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Behind The Scenes Of New Moon!

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The filming of the Twilight sequel New Moon continues to roll!

This time, though, filming has moved from Vancouver to Italy.

R-Patz was looking quite yummy in plaid while on set, as always.

We can't wait for this shiz to come out already!!

[Image via Alex Jackson/WENN.]

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199 comments to “Behind The Scenes Of New Moon!”

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  1. 101


  2. 102

    that thing that is sittin on watever that is looks evil and what is it got to do with New Moon. anyways Perez stop coloring on Kristen Stewart she a cool girl! anyways R.PAtzz looks cuteee!

  3. 103

    Re: roll & rock – Just try to "co-exist" with them.

  4. 104

    so excited about the movie ;-)
    love rob…

  5. 105

    Plaid worn right can look sexy, but this is not what I had in mind. Please tell me that 12 yr old little boy shirt is not part of Robert's costume… The same goes for Kristin. The set looks awful and cheap from these photos, they need to quit fucking up the books, and start doing it right.

    Robert does have a pretty face, he needs to stick to his strengths (AKA modeling) and get out of acting. Let's just face it, he's at the most mediocre. You want to see a gorgeous man who's acting gives you goosebumps? Look up James McAvoy. Robert could not hold a candle to James.

  6. 106

    Oh My GOD!!!! am so excited . . . i just want this movie to come out. . . am so wating for the MTV movies awards

  7. 107

    omg im so excited
    the movie seems so fuckin retarded
    but we…i still love the saga and the actors and the whole original idea
    praise twilight

  8. 108

    why the hate towards kristen? she was the better actor in twilight.

  9. 109

    Rob looks hot as usual!!!!!!! but what is going on the Kristin. i hope that she will not be wearing that during filming. she looks like she belongs in a trailer park. the prop that they are carrying looks madd cheesy. this movie better kick ass!!!!!!! if not i will be so disappointed.

  10. 110

    which part of the movie is this?
    xoxo perez. love your page!

  11. 111

    Rob could literally bathe in monkey feces and I would still do dirty unspeakable things to him

  12. 112

    oh fuck. i am so excited for this to come out. i mean when i read new moon, i literally put myself in a depression because stephhyy describes her pain or rather her numbness so well. im pretty sure people that are dissing it are people who havent read it. to be honest they did a shiteous job on the movie. could have been so much better. but its good enough for us twifans. and umm rob is not ew. not in my eyes at least. his weirdness is what is most attractive. i read his interviews and stuff and im like FREAK..i love it. its like perfection to me. when it comes to looks…to be totally fucking honest im more into jackson rathbone aka jasperbaby. he is pretty sexified. i mean i'd do rob in a second dont get me wrong, but i really have like a huge thing for jackson. and cam. i know hes evil but it makes him hotter. but anyway this scene made my heart go a fucking mile a minute. they better not do a shitty job on this movie and leave important shit out like they did in twilight. anyone reading this and didnt read the book..guess what. JASPER HAS A FUCKING POWER. bet you didn't know that shit huh? yeah he does and they failed to mention that shit. he even uses it on bella in the hotel room in phoenix when they are running from sexyjames. okay im done for now…

  13. 113

    what is that devil thing on the saints procession thingy? was that in the book? i remeber the bit about the saint but not about the vampire. oh wait yes i do omg omg omg yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  14. 114

    I think K-Stew looks good. I hope her acting improves for New Moon.

  15. 115

    Oh My…Robert…..so HOT in such an ugly shirt!!!! Someone buy him some new clothes!!

  16. 116

    Re: adrienneisabitch – you are so right … i love twilight the book better because they left so many important things out . and the same as you i felt really sad while reading new moon , it was like i was expericing what Bella and Edward were suffering . I loved how she decribed every feeling they had . and yeah i think Robert is HOT but i'll also think Jasper is super cute and sexy . have you read the others book too? they are all great….

  17. 117

    Is it just me or is Kristen looking rather 80's white trash…all she needs to complete the look in her cute of jeans is a mullet and open can of PBR…lmao…

  18. 118

    i seriously cannot wait for new moon!

  19. 119

    He always looks yummy! I gotta say…I hate the cut off's Kristen is wearing. I wish this movie would just come out already!! I can't wait!

  20. 120

    I like kristen, I like that she's a pretty tomboy and doesn't dress like a dumb whore like the rest of them in hwood. And she may have touched Robert's no no hole when they both got really drunk on a cold Vancouver night. which highers my estimation of her immeasurably.

  21. 121

    I love Rob but it looks like he's wearing his mother's old shirt and he cut the sleeves off.

  22. 122

    oh and ps–Robert's such a bastard cause he taunts us all by wearing realy shitty clothes and still looking good. It's ilke he's rubbing it in our faces. Wait, a minute, I'd pay for him to rub it in my face……!

  23. 123

    Re: EeekJustine
    James McAvoy is a great actor and very cute, but he is only 5'7" - Rob is about 6'2" which is way more attractive.

