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Is Glambert The New Freddie Mercury???

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Talk about a match made in heaven!

Publicly closeted homosexual, Adam Lambert, and Queen???

After Lambert's performance with the rock legends on the American Idol finale last week, Queen guitarist Brian May told Rolling Stone magazine that the band is toying around with the idea of Glambert becoming Queen's permanent frontman!


Says May: "…[Drummer Roger Taylor] and I are definitely hoping to have a meaningful conversation with [Lambert] at some point. It's not like we, as Queen, would rush into coalescing with another singer just like that. It isn't that easy. But I'd certainly like to work with Adam. That is one amazing instrument he has there."

It just goes to show that losing American Idol can be more beneficial than winning in the long run!

Glamberella's got quite the career in front of him!

Would U like to see Lambert fronting Queen???

[Image via WENN.]

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290 comments to “Is Glambert The New Freddie Mercury???”

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  1. 1

    Adam reminds me of a combination of Bruce Dickenson of Iron Maiden, Dennis DeYoung of Styx, Michael Sweet of Stryper, Freddie Mercury of Queen, and Eric Adams of Manowar morphed into one vocal with the visual acuity of David Bowie. He has the same flamboyance, glam aura, and vocal rythmics as Freddie, however; there can only be one Freddie Mercury and that Freddie Mercury had more than just a great voice and stage pressence, he had artistry. Once Adam can create a song that combines 5 genres and turn into a classic hit or has his songs played at every sporting event on the fucking planet, that's when you can say he is the new Freddie Mercury. Still love him (Adam) and am looking forward to his future music.

  2. 2

    I keep hearing this but wasn't freddie mercury of indian descent??? … minor detail

  3. 3

    I hate this guy.

  4. 4

    Perez, aren't you going to mention Susan Boyle singing "Memory" from "Cats" on Britain's Got Talent? She was wonderful! :)

  5. 5

    No one could top Freddie Mercury, but Adam could potentially be a modernized version. I love Adam, and I love Queen, I say do it.

  6. 6

    BTW Perez, I think out of any current artist, he would be great to front Queen, but he is better off identifying himself individually so he can make a name for himself rather than be the shadow of a legend. He should take this offer as a compliment.

  7. 7

    Wow this is one lucky bastard if these rumors are true!! I dont know if he will be a good frontman I guess I need to see it first. Although I can see him fronting the band, I mean he is gay, he will fit in!!! But there's nobody like Freddy!!!

  8. 8

    If Brian May, being a legend himself, said that he would like to see Adam front Queen, he has to be pretty damn good. I enjoyed what I've watched on American Idol and was ashamed that he didn't win. I think his overt sexuality is what made him lose because of all the bible thumpers in this country, but at least his first single isn't that awful monstrosity that he and Kris both had to sing! More power to Adam and I hope Queen puts out some new material! RIP Freddy.

  9. 9


    first ?

  10. 10

    Freddie was Indian by way of England! I don't see where that is a problem. Who cares what a person is just rock!

  11. 11

    I think that would be fantastic ! More so if they more forward with music and not try and remake their old songs, which some wouldnt be a bad idea if they just put a modern spin on them

  12. 12

    Talk about a match NOT made in heaven. This guy is no Freddie Mercury. He lost. It's over. And there is only one Queen. Let's not be ridiculous.

  13. 13

    No, please! Fredie Mercury cannot be replaced, he was a musical genius and a one of a kind singer. Have we learned nothing from the INXS fiasco trying to replace Michael Hudgens, which was futile?

    Please no old bands trying to get back together and getting a new lead singer. Just leave it and respect your amazing achievements!

  14. 14

    Well they have just parted ways with their last frontman and looking for a replacement, so maybe Adam sang with them and impressed them at the right time. Maybe Adam would like to make some cash as a solo artist first before becoming part of a band?

  15. 15

    YES! YES! YES! I can guarantee WIMBLEY will be sold out! Queen is Queen.

  16. 16

    omgah! well, he won't be half as good as freddie mercury…freddie mercury is iconic and unique..

  17. 17

    Freddie was Maltese.

  18. 18

    well like duh!

  19. 19

    oh FUCK NO!
    Adam Lambert will never possess the charisma and talent Freddie Mercury had.
    I really really REALLY hope this is just a rumor, or else May is outta his fucking mind.

