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The Close-To-Perfect Family

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Yes, we've said it before, but we need to say it again… Kelly Ripa is one hot mom!

The talk show host was spotted in the NYC on Thursday with two of her children, Joaquin and Lola Consuelos.

Those kids have some good genes, cuz they are adorable!

And check out Ripa's arms!

The happy family, minus the hot hubby, spent some time shopping and even walked away with a professional popcorn maker.

Movie night this weekend?

[Image via WENN.]

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46 comments to “The Close-To-Perfect Family”

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  3. 3

    Perez. Can you please focus on what your blog is for rather than you personal life. I am sick and tired of your rants and whines.

  4. 4

    Nice to see some positive celebrity news for a change. Kelly are her family are adorable.

  5. 5

    Minus the hubby aaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnddddddddddd, one other child!

  6. 6

    Yeah she kicks ass…loved her South Park episode Quiff ha ha luv her

  7. 7


  8. 8

    The happy family minus the hot hubby…..I think you forgot they have another child too…..Michael Consuelos!!!!
    Just thought I would mention it!

  9. 9

    Her spoiled brats.

  10. 10

    Perez, You may be saddened to know that she's a republican !

  11. 11

    A popcorn machine…………….????
    Mario has H1N1……….

  12. 12

    Man Kelly Ripa is smoking hot!

  13. 13

    she is toooooooo thin …

  14. 14

    Cute family, just wish kelly would gain a couple pounds :P

  15. 15

    When Perez LIKES someone he goes overboard…… May I submit Dita Von Teese (or however the name is spelled) as an example?

  16. 16

    i love kelly ripa

  17. tori says – reply to this


    Isn't it funny how the stars who are on Perez's "good" side can do no wrong (Kelly Ripa, Madonna) no matter how bad they look. Kelly Ripa looks like a scarecrow or a little boy - take your pick. Her daughter looks like a child of normal weight, who probably weighs more than her own mom! It is not natural for Ripa to look like that. She may pretend to eat and have a healthy lifestyle, but as a former anorexic, I can see through that!

  18. 18

    Eww. Her daughter is chubby. Oogly.

  19. 19

    Kelly looks like she weighs less then her daughter!

  20. 20

    It's nice to see celebs not acting like morons… but let's not go on about how "hot" Kelly Ripa is. She's frighteningly skinny and go Google that picture of her in a 2-piece. Her belly button is way frightening!

  21. 21

    Her daughter is not only plain but she is also a spoiled brat with a horrible personality, she was on the Regis and Kelly show one time and her attitude was obnoxious, her two little boys are cute though…to be the "perfect family Kelly would need to get rid of that ugly little girl, she doesnt' have any of her Mom or Dad's good genes.

  22. 22

    Her daughter is soooo plain looking, she came out on Regis and Kelly once and not only is she a ugly little girl, she also had the most obnoxious attitude, too bad for her. Her two boys are cute though!

  23. 23

    Re: Saphire – I remember that show, they were doing a cooking segment and I thought the very same thing. All the daughter did was pout and whine like an obnoxious brat! If that were my kid, I would've been so embarrassed, and given her a major attitude adjustment, however Kelly didn't seem to give a shit. Come to think of it, every picture you see of that child she looks completely miserable. Must be a fun house to be in.

  24. 24

    Lola is full of attitude. Thank goodness for her son Michael. He's the sweet one. Meanwhile, movie night is all they get. No TV at all. She thinks _that's_ good parenting? How ’bout the way she spoils them silly with equestrian training, trapeze lessons, homes in the Hamptons and colorado.. vacations 6 times a year? These kids are gonna grow up appreciating NOTHING and expecting EVERYTHING. But, hey, she says. "I don't let them watch television." whoop de doo.

  25. 25

    I hope that they don't have her gross belly button!

  26. 26

    Good God I feel old right now! I remember when she was preggers with daughter Lola.

  27. 27

    Are you kidding me? Kelly Ripa is NOT one hot mom. She looks anorexic and skeletal. She doesn't look muscular, she just looks nasty. But I guess her husband likes that sort of thing. It's not heroin-chic anymore, it's skeletal-chic! lol.

  28. 28


  29. Drek says – reply to this


    I am thinking that her family isn't so good…. they're posing!!

  30. 30

    She's not skinny, she's fit. That's what happens when you strength train. Seeing muscle is not the same as seeing bone.

  31. 31

    i don't find kelly at all attractive. compare her arms and legs with her daughter's to see how completely emaciated she is.

  32. 32

    She looks like Madonna- obsessed with "fitness" but claims she just wants to be healthy. That is not healthy- her body fat percentage is mostly like dramatically under healthy. That is truly distorted- parading that around as "healthy" is just as damaging as a too-thin model.

  33. 33

    Skinny ass arms should not be muscular. They look gross, just like Madonna's.

  34. tori says – reply to this


    Re: slavetofashion – Well said! Kelly Ripa does not have the body of a fit, healthy person. She has the body of someone obsessed with being skinny. Just look at older pictures of her. She was once a normal weight, but over the years has dieted and exercised so much that she doesn't even resemble her former, pretty self. What a terrible message she is sending to her young daughter.

  35. 35

    i love kelly ripa! pretty and yet so funny! just adorable!

  36. 36

    I can't stand Kelly!! I don't understand how people can sit through her show…very self absorbed person. She can take any topic and turn it around to be about her and it just screams of "LOOK AT ME!!!" Not to mention her new bikini pics are fugly. The belly button alone is repulsive!

  37. jemms says – reply to this


    she has arms like that becuz she doesnt fucking eat!!! how can u say she looks good?? she looks sickly!!!!!

  38. jemms says – reply to this


    Re: Insain – bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!! u DO NOT look like this if u strength train and eat properly…she is way over the top and looks gaunt, not strong.

  39. 39

    Re: jemms

    You can't maintain muscle if you don't feed yourself properly. She has well defined arms. In order to keep her arms defined like that (muscles), she must eat well enough. For what it's worth, this angle of the arm is the thinnest angle you can get. If you see her from the side, you'll see that there is a lot more there than this picture shows.

    I'm a nurse and a personal trainer, so I swear I'm not just pulling this out of my ass, lol :P

  40. 40

    I he holding a mixer? I loved playing with my grandma's manual mixer like this one. I have it know.

  41. 41

    Cute fam but the daughter doesn't look like either of them. The two boys do one looks like Kelly and the older one looks like Mark. Cut family though.

  42. 42

    Re: ginadoll – Honest? That sucks no TV? What's her problem? I'm sure she got to enjoy it when she was a kid. I hate parents like that especially her and Madonna people who make a living OFF OF TELEVISION. Like a little TV will ruin them.

  43. 43

    Anorexic, Perez, not hot. Those arms are more hideous than Madonna's.

  44. Typh says – reply to this


    My first instinct is to not like Kelly at all, but honestly, she's just likable.
    She doesn't pour herself into attire like a 15 year old, not the clubber type.
    She just seems like an over-indulgent parent more than anything else.
    Wonder what H-wood and NY clubs are going to be looking like in 10 years.
    All the Celeb-babies grown up and hitting the town.
    Hopefully her daughter is not a future Paris or Lindsay.
    Anybody else scared?

  45. ddf says – reply to this


    Her arms wouldn't look like that if she didn't have a nanny watching her children while she spends 3 hours at the gym every day!

  46. 46