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Idol Controversy! AT&T Cheats!!!!!!

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According to The New York Times, recently crowned champ Kris Allen may have had some help winning American Idol courtesy of corporate sponsor AT&T.

AT&T provided free phones for text messaging at two finale parties supporting Kris Allen in Arkansas. The phone company even showed guests how to "power text," which allows one to text 10 votes at the touch of a button and violates the show's rules.

No free texting services were offered to Adam Lambert supporters which has caused speculation that the competition was rigged!

Fox has not commented on the accusations but AT&T stated, "In Arkansas, we were invited to attend the local watch parties organized by the community. A few local employees brought a small number of demo phones with them and provided texting tutorials to those who were interested."

We don't buy it!

[Image via Nikki Nelson/WENN.]

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199 comments to “Idol Controversy! AT&T Cheats!!!!!!”

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  1. 101

    Do the math, first, Perez, before going on one of your biased rants.

    1. Adam lost by at least a million votes. Two small parties in Arkansas don't mean squat.

    2. Most of these same people would have been at home voting for Kris anyway if the party hadn't been held.

    3. Power voting how-tos for Idol have been on the Web for YEARS. If the reps hadn't given the tips, someone else at the party would have because odds are good at least some of the people there already knew how to do it.

    SUMMARY: AT&T reps are dumbasses, but this had NO EFFECT.

  2. 102

    who cares, it's American Idol?!?!?! none of the people from that show aside from Jenifer Hudson and Kelly Clarkson have been successful

  3. 103

    ok, get over it aldy, kris allen won and he is good too

  4. 104

    This isnt done yet? Who cares. Im sure we could call a controversy on the chris daughtry elimination but we wont because hes doing better than the winner. If adam is so great, he'll do good regardless of the title.

  5. 105

    Mario, is this you again bringing up dirt against your idol opponent. Give it up? Who cares. You are the master of controversy considering everything that you do is a controversy. Stop bringing up dirt. It really makes you more gayer than a fag.

  6. 106

    Adam is the genius, which the whole world knows and american are blind?

    Yes, someone did illegal thing to confuse black and white. Too damn!

  7. 107

    Re: sahdahimbou – Actually alot of them have. Carrie underwood, chris daughtry, Clay aiken (Broadway you can still be succesful), david cook, and david archuleta have all been successful. Yes some more than others but their out there none the less.

  8. berri says – reply to this


    i'm glad adam didn't win. look at the crap songs they make the idols record after they win. they're stuck with crappily written pop songs and being molded into idol's version of a 'pop star' until their contract with idol expires. adam is better off striking out on his own and recording what HE wants to record. i support adam 100% in whatever he does, and i wish kris the best of luck recording shitty pop songs for the next year. adam could possibly have the opportunity to sing with the remaining members of queen…that's a MUCH bigger windfall than being the idol winner could have provided for him.

  9. 109

    now if they could just find a flaw in the voting on prop 8 in California all will be right in the world!

  10. 110

    Re: MrzMary – yeah Bill Clinton is from Arkansas!

  11. 111

    Cheating doesn't shock me because i was shocked enough when Adam didn't win. I kind of thought something was up with the voting…..Adam should have won hands down….

  12. 112

    I guess the at&t people are good ole church goin' folk who didn't want the evil gay Lambert to win…whatever.
    I wish it could come back to bite them in the ass but it won't. It is what it is and Adam will outshine Kris as a star no matter what the votes say.
    Adam just is the best they had this year - clearly and by a mile.

  13. 113

    First of all, ATT was asked to come to the watch parties in Arkansas for Kris ALlen, Adams supporters could have done the same thing. It was nothing illegal and Adam had the same opportunities as Kris did. I am a Kris supporter because I support my hometown kids, but Adam will do fine without winning. And if you want to talk about rigging a competition, what about Katy Perry having Adam's name on her costume, you constantly promoting Adam and downplaying Kris (all because Kris is a straight male) and the judges outright saying Adam was going to win. Could be that America was tired of having Adam shoved down their throat (no pun intended) and wanted to decide for themselves.

  14. 114

    Umm this show has been fixed from the start people!! But go ahead and keep "texting your votes" anyways!