  20. 20


  21. 21

    fuck that, i think their music would get worse, and i will never buy a song sung by a guy who cant even claim his own sexuality. plus if in every song he is going to sound like a screaming baby, all of america should pull their earplugs out. if this shit happens, i can guarantee i will never be listening to Queen ever again, i will delete all their music, just a big loss of respect to them for even putting this heinous crime of an idea out there. ughhh

  22. 22

    i mean, he is a good singer…
    however, i dont think he can be compared to freddie!!
    having a good voice doesnt mean you have what it takes to become an icon!!
    feddie was EXTREMLY talented

  23. 23


  24. bosme says – reply to this


    Of course he is going to have a stellar career! he dont need no Queen although its nice to get the offer.

    Cant wait for his album

  25. 25

    OMG!! I thought about this the second i saw them together!! He would make a great addition, he would never replace Freddie but he would add that Adam flair!! awesome!!

  26. Pibb says – reply to this


    The first time I heard this kid, which was on the Idol finale, I said he sounded like he'd perform well with Queen. And when he ended up finishing with Queen it wasn't bad at all. He's got to be better than Paul Rogers. That was a mistake!

  27. 27

    No…. I wouldn't…. he's was to young and will just let the fame get to his head..

  28. 28

    great complainment from brian may! but I would rather have adam do his own solo thing or with his own band.

    Can't wait for Adam to release his album!

  29. 29

    So can you stop raggin on Kris now Perez? You think you have to bash Kris cuz poor Adam…..LOOK AT ADAM! he is happy as hell and his life is DAMN GOOD! And its gonna just get better for BOTH of them. Br happy for them both Perez come on what swith all the hate ALL the time. Why are you HATING on Kris cuz he is straight? Thats not right! He is a cool guy, so is Adam……be happy for them both! Neither one of them need defending or policed by Perez cuz they BOTH are gonna go far and they BOTH deserve it. Show some love and support! Look at Daughtry…..2nd place thre him straight to the top of the ladder and without the strings attached from AI and the $$$ going in AI's pockets……….Oh Adam is gonna be successful and he will be able to keep his money and not have to throw it to AI like Kris so I actually feel bad for Kris.

  30. 30

    I said from the start Aam sounded as talented as Freddie Mercury he is the best choice for the band.

  31. 31

    uh, NO! There was only one Freddy - as for Adam's KISS performance everyone is raving about, he hardly performed!!! It was all the KISS guys covering for him-a little prancing around in platforms doesn't make you a Rock God in training!!

  32. 32

    I'd love to see them do some performances or do some songs together in the future…
    Perez just HAD to insert "closeted homosexual" when referring to Adam again. He does more damage to equal rights for gays than any homophobe could. I'm thinking he made a pass at Adam and Adam shot him down lol.

  33. 33

    I think for now it would be a good idea for them to do a song together. That would be cool. Not sure about him fronting them– He should explore a solo career first, but it would be awesome if they did a song for his album.

  34. 34

    I would love him to do something with them but would love to see him on his own!!! I LOVE this guy!!! Bravo Adam!!!

  35. 35

    ….if you want to really enjoy irreverant, hilarious celebrity gossip. (love you Michael!)

  36. 36

    Re: *Rabbit* – He is to young… not was..

  37. 37

    him as the front for Queen? Nah tht would be gay

  38. 38

    New Freddie Mercury..NEVER! Could he sing with Queen and do a good job..Yes!

  39. MP says – reply to this


    I think that would be an amazing experience for Adam.

  40. 40


  41. 41

    NO PLEASE! He will ruin Queen!

  42. 42

    Heh. I love this kid. Bet Freddie Mercury would have loved him.

  43. 43

    In a word: NO. He doesn't even come close to being in the same league. That's quite laughable, actually.

    On the other hand, Queen doesn't really do much these days with the exception of live performances so this would keep Adam off of my radio. That would be a good thing.

  44. Kerrs says – reply to this


    No. maybe as a guest singer, but not as a permanent fixture. yes he would bring new life to queen, but , we have already been there done that with Queen. and he will forever be compared to noone other than Freddy Mercury

  45. 45

    I think it would be great if Adam did some guest performances with Queen…or maybe a one-off HBO-type concert. He was fabulous with them the other night. HOWEVER, I think it would be better for Adam's career to focus on his own, new music. He should avoid any reference to being someone else resurrected (Mercury, Elvis, etc). He is his own person, unique and of this time. I can't wait to hear his genre-defying take of rock/dance/glam music.

  46. 46

    David Hyde Pierce once said
    "My life is an open book, but that doesn't mean I'm going to read it to you. "
    I think that goes for Adam too!


