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Enraged Linda Hogan Speaks!

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After our exclusive chat with Brooke Hogan on Thursday, where she accused her mother, Linda, of doing drugs, Mommy Hogan and her PR team couldn't keep quiet!

We received an e-mail from Linda's people entitled Brooke's Attempt to Kiss Perez's Ass!

Check this shiz out!!!

Perez, if Brooke continues to spew lies on behalf of her father's lame attempt to distance himself from the reality that he is no different from the homicidal OJ Simpson, Charlie will be forced to put aside his paramedic/firefighting career path and release an album called "Redemption" which will easily surpass any of Brooke's records sales.

Brooke has always had a problem telling the truth. If it is her claim that her breasts are natural or she hasn't been banging the crap out of the pot head $tack for the last 3 years, then her comments of Charlie being a year and a half younger than her are again a complete fabrication (they are 4 months apart). She only judges Charlie because of his long hair and age, Linda doesn't judge.

Here are some cold hard facts; these people who say Linda is doing drugs are friends of Hulk Hogan. Brooke is Hulk's only remaining mouthpiece and a pawn in his game of control. Linda will walk into any drug testing facility and take a random test and the truth will be she is clean. Put your money where your mouth is Brooke aka Hulk. Brooke "thinks" she's doing drugs is a hypocrisy when her father and $tack are rolling and Smoking joints together in Brooke's recording session, and Brooke knows it. As for Charlie, he is an accomplished Spring board diver (4th in the Nationals), eagle scout and certified captain in commercial boating with his bigger goal of joining the fire department. Linda's definition of a good time is hitting a 8:30 am mass at St Max's grabbing some Cuban food at Versailles (her fav). We aren't here to kiss anyone's ass but Linda would love spend a fun California day with Perez with or without that famous garlic chicken, but you have to go to mass.

Gary Smith on behalf of Linda Hogan
Global PR Inc


Who do U believe???

[Image via WENN.]

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363 comments to “Enraged Linda Hogan Speaks!”

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  1. 1

    crazy messed up family ….

  2. 2

    that family is f*cked up.

  3. 3

    put the whole trashy lot of the Hogans in a car and drive it off a cliff already. they are clearly all WHITE TRASH media whores, a close second to the Lohans.

  4. 4

    Just the fact that a 47 year old woman feels the need to badmouth her child shows that there must be some validity to the information given. The comment about them being 4 months apart is comical as well since that only leaves 27 years to explain.
    At least Candi Spelling took the high road (??) and didn't make comments with respect to her only daughter's sex life, breast implants, putting down her music and calling her an out and out liar. Aren't mothers supposed to encourage and love their children?

    And this mass stuff…CRAP. I say follow her around in a month and see what she is doing day to day. However, this isn't news this is just gross.

  5. 5

    I'm totally taking Brooke's side on this one. The fact that Linda is willing to throw such crazy accusations at her daughter and husband (comparing him to OJ Simpson? really?) makes her look bananas.

  6. 6

    lol STFU 'Gary Smith'

  7. 7

    this family is just white trash. why they are rich and famous is beyond me.

  8. 8

    There is NO way a good PR firm would actually release a statement like that. Linda really needs to lay off the shit.

  9. 9

    linda is a crack head..

  10. 10

    It's true that Brooke's tits are fake. But is this from the mother's people to the daughter? That's effed.

  11. 11

    Defensive people look guilty. Only a mother ON drugs would lash out and say such hurtful things to/about her own child. That's messed up!

  12. Unari says – reply to this


    It's official…Lina Hogan is nuts.
    If this hooker had any class, she certainly wouldn't be going after her own daughter like that. She is petty and small and apparently only wants money. Baby, sit your lame ass down and act like a grown woman. You are embarrassing yourself.

  13. 13

    Woah. Where's Dr. Phil right now?

