioning Kris Allen did win, with posting multitudes of "pro-Adam" forums, well, I think is just sour grapes.

    I don't even know why you are making such a big deal about this particular audition for the show. The dancers were ok, not great, it was difficult to watch, and lastly, it seemed like they were going for shock value rather than attempting to show anyone their talent.

    If they were trying to showcase their talent, they would have chosen a different dance.

    It's beginning to seem to me like you are DIGGING DEEP to find some sort of homophobic meaning in everything.

  51. 251

    I am a two time gold medalist at the Gay Games that were held in Amsterdam in 1998. My partner and I were a same sex couple and because of height and the fact that I could spin I did the part that would have been considered female. We were told that we set a new standard for same sex dancing. Our trainers were Corky and Shirley Balas (yep Corky from DWTS) and many more. We were treated like stars until we arrived home and even the local community rags told us we were "too gay" for them to carry a story about our win.

  52. 252

    Clearly, you didn't do enough research. They were sent to do choreography and both did HORRIBLE! I was rooting for them to make it, however, they just need more practice. It was funny when they fell.

  53. 253

    slightly erroneous - the were sent to choreography where they performed apart and that is where they did not succeed. as a team, they were sent though, and all partners sent to the choreography section had to perform apart.

    and no, they really weren`t that good!

  54. 254

    Sorry to post again so quickly but I have read some of the comments and feel I need to clarify one point. When my partner and I were preparing for the competition we knew we could not emulate a male / female couple with any success. We had to redefine the expectation of the audience and we did. I did not try to look like a women in men's clothing. We both dance strong like you are accustom to seeing men dance and it worked.

  55. 255

    First off, I'm not homophobic. I have gay friends and am very open to gay relationships. But this dance last night was slightly awkward to watch. They were not both gay, and it looked awkward between them. They even openly admitted to it being awkward between them when they first started dancing together.

    Secondly, the judges were right in sending them to dance with a girl in choreography… IF they were to make it to the top 20, they would have to dance with a female throughout the entire show. That's how the whole show works. So they wanted to see how they could do it, and they couldn't do it well at all. They really weren't that good of dancers and don't think they should've been put through anyways.

    The judges were not being homophobic. They were just critiquing the dance. It WAS slightly awkward to watch.

  56. 256

    I definitely think it should have been handled better. If they wanted to critique something, how about the fact that they both, very ungracefully, fell over each other. For that alone they should not have advanced. The comment about "try dancing with a girl, you might like it" was uncalled for in my opinon. And I think the concept of a same-sex couple's dance is kind of cool (fwiw, I'm straight), except they as dancers weren't up to the task… too bad. But Nigel should learn to check the 'tude.

  57. 257

    Reading way too much into it. It was something new that threw off the judges, but they were right… it was a little odd that they kept switching leads. Moreover, their dancing was not good enough to send them straight to Vegas, but the judges gave them a chance at group choreography to see if either was good enough individually for Vegas. Neither was. Their partnership didn't ruin their chances; their dancing did. In fact, the judges even told them to return next year.

  58. 258

    SERIOUSLY!!!!!! If you don't watch the show… you need to stop giving your opinions for real. It's more than mildly irritating!! I understand that everyone has their own strong point of view but truthfully I watched the show and the judges were a little put off by the same sex dancing but that's NOT what made watching it uncomfortable…. it was that 1 of them "claimed" to be STRAIGHT!! It could have been a BEAUTIFUL dance shared between the 2 men… but it wasn't, not even close. It was hard to watch mostly because the men looked uncomfortable with eachother.

  59. 259

    They sucked. The dance was comical. Two guys dancing together? Come on. It had nothing to do with homophobia. You throw that word around anytime someones opinion doesnt match your own and its pathetic. Their techniques were horrible and they couldnt even hold eachother up.

  60. 260

    So You Think You Can Dance…for the record…is a thousand times better than American Idol. I don't think you necessarily have to be any good to be on AI, but you certainly can't fake choreography!
    In this case, the judges thought the choreography was sloppy and unpolished. In the Latin style of dance there is a man and a woman, and the man leads. it is consistent. Their routine was inconsistent as they were "flip flopping" between who was leading. Does that sound impressive? If they were experienced dancers they would have known to find a female partner to audition with.
    It has nothing to do with sexual preference, it's about the tradition of the dance.

