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Gosselin Sister-In-Law Says Stop Watching!

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Yesterday was the premiere of the new season of Jon & Kate Plus Eight. The entire hour was filled with tension, awkwardness, and the complete assurance that this couple is headed towards divorceville fast!

But perhaps this all could have been avoided, if we weren't so enamored with the Gosselin family and the show had never happened. So are the thoughts of Kate Gosselin's sister-in-law, Julie.

Jules took to her blog this weekend to explain how we as an audience should abadon the show, as it was never reality and never will be.

She says:

"Since TLC is airing the old episodes, I thought I shed some light on how the show works. We've discussed this before, but it's buried somewhere in the archived posts.

"When the show first started, Kate made a wishlist of things that she wanted, and that became the theme of each episode–the carpet, twin's room, bunk beds, cow, hairplugs, teeth whitening, trips, etc. EVERYTHING that you see them do or buy is completely paid for out of the budget for the show or traded for free advertising. Kate went on and on about saving up for special days, you saw her paying for things, she talked about budgeting, etc. It is all for the appearance that they are a struggling family with 8 children. They needed to be relatable. They didn't pay for any of it.

"The episodes are also staged. Here's how it works…there is a staff of people reading these blogs and they base the shows around what people are talking about. I haven't watched many episodes, but I do know some of the behind the scenes events.

"The Christmas episode from 2007. Producers told Kate that the viewers wanted to see her show appreciation to their helpers. They told her what the episode was going to be. I think they baked cookies and then went caroling (of course this was probably one of their many 'traditions"–those are all fake too). Kate threw a fit. She didn't want to do it, but she did…because they were trying to pacify the viewers.

"Another example is the 'Games Gosselins Play' (I think that might have been the same episode as their 'mission statement'). I actually did watch this one. This was around the time that I started reading discussion boards and finding out that there were many people opposed to the show. It was so obvious that the mission statement was addressing all of the concerns that I had been reading online. The game time was just ridiculous. After the episode, I called Jodi and said, 'what was that?.' She hadn't watched it, so I explained that it came across so fake (at least to me). Jodi was with Kate when she got "the call" about the theme for that episode. Kate said something like, 'so now I have to pretend that I play with my kids.' They also wanted her to pay special attention to the boys.

"Don't believe everything you see. The children are also being prompted to say or do certain things. They signed their lives away to TLC and they will continue to spin the show to keep the viewer's interest. I don't believe this show will go away until the viewers decide that they don't want to be played anymore.

"Of course, you've all figured out that they are showing Kate cook/bake to promote her upcoming cookbook. The show has now turned into a show about a family with a reality show–move to a mansion, cross-over shows, book tour, talk shows…

"I've only watch a handful of episodes. I haven't even seen all of the episodes that Jodi has been in. I made a personal decision long ago to do what I can to give those children the privacy and respect that they deserve. I refuse to watch and participate in something that I feel so strongly against.

"Please don't watch on Monday. You're not going to learn anything new by watching. They will only show what they think people want to see and it isn't real anyway. They will probably drag this out (J&K's 'relationship') for the entire season. They just string the viewers along hoping that they will come back for more."

Wow. Harsh stuff.

Do U believe it's all fake?

Did U watch the premiere?


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277 comments to “Gosselin Sister-In-Law Says Stop Watching!”

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  1. 1

    i feel like we, as a people, should acknowledge ALL "reality" programming is fake! seriously, its all about ratings and drama these days!

  2. 2

    Don't know who they are and do not care to.

  3. 3

    YES. I absolutely beileve it's all fake. These shows are in the MONEY MAKING business, and they do whatever it takes in the name of 'entertainment' to make the show likable to the viewers. They have an agenda, they are not going to do 'real' reality. True reality is too boring.

  4. 4

    It definitely could be all fake… but how is that any different than The Hills. The thing that worries me is the kid's lives… watched on national television since before even leaving the womb?! Something just isn't right about it.

  5. 5

    Yep, I watched it. Sounds like the SIL is jealous.

  6. 6


  7. 7

    Oh my gosh………old news again!

  8. 8

    yes I watched it, just to see the train wreck that is Kate. I know they are spinning this so it looks SO tense. I hope those poor kids don't get caught in the middle of this split, they are so cute. They are the only reason I began watching in the first place. They make me laugh! :) I hope Kate continues to do her book tour and public speaking events, so she is away from those kids for as long as possible. they don't need that negativity in their lives.