  14. 14

    Linda Hogan is nothing but a bleach blonde cum dumpster. The fact that she is pointing out that Charlie is only 4 months younger than her daughter is pathetic. Like getting banged in the brown by a Eagle Scout is appropriate. She should shut her fucking jailbait loving ass and get a job. How do you go out and trash your own daughter and take the side of that loser Charlie is beyond me. She reminds me of one of those women who stay with the boyfriend that molests their kid because they love the guy. She'll never learn..She should fire that cheese dick publicists immediately!!

  15. 15

    Her "people" meaning lawyers, wrote that shit about Brooke?
    That trashy, low class whore of a mother needs to be on anti-psychotic meds.
    Who cares if they're a year & a half or 4 months apart, Linda looks like a fucking ass.

  16. BB11 says – reply to this



  17. 17

    Linda is simply low class. I can not believe a "Mother" would have her people talk about her daughter like that - I'm sure she'll now claim that it was "her people" and not her directly, but she must have signed off on the e-mail.
    Linda is a disgusting example of a parent.

  18. 18

    I think it is real sad for a mother if she attacks her own daughter! Brooke didn't day that much crap about her.. If she is ever hoping that here relationship with Brooke will reunite, i think she has a real small chance eafter this.. how low can you be as a grown up woman!

  19. 19

    Defensive people look guilty. Only a mother ON drugs would ever say such horrible, hurtful things about her own daughter. That's MESSED UP!

  20. 20

    wow any decent mother would have bit her tongue

  21. 21

    This whole family is an epic fail

  22. 22

    This letter is messed up for SOOO many reasons. First, what mom would say or allow her PR company to say, ANYTHING bad about her child. It's disgusting! She should take the high road and keep her mouth shut.
    Second - I love that her boyfriend's resume includes diving and eagle scouts and that he wants to be a fireman when he grows up! awwww, what a big boy you are!

  23. 23

    So it's okay for Hulk to hint he's going to go O.J on his ex? It's okay for the daughter to pick a side or be used by OJ Hulk to dig at his ex? Honestly, I think it's about time for Linda's side to comment back just to ground some of the fabrications. Loving your child is one thing. Letting them continue to spew lies and pat them on the head is not "loving" their child. Letting your child verbally and publicly abuse you is not "loving" your child. Nor is letting the lies fester and let the child be used by the father to do so.

    As for the age differences…I'm honestly really sick to death of society's acceptance of older men with younger women but throwing rocks when it's reversed. Linda doesn't have to "explain" a 27 year difference in age between her and her boytoy anymore than any of the male actors do with those barely legal girls they've got swinging on their bedroom furniture. Linda can "explain" her young boyfriends age when Jack Nickleson can "explain" his.

  24. 24

    Who cares? they both suck.

  25. 25

    It is sick how a mother would turn on her daughter like this. I don't give a damn what her daughter is saying. Linda is supposed to be an adult. She could address this with Brooke and not a public format , again regardless of what her daughter is doing. Linda appears to be nothing more than a money loving hobag…And dating a man 4 months younger than your daughter is gross. I dont care who you are.
    I also think she doth protest too much. she wont step foot in a drug testing facility. I am not a violent person but if i was Hulk I would have thought about life with her gone too. She is a hag!

  26. 26

    I believez that Linda's p.r. person doesn't know how to write grammatically correct sentences, that is what I believez!

  27. 27

    Wow Linda is a BITCH! Any mother who would badmouth her child in public like that has major issues! Even if Brooke flat out said her mother is doing drugs….she didn't…she just said that is what she heard…..Linda should have taken the high road and just denied it and said she'd take a drug test all the rest was unecessary and probably permanantly ruined her relationship with her daughter! What horrible mother would choose a goldigging boyfrined over there own child!!!!! Brooke and Nick would be better off without her!!! She can keep her golddigging boyfriend and see what happens when his eye starts roaming to the younger ones!!!!!!!

  28. 28

    that is crap, and terrible grammar. where did linda find this guy? not that I would expect much better from her….

  29. 29

    What a terrible example of PR. Way to make the profession look as easy as writing catty notes in class in the 9th grade. Gary Smith…what a loser.