  61. 261

    Some people…this will DEFINETELY show up in the ratings..HAHA, not like they were anything outstanding in the first place, i mean srsly who wants to watch this show?

  62. 262

    First of all, even as a mo, it was like watching a train wreck and indeed it was very blades of glory with those costumes but I can assure you that none of the judges are homophobes. If anybody knows Mary Murphy she is probably the biggest Fag-Hag in Southern California, she is always out and about in West Hollywood, and Nigel is very much loves the gays, his wfe is also a big Fag-Hag so gays are always around the house. This was merely Nigel being Nigel with his dry british wit…..calm down people!

  63. 263

    i never comment but….

    i think you got it all wrong..it was VERY weird to see two guys dancing together because it doesn't look right, not because they're gay but because they are both men…. in ballroom dancing there is a female role and a male role. the male leads the female and it did look akward because they were both switching up roles….another reason why men shouldn't ballroom dance together is because of DROPPING THEM. females weigh much lighter than males do..no wonder why they couldn't pull off any tricks!

    they didn't send them to vegas but they gave them both another try so i really do think your getting the wrong idea.

  64. 264

    They weren't good dancers, it looked absolutely silly 2 men dancing like that together. I'm not homophobic but would it have killed them to go with the swing of things and try out with a female? Watching it gave me the heebie jeebies. It just looked odd. And one was supposedly straight, and one was gay.

  65. 265

    first of im pissed that you hate everyone who is against someone who is gay. get over it, not everyone has to be on your side for you to like them. seriously, its getting old. second of all, its not a crappy summer filler show. ive been dancing all my life and this show inspires me because the dancers are amazing and it pushes me to do better. yeah, they shouldn't of really pointed it out, but it is true. on that show the guys have a girl partner, not a guy. if they couldnt learn to dance with both genders, then they werent right for the show and they shouldnt of tried out. god.

  66. 266

    IF the dance style worked for two dudes then it is not an issue, but most of the traditional dances were made for a man and a woman. However, they could always invent a new form and it wouldn't be an issue. I dare say that if the couple were male and female but the male is…oh…say 5 ft 2 and the chick 6 ft 3 the same difficulties would arise.

  67. 267

    get over yourself perez. you read way too much into things that don't involve you at all and you are an ass to ANYONE who doesn't share the EXACT same feelings you do. i'm a supporter of gay rights, but after some of the things you've posted recently, i can't say that i'm still a supporter of you.

  68. 268

    i watched it and IT WAS MAJORLY HAWT!!!!! i so am nawt watching that show any more….love perez

  69. 269

    Perez, shut up. Yeah, his remarks were kind of offensive, but whatever. It's not bullshit that they weren't put through, they were NOT strong enough. I watched. And it's not a crappy show, talk about judging jeez. You judge every celebrity and every show and thing you cover without actually meeting the people or watching the show. So shut the fuck up.

  70. Typh says – reply to this


    The "Blades of Glory" comment was made.
    The omitted was the fall and dual collapse of both partners during a lift that spawned it.
    These are two pretty amazing looking guys and both better dancers than I've ever danced with (or danced like, for that matter). They were built and that lift would have been easier with a lighter partner.
    Did I mention they are built?
    It was slightly confusing which good looking guy to look at so, yah I was a bit perplexed as to which I was supposed to be focussing on if they weren't mirroring each other to indicate we should watch both.
    Hats off to them for daring to do what they wanted since it's not an official dance.
    Atleast they made it through to the next rotation to give them a chance despite the painful fall.

  71. 271

    i am going to preface this by saying that i am a dancer and not at all homophobic. now, first of all, only one of the guys was gay. secondly, the judges were just being honest and realistic for the show…i'm sure if the two guys were really great they would have thought differently, but they were totally mediocre. they were just using the male partner thing to get attention, and it didn't work exactly like they had thought. the show pairs a girl and a guy, and that's obviously not going to change anytime soon. i'm sure if it was 2 girls or a girl and a guy that danced the same routine they wouldn't have gotten rave reviews either. these judges are in the dance business, so obviously they aren't the homophobes you are making them out to be. i don't think it's fair that you expect them to get special treatment just because it was 2 guys… just because it was 2 guys doesn't mean that they deserve for all of us to jump up and down and bow down to the "amazing courage" it took for them to dance together. please. stop looking for every possibility to attack people that appear anti-gay. it's getting annoying.