  47. 47

    As long as Bad Company gets Paul Rodgers back.

  48. 48

    Just don't call it Queen. Freddie was THE Queen. End of story. Make a new band, make records, tour, etc. Just don't call it Queen.

  49. 49

    Please, don't even compare Adam to Freddie Mercury, not even in his class, Lambert sings like a mouse while someone is stepping on his balls! Sounds like a hard metal singer from one of those bands that SUCK! Mercury would roll over in his grave if Lambert joined the band!

  50. ass says – reply to this


    Glamberella. Really?

    It's so sad that you have to resort to making up fake, lameass names for people Perez. I understand though, you really have nothing to offer to the world so you have to do shit like this to seem important. So pathetic it's not even funny.

  51. 51

    I think Adam has an amazing voice….if there's anyone that could front Queen other than Freddie it'd be him.
    Luckily he didn't win—don't they have a two-year contract w/ American Idol if they do win? Anywhoo….he'd be perfect.

  52. 52

    No one could ever replace Freddie. That kid is untalented if compared to Freddie. Nuff Said.

  53. 53

    Who cares about this stupid guy? In a year he will be just another American Idol has been/loser. I don't see anything special about him besides Broadway and that's to say the least.

  54. 54

    I really wish that Glambert were straight, so that I could have him!

    Anyway, I wish him the best!

  55. 55

    I hope this happens. He is a relatively new, but very talented, singer and to have him in Queen will be extraordinary.

  56. 56

    Some people just need to calm down. Just because Adam may be singing or just working with Queen in the future does not mean he is hurting the legacy.

    They can just do what the did with Paul Rodgers. They had him come on the road for a tour and also do a CD as their singer. Paul Rodgers was not a member of the actual band. They went under the name Queen + Paul Rodgers, which is what they could do with Adam.

  57. 57

    quit being such a passive aggressive douche, perez. there is no need for the "publicly closeted" tag. you don't get to choose when people come out of the closet. try respecting the other members of your glbt community for once.

  58. 58

    Hell no!!.. even though Adam has a nice voice the great Freddy Mercury CAN NOT be replaced!! Adam as well as Kris (even though u hate him perez) can construct a career on their own, based on their talent.

    I want to remember Queen as one of the greatest Rock Bands of all times, not as a parody!

  59. 59


  60. 60

    NO NO NO FUCK NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    freddie is rolling over in his grave

  61. 61

    I'd like to see him perform anywhere, anytime. With Queen or without.

  62. 62

    YES YES YES!!!! I was so impressed with Adam all through AI and the finale just cemented the idea that he belongs with Queen!!!

  63. 63

    FUCK NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. 64

    Adam should be on his own. Maybe do something with Queen, but he needs to be Adam Lambert.

  65. 65

    Freddie is spinning in his grave I bet…

  66. 66

    Why do you have to keep saying the publicly closeted homosexual? Why don't you just his name. What if people kept describing you as an ugly fat bastard.

  67. 67


  68. 68

    WHY DO YOU CARE IF HE'S GAY OR NOT????? You drive me crazy! You don't have the right to call someone out on their sexual orientation, just because you're openly gay. You're discriminating and judging, when you yourself don't want to be. Leave people's orientaion out of it. Being gay or straight does NOT define who a person is.

  69. 69

    I bet Adam is a closeted HETEROSEXUAL. I wish, at least.

    What difference does it make if he publicly declares his sexuality? Do you hear other celebs out there announcing, "yes, I am, in a fact, a heterosexual." It's better that his talented is celebrated and not his sexual preference. I think he's smart by not making an issue out of something that's not an issue.

  70. 70

    I would rather see what Adam does on his own album ..which could include a song Colaboration with Queen & Slash. After that he/we could decide what we would prefer :)

  71. 71

    yeah sure, he is the best man for the job, congratulations adam!!!
    go for it !!!!

  72. MVM10 says – reply to this


    It's unfortunate people give shit about American Idol and its contestants. The show is so overrated. I wish they would just cancel the thing. It's a load of garbage. Sadly people watch it. Sure some contestants have talent but that's where it stops. Few have what it takes to make a long lasting career. They are too fabricated and too controlled.

  73. 73

    How come my comment didn't post? Because it was negative towards Perez? Whimp!

  74. 74

    omg he can rock me anytime he wants ;)
    only he'll never want to, on account of i'm a girl ..

    but if i was a boy, i would've had the BIGGEST BONER when he sang with queen on the finale

    no one can be freddie mercury, but adam's the closest thing we've got
    queen + adam lambert would be orgasm-inducing

  75. 75

    No! There was only one Freddie Mercury! Adam is glam rock, but not that GLAM!