  9. 9

    She is speaking from the heart. the show is destorying the lives of these kids, and has become the "Kate" show. I FEEL for these little ones. Jon does appear to be the loving parent. Kate is a shark, and TLC is feeding the shark. KATE didn't have to defend her supposed affair with the body guard, Jon was crucified for his. Look for it to become the KATE show, forget the kids! People should stop watching. Shame on TLC for not makling KATE discuss her supposed affair. I hope she screws up and the paps get a good pic of her and her lover. She is awful.

  10. 10

    i watched the premire. and im sure to a degree its fake, but in an earlier season kate explains that they do stuff over the course of a year and then TLC grabs footage to make a story line.

  11. 11

    If she wants to respect their privacy she should keep her opinions to herself.

  12. 12

    Of course it's fake.
    When will TLC decided they are too much a hinderance.

  13. 13

    Everyone right now that knows the gosselin family just wants their own 5 minutes of fame to come out, and what i believe is nothing but lies, lies, lies. i have been a huge j&k+8 fan, and have even met kate, and thought she was extremely nice, and just a normal person. i did watch the episode last night and cried because i really wish that family the best. they dont deserve to be bashed, they just deserve to be left alone and work out their marriage, without the paparazzi following their every move, including the sextuplets birthday party - come on please just let them work their marriage out.

  14. 14


  15. @v@ says – reply to this


    Yeah, and this 'sister-in-law' sounds like a jealous sourpuss. I'm sure they thank her very much for throwing water on the way they make their income. What's up with this woman? Famewhore by association? Is this how she helps her family???

  16. 16

    I watched- I'm sorry!!!!

    It's like looking at a car accident. You know you shouldn't but you just can't stop.
    Though I really do think that Kate G needs a good smack in the head. I don't think it was right what Jon did- BUT his wife is awful- what do you think is going to happen when you treat the guy like shit day after day???

    They need to stop the show & give their kids a normal life and work on their marriage and family without cameras.

  17. 17

    Obviously someone else is FAMEWHORING herself out…if she really didnt care and wanted to give them privacy why the EFF is she BLOGGING about them? Oh and what kind of "family member" airs out their dirty laundry? Theres probably a reason this Biotch isnt on the show…Who gives a crap if its staged or not its ENTERTAINING!! sounds like Jealousy to me.

  18. 18

    Anyone that thinks these reality shows are real needs thier head examined. Never watched the fake crap show and don't intend to start.

  19. 19

    Anyone with basic critical thinking skills can tell that the woman who wrote this letter is stating assumptions as fact. I have no idea how much of the show is real or fake but there is nothing that woman said that was actual fact. And seriously, are we supposed to hate Kate because she used the show to get free trips and carpet? If TLC is making money off the show, why shouldn't the Gosselins get whatever they can from it too? So far her biggest sin has been playing the reality show game the same way everyone else does and finding a way to make money for it. Would she be getting the same criticism if she were a business man instead of a housewife?

  20. 20

    people just need to watch the show and aside form that leave them alone and let them live lives. they make so much mulla from this show and i believe kate when she says it is all for the kids. and these family members coming out with statements and shit should be ashamed of themsleves. haters!!!

  21. 21

    i actually watched the premiere last nite….and i never felt so awkward watching a tv show. Their mariage is not only on the rocks, it is completely over, they both mention divorce and seperation in the episode. And when John shows up to the party , he had been away , kate doesnt even talk to him and looks very awkward and she quickly runs off to do something else. The kids did seem very happy to see their dad and one (alexis) has a moment with him when she tells him she doesnt want him to go away anymore. it was sad, and i will definately not be watching again, i was hoping that they would still seem united in the show but they both mention their show as their new "career" and that is so wrong ! poor kids

  22. 22

    lol I think some people are just jealous

  23. 23

    Yes I did watch the premiere. I was sad for Kate even though I think she brought much of this on herself by her mistreatment of Jon. I think he went alone with it long enough. She still didn't treat him right on the premiere. He had to run back home to get the cake that Kate forgot, and back home again to get her phone. She acted so cold toward him. I hope she learns a lesson from this but I don't think she will and the kids will suffer the most…

  24. Laura says – reply to this


    reality tv, fake? Noooooooo. Who cares!??!?! Those kids are adorable and the tension's great - whats not to love?