  24. 124

    oh and fuck you summit for making the movie for 20.00. That little golden archy thing looks like something my ghetto auntie would come up with for an Easter centerpiece after a trip to Michael's crafts….fucking summit.

  25. 125

    why are people carrying that whole statue thingy…
    what part is it relevant to in the book…i forget
    since i read the book a while back already.

  26. 126

    LOOKS FABULOUS!!!!!!!!

  27. mr13 says – reply to this


    Hopefully KS took some acting lessons while they were off in between. You couldn't tell she was in love. She only made one face, that made her look like she was in pain throughout the entire film… boo. I loved the books but she ruined the movie for me.

  28. 128

    What fucking horseshit.

  29. 129

    AHHH CANT WAIT!! What is that creepy thing in the last picture! Ewwy!

  30. 130

    kaay , not gunna lie .
    L O V E the books,
    however this movie thing is just OVER THE TOP.
    I mean, they made it in to the next high school musical.
    not cool.
    I used to love this book!
    Now its over-rated :'(

  31. 131

    OMFG!!! i just can't wait any longer!!! he looks hot!, and even though i like her she looks fat!

  32. 132

    AHH I CANT WAIT!! What the hell is that creepy thing in the last photo! Ewwy!

  33. 133

    AHH I CANT WAIT!! What the hell is that creepy thing in the last picture! Ewwy!

  34. 134

    yay!! cant wait!!!!!!!!!!

  35. 135

    I like both of them for the lead roles. If they were given a better script and director and budget last time around, they would have hit it right out of the park.

  36. 136

    Wow Kristen Stewart… fashionista.. has that afternoon at K-Mart look down.

  37. 137

    Re: Kanata_EhRe: Kanata_Eh
    Ha ha yes they do

  38. 138

    Wtf is up with that gargoyle/vampire/rose statue thing? It looks horrible, like a disneyland prop!

  39. 139

    Re: ROBERT P IS MY LOVER – HAHAHAHA WTF?? Yeah, that is pretty gross atleast in my opinion!

  40. 140

    Where Are you filming Now? May I join?

  41. 141

    I"m so enjoying the weather, here in LA

  42. 142

    Vancouver is waiting again. Hurry Hurry Sexy Stewart.

  43. 143

    Re: TriciaLove21 – Waiit a second… Your photo looks awfully similar to Kristen. I must be taking my funny pills.

  44. 144

    I wish the Twilight obsession would die. I can't wait for RPatz to try some proper acting in Little Ashes. Then we'll see if he's worth the hype or not.

  45. 145

    ehhm ,

  46. 146

    damn robert looks fyn!!!!!!

  47. 147

    Hey perez its sooo great how you have sth on Rob almost like everydayyy!!! sooo grateful!!!

  48. 148

    Kristin Stewart=ugly a$$ drugggiieee.


  49. 149

    lol. LOVE new moon! cant wait for it to come out… and rpatz makes it a whole lot better!! ( && jackson rathbone!)

  50. 150

    what with that statue thing i dont remember anything like that in the book lol rob looks gorgoeus as usual may b its some sort of rob worship thing hahahahahaha

  51. 151

    Re: Long Dong Connery
    you rang???

  52. 152

    Rob's jawline is PURE SEX!!!!!!!!!! OMG he's sooooooo hooooottttt!

  53. 153

    i adoreeeeeeeee himmm

  54. 154

    Re: TriciaLove21 – If you hate Kristen Stewart so much……why is she your photo….?

  55. 155

    Sexy man in plaid!!!!

  56. 156

    HAWT… as always! BUT im still fumin about the 'no proposal' part of new moon…. i hope they dont ruin the fil,m?

  57. Teal says – reply to this


    Kristen has a ring on her left ring finger.

  58. 158

    Can someone tell me what the hell is "smokin" about Kristen Stewart because i just dont see it. AT ALL.

  59. 159

    nope! cant wait! thats for sure!

  60. -kate says – reply to this


    OMFG! amazing, can't wait for the movie!!! Kristen and Rob look soo great!! they should come to Manitoba!!!! haha i wish, anyway thanks for pics!!

  61. 161

    Re: Kay122 – rob was a kid in harry potter…he's grown up quite some since which is one reason for all the craziness….also, most of the young girls only see "edward" and his perfection…….

  62. 162

    Re: NouuSheDidnT! – i think she's different then most actresses which is what her appeal is. she's not all pink and flowery and worried about the next fashion trend. i think she seems a bit more down to earth then a lot of actresses……i'd smoke one w/ her….HAHA!!!