  76. 76

    Re: ladynTO – Freddie Mercury's real name was Farrokh Bulsara.
    He was born on the island of Zanzibar, which belongs to Tanzania in Africa. His parents were actually parsis from British India, his father moved to Zanzibar because of work.

  77. 77

    YES!!! When I first heard him I thought he'd be perfect in the We Will Rock You musical and then when he performed with Queen it was amazing and I said he should be their new lead singer!

  78. 78

    I LOVE ADAM!! I really dont care whether he sings for Queen or has a solo career. Either way, he's a STAR!

  79. 79

    You know, Perez, if Fox news, or ABC or Dobson's Focus on the Family group said, "Publically closeted homosexual, " Adam Lambert, You'd be screaming at the top of your queeny lungs and you'd have your pink lace panties in a bunch. You'd call them six kinds of homophobic fucktards.

    So IMO, you don't get to say it either. Because you are making an "accusation." Obviously YOU think there's something abnormal about being gay. You demand people reaffirm their existence and their sexual orientation. Like WTF are you to make that demand about a person's private life! You are fucking obssessed with it. Adam isn't. Adam is normal. He thinks he can live his life and be himself and people don't get to invade his privacy. He is not closeted. You haven't figured that out yet. Please quit showing your ass, Perez. You're wrong on this one. Trust me. Everybody but you is insisting Adam "declare himself." How many other singers are out here that you are demanding the same? Huh? How many ESTABLISHED, SUCCESSFUL entertainers are you demanding the same of!

  80. cathy says – reply to this


    Awesome Idea, He will rock and bringing Queen back…Awesome Awesome Awesome, LOVE IT!

  81. 81

    NOOOOO!!!! Queen is a CLASSIC band and this flash in the pan "singer" would ruin that image.

  82. 82

    #58 Agree! Great quote!!! It actually applies to everyone….

  83. 83

    nope. no one will ever be even close to freddie mercury. He was one of a kind.

  84. 84

    FUCK NO! THERE IS NO ONE LIKE FREDDIE MERCURY! To even say that is an INSULT to the highest power! Adam Lambert will NEVER be on the same level as Mercury, NEVER!

  85. phil says – reply to this


    wow that would be so incredibly amazing! DO IT!!

  86. 86

    I really think that Adam wants a solo carrer and I hope he goes that way.

  87. 87

    wow talk about shoving a non celebrity down our throats`

  88. 88

    I effin love this! Heck yeah! teehee!

  89. 89

    Closeted homosexual???? God, no wonder people are homophobic! Why don't you think before you talk shit. Jeez, even gay people hate you. They are trying to get accepted then pricks like you ruin everything!

  90. 90

    No one, and i mean no one, is and can be the new freddy mercury. He can be good and have great talent but he could never be as good as freddy mercury.

  91. 91

    you have GOT to be fucking me. no no no no NO!!!!!!
    no WAY will he EVER come close to freddie mercury's brilliance in performance, writing, and talent. JUST NO!!

  92. 92

    hell yes. why not. i just love3 mercury. lets see if he can get the sporting events?!!!!

  93. 93

    No! Adam will be so good on his own! Then he can collaborate with lady gaga, Madonna, and Katy Perry like he wants too! I love him soo much!

  94. k-lee says – reply to this


    He's gorgeous, that's all I know.

  95. 95

    Re: tinkerbell42
    lol. good for you. i agree.

  96. 96

    you're about 3 days late, perez. i'd actually like to see adam do his own thing for awhile.

  97. 97

    Hells Yeah!

  98. 98

    Yes, I think he could compliment Queen really, really well and do his own thing. While no one can ever replace Freddie Mercury, Adam L has a freestyle, standalone, flamboyant and raunchy style and he's ideal for them. Plus, he's an individual not trying to mimic. I wish him a better fate then Freddie Mercury though, who I adored.

  99. 99

    the guy is so ugly, and his screaming is seriously annoying. im a gay liberal and i preferred kris allen, so there goes the redneck voting agenda. and contrary to what my name may suggest, i didnt love kris allen because i wanted to eat out his booty, i loved him because his music appealed to me. the booty eating would just be an incredible bonus. i wouldnt call taking the place of a guy who died 50 years ago in a band who sold their last record 60 years ago an achievement. ill laugh when lamberts back on stage screaming out his fat ugly lungs!

  100. 100


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