  30. 30

    I tend to believe Linda. I think she wants to live her own life, and Brook and the Hulk can't deal with her choices…if my daughter called me a druggie, I would spank her if she was under 18. If not, then I would set the record straight. Bravo.

  31. 31

    What a bad PR rep. I work in PR and find the wording of his statement completely unprofessional. Also, I understand there is a mother/daughter rift here, but I agree with BLSLUT666 - Linda is 47 and supposed to be the parent and more mature one in the relationship. She totally trashed her her own daughter. Not only did Candy Spelling handle herself better, but so did Eminem's mother, and that's saying a lot.

    If you're trying to repair your image Linda, try again…you're only damaging it further. Oh, and find a new PR rep while you're at it.

  32. 32

    Eagle Scout, lol… Wow.

  33. 33

    What a great mom. Mommy Dearest.

  34. 34

    Linda Hogan is disgusting! She obviously always wanted to be famous and the only reason why she ever married Hulk is because she knew he was the closest thing to fame she would ever taste. Then she gets a reality show and turns in her pink slip. Now I don't know what occurred in her marriage but I think the way this turned out was pretty convenient for her. Kids learn from their parents and at this point I see where they get some of their fame whorish ways. I'm disgusted by the road she decided to take when responding to her daughter. If she does have implants, then she was the idiot who had to give it the ok, the girl is barely over 18. I can go on and on with her rant, and I'm sure Hulk is no angel, but he doesn't appear to be as crazy as her. Their are so many things to touch on but at this point everyone can see it's pretty obvious. Isn't she at all concerned about mending the relationship with her daughter?

  35. 35

    That was the stupidest thing i have ever read. Linda should be shot and the guy that wrote this crap.

  36. 36

    BS beat me to it. Why would any mother allow something like this to be released to the media. I can see defending herself but starting off with the nasty comments. That is messed up regardless of what your child did.

  37. 37

    What kind of mother would talk like this about her daughter? This family is obviously in need of major help. Sick.

  38. 38

    LINDA HOGAN is a fucking asshole! I would never let a PR person say things like that about my daughter! LINDA is a fucked up piece if shit druggie with a boy scout boyfriend and being 4 months apart is way TOOOOO close for comfort! LINDA is obviously the serious fuck up in this mess! Brook is an adult, I really doubt her father and friends would want her talking all this shit about her mother.

  39. 39

    Versailles is my favorite too!! Only the one on Venice though!! MMMM GARLIC CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. 40

    whatever Brooke has done, Linda seems to have taken the lowest possible road. I cant believe she would let this be released. to badmouth her daughter like that is absolutely ridiculous.

  41. 41

    I think they're all doing drugs, and probably do a lot more than smoking pot.

  42. 42

    **GASP** Charlie was an Eagle Scout!?! Well then I guess it is ok to BANG him!! Linda is clearly nuts. HEY Linda Hogan!! (Because I'm sure your foaming at the mouth for this little bit of attention!) ever heard of taking the HIGH road? It's definitely one thing for Brooke to come on here and do what she did but for YOU to do it is completely different. Your her MOTHER!!!! Close your legs, lay off the drugs, and ACT YOUR AGE!! Eventually when your vagina resembles elephant ears… I'm pretty sure that TOOL of a boyfriend will leave you. Only then will you realize what you have lost. I just find you to be the worst of the worst!! TEAM BROOKE AND TERRY!!!

  43. 43

    The fact that she said Versailles and Garlic Chicken are her favorite means shes telling the truth!! MMMM Garlic Chicken!!

  44. 44

    team linda lol

    brooke's a dumbass for back stabbing her mom like that

  45. 45

    Is this email genuine? This was written by someone who makes a living in public relations? It reads like it was written by a 13 year old. And a PR firm that bashes the daughter of the mother they represent????

    I do love how this person lists Charlie's Eagle Scout merit badge as an accomplishment. Proof that a 47 year old is dating a guy way too young for her is when her lover's list of accomplishments include "Eagle Scout."