  72. 272

    Re: pop – you must not have been in dance very long…any dancer would tell you they were not amazing. they were clumsy, they were ehh.

  73. 273

    Pt2. He didnt say anything about them being gay. Never did he. He is a dancer, judging dancers, not judging a person or a lifestyle. Watch it again, and listen to what he said. He's talking about dancing. I have to say it, unless they were dancing like Go-Go or club shit, that was a bad routine. Sorry for my words, but someone had to be the BITCH! Or the woman. Or, they had to show that someone was leading, which they didnt do. No, they wanted to switch back and forth. Be real people. Not only did their routine suck. They fell too! LoL. His choice of words was horrible, I know. But he has never pulled punches. Hes said, if you are dancing, commit to the part. He has told Gay contestants that they are acting. If the dance calls for a macho man pig. Pull it off. Their dancing sucked, and it was almost borderline a spoof! BTW, of the two dancers, the GAY one ended up going through to Vegas. Homophobia at work gentlemen. Their let the gay guy go through, and not the straight one. How dare they critic dancers based on their DANCING SKILLS?!?!?!?!? Is that lady with the Mohawk gay? Hmmm… Listen to what she said. They Never, ever, mentioned anything besides their dancing. STFU Perez, and pay attention instead of starting shit. Misinformation leads to ignorance. And that leads to Stupidity and shit like this.

  74. 274

    I really don't see the big deal here. for such an unconventional and "accepting" community you homosexuals sure do get insulted for every little thing

  75. 275

    I, by the way, am IN NO WAY a homophobe. I love gay secks.

  76. 276

    why is everyone hatin on the homos?? i mean look, they gave us all the great rainbow parties and aids! why is everyone complaining??

  77. 277

    Perez darling, first I must say as a first time poster I love your website, second, I don't think Nigel, as ignorant as it may have come across, wanted to sound homophobic. If he truly was neither of them would have been put through to choreography, but they both were and neither of them did. They weren't the greatest dancers, I understood Mary's comments on the switching of roles being confusing. I think the show should be commended for showing same-sex ballroom dancing, something I wasn't personally aware of until last night. Sure chaste Simon for his foot-in-mouth disease but by the same token applaud the show for putting same-sex ballroom dancing out there, it furthers the cause for equality for all!

  78. 278

    THIS IS RIDICULOUS. Isn't Perez about the right to your own opinion? You are huge on gay rights and he was NOT making a comment about them being gay. He was letting the know that it is confusing and disturbing for two MEN to dance the FEMALE parts in a partner dance. What is homophobic about that? Even if he was homophobic who gives a f**k? Perez this really pisses me off.. I am all about gay rights but what about others right to day what they want. The two men knew they were going to be criticized… they AUDITIONED. Have you ever went to a dance audition? Didn't think so. They would have gotten that comment ANYWHERE even from a GAY MAN.

  79. 279

    I agree with the other 70% here. get over it. it wasn't meant to be homophobic. UGH perez YOU ARE ALIENATING ME. AND I'M SURE A BUNCH OF OTHER USERS. I honestly don't know why I still come here. Maybe I keep thinking you will open your mind a little but it just never happens. Dude seriously. Stop being such a f$%$ing hypocrite. You don't want everyone else to be close minded so why don't you stop being.

    PS, STOP PICKING ON FAT PEOPLE. YOUR'E AN EX-FAT CHICK REMEMBER Mario? You of all people should know how hard it is to be a minority. Well then stop picking on Kirstie Alley and all the other actresses who have suddenly gone from a size one to three. I swear if megan fox gained five pounds you'd be like "Glad she's healthy." But if Lindsanity or Miley gained five pounds you'd be all "MOOOOOO." God get over it dude.