  63. 163

    Re: DaisyHalt – Haha, but are you including Robert's hair? That's a good 4 inches. I'm 5'4" so they're all tall to me ;]

  64. 164

    My niece, (unfortunate, really, we had such great hope for her) is absolutey nuts with this Twighlight BULLSHIT!!!! I actually borrowed her New Moon book, and nearly died of boredom, (complications of spontaneous anneurism). Good God, will this freakshow ever end??? For those of us interested in anything worth reading I HIGHLY RECOMMEND, SHERRILYN KENYON"S DARK-HUNTER SERIES!!!!! Start with Fantasy Lover, OMG!!! it's such a great read. And please, if there is anyone with any Hollywood connections, please, please, try to convince them to turn Ms. Kenyon's work into film, they would make millions. (It's a smart, action packed adventure, anyone with an active imagination can enjoy !!)

  65. 165

    Re: volteface – Agreed. All I've seen him in so far is Harry Potter and Twilight. So that's not saying much on the skills department. Can't wait to see him in an adult movie.

  66. 166

    cant wait!!!!

  67. 167

    that statue is a bit tacky. looks like something out of a ghost ride at an amusement park.

  68. 168

    rpatz is so hot, and stetwat is annoying

  69. 169

    whats with the little devil

  70. 170

    Rob knows how fuckable he is even in that hand-me-down rag shirt he's wearing. Just look at that impish grin.

  71. 171

    i love rob, he is hot! and i like kirstin too, they would make a great couple!

  72. 172

    eww robert patterson is WAY ugly…team jacob!!!/taylor launter!!!

  73. 173

    omg kristen stewart is in NO way right 2 play bella….would somebody start a petition 2 get rid of her?? lol

  74. 174

    heyy, don't draw on kristin's face. she's a good actress. and i love me some r patzzzzzzzzzzz !!!!!

  75. 175

    Hot! But my taste in men is absurd. Hope they dont eff this movie up as is it sounds like they are…

  76. 176

    rob's shirt is aweful, but he's yummy

  77. 177

    I'm so pumped!
    Is it me or does Kristen look like she's not working out?
    You can tell in her arms. They're a little big for her body.

  78. 178

    im lyke omg! i cant wait well nobody can!!!!!!!!! hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyy! already please!!!!!Rob is so cuuuute wait not cute but sexy!!

  79. 179

    ahhh hes soo hot and ahhh i can't wait for the film !!!

  80. 180

    Re: Long Dong Connery – Maybe it's your internet that's slow & not the site b/c it works fine for me…

  81. 181

    I CANT WAIT TO SEE THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! although i really hope there is more of Jackson Rathbone in this one then the last film.

  82. 182

    Thank god for a bigger budget!! I'm not sure when these kids get time to even breathe I would be scared to pee if I were them.. It's so insane.

  83. 183

    why isnt he sparkling???

  84. 184


  85. 185

    Re: Kanata_Eh


  86. 186

    I so can't wait for the movie to come out. I am hoping that this director does a better job than the first movie. I mean it was great and all but I was not feeling the special effects that much!!! But they did one hell of a job on the casting of Robert pattinson. I need to get me some of that!!!! Yummy

  87. 187

    Re: volteface – little ashes is out……he's done filiming it….you can watch it now……

  88. 188

    omg iam so excited about New Moon comig out XD

  89. 189

    Rob is looking cute, too bad outside the movie he doesnt look that great. but what the hell is up with K-twat, why is she so damn pale??? good god, get some tan girl

  90. 190

    omg, i cannot wait…i know this one will be very close to the book, :) even tho i loved Twilight The Movie, is was nothing even close to the book except for the fact Edward was a vampire :(

  91. 191

    Re: FUN GURL – WTF, lol, do you live next to them, are you a personal friend? Where did you hear this, from a fking blog, lmmfao. Give me and everyone else a fking break from stupiity!

  92. 192

    Re: aubiteme1 – her ass is getting bigger everytime i see a new picture of her, don't get me wrong, but isn't she suppose to be the most beautiful in the books??? Lol, they really need to do extra work on getting her ass to look smaller!

  93. 193

    Re: lilnino – LMMFAO, i so agree with you! They know we will go to see it, they don't give a fuck about how anything looks, i mean look at how fast there filming this movie, Dora on Nick takes more time..again wtf is wrong with you Summit? If you screw this one up, i can tell you no one but 12 year olds will see the next one!!

  94. 194

    i cant wait!!! agh!!! i hope time goes fast to see it :D D
    yes he looks so yummy totally agree with you perez

  95. 195

    idk what homegirl's wearing… those shorts are so not 'dressing for her body type' type.. yahh mean

  96. 196

    Hey perez you need to update your new moon pics…rob pattinson is showiing off his abs in italy…all I can say is YUM!

  97. 197

    this better be off the hook!!!!! cause they are my two favorite actors

  98. 198

    first, i love kristin but i hate her as bella..she is not right for the role. it ruins the whole movie for me! i still cant wait to see it tho!!!!!!!!!!!! just for robert pattinson ( :

  99. 199

    LOL I hate to go all stalker-azzi on ya, but is that part of the book? That she should be wearing a ring on her wedding finger?

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