    And to say Hulk is controlling. I'm sure he'd be gone if Linda wasn't constantly digging into his wallet. Linda has probably never made a dime by herself and lived off of Hulk's accomplishments. Linda is a leech and this PR firm is paid with Hulk's money. Talk about biting the hand that feeds.

    Linda = Classless Loser

  46. 46

    That's the saddest thing I've ever read… You are mother and daughter!

  47. 47

    Wow! What a pathetic woman. She should learn to keep her mouth shut. No matter what, this is her DAUGHTER, her own flesh and blood. She should really have taken the high road and not made any comments. If anything, she should be in touch with her daughter. This is just making their issues even worse and instead of confronting Brooke and working it out she is adding fuel to the fire. It is sad to see, no wonder Brooke doesn't speak to her. She should be ashamed of herself, she is a failure as a mother.

  48. 48

    Linda makes Dina Lohan look like mother of the year

  49. 49

    True or not, how sad!

  50. 50

    Re: blslut666 – Linda Hogan is not 47.
    According to Wikipedia she was born in August 1959, this makes her 49, turning 50 in August.
    Her boytoy Charlie Hill turned 20. So Linda is 29 years older then her boyfriend. Tee hee :D

  51. 51

    WOW. That did nothing to improve Linda's image. It just made it far, far worse. Gary obviously doesn't have any PR knowledge, because that was a poorly written letter that does no good, and he and Linda should be ashamed of making those kind of claims against Brooke. Brooke was far more believable in the video chat with Perez, whether or not her claims were true, she's a 21 year old girl, not a 48 year old. Her mother should have been mature enough to leave it alone or have those fabulous PR people write a far more mature statement.

  52. 52

    I dont like Brooke

  53. 53

    how you gonna have a rep of you shit on your daughter's name ? your own daughter.this is the saddest shit. damn linda. hogan should of never sign on to do that vh1 show in 02 maybe they all would still be a happy famliy. i mean this is a famliy first and formost all effed up over money,sex,lies and envy. real shame

  54. 54

    lmao…what trailer trash women! IF they d walk looking like THAT on the streets here in my country , they d get ARRESTED or at least questioned by police patrol as HOOKERS walking the street!

  55. 55

    I think if she had any class, she wouldn't feel the need to publicly defend herself against her daughter's accusations. That whole family is trash.

  56. 56

    lol….absolutley outstanding!!! LOVE it! Brooke rebuddle please….
    (i just love it when families broadcast their dirty laundry)

  57. 57

    Re: deFafnyr – I totally agree wih you! The fact that Brooke has been stabbing her mom in the back for a long time now has been totally overlooked by everyone. Linda has obviously snapped + has had enough + wants to get her side of the story out there. Yes ok I admit this is over the top but the way it is written sounds like someone who has simply had enough of people lying about her + has finally exploded! I actually think Brooke used to seem like a sweet girl but to be honest now she is totally out of line siding with her father, completly cutting her mom out (I wonder why $?) lol but no seriously I really think although Brooke may think she has her own mind she should take time to reflect and think about whether she has been a tad brainwashed into believing everything her father stands for is right, bcos sweetie it really isn't + the way your going you will be totally estranged from your mom and this will make for a very sad future when you get married have babies ect… without your mother by your side. You need to sit down just the two of you and get everything out in the open however hard this will be.

  58. 58

    they need a real job…………. hand/blow………….????
    Mario sucks teddys ass

  59. 59

    Linda is a disgusting pig. I feel so bad for Brooke to have such a slutty disgusting mother who parades around acting like a 20 year old. This woman is a disgrace. I hope she gets nothing from the Hulk. I feel bad for the Hulk having a sleeze like this trying to get his money that he worked hard for.

  60. 60

    Re: blslut666 – amen!

  61. 61

    Ooooh, what a BAD MOMMY! You don't trash your only daughter publicly. You protect them. Stupid dumb whore. It only makes her look worse. Poor Brooke!

  62. 62

    I've said it before Perez, you've been on the wrong side of this one. The only thing Hulk Hogan is guilty of is not being the brightest star in the sky. Linda is a hard core maniac and the real villain in this story.