  80. 280

    Also the show was pre-recorded. Do you honestly think they would have aired that had it sounded homophobic? I think not. Especially considering NIGEL HIMSELF is the executive producer and CREATOR of the show. Duh Bitch. Get the fuck over yourself and find something new to post about. You realize there are still people starving in this world and dying from disease and famine?! Perhaps you should stand for that and let GLAAD go for a minute. You aren't ushering anything. There will always be a split opinion. YOU know that. Why else would you have asked miss Cali that question? It was rehtorical. Or else you wouldn't have been so upset by her response. Obviously she wasn't supposed to have an opinion, no way. She was supposed to say, "yay gay marriage," and nothing else. Dude, do you not see how closed minding you are being? I'm all for the LGC but damn Perez. Thank god you have so many of us users because we're starting to slowly fade.

  81. 281

    Did no one notice Cat's send-off to commercial? "Mitch isn't out yet, and Mischa is sticking around too." Looks like the writers are in on the homophobia too.

  82. 282

    As a dancer and gay man, I support the judges. The guys weren't good enough, and became to entangle it seemed in trying to be male and female, gay does not mean I want to be female, don't help the stereotype. Check the 2men tango performance from zumanity to see what is masculinity between males dancing together, and I would not say either of them are feminine. And nigel is not homophobic, that comment was meant to be funny, people read to much into things.

  83. 283

    I love the show. The lifts, turns and choreography were terrible and one dancer NEEDS to lead the other! I'll watch all season long. But I won't be reading this website anymore. I'm SICK of your stupid politics.

    Yes, EVERYONE deserves the right to be married but I'm SICK of reading about it on your "GOSSIP" website. Stick to the stupid shit that you used to be good at.

  84. 284

    What they said was NOT homophobic people! It was a dance critique! In the style of dance they were performing, the male and female roles tell a huge part of the story… which is what dancing is! By not staying true to the style of the dance, you may alienate people who actually watch the show for dancing. The same would be said if a male and female couple danced and switched roles on and off throughout the performance. They didn't make it through to Vegas because, if you watch the rest of the footage, they weren't very good at the choreography portion of the audition. Calm down! If you want to take offense and critique everything the world does, join PETA.

  85. 285

    perez. you obviously didn't watch properly. nigel grew up in englad, as a very traditional boy. they didn't care that one of them was gay. Nigel just didn't like that it messed with the traditions of the dance. That it was a partner dance and in a ballroom dance like that, it doesn't work unless one person is a female (or atleast taking the role as one) and the other is male and leading. You flip out about such stupid and minute things. that show is amazing and you take things to such extremes. I would bet that Nigel isn't a homophobe seeing as he has grown up a male dancer and knows all the ins and outs of dancing! my god. you're such an idiot. maybe get a background on dance, there buddy and stop being so damn judgmental.

  86. 286

    You are Full of Shit Perez!! I watched the show and the review were not Homophobic!!
    I am openly gay and would have been offended if they were insulting two guys dancing.
    It was confusing which one was the lead because they would flip back and forth. They nicely explained it would have been easier to judge their skills based on each sticking to one part. Lead or follow. Not both. I think it was fine and you are just a Drama Queen. They have males dance together each year. This audition just was weird. The "straight guy" is clearly GAY!! and HOT!!!

  87. 287

    Re: lovernotahater – Very good!! I could not have written it better myself =)

  88. 288

    HETEROPHOBIA ON PEREZHILTONCOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. 289

    Re: Nelson


    I'm completely appalled at the judges attitude toward the male ballroom dance couple. Nigel openly stated that he 1) didn't like the idea of two men dancing together and 2) thought it would alienate their audience.

    The other judges "just couldn't understand the changes between male and female dance rolls." It was "just too confusing." This was above and beyond quality of dancing and while they placated the two men by "allowing" them to dance (independently) in the choreography round, the comment by Nigel as they were "granted" a second chance was "I'd like to see you dance with girls. Maybe you'll like that, you never know…"…

    How fucking insulting & utterly heteronormative (look that one up, dummies).

    I vow to NEVER watch this show again.

  90. 290

    Re: Nelson

    But what YOURE not getting is that the judges are forcing conformity to gender roles through traditional expectations of gendered dance roles - while calling for dancers to be "authentic." Thus, "authentic" only includes enactments of heterosexual roles. If these judge/choreographers were a "cutting edge" as they pretend to be, they'd have recognized this as an opportunity for opening up dance to new frontiers. They can't make appeals to "traditional" roles when it comes to gender/dance and call for pushing margins in other areas of dance. They simply made a bad call on this one, intentionally or not.