  25. 25

    Of Course they get paid!!! Ever show out there is paid!! You could see the difference in kate!! She has long nails now, her hair always done, in the other seasons she looked like crap!! I love the show, but don't know who to believe. Also absent from the kids party was her friend Beth who was always with her.

  26. 26

    when she says don't watch it that just makes me want to watch it hahhahaa

  27. 27

    It seems to me that this sister-in-law is trying VERY hard to get people to stop supporting this show. Looks like she is jealous of the money they are getting and is throwing a big baby fit.

  28. 28

    Yes, I watched the premier (on DVR though) so it probably didn't count in the ratings. Of course it's all staged and set up. That's what TV is. DUH!

  29. 29

    Re: cdngirl30 – Hey you ………i think i know ya…. if so, BIG WET KISS………….

  30. 30

    Wow, someone is bitter & jealous !!!! Give me a break, anyone can see that these kids are very happy and well adjusted. Kids that age can't fake that. Of course the show pays for their trips etc. Good for them. I think the show is great. It is too bad that John had his early mid-life crisis (car, affair). That is what drew the paparazzi & that is what is going to screw the kids up. Oh that & horrible relatives like this sister-in-law that has a nasty blog about her relatives. What a biatch.

  31. 31

    Hey, did you ever watch that Kardashian show? Totally, entirely scripted. With bad actors (except Kim and Kendall/Kylie).

  32. 32

    Yup… I read this YESTERDAY at Usmagazine.com!! Way to google search the Gosselins Perez..

  33. 33

    These people who claim to be "family and friends" need to keep their mouths shut and mind their business! Why do they feel the need to have to "tell the truth?" Mind your own business, live your life and shut up!

  34. 34

    I'm sure the show is somewhat staged - all reality shows are. What bothers me the most is the sister-in-law bashing her family like that. She wants to attack Kate but in a round-about way, she is also hurting the children. I honestly don't believe that Kate is the devil that everyone makes her to be. Are we fogetting that Jon had an affair? How is it Kate's fault that her child asks her daddy to not go away anymore? I believe Kate when she says all she does is for her kids. The media need to back off and quit attacking both parents. It's only hurting the children.

  35. 35

    i've participated in a reality show of similar design. what the sis-in-law says is true. it's not scripted but themes are thought out and the "actors" are prompted by the film crew, etc. some stuff is totally fictional. unfortunately, there are lots of unsuspecting victims of these type shows as well. lots of good, well-intentioned people get robbed with empty promises from the people running the show.

  36. 36

    i think this bitch is just jealous she's probably getting paid to say that. there is no way those young kids could be that recorded. maddy NEVER obeys so do you really think she listened to people tell her what to say in a certain situation?? no way. the sextuplets are too young for that anyway. stuff in that show is so spontaneous!

  37. 37

    I watched it and wouldn't miss it for the world. Yes, they get freebies for advertising but fake???…like play with her children??? Give me a break, her sister-in-law sounds like a hater!!!!

  38. 38

    It's all how kate's mean and such a bitch I've seen episodes where Jon would be flinging his own kids into their chairs or putting them down in their chairs to eat, as for this SIL come on she's looking for attention and it's clear that she's wanting one of the tabloid magazines to contact her so she can get a big payday.

  39. 39

    Gosselin family members are all taking to their blogs to humiliate the family further and do interview with the reputable "Star" magazine for the sake of the kids? Please. They are worst than the family. As an avid watcher, I feel so sad for this family with everyone being so cruel about them. Sure they asked the world to watch them but last night's show was not only incredibly sad, but one of the most real reality shows I've seen. They put out there what is going on. They are struggling right now. If you watched the show, you would see the love that they have for their family. It's sad to see them falling apart but I hope they can make it. These family members are getting ridiculous.

  40. TLove says – reply to this


    Who cares if they get their trips paid for? Viewers are aware that themes are needed for each episode (of course this would be with the help of producers). I will continue to watch the show. Julie is obviously crazy and jealous. Get over yourself, you didn't need to release a statement about the obvious!