  15. 115

    Re: robertfelsnik – yeah he is a good guy, but pales in comparison to Adam Lambert. What does the world need with another guitar strumming folk singer? If you notice also he has a serious case of meth mouth..it just doesn't stop

  16. 116

    Seems shady enough to be true!

  17. 117

    Would you GET THE HELL OVER IT! i know you love gay people and all. i do too but JESUS! get the over it!! Their both amazing singers & they will both have great careers so SHUT THE HELL UP! im so sick of people saying that kris didn't deserve to win.

  18. 118

    Adam didn't win that let me and my friends were crying for a long time with broken heart. We all are musical fans and so love adam.

    Those unfair horribler people and AT&T are all garbage!

  19. 119

    It doesn't take a genius, or even a moderately intelligent person, to realize that 38 million votes could have come out of a state with 3 million people. I'm not from Arkansas but I did vote over 200 times. Do that math.

    We are supposed to be worried about a few demo phones at a party? Please.

  20. 120

    I don't beleive this crap for a second. This is people just grasping at straws at this point…throwing a hissy fit, because your Queen didn't win. BTW I think if Lambert wants to stay in the closet, then it's his fucking decision and you should respect that. Stop being such an asshole and let him figure his own shit out.

  21. 121

    Adam should've won…

    there's no way Kris could've won, unless it's rigged.



  22. 122

    anything to sully kris and make people feel sorry for adam…ridiculous

  23. 123

    Re: lambertluvr – Just because he is gay, does not mean he is better! Just because he lost, does not mean that everyone who did not vote for him is homophobic. Stop crying woof!

  24. 124

    i think it's odd that I've heard Adam's version of the winning song on the radio several times..have never heard Kris' version. Either AT&T fixed it or Fox.

  25. 125


    People are just saying that because Kris really DO NOT DESERVE to win.

    If he placed second, there wouldn't even a hush of protest from anyone.

  26. Theo says – reply to this


    If their is cheating involved of any kind there should be no winner…no title…

  27. 127

    holy crap i guess they did cheat. but oh well your little f*g will make tons of money anyway.

  28. 128

    Re: MUSICALWORKER – you cried? Honey, if you cried over this then you need some help. North Korea launches 3 missles, oh yeah whatever stuff happens. Adam Lambert lost, someone call the president we have a big problem here.

  29. 129

    Perez - these articles did not check their facts. AT&T have had these parties for several years now and many people know how to "power text" - Eonline ran the same story at apparently got the facts wrong as well. Kris Allen's fans won this party…but in the past other contestants fans won these parties as well. Please update this post.

  30. 130

    Re: TwilightMom
    While I do agree, much of the people from this state are homophobes (me, not being one of those ignorant fools) I dont believe they are intelligiant enough to figure out how to "cheat" the AI system.

  31. 131

    jesus - cant you just let him have his win? even IF this is true - it has nothing to do with Kris - just accept the fact that the gay guy didnt win - fuckin hell the world isnt out to get you.

  32. 132

    *rolls eyes*. Not like the Glambert fans weren't power texting too. There were multiple fan sites that had instructions on how to power text for Adam. Get over it. He lost.

  33. 133

    Adam definitely has more fans,look at their offical fansites adam has 13000+ members,kris has almost 3000 members.They must cheated this way or other way.

  34. 134

    You guys are so right. After reading all these comments, it had to be rigged. I bet fox, at&t, the president, north korea, larry king, ryan secrest, and possibly even scott peterson was all in on it. The world just wanted adam to lose just we would all go on perez hilton and cry about it. this is the biggest controversy in ages.

  35. 135

    Helping one contestant over another is just ethically WRONG! As vote totals and difference was not announced how do you know if Kris won by a large margin? Heck it could have been 10 votes for all we know. AT&T admitted handing out free phones and free texting! Hope the heck is that allowed? Come on it is just wrong regardless of whose camp you are in. Maybe they have been doing this for a long while and its why Kris stayed in so long. But the reality is AI will not recount. Kris will need to live with a tarnished crown he even said in an interview when asked what keeps him grounded? "Everyone always asking me about Adam". CD sales, concert reviews, scream-o-meter and solo tours always crown the real winners each season. I say Adam takes all of those hands down and they can't be manipulated.