  91. 291

    Omg! Stfu!! Are you serious? What's wrong with what he said? I watched the show that night and seeing a dude catching another dude was just weird!I get the gay rights and blah blah!But this is getting out of control!Stop using the gay card! I'm black and it drives me nuts when some black people pull the race card! There was nothing wrong with what he said. Just because everyone doesn't agree with everyhing gay people want doesn't mean they are homophobes. Don't ram your views down our throats! I'm sure someone will think, she must hate gay people. Well tell that to my gay sister. Get over yourself people! Stick to getting rights for gay people to marry. That's real, that's something to fight for. But this pretty shit needs to stop!

  92. ckent says – reply to this


    …and I qoute:
    "And, if they think a same-sex partner dancing team ALIENATES people, then they are not considering the homosexual community. By embracing this new art form, they might actually open thier show up to a whole new audience. And we can bet the show doesn't get half as much viewership as it could."

    Yeah. Because you know the gays are sooo good at helping make someone who is gay a winner of a talent show. Who was the winner on American Idol?

    I should say that I'm a gay man. Which is why I'm speaking from someone who does actually walk the walk and talk the talk. While I understand the need to get US out there……can't we do anything else? Like…oh I don't know, become a politician and show the world that we can do something besides dance and sing and follow washed up has been coked out singers around like they are goddesses? Please. It's a new day.

  93. Tifer says – reply to this


    Look I am not a Homophobe by any means of the word… But I have to come to this guy Nigels defense… While I have no problem with TWO GUYS dancing I have to say its alittle GAY… And please dont say its not… Cause two guys doing anything togetther is GAY… You want to dance go ahead and dance… But remember that for every gay person watching this show there are at least 20 straight people watching this show… And a few of them are kids… I dont feel like having to explain that to my 8 year olds just yet. They have plenty of time when they get older to learn that there is a Santa, Easter Bunnies, or Straight Men that dance Professionally…

  94. 294

    its funny how gay ppl want equal rights but if someone does not agree with their views they get pissed and blast them(perez).

  95. 295

    I usually agree with you but this I don't agree with at all! You didn't watch the show so you didn't see the boys DID get through to a second round to see how they picked up choreography. They were cut b/c they were not good dancers, not b/c they were two males dancing together. Also, as the show goes on, which again, you don't know b/c you don't watch, they end up pairing the male finalists together and the female finalist together. The Latin Ballroom routine they performed was confusing b/c you didn't know who was leading. If homosexuality was a problem on this show, they wouldn't have male dancers or choreographers for that matter. I am one who believes in equal rights and gay marriage, but I think you are totally off the mark on this one. Sorry Perez!

  96. 296

    perez i usually agree with you,
    but you have to understand.
    in dance, partners consist of a guy and a girl.
    you read too much into things.

  97. 297

    This site isn't about gossip, it is about your forcing your views on everyone. I don't give a crap about your sexuality and I don't want to discuss my with you. Can't you just shut the fuck up about queers, straights and bis and let everyone do whom they like. You are enough to turn people off about sex. I am getting to hate you!

  98. 298

    Okay, well I know these guys personally, they usually place in the middle at competitions, so yes their technique needs a little more work… and same sex couples should only switch roles if they can do it REAL WELL, I actually prefer when the couples dont give themself a male or female role. just be two hot men…. BUT!!!

    the judges barely critiqued their technique and attacked the new art form… actually its not even NEW, its been around for a while. And Im surprised Mary Murphy said shes never seen same sex ballroom, What a LIAR. Im gonna slap her next time I see her, and be like.. .bitch why u frontin?!

  99. 299

    I saw it and I was furious beyond belief… I thought it was different and worth giving them a chance! I love the show but the judges disappointed me enormously.

  100. 300

    At first I thought it was odd. but, each to there own. I'm not to judge. I thought the judges were a little hard about THE TOPIC! which should have had nuthing to do with the way they dance. They weren't bad, but not great. The end was a disaster. But they may have worked very hard for that competition. So God Bless :)

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