  41. MP says – reply to this


    Yes, I watched. I agree that not watching is the best thing to get these people off TV, but it's like watching a train wreck, hard to turn away. I have to say the more I see of these people the more I dislike them. I don't feel bad for Kate at all. She's complaining about paparazzi and being followed and on covers of magazines? She brought it on herself. Both Jon and Kate sold their family out for the sake of money. I hope they enjoy it and that the destruction of their family was worth it.

  42. 42

    Jon's a lazy ass loser. Team Kate!

  43. 43

    i think that the producers try to make the family do certain things (ie: pay for them to go on trips and visit places) but for the most part the kids arent going to have scripts, how in the world can all 8 remember what to say?? i think thats bullshit.. this bitch just wants some publicity which obviously she is getting, she is no better than jon & kate for putting their family on tv.. and sorry if i had 8 kids i would have done the same its called paying for your child to have a great life.. yeah it sucks it got blown out of proportion but guess what i dont think the kids are complaining about their new house & great vacations.. and they shouldnt divorce, did you see alexis say she didnt want daddy to leave anymore, so sad.

  44. 44

    Of course it's fake. I'm just wondering how they can prevent Kate from Eating her children long enough to get the shot before she is put back in her cage.

  45. 45

    Honestly- Why is this sister-in-law such a hater????????? So what, if the Gossleins choose to live their lives on TV. She is just jeolous she doesn't have a new big house and all the freebies these two are getting.. She is just a hater and honestly needs to get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. 46

    I just think if you are a parents faced with raising 8 children and someone came along and offered you a show that may help pay for the cost of raising those children wouldn't you take it? Sure you might think you would say no but have you ever thought about the cost of putting 8 children through college? It sounds like to me that the sister is jealous and I agree if she was a good family member and truly wanted to protect the children she would not be fueling the fire.

  47. 47

    i watched it….i won't be watching it again though.
    i just wanted to hear their side of the story last night and could care less about the b-day party because it is just too sad to watch anymore. i think the show should be cancelled. if kate wants whats best for her kids and her marriage she will stop the show.

  48. 48

    Whether it is staged or not, (as most reality shows are)this woman is a little snitch. She needs to shut her trap and stop backstabbing.

  49. 49

    Why is it just the sister in-laws speaking out? Maybe her own brothers should grow some balls and speak out OR they should all just shut up!! I do love the show, however I do think it is time for it to end. Now the "little kids" will be attending kindergarten in the fall, and I think they need normal lives as they begin their school careers. The show was just to show how they were managing raising 8 kids, and now we know, so game over!

  50. 50

    It was Kate and Jon's decision to do the show. Sister in law should stay out of it. If it wasn't for the show and Kate's books this family would have major financial problems. Sometimes things just don't work out. If Jon couldn't handle the stress of being home with the kids while Kate makes the money, then they would have had problems eventually anyway. It sounds like he's having some kind of early mid life crisis.

  51. 51

    Yes, yes, I watched it. The commercials on every channel made it seem like they were really going to let it all out. The anticipation was very intruiging, but the show was totally a let down. Its the first episode I've ever watched and it was a total bore even with all the "drama" going on. lame. The finished product/episode was totally like The Hills. Nothing happened. The sad thing- those kids' lives. Can they seperate real life from tv life?

  52. 52

    Yes i watched the show, and to me, she just sounds jealous, its so funny how, she and kate's brother and his wife hadn't said anything negative about the show until now, i think they all should just shut up

  53. 53

    I don't know if it's all fake, but I like the show and I like the kids, I watched the season premiere yesterday. It seems like whenever there is a scandal in Hollywood it brings out all the long-lost relatives that just HAVE to put their two cents in…and it's pathetic. I think a lot of what they're saying is crap, they're just trying to be a "family source" for the tabloids and fan the flames. TO MAKE MONEY. Nothing else.

  54. 54

    She seems very bitter and angry. And is doing the exact thing. Exploiting the family for her own needs. I actually do not agree with Jon or Kate and think the whole show is a big crap fest but honestly this woman just sounds bitter. Why can't these people stay away from giving interviews? Between her and the other brother and sister-in-law they are all just as bad/

  55. 55

    Jodi is Kate's sister in law, Julie is Jodi's sister. Jodi's married to Kate's brother.

  56. 56

    also what really disturbed me is i think kate really likes all this attention…i don't see her giving it up at all.
    the scenes where the paps are following them everywhere shes just laughing at it and doesn't seem that concerned for her kids. if i were her i would NOT want them following my children around like that.