  63. 63

    BROOKE 100%. i feel so bad for brooke. her family is so messed up. i think brooke is really nice and sweet. her mom is a bitch for talking shit about her.

  64. 64

    I feel so sorry for hulk, and brooke. Lindas like a snake sucking the life out of them, I hate linda so much, shes such a bitch, spending all of hulks hard earned money he made putting his body on the line wrestling.

  65. 65


  66. 66

    Why would they contact you, and why would anyone want to have lunch with your disgusting ass? It is obvious that they are very whacked to reach out to you to set the record straight. I would rather gargle with Tabasco and razors, than to give you an explanation, but they again you are YOU and they are well….White Trash. Aigght????
    OUT -
    Fidel and Teddy

  67. 67

    pretty obvious she is just using brooke herself as pawn against hulk.
    she is like 21-22 im sure what she says is from her own mouth and first hand experience.
    Linda is stil bringin up the whole OJ thing because thats all she has on him.
    Luckily Hulk is keeping quiet within reason…better to do that than bitch and moan ur way through a divorce.

  68. 68

    no I don't believe. No way is this a real letter from a real PR firm. Puhhhleezzeeeee!

  69. Jai says – reply to this


    Rather than launching a public verbal attack on her daughter, Linda should just go take a hair follicle drug test and let that decide who is telling the truth. Hard evidence speaks for itself. I'm sure she'll fail which is why she didn't just go get tested.

  70. 70

    Like mother like daughter….
    Although in this bizarre family it gets so confusing. Like father like daughter?

  71. 71

    what i believe is that a woman that is almost 50 years old should not be smearing her child's name through the media. talking about poor record sales and fake breasts? linda should be ashamed of herself. regardless of any hardship the family is going through, linda knows better. if she had any dignity or hope for reconciliation with her children, she would keep her mouth shut, or at the very least not say such hurtful things about them.

  72. 72

    The Hogans get a trophy as the most dysfunctional family in the US.

  73. 73

    These people all need to die in a fire.

  74. 74

    WOW!! WTF. Linda Hogan and her so called PR team are all trapped emotionally at 15 year old. NO REAL mentally stable mom would spew this shit out or allow a PR person too. No real mentally stable mom would leave dad to be a fame whore and pursue a relationship with a boy 27 years her junior and younger then her daughter. Hulk is not OJ, let it go Linda. Otherwise your ass would have been slayed along time ago for the pain and suffering you have caused Hulk and his children. Maybe she isn't on drugs but should be. I think Metapause make woman crazy. Maybe that is her problem.

  75. 75

    how could you say something like that about your kid? brooke's comments didn't deserve all of that! who's linda hogan's PR person, because they suck! Linda hogan just made a complete ass of her self and i believe she's on drugs more than ever! Oh, and what's up with the whole mass thing, really linda really?!

  76. 76

    That is seriously fucked up - what was said here about Brooke is 10 times worse than anything Brooke said.
    And about that "Linda would love spend a fun California day with Perez…" stuff - I thought Linda was too "scared' for her safety in California? Didn't she sue for more money to move away from California because she was scared?
    Man, I feel sorry for Brooke to hear someone representing her own mother say those things.
    Whoever Gary Smith is, I hope he has a kid and I hope that kid says the same things back to him someday.

  77. 77

    I believe anybody who would backbite their own daughter like a mean girl in a bitch fight is probably guilty of every charge leveled against her. I also believe that any woman who'd date a KID

  78. 78

    Way to make The Osbournes look like The Windsors, Jesus Christ……..

  79. 79

    i love how they mention Charlie is an eagle scout…I'M SO IMPRESSED…?

  80. 80

    P.S. Nick and Brook are young,their immaturity and views will grow and change with time. Hulk has always been outspoken but grounded and stable. Mom is the one who went off the deep end and went buck wild. So are THEY really crazy? Or is dealing with this wack job of a wife and mom a result of their behavior. Ever action has a reaction. How would you cope if you were a public family that had a mom who distroyed your family?

