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Moore's New Doc Covers Economic Meltdown

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The most acclaimed documentary filmmaker of his time, Michael Moore, has tackled the Bush administration, the healthcare industry, gun conrol and now…the economic crisis!

The Oscar winner would not release any plot details for his untitled documentary but stated, "The wealthy, at some point, decided they didn't have enough wealth. They wanted more — a lot more. So they systematically set about to fleece the American people out of their hard-earned money. Now, why would they do this? That is what I seek to discover in this movie."

Moore's new film will be in theaters on October 2nd.

We can't wait!

Hopefully people can afford to see it!

[Image via WENN.]

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54 comments to “Moore's New Doc Covers Economic Meltdown”

  1. buck says – reply to this


    i can't believe this clown is back after his other 'documentaries' have been exposed as being nothing but lies and falsifications. more propaganda coming our way i guess.

  2. 2

    michael moore is freakin' awesome…

  3. 3

    Hey, dumbass Moore: aren't you among the wealthy that your're criticizing?
    Whenever I think that you couldn't be any more stupid, you pull some other ridiculosity out of your hat!

  4. 4

    This guy sucks and needs to stop making movies. He's such a hypocrite, he's rich as shit too! He's a douche.

  5. 5

    Michael Moore is a dumbass. "The wealthy, at some point, decided they didn't have enough wealth. They wanted more — a lot more." I hate to break it to you, but this didn't happen "at some point." This has been a problem in nearly every society throughout history. There isn't "a reason" to find out. It's human nature.

  6. 6

    The only "documentary" of Moore's I would watch is one in which he's ritually slaughtered.

  7. 7

    in b4 shitstorm

    oh, too late. fuck.

  8. 8

    Michael MOORE~ON is a fucking douche`bag!! I wish he would just fall off the earth! Just looking at him makes me ill!!

  9. 9

    I love his documentaries. I can't wait!

  10. 10

    Love the Moore.

  11. 11

    Uhhhh are you stupid? The only reason he makes these documentaries is not for educational reasons, it's because he is too ignorant to STOP COMPLAINING. Dear god. Stop looking at everything as negative as possible. Hopefully, gay rights will be put into full effect, taxes will be dealt with as fairly as possible, and healthcare will be available to everyone who needs it but for God's sake shut the fuck up and stop making citizens of this country hate each other.

  12. 12

    the most acclaimed documentary filmmaker of his time???

  13. 13

    We like his films in Germany! :-)

  14. 14

    yeah, maybe if he works REALLY HARD it will be as big of a success as SICKO!!!
    like, maybe three people will see it then??

  15. 15

    love him!

  16. 16

    the fraternal global elite are fleecing america because they want a one world gov. and currency. its called problem reaction solution. they create the problem(finacial crisis)we react by demanding our gov. do something to solve the problem,and their solution is what they want under the guise of free trade the will propose a world currency and world gov.

  17. 17


  18. 18


  19. 19

    Now this pisses me off. I would pay really good money to actually watch or listen to SOMEONE who doesn't have an ulterior motive or some fucking agenda bent on screwing half of us on behalf of the other half. He's a peice of shit, and I almost never say stuff like that about anyone. There's no difference between any of these shits, he's like a reverse Hannity. Congrats you fuck ups, you've already ruined our country. I feel for you guys yet to graduate from college. It's going to be rough.

  20. 20

    Anyone who has taken high school economics knows that entire statement was ridiculous to a point of being laughable. Michael Moore is an absolute joke and the morons who pay to see the garbage he produces are likely the same morons who elected into office the corrupt politicians who actually ARE responsible for the financial crisis.

  21. 21

    I love Michael Moore! I totally believe he's exposed a lot of crap!!!! Listen up people!

  22. 22

    Cha-Ching…that is the sound of the money Moore will be making off this movie. Documentary my ass!

  23. 23

    Who's Gun Conrol? Is he the one with the sister called Pantie Conrol?

  24. 24

    Looking forward to his insight.
    Repubes can sweat balls over this one. Cry all you want fuckers.

  25. 25

    fact or fiction in his docs, your choice… but he is at least trying to get people to think outside the box and find answers.

  26. 26

    I don't think I need to see a documentary about something I'm already pretty mired in.

  27. 27

    My hero…loves him dearly.

  28. eklj says – reply to this


    I guess he forgot he is one of the "wealthy." Funny how all the rich that hate the rich forget they are rich! JERKS!

  29. 29

    He's a Fat , Old fuck that is making millions on his own lame ONE sided opinions!! Yuk!! Maybe Jenny Craig could use him as a spokesperson, he needs it more then Kristie Ally!!

  30. 30

    Look up the word acclaimed in the dictionary Perez. The word for overweight is not acclaimed. Disgusting, pathetic, lying, porked out slob does not mean acclaimed.

  31. 31

    F*ck Michael Moore! He is everything he fights against! Just watch the documentary Michael Moore Hates America!!

  32. Xenu says – reply to this


    The "wealthy" are not fleecing us, it is the US government that is doing that. Moore wants us to trust the govt to take form us and give to the worthless losers of society who think they are special and are entitled like the Octomom Slut and Bitchmaster Kate Gosslin

  33. 33

    yah cuz michael moore always gives a fair opinion.