  57. 57

    Julie is Jodi's sister. Jodi is married to Kate's brother. Yes, Julie is a reliable source and I believe what she says.
    The show is fake. The love is fake. The only real thing in this show is the pain on those children's faces.

  58. 58

    WOW…With family like that, who needs enemies. If she doesn't even watch it, how does she know it's fake? Claiming the children are told what to say is ridiculous. No matter what you may think of Kate, the one thing I know for sure is that she loves those children and everything she does is for their future. I'm sick of hearing about poor Jon and how mean Kate is to him. He needs to step up and realize all of this is securing his childrens future and their education. Everyone knows they get free stuff all the time and Kate has expressed her appreciation for that. I think the family is just jealous and should quit talking to anyone who will listen. Those children are going to hate the relatives that set out to destroy their mom and dad.

  59. 59

    Kate should be strung up by her toes, how dare her cook for her kids, clean her house, dress her kids, kiss them and tell them that she loves them, are you kidding me, she brushes their hair… She plays with them… She must be out of her mind, what kind of mother is she? Kate had a checkoff list that included doing things for her kids-twins room, bunkbeds, I am sure those were not for her and Jon. Wow, this "relative" has it all figured out…

  60. 60

    I'm from Pennsylvania and this sister-in-law is a typical jealous wench. Where jon and kate film NOBODY has money, and they all claim to be religious, but really it's just a gossip free for all at these churches. Kate is human you f-ing red headed piggie. Get a life you bitch.

  61. 61

    Everyone knows reality tv is fake. This woman is just bitter and jelly!

  62. 62

    Their relatives are so jealous and they really seem to be in a mission to destroy this family. What the hell for? It's not your business so stay away! Want to milk something too, be paid for interviews, etc? What lame and nasty relatives this couple has! I just hope Jon and Kate remain married and continue the show to pay for their bills. I am on J&K's team.
    By the way, If they really want the Paparazzi to stop showing up, they need to get back together and do things together. What the Paparazzi and tabloids want is the juice that the separation can bring: who are they with, where are they going alone. If they get back to the family routine, it will be too boring for the tabloids, and the paparazzi will eventually stop. Being normal family again will be the solution. Besides, they have 8 kids and you should weight on this more than anything. I really hope they can heal and move on with your lives together as a couple and parents of these eight lovely children.

  63. 63

    I watched the show and enjoyed it. I understand that "reality" is not reality, but who wants to see a show with people that are suffering the same life I have? I use TV for entertainment. I am smart enough to not believe everything that is presented. I think the sister or sister-in-law or brother or whomever else is issuing comments about these people are pathetic! Get over the fact that Jon and Kate are the ones on TV, not you, and get a life yourself. If their marriage is breaking down, it is their business- not their "loving" family. I enjoy the show and will continue to watch- even if all the drama is true. Those kids are just too cute for words.

  64. 64

    Hahaha you guys take this so seriously. Obviously it is probably scripted. What show isn't? And yeah the kids privacy is being exposed. But it's part of the business. It's the price of fame. Although it may not be there choice, I'm sure they'll get a lump of the money in the end. Even if Kate is gone a lot with book tours and what not, if you guys say she's so bad, wouldn't that be what's best for everyone in the fam?

    And I doubt know what to think about the marriage. I doubt it's in shambles. It seems like the show has been building this tension between them all 4 seasons on purpose, just for this moment. I don't know if they'd go this far for money and ratings, but I wouldn't be surprised.

  65. 65

    I watched, I love the show and I don't really care if it's fake at all.

  66. 66

    ok it's a reality show. some things are going to be staged just like any other reality show. i bet this btch asked for money from kate and jon and got turned down and now she is out to destroy them and fabricate everything.

  67. 67

    I think its all fake like American Idol fake!

  68. mommy says – reply to this


    Sounds like Julie is a bit jealous, what a horrible sister in law. I feel bad for them, they have 6 kids and divorce is bad enough w/o horrendous family causing more trouble. Julie should be ashamed.

  69. 69

    Stopped watching that phoney crap a loooong time ago when it became apparent that Kate was a $$$ grabbing famewhore. I don't believe that she likes being with her kids. They are only a marketable commodity that she'll exploit until someone else pulls the plug.

    Bravo to everyone exposing these two con-artists for what they really are.