  36. 136

    Its hilarious that so many people are crying that Adam could not have lost unless kris cheated, ATT cheated, everybody hates the gays etc. The funny part is that not a single person that I know was rooting for Adam. He seems like a nice guy and all but his screaming wasn't for every one.

    You guys sure do think highly of yourselves to think that only your favorite could have been the clear winner.

  37. 137

    Who the heck really cares (besides those silly little fan-girls)? Both of them are not all that great if you ask me…

  38. 138

    adam was robbed

  39. 139

    This is how I feel…..American Idol is a show for people who have no night life to sit home and watch….The show sucks for now on if people really think they have what it takes they should get the fuck out in the world and work hard for their dream. American Idol has always been and ALWAYS will be a lame fucking show…And if youre on American Idol….Chances are you arent all that….

  40. 140

    omg just drop it…adam doesnt need american idol's title to do well…its not like their going to take back kris' title

  41. 141

    You know what else happened. There were a group of people in a room trying to sheme on what they could make happen that would forever go down in the history books. First one said, how about america goes to war with mexico. They said no wont surprise anyone. Second one said, how about Iran becomes a democratic nation and becomes a formal ally to america. They said no but close.Finally when they thought all hope was lost, the third one said I have a big one. Wait for it……..Adam Lambert loses American idol. They knew that was the big one. The biggest story ever. They were right.

  42. 142

    Uhmm i'm pretty sure adam got his fair share of cheating when they put him on the cover of a magazine, pretty much told america to vote for him, and even had katy perry wear his name on the show. So I think that it was about time kris had something going for him on the show as well. I believe the better man won (no not becuase adam was gay, I fully support the gay community) but because he was, in my eyes, the better artist, and didnt just scream.

  43. 143

    Plus he would have gotten all of gokeys votes too, because they were similar artists.

  44. 144

    I knew it.
    I knew it.
    I knew it.
    This is seriously some BS. I knew there was something fishy about this damn competition my poor adam.:(
    he totally deserved that win….those bastards..

  45. 145

    rofl if I was Adam Lambert I'd want Perez to stay the hell away from me. Any cause Perez backs is doomed to failure. Also anyone who honestly thinks that either of these cupcakes will still be relevant in six months is seriously fooling himself. Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan are American Idols..Lambert and Allen are just two dudes who are pretty good at karaoke.

  46. 146

    just get over it! adam probably got signed to someone anyway.


  47. 147

    Cant please all the people all the the time. Get over it!!! If you didnt bother to vote for your favorite, then you have no right to bash the ones who voted many of times for theirs. We are big supporters of our people in Arkansas.

  48. 148

    Get over it all. There are way more serrious issues in the world today!

  49. 149

    Re: whatevs32 – I agree partially with you whatevs. I don't think a bunch of Arkansans conspired to make Kris win. But I'd also like to add the fact that Arkansas doesn't exactly boast an inordinate number of homophobes — no more so than any Southern state for one. Newsflash to everyone — you can go to any state, any where in the country, and find homophobes. GASP. They have not been secretly settling in central Arkansas, all the while plotting to take down gay america. Apparently Arkansas homophobes are smart or dumb enough to leave that h8ful crusade to California. Discuss.

  50. 150

    when people think of AI 2009, everyone's going to remember Adam, not Kris.
    And that's the fact.

  51. 151

    GET OVER IT! Kris won by a landslide. It wasn't even close. So even if he did get an extra 1,000 votes by those phones, it wouldn't have mattered anyway. Kris won by millions and millions of votes.

  52. 152

    i knew that it was rigged. they better look deeper into this… adam should have won, but i think its too late to dethrone kris. i think adam is happy with the fact he isnt bound by american idol contract, at least not as much as kris. they should look into it so that this doesnt happen again, and at&t should be sued and adam should be paid :)

  53. 153

    Re: jonnyk930 – Prove it

  54. 154

    He would have won regardless!

  55. 155

    Perez, quite beating a dead horse, or in your case, quite beating off the dead horse.