    This guy is a fool, and deceives everyone of his followers. Hes a fat queer

  34. 34

    Not only are his "documentaries" full of bullshit, Michael Moore pegs American as racists in one of his book, claiming white families don't want to live next to black families. The best part is it's come out that he lives in an upscale neighborhood that is entirely white. Guess he's afraid of the minorities too!

  35. 35

    Oh yes and his own portfolio includes names like Haliburton and Boeing. Mr. Moore is only concerned with making money. Perhaps the shadiest thing he does, however, is he outsources post-production work on his films to Canada in order to bypass having to pay union wages here in the United States.

    Pretty amusing if you've read his books and listened to him preach about how great unions are.

  36. 36

    Moore is the epitome of douchiness. His "movies" are nothing but liberal propaganda that distort facts to fit his agenda. Every one of his "movies" has been discredited. The guy is a wank.

  37. 37

    Moore is such a retard! He has no idea what he's talking about! He just puts forth a bunch of bullshit that is easily refuted! How can anyone believe his crap! Moore sucks hardcore! He is the worst example of a human

  38. 38

    This guy and you Perez are my 2 most hated people…You both make me sick to my stomch..hypocritical c u n t s that u are.

  39. 39

    Michael Moore should point his camera lens at DETROIT. One of the most corrupt, bankrupt cities in the US. But no, he keeps pointing his sadly mistaken lens at the fat cats of the world…a club that he belongs to, I might add.

    MM- I challenge you…no…I DARE you to take your cameras into downtown Detroit and uncover why your liberal fans allow the kids to go to schools without books, pencils, toilet paper or doors on the stalls in the bathrooms. Drag your ass out of your house and address the people who ACTUALLY CAUSE THE PROBLEMS. Self-promoting "Democrats" who proclaim love for the "little guys" while they line their pockets.
    Don't get me wrong… the Republicans suck too….but they are not the only source of our woes, you feelin' me Barney Frank?

  40. 40

    Since when are rich people evil? Last time I checked, the reason people are rich, is because they WORK FOR IT, they are ACHEIEVERS, they PROVIDE JOBS. The government is the entity that is taking people's hard earned money so they can gain power, they have no other interest that power and getting people to depend on government so they can be even more powerful. The government doesn't create jobs or wealth, RICH PEOPLE create jobs & wealth! How many people have ever worked for a poor person? Michael Moore is a total douche bag. If he feels so strongly that rich people are "fleecing" the poor people, he should have no qualms over the government seizing his wealth. This is common sense peeps.

  41. 41

    well, mr. moore has already created a documentary on the topic of economic crisis. He did so back in the Reagan era when many auto factory employees were laid off in Michigan and caused a rift in the working class…for a time, that eventually turned into a surplus of industry due to new areas of occupational demand. I don't understand why any one would want to see a movie about the maladies of the u.s. economy when this propaganda will only result in the proliferation of disinterest and trust in the country. it has been statistically and historically proven that the best thing for any nations economy has always been confidence in their country and the motivation to work. Fuck the fat, rich fuck and the verbal diarrhea that he has spewed to gain a cultish following…..not that i support bush or the columbine shootings (i am both a libertarian and from denver) I jsut don't think his work offers any solutions, only problems

  42. 42

    You should be ashame to promote this Communist fake ass fame grabbing mother fucker on your website!!! More white trash from Michigan, WTF is up with Michigan giving the world trash heaps like HAGDONNA, Feminen & this fat fuck heart attack waiting to happen, die already you filthy ass Commie pig!!! I bet his ass stinks!

  43. 43

    who are you going to promote next on your website retardo, Fidel Castro???? comemierda!

  44. 44

    I love all of your documentaries Michael!!!

    It would be shear genius if this movie never hit the big screen. You placed all of the money into advertising and join efforts with Red Box as a feature….

    Or pick the Top Ten largest cities in the US and do a free screening….No profit involved.

    This is about greed and the economy, so this would be something to look into.

  45. 45

    Can't wait! I just watched Bowling for Columbine…amazing.

  46. 46


  47. NDA69 says – reply to this


    This guy gives a biased left-wing opinion. Stop thinking in a partisan way Perez. Start thinking freedom. The government should not dictate what our rights are. WE ARE BORN FREE. Equal rights for all.

  48. 48

    Prime example of someone using right wing scare tacticts to persuade. People that like Michael Moore will see the film. People on the right pride themselves on ignorance and will be proud to say that they have a negative opinion on a movie they never saw.


    not progressive at all. The news and reality in general in NYC (disneyland from what I hear rural US is like now) is scary enough. Leave that for election time, Michael Moore. Right now, it's a little inappropriate. It's like rubbing your shoe in the dog doo as Whoppi would say..

  49. Laxer says – reply to this


    I want to see a Documentary about how much of the world's food resources are ending up in this lardass.

  50. 50

    He'd come across better if he wasn't so angry. Anger gets in the way of intellect and diminishes your point.

  51. 51


    I hope you are being sarcastic…

  52. 52

    Acclaimed??! Yeah OK, if you like agenda filled, fact distorted, propaganda films that mask as documentaries. Perez you really need to wake up. You're about to fall off the far left cliff.

  53. 53

    this fat bloated cow should try slim fasting for a bit. moo.

  54. 54

    Moore is simply biting the hand that feeds.