    Please make them GO AWAY (and take care of your kids).

  70. 70

    I watched it and yes it may be a little staged but what reality show is not. Not all reality is that interesting. They have to do something. If it was really "reality" we would just tape ourselves all day and watch it. I think they are a great family and I feel bad for the kids but marriage is tough. This sister in law is jealous obviously.

  71. 71

    By the way, what is the purpose of doing a reality show if it's not to get paid for it? Duh! Yes, if they expose a business to the TV they should get benefit from that. Nothing is wrong with it! Shut the fuck up your jealous and backstabbing relatives!!!!!!!!!

  72. 72

    Who is JULIE.? The only sister in law I am aware of is JODY. MY wish is that the family remains together. Jon needs to grow a pair and become an equal, not a Eunuch. Shame on him!!

  73. 73

    This blog post is not by Kate's sister-in-law. JODI is Kate's sister-in-law. JULIE is the blog writer, and is Jodi's sister.

  74. 74

    Jon and Kate are like every other couple. We all fight and go through hard times. They will work it out for the kids. I don't think either of them cheated, they just got caught up in a scandal because they wanted to live their lives. The sister in law is just jealous and should really take a look at herself before judging others. She is acting just like them by going to the blogs and tabloids.

  75. 75

    Oh don't worry. I had to stop watching this bitch over a year ago because I can't even stand looking at her face.

  76. 76

    The show was really sad last night. I feel bad for the entire family. But how in the world could Jon do that? How easy was it for him to just leave his family. (And he was the one that caused all this controversy right…?) Kate (although she has her rough times…and can be quite harsh) was left planning a birthday party AND parenting 8 kids alone…while he decided to "take a weekend off". Must be nice for him to leave it all behind while someone else takes care of the kids and life. He needs to step up and be a man. And this "sister in law" sounds like she wants 5 minutes of fame and is jealous.

  77. 77

    Kate also says a few times throughout the series that things are paid for. She does not say anymore that they are struggling. They ARE a business. They are trying to get vacations that they normally couldnt afford so they cross promote. Who wouldnt? The kids get a college fun and they get free vacations….whats so wrong with that?

  78. 78

    these people live less then an hour from me…..i know people who know these people and everything about the show is fake. no one around here really takes it seriously because they know it's fabricated. the trouble in their marriage unfortunately isn't fabricated, nor are his infidelities…..
    they are exploiting their children and in the long run will pay the price for that

  79. 79

    Re: mommy – Julie's correct in her thinking. if you had a fame whore sister in law….would you not call her out on it???

  80. 80

    Re: kaitlynne – that's not the case at all…….

  81. 81

    I think that the sis-in-law just proved that she's as crazy as she's trying to make Katie out to be!! I feel horrible for this family. Fake or not who cares there are still kids in the middle of this whole mess.

  82. 82

    Jodi is just jealous. Normally I think Kate is a huge bitch but after watching last night I feel bad for her and think John is a douche hahah i dont know how this came on since I've hated Kate for years now!!

  83. 83

    Julie is not Jon and Kate's SIL. She's Kate's brother Kevin's SIL, Jodi's sister.

  84. 84

    I never watched a single episode and I never will. Of COURSE it's all horse shit…I can't believe people would think otherwise..well, I can believe it, but that's their waste of time.

  85. 85

    I watched but I don't think I will anymore. The saddest part is the exploitation of those 8 little kids. They do get some benefits though. The big house, the big parties, the beautiful shephards, etc. But Kate makes me so angry. She is a famewhore/pimp. She is pimping her kids and whoring herself. I saw a preview of an upcoming episode with special guest Emeril Lagasse?!!?!?! What the hell? I wonder if I invite Emeril to come and cook with me and my kids if he would even respond? This show has become a joke. They both cheated, they have an open marriage and Jon messed up by being drunk and sloppy and getting caught on film. Nothing more. The tension is there because Kate is upset with Jon for jeopardizing her cash cow.

  86. 86

    Of course it's fake. Everything on TV is fake. All programs have the writters and producers who decide what the public it's going to see. I was sick for 5 days months ago and I was glue to the t.v. That's how I encounter this program. I stayed glue and watched about 6 episodes…My impression? I felt bad for the poor children that are the ones making the money for their parents. There is no love between these two, that is not a family, that is children explotation……Why nobody talk about this? They are exploting their children, they are minors, they can't express an opinion, maybe they don't want to live in front of a camara 24 hrs a day…

    Something it's really wrong about this program.