  81. 81

    LOL "Gary Smith" my ass. For a mother to need to have her "people" write something like that says alot. So much for not judging right?

  82. 82

    I think it's all a shame.

  83. 83

    I believe anybody who would backbite their own daughter like a mean girl in a bitch fight is probably guilty of every charge leveled against her. I also believe that any woman who'd date a KID is embarrassing not only to her family but to ME, and I don't even know her. Further, Linda's ridiculous makeup makes her look like a clown. Have some dignity, woman. Cut that hair, rein in those jugs, throw away all your leopard skin atrocities, cut down on paint and make an effort to age gracefully. You're making a fool of yourself. (and just because you're fucking an Eagle Scout DOESN'T make it any better.)

  84. 84

    Re: blslut666

    You don't know what Candy Spelliing said…as I am sure she would be smart enough to use a mouthpiece as well. These girls want to attack their mothers and the mother is wrong when she slaps back? In what reality are you living in? Yes, I love my child, yes I support my child but if you or anyone else thinks that being a mother is about being subjected to abuse and remaining silent…then you are sadly mistaken and I am really offended that you think I would have to. I will love my daughter til the day I die…but if she hits me…I will hit back.

  85. 85

    I cant stand either of them…but any one who bashes their own daughter is seriously F***ed up!!

  86. 86

    signed Linda Hogan
    oh, no wait, i need a scapegoat- … and Gary Smith

  87. 87

    This is how the statement SHOULD have read:

    "Linda is deeply saddened to hear what her daughter Brooke said about her recently. Linda does not do drugs nor has she ever.

    While Linda will continue to love and support her daughter and her music career, she simply cannot stand by and watch her good named be ruined by these drug abuse allegations.

    Linda is not sure where Brooke is getting her information from but she is categorically denying all drug abuse allegations.

    Linda sends her love to her daughter and hopes she continues to work on her music because Linda knows that is Brooke's true calling in life. She loves her daughter and hopes to speak with her soon to clear this matter up privately. "

    Since the statement didn't sound ANYTHING like that, I'm going to assume that she's smoking crack. NO mother should EVER bash their child like that in public. Linda should be ASHAMED of herself!

  88. 88

    Wow, what a classy family.

  89. 89

    She is a real horrible mom.
    I feel sorry for Brooke.
    This is so dysfunctional.

  90. 90

    How could you allow anyone to say those things about your daughter? What a lame ass family.

  91. 91

    Wow, that is SO DRY. Esp. the record sales and fake boobies part.

  92. 92

    Who cares!

  93. 93

    I am a PR professional and may I just say that Linda Hogan needs to fire her representation. Possibly the worst attempt at PR ever….

  94. 94

    What a disgusting way for a mother to behave toward her child. I'm no Brooke/Hulk fan, these people should all just keep their mouths shut and stay out of the spotlight, it is extremely unbecoming to all of them. Perez, no matter how tempting (and lucrative) the drama is, you should ignore them all.

  95. 95

    Wow Linda needs to grow up!! I mean seriously does she really think her boyfriend really wants her tranny butt…all he wants is somee moneyy!! And its pretty awful what she says about her daughter's record, even if it does suck you don't tell your own child that!

  96. 96

    her idea of a good time is 830 mass….yea right what a dumbass. She's just an attention whore. its just wrong for a mother to put her daughter down like that. shes just stoopin to their level

  97. 97

    A new spin on "Mommie Dearest".
    Why am I not surprised???

  98. 98

    i think if linda hogan cant trash talk her self she's scary pot-headed bitch!!!

    p.s they're right about brooke hogan's music career!

  99. 99

    well this is retarded! who really cares about the hogans?and this email sounds so unprofessional my 8 yr old brother could have wrote it

  100. 100

    I can't believe Linda Hogan would let someone put that out on her behalf; it basically says her daughter is a whore and a liar. I think both sides are petty and disgusting. Oh well, I'm only here for the laughs and the few celebrities that DON'T have their heads stuch up their arses!

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