  56. 156

    whatever.. he (Kris) still won by the MAJORITY… i don't get why you are backing him (Adam) up, since he really hasn't come out as a gay anyway….

  57. 157

    Now we know the actual reason Adam didn't win! I think american idol should only let you vote once…that will solve that problem.

  58. 158

    Re: WildBerry – I agree with WildBerry, I thought Adam shud've won too, BUT it's kinda good that he didn't, he's not bound to AI contracts, he's got his freedom. Personally I think he has the most AMAZING voice i've heard in DECADES and i'll be buying his stuff. Perez? Wonder if you can confirm this? Heard a rumor that Adam might take over as lead singer for Queen? That wud be awesome, except i'd like to hear him do his own stuff too.

  59. 159

    Maybe camp Glambert should have invited AT&T to their party! Perez, you're a SORE LOSER!!!!!! Adam is free to do want he wants musically now. He's not bound by the BS AI recording contract.

  60. 160

    It appears he had the same Chin Job as bucket chin Jennifer Aniston.

  61. 161

    Hahahaha I was really expecting this one comming Perez! Get over it, the people voted and they did for Kris Allen now STFU and stop making up stories!

  62. 162

    Re: GorillaFarts – Pretty hilarious….lol !!! I agree with you…i am so amazed at the level of ignorance and stupidity that I have read on this site. Amazing !!!!!

  63. 163

    oh now it makes sense

  64. 164

    It's called MARKETING~get over it and move ON! There are more important things to report like Kate & Jon being "actors" on their reality show! Uggh…

  65. 165

    What??? Now At&T has a problem with Adam b/c he's gay?? WTF. If this is true and AT&T did rig the contest, then THEY suck!! Either way ~~~ Adam will be the BIGGER star over Kris Allen. :)

  66. 166

    Re: reidalicious – Yes, they could have, they were powervoting, dumbass.

  67. 167

    Re: QuinneVengeance – I'm guessing you're tone deaf :D

  68. 168

    Re: UMBlueMusic – Tone-deaf homophobe who knows nothing says what?

  69. 169

    Im never buying a at&t phone again:) BAHAHA

  70. 170

    good. im glad he won. i dont like adam.

  71. 171

    No wonder Adam didn't win. He seemed like the obvious forefront, and also had a lot of celeb supporters. While Kris was a good singer, he was not a performer — something that is missing a lot these days. Adam is a great singer, as well as great performer.

  72. 172

    Kris won by a blow out margin…… I guess AT&T is responsible for THAT!! HUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!! Screw AT&T!!! I hope ALL the ADAM lovers drop their services with this homophobic phone company!!

  73. 173

    God dammit….. Adam should have won. this is just… god dammit I'm mad! lol

  74. 174

    Re: Oceannia420 – Yeah go to verizon. At&t are so homophobic. Thats the only reason he lost. Gosh you know who else is homophobic? Iran and north korea. They were in on it too! Geez it is so amazing how many people were so out to get adam.

  75. 175

    Wow. Really? I was at the party that did do the phone thing. There was like maybe five phones. People just need to GET over it.. Arkansas loved Kris, not just because he was from Arkansas either! It kind of says a lot because when Adam went home to big ole' California he didn't have that big of a show out.. Hmmm?! And AT&T didn't come up with "power texting" random people did. People just need to shut up, and get over it. Kris Allen is the 2009 Season 8 American Idol winner!

  76. 176

    Ohhh…so that's what the website KrisAllenation.com was doing.

    Boohoo poor adam, I just think people got tired of his dramatic facial expressions and whining voice.

  77. 177

    Anything to keep the gays down.