  87. 87

    i love this show, its great. to me it seems that they are a real family, having real issues. they will work it out for the kids sake!

  88. 88

    this is just really so sad, i watched just a few mins and had to turn it off. it is so sick to put children through that, i hope the children come through this okay and have strength to how succumb to how their parents act

  89. 89

    I heard that her sister in law left the show because she wasn't getting paid MUCH for her on air time , I think that everyone should try to lay off this family to see if they can heal, that being said that also means that Kate and Jon really need to shut their Gabs about it all.

  90. 90

    Check your facts. This is not the sister-in-law…rather the SISTER of the sister-in-law….in other words a nobody wanting her 15 minutes

  91. 91

    Oh ENOUGH ALREADY! And this is NOT Kate's sister in law! It's her sister in law JODI KREIDER'S SISTER JULIE! Who by the way only get's information from her sister Jodi (who is bitter and mad because they got kicked off the show because THEY THEMSELVES WANTED TO BE PAID). This Julie woman doesn't even know Kate, on her "blog" she herself states that she gets information from her sister who I'm sure you all know is not going to say positive things about Kate. I can't wrap my brain around how people can't understand this. Her brother and his wife have it out for Jon and Kate ever since they kicked them off the show. They wanted MONEY themselves to be on the show and were on for THREE SEASONS! So you mean they are just now in the fifth season disturbed with the show? And Jon and Kate getting paid? Sounds like sour grapes to me.

  92. 92

    Watched it, she's bitchy, he's an ass, typical American family to me.

  93. 93

    The Gosselins have said in previous episodes that their trips ect. are paid for. The place they stay, or the company that provides them with carpets or bunkbeds or w/e gets PROMOTED in return. Even if the episodes were completely fake, anyone who watches the show can tell that the kids reactions and actions are real. They seem to go about their life and mostly ignore the camera. Yes, the fame has gotten to both Jon and Kate. They're trying to take this to another level with the books and the talk show appearances and that is the part that i don't think is right for the kids. When it starts interfering with their lives, then it's wrong. I hope everyone will stop tormenting them, seeing the paparazzi at the kids 5th birthday party was too sad. :(

  94. 94

    I'm not a regular viewer, but I've seen the show & have wondered why they don't seem to have much family around. Maybe it's because their family is so damn critical! This woman needs to shut her pie-hole & stop blabbing to the media if she cares so much about the kids. Definitely sounds like jealousy. She probably wishes she were Kate. I have 4 kids of different ages & it can be tough. I would probably act like Kate if I had 6 kids all the same age. THAT is hard work!!

  95. 95

    Re: WTFisgoingon

    Kate, is that you?

  96. 96

    I watched last night, mostly out of curiousity. All of this media frenzy is actually working on getting ppl to watch. I actually started watching the show long before all the drama. The fame and money got to their heads. Did you see the car that John was driving ? I dunno, not a typical car for a man with 8 kids. How would they all fit in there !?! Sure the money will surely help out the kids, we all know they are getting payed for doing the show anyway. Who the heck travels as much with so many kids ? The things is , it's really sad for the kids. I'm sure the kids would rather trade the new bigger house for a smaller one , the new car for the old van, they would rather have their parents back. They totally ruined the chance for those kids to have a normal life. Shame on the parents … and TLC !!

  97. 97

    I don't get the whole "She must be jealous!" argument. This woman could very well have 5 times the money as Jon&Kate. Maybe she just hates to see the public being taken for a ride by Kate Gosselin. Maybe she's sick and tired of the Gosselin's living off the backs of their children. My point is, we don't know this woman, how could be we even remotely be jealous of her??! I did watch the show and will not watch anymore. It's sad and pathetic and Kate Gosselin seems to think that her viewing public is stupid. She is nothing but a manipulative bitch who only cares about her television career.

  98. 98

    Most "reality shows" like the "Real World" will give the cast "topic starters" and the cast will improvise or make up conversation. Kate has already admitted they are very lucky and get stuff for free. I am sad that the show cost her her marriage!

  99. 99

    I have never watched an episode and yet I could have told anyone that … all these "reality" shows are anythng but real

  100. 100


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