  78. 178

    To everyone who thinks this isn't possible, you really need to learn basic math and stud exponents. One person with the technology that was given to them should have the power of a city. Let me explain..
    One person "power texting".. a MINIMUM 10 calls

  79. 179

    Re: Space Dog – yepp thats what it was. Miss california actually did it. We all hate the gays and thats why we changed the show. Instead of voting like the rest of you for Adam for the sole fact that he is gay not his musical capability at all, we actually voted for kris because he's straight and we knew we could silence the gays with one swift MUTE

  80. 180

    Re: Rockwayman82 – Thanks Bill Nye

  81. 181

    It doesn't surprise me that this happened. Fox, and Rupert Murdoch are blatantly anti-gay. I think when they realized that Adam Lambert was getting close to winning, they went into action teaching "supertexting". Did you happen to see the pictures of Adam kissing a man on Fox's Bill O'Reilly show the day or 2 before??? I didn't see any other network showing those pics…

  82. 182

    AT&T deserves to be sued for the lost contract of True winner Adam Lambert!

  83. 183

    ohh wooow!
    that's kinda sad.
    lets hope it isn't
    i hope kris won because he really
    is talented enough!
    but adam is better.
    i loove adam.
    but im really happy 4 kris too!

  84. 184

    Re: Robs82 – You deserved to be sued for even posting such a stupid comment.

  85. 185

    get over it. there are bigger things going on in the world.

  86. 186

    It is what it is! Who cares… always trying to find a reason why life didn't go the way you wanted. It is what it is…People wanted to vote for that idiot, so be it!

  87. 187


  88. 188

    Instead of putting all our energy into joining the voting fracas, why not concentrate on how Adam might invest his considerable talent and charisma going forward. After all the drama, it's time for a little levity. Here's some possible post-idol career suggestions, á la Letterman-style "top ten" list.

    10.) Get a DNA test to conclusively prove he's the love child of Elvis Presley and Grace Slick.
    9.) Sign a multi-million dollar contract with Maybeline to promote their new line of cosmetics, Goth-tastic, and laugh all the way to the bank.
    8.) Motivate 30 million fans to power text 380 million votes in to 19 Entertainment, thus winning the title of "World Idol".
    7.) Produce and promote an exercise video for female baby-boomers entitled "Sing Your Ass Off".
    6.) Mobilize legions of "glamberts" to petition Washington to declare Jan. 29th a "National Day of Fabulousness".
    5.) Star on a double bill with Kris Allen in a Broadway revival of M. Butterfly.
    4.) Outsell every Kris Allen cd ten to one.
    3.) Go down in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most talented contestant to EVER lose American Idol.
    2.) After decades of speculation about his sexuality, pull a Bowie and marry the world's hottest supermodel, and make fabulously beautiful babies with her.

    …and the #1 thing Adam Lambert should do in his post-idol career:

    1.) Be crowned the new king AND queen of rock & roll!

  89. 189

    Adam should have won…..The funny phone stuff that happened anwers why he lost now. I think it sucks and they need to make sure this can't happen again.

  90. 190

    oh snap

  91. 191

    it's really believable!!! adam should have really won

  92. 192

    i am glad kris won and ppl just make this shit up. who givs a crap if sum people have been teachin ppl how to text…kris is soo hot and he can sing loads better than adam. he wil get a recording contract anyway, so who givs a shit.

  93. 193

    ugh i knew it adam should have won!!!!

  94. 194

    I was suprized to hear that Adam didn't win. This would explain it.

  95. ass says – reply to this


    Perez, your butt buddy didn't win, get over it. You've reported numerous times that people though Kris was better, so why do you keep thinking there's some conspiracy here? Just because he's gay doesn't mean he's a better singer. Douche.

  96. 196

    why can't anybody get over this? maybe idol should make it that we can only vote once. kris obviously deserves and not to mention his number of fans seem to be higher than adams.

  97. 197

    Re: heyheather

    You are a big bitch.

    Adam has more fans everwhere.

    Even outside the USA, Adam has more fans than Kris…

    The result is rigged that's why people can't get over with.

    Celebrate with you American idol, everyone know he got it because Arkansas cheated.


  98. 198

    Re: shutup89

    Shut up!

    Adam didn't have that big of a crowd in his homecoming because California is so used in having celebrities living in California.

    You're an idiot if you didn't figure that one out yourself.

    Kris is Arkansas Idol,

    but ADAM is World Idol!

  99. 199

    Something tells me that one small group of people "power texting" with demo phones wouldn't sway the competition one way or the other.
    I live in San Diego and most of the people I know hated Lambert because he was too fake.
    Let Kris' win be a win.

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